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The Starseeds of Osiris and the Changing North Stars


You Get Another Chance to ESCAPE THE 'WHEEL OF REBIRTH' -

in about 18,000 years time. *(The side of Light on this 'Path of Light and Dark', is great and wonderful, and separate from that, there is also another level which remains hidden.)

The dark side begins to gain momentum at around the time of the Bull (Taurus, 6,000 years ago). They remain in control for about 6,000 years.

At that time the 'North Star' will be, and was before, THUBEN. Then it became Polaris.

"The 26,000-year precession cycle causes the north celestial pole to move counter-clockwise relative to the backdrop stars. Whichever star is closest to the north celestial pole is the Pole Star." (Keep in mind the north maybe the south.)

The 'North Pole' is a marker for the correct alignment of this planet-plane. Beyond that point the planet is fallen.

The starting point of the correct North Star for this planet is obviously just before it Falls.

That timeframe is 11-13,000 years ago, so you can see that lines up with somewhere between Lyra and Cygnus.

After that the planet Falls.

Therefore, anyone who comes to this planet from any other star system as a 'starseed' - Sirius included - is FALLEN. The diagram shows you that.

The aim of the cult presence on this planet is to bring the planet into alignment with the Triune Suns which align the sun of this solar system with Polaris in Ursa (current North Star) and Sirius. That is the second energy pathway that entered illegally onto the Earth.

The energy dynamic of that second energy stream is the quantum reality of the Unified Field. Beings and forces, entities etc travel from other systems into this reality when the pathway comes online.

So the dark side gets to control this world for 6,000 years until the planet switches to its Ascending Phase. If they have not captured the planet by then, they have to come back in 13,000 to 18,000 years time and try again.

The planet Falls at around 12-13,000 years time in the future of this cycle, and in the past from where you are now. Technology goes, and archeology etc declines after the Fall. In our earlier book Earthspell we covered that archeology shows that the further back in current history you go from 6,000 years ago to 11,000 years etc the archeology becomes more sophisticated. That is because before each Fall the world is on the Light side and is very advanced and civilized!

(The Fall occurs - because the planet has deliberately been damaged - when the north aligns towards the consteallation of Lyra.)


The Osiris Path and Osiris ARE Sirius -

which is the Masonic path also Rosy Cross and recently featured on a bitchute video about David Spangler and Findhorn - (and he teaches specifically that Lucifer is the Christ - the video plays him talking and saying this).

Elsewhere we have covered that this energy stream - and there is only one opposition stream to God Sourse - begins as a beautiful manifestation of light. It was a beautiful and powerful fallen angel known as the 'bringer of light'. In its early manifestation of what it is it is light and it is love - but that love eventually becomes only an expression of sex, and as an energy used for creation as a manifestation of desires or thoughts.

That is why that energy is where that particular stream of energy settles in the body, and why it is raised up to connect into its source - initially light, an understanding of love - which then appears to be the sharing of sex as their meaning of love, and eventually goes further, it merges with Osiris (the star which died and became a black sun.) Because it is not Love, just something that can be confused as being the meaning of Love.

If you believe you are starseeded from Sirius then for goodness sake do some research before you start proclaiming this.

Sirius means you are the Osiris energy stream, presumably on the light side of the Path of Light and Dark this time but pre-prepared to be the new crop of Madonnas and Soroses next time round. The dark manifestation of these ones were called the 'star people' by Native Americans when describing the demons. There is no other definition of what Sirius is. Anyone must do research before claiming to be from Sirius - then if you find you are connected into it, try to find a way to get out of it.

There was a huge injection from Sirius in the '60s and '70's to kick this off. It is the energy stream which tells lies, and what is happening on this planet now happens every 26,000 years.

It is believed that many starseeds have come to Earth at this time from places like the Pleiades - which is not a planet but a small constellation of a few stars. This constellation is a very young constellation which only appeared in this galaxy a few hundred million years ago.

The existence of all the understanding around planets and stars, is part of the separation from the God World. So it is possible starseeds come in from these worlds and are the star light behind some incarnations. Nothing to do with the planet's Ascending Phase though, or its almost locking back into True Source - which this planet does not achieve because in 12-13,000 years in the future - which is Time - it will go into the Descending Phase again.

There is nothing special about the '5D consciousness', as it is called, of the Ascending Planet other than in contrast to how bad the current consciousness is. It is not some super evolution of consciousness - you should have kept that consciousness during the Fall! people always drift over to the Sirius side. There is always a blend between the Light and Dark side of this energy stream. It is because the difference is subtle and deceiving.



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