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House of Windsor

The House of Windsor is the reigning royal house of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. In 1901, a line of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha succeeded the House of Hanover to the British monarchy with the accession of King Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. This is because of the birth origin of Prince Albert, husband of Victoria.

There is nothing conspiratorial or evil about the German connection. However, the royals of the Saxe -Coburg in the 19th century were satanists associated with the 'Mothers of Darkness' (but not the side that was Prince Phillip's side.)

House of Hanover - Queen Victoria House of Hanover Family Tree Detailed Tree Timeline 1837-1901 All Kings & Queens Name: Queen Victoria Father: Edward, Duke of Kent (son of George III) Mother: Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld Born: May 24, 1819 at Kensington Palace Ascended to the throne: June 20, 1837 aged 18 years. You would be aware that Hanover is also German. Before these times Britain had kings and queens from the Dutch royalty. William III was born William Henry in the Dutch Republic in 1650. His father was William II, Prince of Orange, and his mother was Mary, Princess of Orange. Mary was the oldest daughter of King.

This followed issues between the Scottish Stuarts, and Queen Mary Queen of Scotts, after Elizabeth 1st died and the short reign of Queen Jane. Before that there were endless issues of who should be on the throne because of England changing to the Protestant religion which broke away from the Catholic Church with Henry 8th (who wanted to divorce his various wives rather than behead them.)

The Queen is expected to officially be removed from the gameboard soon. The 'Queen' is symbolic (including of the black hole) and also rules the hive.

Protocol 'London Bridge in Down' is being practised for currrently, and another code word is 'Hyde Park Corner'. There will be 10 days of everything blacked out.

The announcement of the Queen's official passing - Operation London Bridge

begins a number of big events in keeping with those reported for the fall of the cabal. Emergency broadcasts, martial law, 10 days of mourning, big disruption and changes etc. Perhaps the 'Queen's end' announcement is symbolic for the end of the old order? The beginning intro to this has already begun.......

Is Buckingham Palace up for Sale?

Start at 1.39 mins. (3 mins) Plans are underway for it to become a museum. For more royal news, here's the trailer for the Escaping the Palace movie. (NO-ONE considers M to be even vaguely as interesting as Diana.) Their popularity is plummeting and it has to be this way, they were part of the treason.

Duchess Kate's Brothers Wedding.

'Kate Middleton has not been seen in public for over 60 days' but attended her brother's wedding over the 9/11 weekend for the Sept. 11th wedding day - an odd date to choose, particularly as K & W were married on the day Bin Laden was supposedly taken out. 'Prince William and Kate jetted to France Saturday for the intimate wedding of her brother James Middleton to his French love, Alizee Thevenet'. However, there were still no photos of her. Harry and Meghan were the cabal side who were intended to replace Wills and Kate (so which side are these royals?)


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** The British Royals & King Edward V111's known approval of Hitler is the reason he abdicated and was replaced,

not because he wanted to marry Wallis Simpson (whose letters show she did not want to marry him). The young family doing the Nazi salute was the Duke of York's - in the days before the Nazi's invaded Czechoslovakia when everyone was trying to be 'friends'. They are not 'recently released' from archives. They are well known. In fact, there were many good things that Hitler was doing in the 30's eg he had concerns about the Khazak-Jewish control of the economy and he wanted those people out - the cabal. A video showing the front page of The Sun has the title Edward V111 showing ' his' family the Nazi salute. It is his younger brother long before he became George V1; Edward V111 did not have a family. Always a big question but why didn't Queen Elizabeth's grandfather King George V provide asylum for the Russian Royal Family?

* Many more links to connect the dots. In WW2 France 'surrendered' to the Nazis yet most of its celebrities of that era - movie stars, Edith Piaf, Coco Chanel etc - were pro Nazi. So France and Nazi Germany worked together + the British royals and many aristocracy supported Hitler - who expected the UK to be with Germany against the Soviets. BUT Churchill (who had an American mother) + Roosevelt made the alliance with the Soviets/Russian, not the Nazis- so actually true patriots?

More on the Royals and Nazi's Intro

* Boris Johnson's heritage is not British, it is Turkish.

His grandfather was Turkish.


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* Meghan and Harry are forced to carry out what they were going to do.

