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The 'Spiritual Awakening' Experience the Cult Planned to Transmit into Your Brain.



The 'Spiritual Awakening' Experience the Cult Planned to Transmit into Your Brain.

It is an experience trip that most do think is what a 'spiritual awakening' is.

The idea of humans 'graduating' to a grand level of 'spiritual evolution' was part of the Osiris Path because they were going to give you an electrifying 'high' by changing your DNA and biology, into a transhuman.

It was the kind of 'spiritual zapping' most do believe they would be experiencing. It was to have been given to you through the computer system you would have become part of.

As the planet corrects its FALL and Ascends back up the fallen LEFT side, it eventually reaches the region which would be expected to restore the 'GOLDEN AGE' of the 'Golden KIngdom' known as Camelot.

People on this planet don't yet see far enough ahead to see this, but if the planet reached, then remained at that point, it would return to Timelessness and the Golden Kingdom.

The planet - or plane - does move from its Fall - its Descending Phase - back upwards to almost its original status. That does not mean anyone has achieved a grand level of 'spiritual evolution'. You are gradually returning to a more normal level of consciousness and hopefully better behaviour. As one online source said

"The Constitution - under the Law of God - gives you FREEDOM - not to do whatever you like, but to do what you know inside you ought to do."

Because this reality is moving out of the Fallen journey, it means you are now witnessing the casting out of some very real evil and disgusting, unhinged, nut job levels of consciousness.

Even so, everyone still has ties which bind them into the second energy stream and its reality - which exists during this planet's Fall - overcoming those attachments has to happen during the time that 'satan's realm' is actively representing its reality as being the 'True Source'.

Now that has been exposed.

From now on, that force/entity will no longer be active. It and some of the things that are part of that reality will begin to fade away as this planet does lift out of the 'graveyard' of the force field of dead stars - dead sols.


The Ascending phase is part of the First Energy Stream and the Falling phase is part of a Second Energy Stream - using the term 'energy stream' rather than pathway.

This planet has an inner axis and an outer axis and because the outer axis of the planet is damaged at the equivilent of the 3rd EYE in the planet, and along its 'spine' this world does not anchor into the Golden Kingdom.

At a very high level the inner and outer axis - which spin in opposite directions, - crash and the planet continues into the next phase of its cycle - its wheel - and begins to Fall again. The movement through the zodiac ages is tracked with circular stone calendars - like at Gobekli Tepe.

Then the dark entities - the Children of Darkness - gain authority again and they continue to try to get the planet and the people into the periphery of the Black Hole - which they think is 'god'.

The Correction Pathway into the GOLDEN REALM, obviously lies on the right side.

The Fallen left side rises back up to match the right side.



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