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the TIMELESS Realm




In ancient sacred poetry, the clue to accesssing the 'Upper Realm of True Source and Eternal LIfe' is that it was Described as



* Time came into being with the movement of the wandering North Pole.

The wandering North Pole travels, or journeys, through a cycle known as the Zodiac or Cycle of the Zodiac Ages.

* That journey is the reason for how TIME exists and is experienced. Yet True Source is TIMELESS.

* There are no 'spiritual ages' within TIME. There can be a better version that may be called a 'Golden Age' but the Upper Realm is always and permanently TIMELESS and that cannot be the case if it is part of a cycle of Ages.

* The 26,000 years cycle is a false cycle caused by damage to this planet's axis. The planet is not travelling through the galaxy on that cycle. If the false cycle did not exist, this planet would be back in the Realms of the TIMELESS - which also tells you how the state of Timeless was lost.

The planet Falls - on the left side into the 'Left Hand Path' - for half of the cycle. This is when it accesses the entities in lower levels who are the perverted, unhinged, totally evil, dark satanists who manage to get onto this planet and contact the people on this plane once they get this unexpected opportunity. Of course, they also present as benign and friendly aliens or angels.

Then, after 13,000 years or reaching the half way mark that is the Fall, the cycle begins to correct and return to the Ascending RIGHTEOUS phase (until it Falls again and continues that way on the cycle.) That is why the Christos Path is called Righteousness.

*RIGHT is the correction of the Fall to the left (the Latin word for left is sin).

*** There is an additional issue in that a FORCE comes into play which is pulling this planet further towards it.

At the moment the planet has enough power to pull out of that Force. The Fall and Rising of the planet is clearly shown on the animated diagram on the Osiris Path page.

The existence of the Force is called the 'Invisible Force' by the secret society cult whose religion is about worshipping the source behind the force which is the Black Sun Osiris of the Sirius System - which is dead.

The religion of the cult is a worship of death and requires human sacrifice

to somehow enable a rebirth - and yes those of that religion are unhinged, depraved, and completely nuts!

However, they did cause the damage to the planet's North Pole so that it would Fall towards the Force because their aim is to take the planet into that Force. Currently, the planet cycles out of being pulled by the 'Invisible Force' but the actual path of the cycle creates TIME aka Horus - and also Kali.

Kali is also part of their satanic religion and the actor Tom Hanks was a follower and worshipper of Kali which is why he did some of the things he did. And again, yes, the people of the Luciferian cult are bonkers.

However, because of this - what they did - the planet-plane does move and that accounts for the changing stars seen over the 26,000 years of the Horus-Kali TIME cycle.

Ideally this planet-plane would not be experiencing this movement through Time. That is why it is 'evil' and a false path/false reality.

How do you get off this Wheel of Time?

The damage which makes the planet wander off into the macrocosm of the cycle of Time-Horus is also the point within the human microcosm version which is separated between the 6th and 7th chakra. Separated at the 3rd Eye or 'single eye'.

The 6th chakra is aligned towards the Sirius source of the dark cult - because it is not held in place in the same way the planet wanders off too.

Therefore, each person requires assistance from the True Source to correct that separation and the guidelines for that are those of the Christos Teachings of Righteousness.

That can only be done from the Upper Realms with the help and permission of the True Living Master, and the permission is only by keeping to the Christos guidelines specifically of what not to do.

Now the planet is moving out of the false alignment and bringing its fallen left side - in Latin left is the word sin, therefore people have already created cords and connections into the energy stream that the Christos Teachings teach not to do. Therefore, it has to be corrected the next time the planet revisits that energy stream and whether you will be released is only assessed and allowed by that dark source. However, if you have been connected to the Living Master, the dark source has to release you - unless you again start doing the practices and things that the Way Out teaches you not to do.


A Christos Prayer to Align with True Source.

''I ask Our Father in heaven, the Source of the Living Life Streams of Eternal LIfe,

To surround , fill and protect me within the LIVING, HOLY and RIGHTEOUS Light.'



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