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'Sound' - Intro to the Book on Mexico & 'Dark Forces' : Sound 2, '5th Planet' & High Frequency : 'Sound'. Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' : Alan Parsons Project : Various Artists : Sound Project - I Can't Get There From Here. : Silk Sonic and Chicago, Big Band etc. This page includes 'Dogs', 'Sheep' etc. Topics also include : Health and Healing : Qi Gong Zen Gong as a Health System - very good for buidling energy - chi / prana - so long as you know to align correctly. Possibly we will be adding some exercise and dietary systems. Malaysia
All the linked film and TV clips, 'robots' and 'ET aliens' etc are on this page : News articles (a new page where stories like Pips Bunce go) :Sound' - Intro to the Book on Mexico & 'Dark Forces

includess : The Higher Self 'Opium' Effect Experienced When You Connect to Your Own Higher/Real Self..


March 25th. 'DARK FORCE' :

It seems that what we have is an 'outer self/dark force' that is more like the person who opened the door when I first arrived in Mexico, which left a worrying impression, and I wondered if I had come to a safe place! Yet the 'inner person' - which does at times show itself - is what I would describe as lovely, happy & is real - if it wasn't being strangled. The outer self controls and has control of this person - a hard and cynical force which will not allow 'joy'. The lower self killing the Higher Self is what the issue is. There are also times when the 'inner self' wants to express itself and the 'outer self' won't let that happen. That creates the space for an aspect of the 'dark force' to come in as a sort of depression. That's the better option as it allows for healing, and was the side of the 'dark force' that stepped in on Sept. 26th and broke the 'opium effect' Higher Self connection.

The rest of the 'dark force' is and has hard control, a rigid control, of the 'real' person. It is different from the 'depressed' one because when that happens the person knows something is 'out' and wants it to go away. This other part of the 'dark force' is much harder for the person to ever get free from. There is no awareness that it isn't the actual person. So, again, the person is controlled by a 'dark force' - which is where we came in and began this. This is a strong force and if it was any other time but now I don't think this person could do it.

However, the energy has changed with the 'dark forces' to do with the location.The original connection was because the inner person wanted to get free of this control (not about the place.) Everything about coming to Mexico (by need not choice) has been in some way or other damaging to me. I have done my best to interpret what this unusual experience has been, and have written further down that it was very strong and the intent was meaningful so it is hard not to "believe" what was made known.

Two more points.

When the lower self was resonant and "happier, lighter and younger" and beginning to be in line with its Higher True Self it was in late May (very tentatively) then in mid to late July. I was not there, but staying somewhere else until later in July. Then something weird set in and changed the direction to opposite, not the first time either, To put this briefly, this lower self likes to suffer. This is also a common thing that happens. This is the 'energy feed' that the person's 'control force' wants. These 'dark forces' always seek sadness, 'loss of love', grief, depression and they also like death a lot. These forces feed off that energy and this lower self obliges.

So, this lower self clearly went against the Higher Self on about Thurs Aug. 25th. and strongly registered the 'sad energy'. Then something else after this time, also clearly against the Higher Self and registering the 'sad energy' ongoing to the new year or perhaps it was Christmas. The 'sad energy' is what the 'dark force' wants!

There are also other ways that the 'dark force' ensures the status quo remains negative. This appears to be the cause of the 'strong resistance'. It is possible to clear this - the controlling 'dark force' and become a truly free soul - by being aware of it.

I have really believed in this person, that the lower self can do this. But this world is a primitive and backward consciousness. People are not their 'True Self' and I am not very realistic about that. For those of us who are not that, we believe in all that is inherently good and beautiful! That actually is the reality - but unrealistic in a world which throws away the real prizes. Their world is sordid, the world of 'whores and thieves' and everything is in reverse. To me, I have only chosen to 'see' the Higher Self.

Until the 'bank system' is removed - commits the Hara Kiri (suicide) it has been led into -

the world is technically, right now, having the laws for the Great Reset being introduced. Not that people bother to take any notice, but it means the end of all your rights etc is currently being introduced via governments. We are waiting for that l system to collapse but the next phase could be months away. The recent bank collapses did interfere with my plans to fly to Malaysia. I don't know how long it takes for something as big as the collapse of the entire system takes, but could it be possible to resume my plans to book the flight to Kuala Lumpur for April? There does seem to be an issue, but maybe one I can accept. Because of waiting for the collapse I will go, if the universe is on my side, within one or two days of booking the flight, which will depend on the deal. There probably won't be a book on the Higher Self overcoming the 'dark force' here, but there maybe one on having been trapped in this city in Mexico.

In doing this, and 'holding the energy' for this 'Higher Self', which is the only aspect of the person I 'saw' and chose to believe in, it has been myself representing the Higher Self to this lower self. I did not really see the 'lower self' person. This world is a primitive, undeveloped world that belongs in the 'underworld' from which this planet is about to pull itself up from and even though it probably takes a long time, those who are part of this low world will be swept away in a sea of sewage, the sewage that they like so much. The ones we have mentioned who cannot go on into the future. I had not really seen it in this person because the Higher Self was so lovely, but the outer person seems to be part of this. I should have taken note of this sooner, I really should have.

