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'Q Light'


'Q Dark/Osiris '


* The operation which sounds like cue or queue,began collecting digital data from 2007, but as it is believed to date back to the time of JFK it is clear they have been making known information on the technology, underground bases, and 'unusual people' from decades earlier.

* Q- is an operation of Military Intelligence, a Supercomputer, and A.I. - artificial intelligence.

* This reality has been under the Satanic Consciousness since the beginning of the planet's - or plane's - Fall. The Fall is when the planet's North Pole literally loses its connection and begins to descend towards the left. As previously covered, the left in Latin, is the word 'sin'.

* The creation known as mankind happened during this time , therefore it is written that 'all people are born in sin'.

* The 'sin' - or left - coneciousness is under their lord and master Osiris, the star system of Sirius. There are various god names includuing devil - which leans the reverse of Life or the word live in reverse - Lucifer, satan 'prince of darkness' etc.

* The number of Osiris is 17 and the 17th letter of the alphabet is Q.

* Satanic Path is not the obvious. Now we do all know that there were witches and warlocks and the most depraved, unhinged disgusting behaviour including murder.

But the initial stages of the satanic path are filled with cute angels, fairies, and nature spirits, 7' pumpkins, apparent 'healing energies ' - which the supposed nasty, mean spirited Christ side deliberately hid from you, along with hidden exercises for your spiritual awakening. These things are not that, they are that path.

The Christos side is the Q 'reversing the magic side', as the only Teachings, guidelines and Law which does reverse the all to easy path of 'satan'.

* As 'q-dark' rolled out its MK Ultra programme for behaviour change in line with the cult 'lifestyle'

'q-light' ran a parallel programme preparing the way for its take down of the dark version.

* The operation known as what sounds like 'cue' has been operational and making information known for many decades. Bill Cooper had cue clearance.

* Information on underground bases and other phenomena which is associated with the levels this planet or plane dips towards before ascending again, was given by military sources was well known for those who researched in the early 1990's, and in the '80s too because incidents such as this were reported, and as noted, Bill Cooper was speaking out in the 80's. Also Phil Schneider.

So too were the expectations for when this planet would rise out of it again, and the change from a demon dimension to the 'even-level' called the awake dimension.

* The planet or plane goes to where these dark entities and aliens exist. It is not that they come to this planet/plane. That is why they can be driven out successfully.

There are many who have failed to be higher level beings. They caused the problem which makes this planet or plane descend to their level.

* There are many species of intelligent biological forms who have become aliens and part of the dark realms on their way to dissolution in the black hole. No matter how great their technological development was, they should not be contacted or given access to this level.

* 'Nothing can stop what is coming' -

because the planet is going to change to its ascending phase - believed to possibly begin on Dec. 21st. There has been up until that change - appears to be Dec. 21st - to get out of the overall programme, although it is something one has to begin a long time before the 'window of time' literally closes. We don't know that Dec. 21st is the date the planet starts to rise its fallen left side (in Latin left is 'sin') but it is a planetary alignment. However, the fact that the 'cue' op is happening does suggest its on its way.

* This created reality is a created tactile hologram reality in which human souls experience the tactile hologram via the brain and the senses.

* Mankind was created during this planet's Fall phase - when the lesser light was reaching this plane - which means in the left side Fall which in Latin is 'sin'. Therefore, mankind was born during 'sin' and is a false creation, but True Source has promised to rescue those who choose God's Law (Guidelines).

Because of the misadjustment caused by the damage which continues through the descending phase, and to a lesser extent while ascending, the True Soul can never actually exit the brain realms and get back to True Source.

*** As this work and the work of all the Living Masters has explained, the break, separation and misalignment is at the 3rd eye, which does not connect in any way to the crown chakra and realms above.

It goes off to the energy stream accessed by the fallen left side which is 'sin'. If you have done practicies that the Christos Guidelines say not to do, you have created ties into the false source that the planet is now ascending out of. That means you have to come back and get that false source to release you.

* The soul does exit the brain but it is not an escape from the AI run tactile hologram creation which exists we are told, on 11 dimensions.

Being from these dimensions is not a sign of higher development.

* Patience is required with those not seeing what is unfolding or not understanding the urgent need to rid this planet of unspeakable evil.

That means the 'unspeakable evil' and most disgusting dark 'evil' that many people would not let people warn about because it was 'negative'. Not knowing made it possible for it to continue.

- Trump is not 'causing division'; he is exposing those who are dangerously divided from reality. There is likely to be violence when it is announced that Trump has won the election.

- Some are seeing arrests, executions, or aliens as some kind of self-righteous 'sit in judgment' entertainment. Remember we are all (hopefully) humans of compassion. Those who took the path to Adrenochrome, child sacrifice and cannibalism for their career are a tragedy. Those who are actual demonic entities are a tragedy for this planet.

Those who have connected with demonic aliens and obtained the technology of these fallen demons, are also a tragedy which must be thrown out of the real 'Earth paradise'.

Yet for those ones, they truly believed it was religion and god.

Not all religions are holy religions.

It is not possible to know what you are connecting with and bring here when you begin to connect with 'spirits'. 'Spirit' and connecting with that, does not mean 'holy'.

Also contacting 'spirits' is not a sign of 'holy' development. It is a sign that entities have been able to contact the brains of some people.


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