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Beginning Stages of the Path

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By now you are probably or hopefully aware that because this planet - or plane - literally Falls on the left side (of actual balance). In doing this , this reality accesses a second energy stream issuiong from a different source. That source is the Osiris Path and Sirius which is the occult path of witchcraft etc.

Now we are talking about the FIRST energy stream and when you choose to take that path which is also known as the Living Energy Path to Eternal Life, and also klnown as the Christos Path.

You may be aware that people confuse these two different energy streams. Therefore the Living Energy Path often focuses on things to know to avoid.

There are 5 stages to the Living Energy Path. The stages are NOT dimensions. Dimensions whether string theory, 11 dimensions or 15 or 'unlimited' only refers to the energy phaysics of the second energy stream.

The 5 stages are tough lessons to go through, because you have to do so while challenged by the existence of the second energy stream when it is powerful and convincing.

All the stages, at least up to and including the 4th stage, are all tied into the second energy stream (Osiris Path) - and that is ultimately the satanic path.

You have work through everything to do with the body (chakras) the Mind, the emotions, the senses, beliefs, desires and attachments.

So the beginner level perhaps could be expected to do with all of those things.

The very first encounters with the false reality - the second energy stream - is psychic contact, or 'guidance' or 'guides'. The Living Master teaches to absolutely ignore all that presents itself in this way or you will soon start thinking it is your 'higher self' or God or an angel, guiding you.

This is the level that the majority gets stuck on.

People in this reality tend to beleive that 'psychic contact' is a sign of 'spiritual development'. People start to believe they are chosen, or are 'highly developed 15th dimensional beings' or whatever, and so.

Therefore, you can hopefully see that the first level is very hard for people to get passed - and most do remain at this level, even though it may be accurately giving information on what is the second energy stream reality - from its perspective.

Some at this level obviously set themselves up as guide for the rest of mankind, and also have been heard to say 'if you have questions about an issue, ask me and I will ask my 'spirit helpers' or whatever'. This would be the last way to know Truth. At best it is some kind of prediction based on known information juggled into 'guidance' and/or communications which may or may not be based in accuracy.

In fact to be out there 'seeing' things about other people and saying it in readings or whatever is actually inconsiderate and offensive - and more fool the person who believes what they are being told, even if it is correct and accurate because it relates to this reality and its realms. Even more fool for seeking such guidance.

The True Living Energy Stream is a different reality which is yet to unfold for the person who takes that path.

The beginner level - which most get stuck on - is encountering spirit voices, guidance, energies, and so on.

Ignore it, and try to get passed it.

That is the only way to move higher into the real reality.


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