Trying to 'Not Care' is a Coping Mechanism.

Many people do this. They try to switch off and 'not care'. This of course causes other problems, because it is not true. They are trying to 'not care' because that is the way they think they can cope with something that has at some earlier point caused enough trauma, stress, grief or whatever that they thought was too much for them to be able to cope with.

"I thought 'not caring' was a superpower" - something that made you stronger.

It is not, it makes you weaker. Not least being that it is a way to not deal with something challenging in life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4S-Abz1m35w 6 mins. Moments From 'After Life' - Ricky Gervais. (This writer also has a diploma in Counselling Psych.)

These pages have all been experimental ways to cover the original story of the Intro to the Book on Mexico & 'Dark Forces. That page now goes straight to that story which had started as being about the music/SOUND, not the story, then these somehow had to be put together, so that the general idea of the story would be available to the person whose Higher Self made contact soon after my arrival in Mexico. It became more of a blog as there are many topics, but each will find its way onto its own page. Like the page where stories like Pips Bunce go, and more on the ZEN and Qi Gong etc will eventually be on separate pages.
All the linked film and TV clips, 'robots' and 'ET aliens' etc are on this page : News articles (a new page where stories like Pips Bunce go) : 'Sound' - Intro to the Book on Mexico & 'Dark Forces' now going straight to the story : Malaysia


I have not yet verified the source which stated 'covid 19' officially ended on Feb 21st. If so there should not be death jab requirements to go to the States - and there are. The House has passed a bill to remove these requirements but it still has to pass in the Senate. .

' More ZEN', The Higher Self, and 'Opium' Effect.

Qi Gong cultivates energy - chi or prana - and is used for health benefits, breatharian practice, and for building stamina for the 'hard' martial arts. If we cover these it will be on a separate page. This page is still about the 'Sound' for awakening the Higher Self and clearing 'dark forces'. Not crystal bowls or wind chimes, but Pink Floyd. We are moving into a new FUTURE that has nothing to do with the last 5,000 years. (This work chooses the far eastern 'Zen' image not Indian yoga, although this writer does have a diploma as a teacher of Hatha Yoga.) Fabulous bankers like Pips, and also the film and TV clips are below.

*The section on the 'Opium Effect' can show the 'Lower Self' person what it Feels like to Connect to the person's Own Higher Self.

If the person can do what its Higher Self or the True Self wants - be true to self - then this 'Opium Effect' is what this person will get and also a very happy life. That is what was 'shown' because it is what the True Self wants, the real inner being. It is always the ego/lower self which fights its own Higher Self.

In the 6 months timeframe from when this 'energy hit' came into this planet and into the person, the Higher Self of the person did respond positively and the whole episode was 'successful'. It is a question of how long it takes for the lower self to step aside and allow the person to be the REAL self. For the purposes of the project we want to see how such definte and precise information works out. We will know because the person will become real. There will be clear differences in line with being happier and 'lighter' etc.

There is a difference between the lower self and the Higher Self although these aspects are both the same person. When I first arrived here and the door was opened, the impression I got was very negative and I did worry that I had chosen the wrong place. .

The Higher Self is a beautiful soul that was very tentative about releasing 'resistance'. The HS was 'shown' several times in the early months that it was okay and with the words 'that is not so bad, is it'! It is not clear what the strong resistance was about, but the fear or whatever lessened and eventually it was the 'Opium Effect' and all good. (That was Sept. 25th & 26th and at the Higher Self level) Thereafter the lower self person did the 'going against' the 'Real Self' producing a 'sad energy', and quite possibly this is something this person often gets itself into. The real Higher Self is added further down indicated by this sign below, and the Opium Effect section is also indicated by this.. The issue 'in the way' here is the 'dark force', and it is a very real thing. When the 'energy' came in in March 2022, the Higher Self had the opportunity for it to be cleared, by a freewill choice.


Meet Pips Bunce (Philip Bunce) who is a senior executive for Credit Suisse.

Pips is Head of Investment and Director of Technology. Awarded 'In Top 100 Best Women in Business'. Really impressed.

Pips will take care of all your money for you. Pips has also done some youtube interviews - to see is to believe. Pips represents the new 'inclusive' society envisaged by leaders like Biden. (March. 19th.)


'Camelot' - featuring the Credit Suisse Executives at the office party? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9wdYy3tCm4 1 min. 30 seconds.


"Camelot' is from the same team who brought you "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJUhlRoBL8M 'Life of Brian'.


'Life of Brian'.: 'Stoning scene" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNeq2Utm0nU


'Life of Brian'. "Symbolic of his struggle against reality..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfVKtVtTKX8 2 mins. Argument for Pips' case. .

This film is about someone at the time of Jesus, who thought his role was to teach the people. It is presented as modern day people in the context of the world 2,000 years ago. The 'People's Front of Judea' - the PFJ - a political group against Roman Occupation of Palestine/Judea, and a guy named Brian who lived with his mother. Monty Python and the Holy Grail also covered this type of theme.

