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Looking Younger with Fillers etc?

This work does not recommend fillers.

There are quite a number of very freakish looking people around who have become obsessed with 'fillers'!


Fillers are a suger derived Hylauronic Acid gel that is injected in the correct layer of the skin to add volume.

There is a new version of fillers now made of aPolymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and Poly-L-lactic Acid which has been used safely as dissolvable stitches. But some scientists have pointed out that some of these substances can inhibit DNA.


Firstly, some practictioners haphazardly perform the process as if the filler is going to automatically gravitate to the right places.

They are expensive and you need to replace the filler within 2 years, making it an ongoing expense.

Even though it does achieve some interesting results, the results often tend to look unnatural. Older women with a perfect pout is an example, particularly if the rest of how they look is clearly aged and unfortunately with age excess weight is often a problem.

This is not said with a lack of respect, they are incredibly upsetting experiences. We think it is best to approach this by working on inner health and balance and finding the ways to correct a full range of issues rather than just go for having a 'perfect pout'.

Fillers can be helpful if you have a GOOD practitioner - really important - but it also seems to work best on those who are in a mid range age group or young. Once the skin is older, the fillers can add to to the sagging.

Both men and women use fillers.

If you want to use a filler for some corrections and it is working for you, then that is great.

If you want to transform and youthify how you look we think it is better to take an holistic approach through managing the health of your body.






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