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Comments on the Case Against Russell Brand.

"Recently, actor and comedian Russell Brand has used his celebrity status and his internet-based show to lift up independent-minded people like US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He questioned the US and NATO involvement in the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, as well as the mainstream media narrative on Covid-19.

.......I worked for Democrats, and I was raped by one. The Democrat I was raped by at work is now the president of the United States. There was no investigation into Joe Biden for what he did to me that day, but rather a coordinated attack on me across social media and establishment media alike that lasted years. It destroyed my professional and personal life." by Tara Reade RT Contributer. Source RT. See full article.

* It should be remembered that Brand has made his name by being a vile person who has done some really disgusting things.

He is also NOT the champion of exposing revelations, he simply jumped on the bandwagon and declared himself to be. He rightly angered people like David Icke who had exposed all this stuff decades before Brand began to make a great income from it. Prior to that successful career move Brand's opinions were extremely globalist.

BBC News : (Sept. 21st)

"A woman has accused Russell Brand of exposing himself to her and then laughing about it minutes later on his BBC radio show."

The woman says it happened in 2008 when she was working in the same building as the BBC in Los Angeles. The encounter left her stunned, she says. Minutes later, he was recorded laughing with his co-presenter who said Brand "showed his willy to a lady". Neither Brand nor his co-presenter have replied to requests for comment. It is the first time that Brand has been accused of sexual misconduct and then heard discussing it. It was recorded and played on air on his radio show.

"........In the conversation that followed, she recalls him saying: "Oh, I think you're a bit alright. I think you're a bit of alright." She says he told her he was going to call her Betty. When she said that wasn't her name, she says he replied: "Well, I'm gonna fuck you." "And I said: 'No, you're not.' " She says he then pulled out his penis on his hand and "pretty much served it to me as you would be serving someone some food"." See article and Video.

It should be noted that Russell Brand HAS got away with behaviour like this, it is very typical, and somehow it has been accepted as some kind of 'intelligent' well meaning character's humour.

Is the Issue of De-Platforming etc to Deflect Attention from the Reality of the Alleged Crimes?

The issue of cancelling and censorship by youtube etc, is a completely separate issue and should be viewed as such. That is clearly wrong. But many others have been removed from youtube too, and demonetized, but have continued and they still have radio shows and podcasts.Everyone is focussing on that. But will the alleged allegations not be tried fairly because of that?

Back to the Brand allegations. On one of his shows he phoned elderly actor Andrew Sachs, famous as Manuel the Spanish waiter who could not speak English in the classic 'Fawlty Towers' and described in detail what he did in his affair with Mr. Sach's 20 year old grand daughter. Great for a laugh and for the show, but not for the elderly actor.

All of this type of thing has given the impression, at least to Brand, that all of his acknowledged lewd behaviour is acceptable and he is loved for it. He has become a multi-millionaire from it. There is a legitimate question here, should behaviour consistent with Brand's be rewarded by society? Should illiterate rappers have videos which are almost porn standard, just because they are celebrities and its making money? Isn't this part of Mind Control to normalize the abnormal and unacceptable?

There is another question because this 'cancelling' of Russell Brand began with the usual satanic linked companies, followed by an almost uniform response across the alternative media to this one little story. Yesterday there were at least 5 or 6 videos devoted to Russell Brand catapulting him into mega star status. His name is everywhere - which is priceless publicity. From now on, whatever this person says it is going to be listened to and get attention.

Forget the work of David Icke and all the others from decades past, some of whom lost their homes, livelihoods and in some cases their lives, through it. I have mentioned an Australian man named Peter Sawyer who was producing a newsletter exposing all of the 'agenda' in the 1980's. His life was destroyed and he is forgotten. But now, its going to be Russell Brand who everyone listens to.

Has the Satanic Cult Provided a New Messiah for Everyone to Look To?

Another Thing About Russell Brand.

CNN used to have a man called Larry King do interviews and he seems to have left CNN in 2010. Not anything I even knew about, but I did watch an interview he did with Russell Brand. What seemed really strange about this was Larry King responding as if Russell Brand was some kind of intellectual genius we perhaps all should look to. In looking back at this, it seems to show a 'chosen candidate' to be a spokesperson for the media being represented as a voice we should listen to. That's what it looks like, and did seem strange at the time - after all, I remembered it! Brand's views for years have been globalist, but he presents his stuff with a clear direct gaze, almost challenging you to disagree. He has done the same with the sexual assault allegations.


New comments on Brand.


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