Holy Grail - Killer Bunny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcxKIJTb3Hg 2 mins. Leads in to 'Holy Hand Grenade'.

Monty Python-Holy Hand Grenade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOrgLj9lOwk 2 mins.

TV Debate on the film 'Life Of Brian', with Archbishop etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGI9UevrzGc *This film is still a top favourite 4 decades later.


Rowan Atkinson 'Johnny English Reborn' British Intelligence MI7- good film.

Tibet Training | Johnny English Reborn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mT8El4mBVw 3 mins.

Johnny English Reborn - Pussy Cat - Rowan Atkinson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRNB4QfcxCk 2 mins.

Johnny English Reborn/Rowan Atkinson/Rosamund Pike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9nVUkH37E0 3 mins

The Chase | Johnny English Reborn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua3wlssr6rw 10 mins

Johnny English Reborn Movie CLIP - Don't Give Up on Us Baby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cighZsv-N2E 3 mins. 40.


What makes America - the new 'Camelot' - the greatest country in the world?'. Actor Jeff Daniels (in the TV drama The Newsroom) initially goes the politically correct route. Then he goes with an honest, bold, straight forward answer.'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2HKbygLjJs .

"The Newsroom" : This TV show was amazing when it began because it was about newspeople who decided they were going to actually do their job and report the truth. News media has not been about this. It has been the front person for providing information that the super rich and powerful owners, politicians and advertisers wanted people to know. The stories they wanted told in the way they wanted, not the actual facts.

"The Newsroom" : The 112th Congress (The Media Elite) .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_i9fw43Moo

"Newsroom" : The Idealist vs The Realist' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUQJKMngrYo

NEW A brief look at the intended new woke and politically correct world, a world where any privacy is considered 'being dshonest' etc

The Truth about News Today Straight From "The Newsroom" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81WNwORAbbs The ethics of some apps. and the consciousness using them. This topic is possibly well covered in the film 'The Circle'.

'The Circle'. Have read the book not seen the film.

This is The Future, There is No Privacy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HvR31OzQuM

The movie is not true to the book, The ending in the book was far more evil and better than the ending they made for the movie. However the point of this consciousness which 'ends privacy' is the same,



There is lower consciousness and Higher Consciousness.

Many 'gurus' have decided that after death (or when they raise consciousness beyond the mind/body) we/they go to 'heaven' and 'God loves us' - regardless of how one chose to live the life.

If that were true then it would not matter how you lived in this world. So when you encounter this view it tells you you have been caught in a paradox.

If you have come to this paradox, haven't you wondered about it?

Who said that the After Life - the realm you go to after leaving the body - or in an OBE (Out of Body Experience) or the realm your mind goes to in 'meditation' is actually God's Realm? Even though it may look and seem to be a 'heaven' and certainly not a 'hell'. Yet with a 'God' who allows you, and could not care less, that you may behave in any disgusting manner you like and then says you have 'reached heaven' when you leave the body or your consciousness reaches a 'higher realm' in 'meditation'? The greater knowledge is that it isn't! People have assumed it is. For your answer you have to look further.


What Shall We Do Now?

3 mins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaHEyKk94YU

Unreleased track from: Pink Floyd The Wall.


On March 30th 2022 this is what activated the lower self person's Higher Self. "X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE AND CME : Earth-orbiting satellites have just detected an X-class  solar flare (March 30 @ 1737 UT). This is the same sunspot that has already hurled at least two CMEs toward Earth this week. NASA's Solar Observatory." (The sun acts like a brain - sending messages/signals etc throughout the body.) The 'lower self' is the character people play/act. It has no ongoing existence and 'disappears' after the person dies. The Higher Self is the real 'True Inner Self'. It continues to exist, if the person has integrated with this - which means is 'true to oneself' which is the only way to real happiness and freedom - and ends all 'dark forces'!

Being the 'Higher Self' does not mean the lower self character goes. It means you (anyone) become much more than you ever were before. Just because the Higher Self has integrated or 'woken up' at that high level does not mean the lower self person won't block it (and remain a prisoner of 'the mind'.)

March 15th. Higher Self : I have only 'known' the person as being the Higher Self person, although of course I am now aware of the 'robot response' - but I only 'know' the Higher Self which communicated!

The True Self is covered under "The experience also showed a lot about the Real Person" also more under "What is Zen" and "Zen Thinking" (with 'What Shall We Do Now?')

The "instructions" that entered this planet were for activating a specific person's Higher Self or True Self. This part of the self (this person) has been 'asleep' for eons during this planet's downward "journey" through 'the Dreamtime', or the 'Underworld'. Where the Real Self is forgotten. 2 banks have collapsed in the USA last weekend, and it is expected that more will follow as that process is already in play. March is notoriously 'bad energy' everything now feels like 'nothing'. No flights to Malaysia & Australia is threatening to block access to my bank accounts, which could force me back there - unless the whole banking system collapses - as it will do, but hopefully sooner rather than drawn out.

