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Deep Underground Military Bases and Cities.


Huge numbers of cult controlled underground 'inner earth' cities with vegetation

and power, some for a million people, and Mt. Shasta 800 miles deep and for building advanced craft. All demonic energy.

* Some underground bases are Nazi and SS bases.

* Hitler did not die in the bunker at the end of WW2.

* NASA has been a cult operation begun by the former scientists of the Nazi regime.

* Some bases/cities are as old as ancient Atlantean.

* Some bases/cities are ancient Nephilim.

* A lot of ancient Lemurian records were found under Mt. Rainier. (Freemason records have records of the Lemurian world which was under their control, and they were over a hundred thousand years ago.)

Often these bases and cities are hidden by a hologram. This is also a tactile hologram which means it feels solid, but withy the correct whatever, it will cease to feel solid and you can go right through it.

For example, a truck may drive up to a mountain face and then drive straight through. This is something that was actually witnessed. The entrance exists but a tactile hologram hides it. After the truck or whatever drives through, the tactile hologram is restored.

* The Alliance is in full control of most of these bases in the US, but not yet of all of them. Melbourne had a huge and complicated network of tunnels beneath the city. Some are very ancient, such as the ones in Egypt. Some decades ago a city was discovered beneath the Giza pyramid complex and a documentary was made but was prevented from being shown.

* There was a great deal of information on these populur in the early 1990's but also people who mysteriously died after discussing them.

"The rescue missions across the globe were headed by....the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, US Special Forces and Marines in cooperation with Interpol, and various nations’ special military forces. They included arrests of pedophile perpetrators and destruction of the underground tunnels and bases through bombs that caused minor earthquakes. On ..... a huge tunnel in the Philippines was destroyed – accompanied by an earthquake."

"It was believed that since at least the end of World War II, the DUMBS had been financed, built and run by members of the illuminati, Deep State, or Cabal using US taxpayer dollars funneled through a CIA Black budget. Although, deeper tunnels were found to exist that were ancient in origin."

"Special Ops went into Melbourne and found another layer beneath an already enormous tunnel system. This second tunnel started in Sydney and went in a web-like ring around Australia, with a big central line running toward Ayers Rock. One night 9 p.m. to 6 or 7 a.m. there were reported explosions, like earthquakes, every 2 or 3 seconds at Ayers."

"A military report on cleanup of the tunnel network: “DUMB clearance in Australia was estimated at 15%, with massive work still to be done. New Zealand was at 15%, with newly discovered tunnels. Some work has been done in Papua New Guinea. British Isles were estimated 25% cleared, South America 18%. 87,000 have been removed from Germany. Tunnels under the Black Forest were being cleared. Merkel is under house arrest. Gitmo is full. High profile cases are being taken to Greenland. Some are being transferred to FEMA camps. Plans are being made for new holding facilities to be built.”


An interesting introduction to a Subterranean high tech race. 16 mins.  Vril.

Links these to Sumeria which is the Khazarian origin and identity of the cult - and the Protocols of Khararian - 'arian/Aryan'? - to establish the New World Order known as RESET. In 1945 the Vril members left for the underground bases in South America and the Antarctic base at Neu Scwabbenland. Von Braun became the head scientists which led to NASA - which Trump and the Alliance are dismantling as part of the cult.



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