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The Third Eye Problem.


The Third Eye Problem.


You can see from the diagrams that the 'All Seeing Eye' is a representation of the Hypothalamus and Pituitary area of the brain which looks like an 'eye' with a squiggle beneath it.

The information on this is in the records of the Living Source Christos teachings as kept by the Greek Therapeutae.

(As a brief and very quick re-cap, these ones moved from communities in Egypt several millennia ago. Some of their gospels were found in Ancient Palestine after the Diaspora and these were hidden in the archives of the new Vatican of that time.

At the time of the Diaspora in the 1st century AD all the Christos works were kicked out of Palestine. The Therapeutae always had a continuing lineage of Living Masters who were the Teachers of Righteousness (the ascension out of the fallen left path) and this group went eastwards. This secret lineage - such a lineage always had to be hidden during the Luciferian reign - continued onwards to us.)

The records explain that something happened in the 3rd Eye. We looked for other surviving information on this to support this, and found it is the Greek legends.

If you check Greek Mythology for an example, you will see that they write about this area being compromised. That some kind of parasite entered in this area.

It was called the Hydra.

It may have got there (could have possibly) via adding nanoparticles to 'upgrade' humanity millions of years ago when some of the Higher Realms did something really stupid and Fell - because they insisted on developing science and trying to be the same as God.


The Third Eye is in the area of the 6th Charkra and it is compromised. It actually aligns towards the false energy stream.

People talk about the Pineal Gland at the 7th Chakra 'being calcified' and so on, but the reality is, there is no connection existing now, between the 6th Chakra and the 7th Chakra - between the pituitary and the pineal. It is where there is what is literally described as a void. The 'rip through space'.

No matter how much you try to 'de-calcify' or raise energy 'vibrations' there simply is no connection there.

You can never re-establish the connection until you understand the right action to take.

You may also notice from the diagrams that this is the area accessed with the so called covid PCR tests, which have nanoparticles on the tips which self-organize into an artifical circuit.


Centre of Fear.





6.5 Chakra and the ancient Star Gate

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