"Energy instructions" entered this planet last March for the purpose of telling a person's lower self it is now time to 'wake up'. Yet this person is important enough in the greater scheme of the universe, to have had this happen. That is amazing! There was a great deal of 'resistence'. It is somewhat like 'code' added into the computer, and recently more information has been given (to me) which explained the very curious experience of seeing and knowing very clearly how the Higher Self within the person did respond to the energy input (very positively - and how this person looked changed to younger, lighter and happier) but it is not yet at the lower self level. The Higher Self is such a lovely 'True Self', but at this time now there is none of that. * If a person is not activated and does not respond, then this is covered again further down under the 'Dividing of the Ways'.

March 10th *I don't know if this off energy is because the lower self is going against the True Self again, the same as before, or what. (I don't know what it is). Everything feels bad, and sad. Feels all wrong so must assume it is something like that again. The usual. *Usually the 'sad energy' means the lower self person is planning to go against the 'True Self'. This is now a definite phase during unsual energy of this time. March 10th continues below 'Opium Effect'. Diary also continues directly under the Pink Floyd track 'Yet Another Movie'. because that section provides a much clearer perspective.


SOUND/MUSIC for clearing dark moods and 'darkness' & Aligning to the Real Self.

+ Music : further down, clears darkness, raises frequencies + Diary Updates.

When you hear and really listen to Pink Floyd, you can clearly see you are accessing a higher level of SOUND. The tracks added clearly show a very noticeable difference. That is also like the difference when you access your own Higher Self.

Intro Track :

... 'One of These Days'


"Pink Floyd, one of the most Third Eye openers !!!" (***Use Extra Bass.)

In the improvised section with just the bass, do you, like us, think it seems to sound like it's saying 'Happy People'? That bassline kicks ass!" "Pink Floyd, the 8th wonder of the world!" 3 months ago.


The section on the 'Opium Effect'

can show the 'Lower Self' person what it Feels like to Connect to the person's Own Higher Self.

This contact also had the "Opium Effect".

March 8th. The 'opium effect' is mentioned a bit below. Something people don't know about the Higher Self!

Right from the beginning there was really strong resistence to the Higher Self level. There is a 'battle' between the True Inner Self and the lower self's 'rejection' (of sorts) of that. The lower self is a 'false self'.

The Higher Self and the lower self are the same person - yet completely at odds. As said, it is like a magnet turning. Sometimes it is aligned and sometimes totally switched off, which means attracted towards the Higher Self then Repelling the Higher Self, and sometimes there has been the 'dark force'. For example, I mentioned the 15 hours of connection from Sept.25th to Sept.26th until the 'dark force' stepped in and broke what until then had been 15 hours of the 'Opium Effect' or Higher Self contact. The 'Opium Effect' is also what one experiences with being the Higher Self, and it is also part of what a Higher Self level contact is. This experience was only when that Higher Self actually 'made contact' and obviously that Higher Self was a lovely energy. Also obviously, this is a special level of contact, - including 'holding these energies' - but it can also be messed up and blocked by 'darkness'.

There have been other times when this HIGH level contact existed, say in April, but the lower self deliberately seemed to want to break/block it. This was always the issue - that it is done deliberately by the lower self.

The experience also showed a lot about the Real Person

which is at some point going to awaken within the lower self person. That 'real self' is a beautiful, gentle soul, greatly protected and hidden by the 'lower self' in the very rough outer world that the lower self person has lived through and is around. .This is because it is so sensitive and gentle, and this world is so not safe for this.

No-one will ever see or understand this level of this person.

NEW The higher level of this Higher Self entering into this planet, was an incoming force communicating. The Higher Self awakening within the person was very tentative and very much extremely cautiously trusting me, and began in late May 2022. Ir was 'all good' by July.but I was not staying in that location during any of that time. nevertheless I was 'holding the energies'.

The highest High experienced in energy is at the Higher Self level - perhaps similar to taking 'Opium' -

not with what people in this lower world think is the highest high. That is because they do not and cannot access high enough to know that. The 'opium' effect happens naturally because you have accessed the Higher Self level, and can remain at that highest Higher Self level for a very long time.

Currently the 'Higher Self' person remains in a 'turning away' phase and aligned to the lower self - which for everyone, never wants to let go.

March 10th continued.

This is the continuing Diary Record, which of necessity must be written in a detached, impersonal (non emotional) manner.

As mentioned, I am affected by the 'repelling effect' which means I feel considerable non-resonance with everything to do with being where I am in Mexico, and have felt non-resonant since around Feb. 21st and some indications on Feb 14th.

Some times are inexplicably a stronger feeling of (negative energy) 'experiences' from being here. It could be described as if suddenly I was somewhere in the location of the middle of magnets completely repelling each other. This repelling effect is also something quite remarkable in some forms of Qi Gong, when the energy of a person can be reversed and knock the opponent over - or in this case send someone suddenly flying off in another direction (me apparently).. Qi Gong is also something I studied and attended several workshops given by Grand Masters, but mostly for interest. Definitely an interest of mine and I would have loved to do more.

Right now, it is as if being here was a strange dream I had been in.