Originally Meghan was going to present herself as the new Diana. Now people know what this ploy was it looks ridiculous but she still has to play it. They still have to play it. Because it was part of the deal made with the White Hats. originally it was to have been sympathy for Meghan and 'loveable Harry' to establish a scenario for them to replace William and Kate who it is understood were not part of the Great RESET Agenda. The Oprah interview showed a Meghan with a plumped face full of hylauranic acid filler saying things no person in their right mind would be saying about the baby Archie's skin colour. In the real world, this kind of whinging from once 'senior royals' would not happen. Quite simply this stuff would never have been said. It is also not at all on the same level as the issues Diana had encountered and was concerned about.

However, the coming new world after Q, is to see the royal family step down and this is undoubtedly part of that fading away in a manner which leaves a legacy that does not include any public knowledge of execution for treason, child trafficking, and pedophilia.

The stuff that these two hypocrits were probably going to do as their very real part in the Davos RESET Agenda was going to be to continue with pushing the view that the British are racist, and promote the woke anti-white view, and the support for Biden. Sadly Harry has been part of this agenda and also visited the Nazi bases in Antarctica. Meghan is part of this and connected to Obama.

In the Oprah interview, 'Oprah the whale' is wearing her ankle bracelet and milking the 'oh how terrible and hurtful to bring up the race and colour issue'. There is plenty of proof of her involvement in child trafficking and tunnels under her property. The interview is some kind of deal for the playing out of events, and it is believed that Meghan and Harry were dealt with earlier last year.


30 mins Romanian man's comments on the Meghan and elite rich

*Info on Covid 'vaccine' Deaths and permanent 'Health Impact Events' -

2 mins

* Dr Vernon Coleman

13 mins.

* Boris Johnson Wants to 'Save Lives'.  10 mins. A 2007 article by Boris who wants population control. He has 6 children himself. Why did Britain import so many foreigners into Britain to become British?

"Boris Johnson to resign in 2021 with covid related problems." Boris is understood to have been arrested, gone to trial, and was dealt with early in 2020 when he 'had' 'covid'.

* The UK Government Corporation (business) was dissolved in June 2019.

Harry and Meghan Were Planning to Replace William and Kate.

David Icke has done some great work exposing the satanic agenda and on abuse etc and deserves credit for that. It would have been better if he had not jumped in with a podcast delighted that he can expose what he believes, that Q Anon (2 groups) is a psyop. If it was it would be a very terrible ending for humanity.

It is interesting that in David Icke's post inauguration podcast he mentions from 2011 that Harry was going to take over the British Royal Family - which is exactly what was shaping up in 2020. With their antics, the Sussex Royal website and 'good deeds' this obnoxious pair were seriously pissing off everyone.

Harry was very good friends with traitor Obama who may well be the friend who introduced him to Meghan. They were supporting a Biden presidency and Harry was quoting the 'Build Back Better' Green New Deal blurb! They were planning to replace the royal family once the RESET began. This looks like it was a sneaky operation that maybe the other cult royals had planned, to replace William who is not part of the satanic agenda. It is reported that these two were arrested earlier in 2020.

* Rumors that Prince Harry & Meghan Markle had a surrogate baby,

to be raised 'gender fluid'. Is Archie actually a boy? Possibly in a few years time - if still around - this unhinged pair planned to surprise us all? M's name to be removed from the birth certificate.



Looks like the British may experience 'depopulation'.

UNBELIEVABLE! British People Queue Up to Have the Vaccine.

1 min. Hopefully they are being given a 'flu shot'. It is to see how stupid people are.

"For f..ks sake.....................fecking unbelievable...........Jab and go..........on your holidays. Wow." ... "....they are obviously totally ignorant of what the "vaccine" does or rather doesnt do!" ... "Wow look how many people are completely lost. " ... "There are so many morons in the UK...good to see their numbers whittled down a bit." ... "Be thankful the brainwashed are getting vaxxed and culled. The elites have a target number for how many get terminated. The faster it reaches that number, the better it is for everyone else."



* Scotland's First Minister Sturgeon is said to be about to fall.............

Now some front bench ministers have begun to be removed. Feb. 3rd 2021. Something dark and unpleasnt is starting to emerge in the SNP (Scotland)

* New UK covid strain far more deadly. What's the solution. Obvious. Wear TWO masks.

* Here's another great idea from the Lord Mayor of London.



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