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............................... .... If You Did Not Die..............


If this body did not die, you would live forever in this body.  But this body is not the True Body, so you would be trapped forever, existing in the body of a 'false reality' with no means of getting free. 

But what happens if the body dies, as it does, and the spirit gets free but finds itself in a 'false heaven' which means that it has to reincarnate into a body again, and again. 

There would be no freedom from the false reality of illusion either in the body, or when in the illusionary realms while out of the body.

Yet another version of the self does leave the body at the time of death and if it found its way to the real reality, then that soul really would be free of all the realms of illusion - the 'false realities' of which there can be as many as you can imagine. And the time between rebirths - if that is your destiny - may be just 'being' which may be nothing at all but a kind of suspended animation until you reincarnate. 

For the soul body to get free of that, it is said that during the time you spend in the physical body, you either build, or you do not know to build, the body that belongs to, and belongs in, the real reality. Those who do not build that soul body take this reality, and the story that is your life, to be real.  Most then behave in ways which enjoy the experiences available to the self, and that is often selfish, and indifferent to others. 

None of that works in the real reality, because the real reality works as perfectly as it does, because everyone, everyone, is aware of the whole.  The soul body is a real body but a much finer, higher, and faster frequency one than that which is the density body, which can and does integrate into the physical body.

Those in the soul body are still who they are, but they extend their identity to recognize and love the whole and everyone - because they understand what that is - which is what you would call God.  Each and every person in a soul body is that - but they are who they are as individuals.  If not, how could we love those who we have truly loved?  Is not the real reality about Love?  Who would there be to Love and to receive Love?

And isn't the real reality a reality that is operating as it is supposed to?  Perfectly.  Same players - of those who make it there -  but those who are doing it all correctly.

Or is God or Source so mean that He would create those we/you truly love, and then take them away once they (then you) are in the real reality?  They are real and still who they are because they are as God is. 

It is when you choose not to be that, by getting too involved in what you think is your self and your image etc, in this world, that you do not establish and build who you are in God's image.

Taking the 'false reality' to be a real existence is ultimately what keeps you imprisoned in a 'false reality', an 'artificial reality', because you have treated the experience as if it was real - and that is how you forget what you need to be, and how you need to behave.  The ancient world said that the body is the tomb of the soul - yet most keep choosing the tomb.




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