If circumstances permitted (which they don't) I would be on a 'plane tomorrow to get back to Asia. This is actually quite interesting as it is such a reversal. But I also remember in March 2022 that "something" was trying to make me go away then (so the lower self would not wake up). The 'dark forces' use people who the 'dark forces' can work through. To the best of my knowledge this is what was reported earlier about the difficulties of this particular time. The energy from the lower self person feels 'sad' - usually means going against or thinking of repeating going against the Higher Self.

I thought that 'bad/sad energy' had eased (maybe 5-6pm Friday) then no, back again, and have a strong feeling to leave - which is what those 'dark forces' want. (It causes an energy repulsion as described.) I don't know what the negative/feeling is related to.

Diary March 9th.

As 'covid' officially ended on 21st Feb. it may be that countries everywhere bring things back to normal, and I can return to Malaysia at least as a starting place. It looks like I can get into Malaysia, Qatar Airways have suitable flights on April 19th from Mexico City. I have to leave Mexico by April 26th as my 6 months are up and as the banks seem to be beginning their collapse it may be better to do a quick trip to Guatemala again and renew my 6 months so I do not make any rushed decisions that are not well researched. The 'entry' details to Malaysia were updated a few days ago before March 9th, but that does nt mean I can remain there - get my permit for a year. It is considerably better value for money in Malaysia. Mexico, this city, is for tourists. I am not a tourist and not working here, and I've been here a year! Malaysia.

March has some very negative energies.

"Beware the ides of March" 15th to March 19th/20th is a popular, auspicious date for the agenda of the 'dark side' - both the Iraq war and the invasion of Libya began on that date, and the covid lockdowns. Those are not a coincidence. It is the same timing - the March time - as thousands of years ago when the split between the Higher Self - Soul Realm, and the lower self happened, and the planet's axis/central rod was damaged. The deliberate damage to this planet's axis was a success for the 'dark side' therefore an auspicious date for them, but bad energies for the rest of us.

What is ZEN?

"It is a way of perceiving experience, although it is actually beyond any such perception at all, rather it goes straight to the ultimate truth of reality".

For this work 'Zen' means accepting 'what is' without placing judgments on it, or for that matter interpretations based on past experience of the Mind and person. Used here, the 'what is' is in relation to the contact and communication from someone's 'Higher Self'. An internet search for 'Zen' shows people sitting in full lotus position, but this is not Zazen. When I learned (a little of) this, the position for Zazen is a kneeling position sitting back on the heels. Of course a 'what is' can be something bad unfolding, or judgment on your freedom. The Zen here is that you do still use intelligence, discernment, and critical analysis - think for yourself

Qi Gong is a Chinese 'soft' martial art to build energy and stamina ready for the serious stuff. Zen is Japanese and is not a martial art. In China it was called Chan, but Japan developed its own martial arts and Buddhist related practices.

For this work we may call it a synthesis of Zen Gong (gong means practice) and it does not have to be obscure or vague, or about non-solvable koans. Koan definition : "A puzzling, often paradoxical statement, anecdote, question, or verbal exchange, used in Zen Buddhism as an aid to meditation and a means of gaining spiritual awakening"


Diary :

The 'sound project' began while having to spend time in Mexico. It has been the strangest experience which began when I arrived in Mexico. Should I 'believe' in this 'other level' connection with someone's 'True Self' and what has been 'shown' to me?

There is not a way not to 'believe' in it, and it led to the project of writing a book, not just on that, but on the bizarre situation the world is in - which over half of the world population is unaware of - and a much bigger picture to 'reality' and whatever 'reality' is.

Currently the energy of the 'Higher Self' person is very much turned away. Its all okay, but not very resonant at this time. * After Sept. 26th everything of the 'dark force' and opposition (to the True Self) was going to be in play.

***This non resonance began about Feb, 21st or whenever the section and photo of my niece was added.

The connection with the Higher Self of someone is a real thing,

but there is not a connection with the lower self person. This is a really strange position to find oneself in, and one which raises many questions and brings challenges.

The person even looks different when more aligned - a different vibe, happier, much lighter, and younger.

The person does not look like any of this.

The person was aligned (in some ways) during July and marginally into August. A lot was taking place at the Higher Self level during the first 6 months to Sept. 26th, and thereafter it has to awaken gradually, at the lower self level. Guess when this person begins to look lighter and happier, and younger, that might be an indication!

For me, I am dealing with a very real higher level energy communication and connection with someone - and it is very real - but the human level person is at odds with this most of the time, but not all of the time. So it is a strange experience. For the record, this Higher Self is the future person, the person the human level will be in the future. The person the human level already is, just not connected to. It is this person! So, does the human level ever feel there is something that this person is looking for?

Most likely this person is not from this world but comes from a higher world than what this world is. Vast numbers of people are from this world, this person is not though. Lots more to this person than the 'average' person (if this person is from the Higher Universe.) As for reaching the 'Future Self' that is the person many thousands of years in the future, this has been speeding through lifetimes, sometimes nearly resonant with the Higher Self, then turned away, then more resonant, then turned away etc.

An 'Agreement' to 'Hold the Energy'.

This means I cannot get out of it, because it was written into the 'script' or 'code' for the reality that was going to unfold after 12,500 years ago. Not everything is 'written into the script' - or is it? Either way, it means there would be circumstances that brought me into this situation, but for a good purpose! Even so, there are many, many times when I have really wished I could get out of this. All we know on this is that there are some things that have to go the right way, but it was already realized that after many thousands of years in this currently ending 'dark age' those things could be expected to go wrong.


"Yet Another Movie"


'"Yet Another Movie" is one of the most mystical songs.' Internet.

The Higher Self ONLY shows what it wants this writer to know, and the Higher Self is the same person as the lower self. Both these levels are 'not in harmony' with each other at this time. However, there was always strong resistence, and that is in play. It also changes quite rapidly, light then dark. Therefore, there won't be any further details yet.

The contact does not mean some kind of psychic invasion of a person's head, it ONLY relates to how the lower self is either connecting or turning away from the Higher Self. ONLY that.

As written below the track 'Sheep' I am in a far more displaced situation than almost anyone else would ever be in. However, there is still the issue of the coming crash. This is a considerably frustrating thing to have to deal with. The crash will happen in some form, but all I need to avoid is being in the process of travelling when it happens.All of the North American model is currently, basically a poor cousin to Asia, but this should change to something better once the whole system changes. Possibilities have now opened up because the so called 'covid' officially ended on Feb. 21st. It means countries should now be dropping all the restrictions and requirements they had. This should make it somewhat possible to return to SE Asia. I hypothetically could leave.

The Higher Self or 'True Self' is who one really is, without the 'programmes' that all of us have. 'Programmes' are conditioned responses from past experiences etc. The 'Higher Self' bypasses these and in this case here, the Higher Self chose and wanted to communicate with me.



David Gilmour - Sorrow

(Live At Pompeii)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3ATfbYXqpc 10 mins 49 seconds.

From the 2016 show. Video added to youtube in 2019. David Gilmour was very good looking when young and did a lot of modelling work. He aged very rapidly and early, including putting on weight, attributed to his earlier drug use.


'Dividing of the Ways'.

Over the oncoming time there will be a division between those who go on, and those who stay behind - keeping in mind that the planet itself moves on. That is why there is a matrix (a virtual version) reality. The planet is moving to a higher level. Those who cannot do this can no longer remain on this planet during that time, as they are part of the lower level.

The planet moves on, but large numbers of people do not, They stay at this level, but there will not be a planet at this level.

That is because they came into existence in that lower realm, They never had a Higher Realm connection. Others were caught here from a Higher Realm when the planet ended up here. If any of these ones doesn't achieve this, then they are stuck, That is the reason there is this 'agreement' to 'hold the energy'. It seems that everything is going well for the lower self and the journey to reconnect with its True Self/Soul. This process always cycles towards then away from, like a magnet turning. These times have always been very difficult to wait through.


As mentioned above, there are two types of people on this unusual planet, and those from the lower realm do tend to accept what they are told because they do not see as complete a picture of their world reality as it actually is.

Alternative news sources say that 'people are 'waking up' but I don't get to see many - or any - of them here

where I am in Mexico in a place full of western tourists, mostly from Northern America but also the UK, and some Europeans. They have all been jabbed and

The 'Red Pill' news may be freaky - but it was said that the world would be watching a 'movie' after Jan. 2021. A movie with cgi, body doubles etc until the event (whatever it is) being waited for, actually happens. In the USA there are procedures that come in when TREASON has been discovered. Treason on a world scale. There were untold numbers of people involved, on all levels, and they were completely invisible.

It was necessary for these people to identify themselves - and there was a way that they would do that. If you get it, then that is your answer to why there is a 'movie' playing out, and the reality is not what it seems to be.

It is also the reason why there was plenty of information given out warning right from the beginning, not to have the jab. Sources included professors from Oxfor University, Stanford, and Yale. Also why some of us had to get to a 'safe' country to see this through.

*But I do not want to freak anyone, or freak any 'lower self'. No-one has to "believe" what I say! It is interesting though. It has been implemented beautifully - with no interference from the masses and no civil wars because of it. As far as I can see this was the only way they could do this, they had to let the plan of these nutjobs go ahead so they could find out who was involved. Sadly large masses of people were jabbed. The understanding is that it was the real, intended jab, and people have begun dying in large numbers explained as SADS - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. With this happening it raises questions and begins all important lawsuits.

As far as we can see, many of those who had this jab - sheep - are still absolutely clueless! ( March 5th 2023.)

The Sound to 'clear darkness' and raise frequencies, is the Pink Floyd Project


Keep Talking

- Pink Floyd



Diary Notes. (March 6th). (This is in the book).

For most the Covid Agenda caused disruption to their lives but things normalized out. For me it was different. I was right in the middle of looking to move to a new country in South East Asia because I had just lost someone in very traumatic circumstances (misunderstanding the instructions about a medicine) and remaining in the country I had been living in seemed too unhappy. I wanted to reconnect with remaining family in Poland, so I went there.

I seem to have lost a paragraph here, but the first thing I did was go to Australia where I picked up the wrong one of two identical mostly already packed suitcases and took that with me back to Malaysia from where I planned to go on to Poland which I did for two months. I did not have the right things that I intended to give to my then 16 year old niece, so I was carting a lot of extra, unnecessary stuff with me when I got back to KL. (And still am, it is still the wrong suitcase!)

So right now, I don't have a country I can get into.

Of course, I can be in Mexico where I am, but I do not want to be in Mexico which, at least in the area I am, is very much like any western world city. It is like Australia, the USA, Canada, and the UK. This is exactly what I wanted to get away from when I left Australia to live in Asia.

For me, in recent years, all my ties with living in Australia were gone. Family members died unexpectedly, and so did my two closest friends, one from cancer at 37, and the other from suicide. She had sent me an email months before in a very deep depression but I had not read it because I had sustained a really bad injury which sliced through a major nerve pathway causing a massive problem actually, but one aspect was that I could not go near any computer frequencies. So I never saw that email until later, and it was too late.

Unfortunately, there was even more than these things happening. I had also sustained an injury disability, had been poisoned with mercury from amalgam used in dental fillings being inserted into my gum and this was seeping into my entire body system (ultimately fatal) and my house had been caught in a bushfire and was gone (This was the trigger that led to another family member dying.) You can see these were not minor things, and most happening within a similar time frame.

These things were very hard to go through. I had no-one left to help me get through any of this, but I did eventually create a new life in a beautiful place in South East Asia, but that was all changed by the 'covid agenda'. It again left me with no home, no close family, and no country, and that is why I am far more 'displaced' than most people, and I cannot correct any of this until the current world situation plays out. However, I did find a way to get the mercury poisoning out of my body using a remedy that was banned. Took 5 years and some, but successfully got it out! Although when I was ill in January here in Mexico, that was also some of this poison, but I think it is mostly all gone now.

From Poland I had returned to Malaysia with the intention of going to Australia to collect the suitcase I had meant to bring with me, then returning to Poland. The lockdowns came in in March 2020 and everything came to a halt. Despite having been passing through Kuala Lumpur for the last 8 years, I had never been to the city centre and did not know much about it at all. I spent the next 2 years living there and it was wonderful. This unexpectedly showed me a country I would really like to live in.

Unexpectedly, I really liked being in Kuala Lumpur. When I first knew I wanted to leave Australia some years earlier, I had just taken a chance that I would find somewhere that would work out. I had thought Vietnam would be the country, and that is where I went, via Singapore first, a very modern affluent city with nice people, lots of life, and good energy which I liked. Vietnam did not work out as the country for me, but by then I had learned that I really felt at home in South East Asia, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand etc.

Unfortunately expats without visas had to leave Malaysia by December 2021. There were some other options for me to make arrangements to remain there legally but with so much uncertainty at that time, and a strong feeling I had that I should go to see my teenage niece in Poland, I decided to do that, especially after reading that Poland was not enforcing anything about jabs etc. So that is what I did, with the intention of becoming a resident and spending about a year there. In all honesty, like most people, I never thought the wait for the agenda to be made public knowledge would take as long as it has done.

By the end of February 2022 the war began with the country next door, Ukraine, and it did not seem a good idea to remain in Poland. At that time, Mexico was the only option and I began to look for what flights I could find to get there. Most airlines were enforcing the jab but I found Turkish Airlines and booked that. I left at the beginning of March 2022 for Mexico City, something I would not have chosen to do in any other circumstances than the situation as it was. The next hurdle was simply waiting for when some things played out and then it was fully expected I could return to what I wanted to do. That expectation is still dragging on.

On March 5th 2022, I arrived at the place I had decided was the best option in Mexico, planning to just 'wait it out'. For the first time in a very long while I found I was somewhere which was very negative. Like the energies of March in 2023, the energies were also bad in 2022 at that time. Once again the 'older women' here are gossiping about everyone, and how they 'should' be behaving!

The first month or two there was very difficult for me. I also discovered that the people there, and those who came to Mexico, had very little knowledge about what was actually happening and 99% had been vaxxed. Much of this part of the story is covered on the earlier page which began as a 'sound project' but I decided to write a book and add it to what I was doing with the sound page.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7YMI39sObY The Grammy winning track. 5 mins 25 seconds.

When you hear and really listen to Pink Floyd, you can clearly see you are accessing a higher level of SOUND. This, and the additional tracks added, clearly show a very noticeable difference. That is also like the difference when you access your own Higher Self.


From Pink Floyd 'ANIMALS'

The Zen of Sheep

and the looming collapse of the banking system/central banks. Listen again!

(2018 remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6losoE1s4c


Average Humans are basically like sheep.

They wait to be told or shown what is happening in their world. They get shaken up a bit - find they are on the way to the slaughterhouse, and panic - then that changes, so they get complacent again, and pretend to themselves there never was anything that shook them in the first place! If they took note of what shook them up and researched the whole story, they would have a much clearer perspective than pretending there was noth

ing and waiting for it to surprise them again! But thats the weird thing. They don't research. They just wait. *The economists of the world are saying the banks are in trouble.


Pink Floyd - 'Dogs'

[2018 Remix] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX5x9wzMN4s 17 mins.

The tracks on 'Animals' all had a kind of blurred guitar sound.




This is Higher Self MUSIC.

Clearly shows a very noticeable difference in the higher frequency SOUND.


- David Gilmour Live in Gdansk, Poland.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMneCi9F_UQ ... 25 mins.

Note the amazing amount of sound produced. This is an Out of Body Journey.

If you are not already able to access the universe, maybe best to get stoned to listen to this. "Fake it till you make it"!

"It's unf,,,,,,,,,,,believable how much sound Gilmour gets from his guitar." *** David Gilmour was very good looking when young and did a lot of modelling work. He aged very rapidly and early, including putting on weight, attributed to his earlier drug use.

"If everyone on this planet would be listening to this song every day, the world would be a better place!"


The topic of an 'OMG conspiracy' can really cause anger and be a turn off,

and my older relatives have turned their backs on me because of it, not even any good wishes at Christmas for the last 3 years. I have covered this before over the last 3 years because it is part of the consciousness many of us have sadly had to deal with during this time. So just in case, to change that possible vibe and make things 'lighter', here is a picture of a pretty girl, who I have introduced before. Its a nice photo and it changes the topic. For anyone reading this!

Like me, she also tells everyone about what happened and not to have the jab.

She reached these conclusions for herself - and I have some famiy members on my side! I didn't know she had thought about this though until I got to Poland in Dec. 2021.

In fact, there is no stopping her.

This is my niece Daria at 16 years old, a couple of years ago.

Daria is a music student in Poland, where there are some of the finest music schools in the world. She plays the violin and will be in 'showbiz'. Her dad says she is a lot like me, then laughs in mock distress. This is her natural blonde hair colour but she likes to have her hair pink. She is British-Polish, currently in London, England getting her British passport so she won't be conscripted into the Polish women's reserve army should there be a war with Russia. There won't be, but this convinced her mum to be okay with her going to England. I only knew Daria up to 3 years old, then again in person from 15 years old. I would have liked to have stayed in Poland - which I left because the war started in the Ukraine - so I could spend more time building a strong relationship with my family there. Instead, I am in Mexico!


The 'sound project' began because firstly within the initial 2 or 3 days, and then by late March, the contact from the 'Higher Self' of someone began.

That began the project which became this page.

It led to keeping a note of what was going on with that. Basically it was 6 months of a very high level contact with this person's Higher Self, then from September 26th the contact remained, but something had been set in motion that was from the person's own Higher Self, to help the person awaken to who that person actually is as that same Higher Self. It also showed a 'Dark Force'. That process has also now almost reached the 6 months mark.


All music other than Pink Floyd is for interest, not raising frequencies.


Alan Parsons Project

Music for whatever the future is to be :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rw_6-hzmGSg It is noticeable from reading comments that many people are really caught up in the idea of 'time' as some kind marker. Everything has to be identified by 'time' not by timelessness - meaning the quality of the actual work. There is nothing that has ever existed that indicates time always progresses forqard, and advances. This 'time' now is a regressive phase where consciousness has been diverted to a far lesser path.


So, here is some more of the story that led to that person's separation from its own Higher Self, and connection into the Higher Universe.


Linkin Park - The Catalyst [Live]



Once upon a time, 12,500 years ago, there really was a 'war in heaven'.

Those involved in that war are the same people who had the 'covid agenda'. This was to be the next stage follow on from that 'ancient war'.

"I remember black skies. The lightning all around me. I remember each flash. As time began to blur........

Give me reason. To fill this hole. Connect this space between. Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies. Across this new divide." 'New Divide' Lyrics.

Consider the many legends kept by various people, The Nordic legends, the Dreamtime, the many stories of someone 'being put to sleep' by a 'poisoned apple' etc. These are ways that information was preserved. There are photos (if I can find them) of ancient wall carvings found in an Egyption tomb said to be 18,000 years old but certainly covering the 12,500 we are talking about, showing clearly what are modern day tanks, helicopters, and aircraft. Similar 'artwork' can be found in the Americas. But of course, some secret groups kept actual records.


"Asgard, Old Norse Ásgardr, in Scandinavian mythology, Asgard is the dwelling place of the gods, comparable to the Greek Mount Olympus  (the ancient Greek 'abode of the gods' and a similar legend).

Valhalla is the home of Odin   and the abode of heroes slain in earthly battle. Thrudheim, the realm of Thor". The story is that there was a battle in the skies, with weapons like 'thunderbolts of lightening' from 'Thor', and in the process Earth lost its 'Rainbow Bridge' connection with the Higher Self realm.  The part we are on now, fell into a lower realm and the 'Rainbow Bridge' connection was lost. This is what is reconnecting now.


New Divide

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzZBqOJp_9o


The introduction topic of 'After Life' and the tracks from Linkin Park are relevant to the world story..........but

we are not adding to depression, it is about being uplifting!


This theme/topic is 'CARING'.

*We have gone to this topic so will continue and complete it, then move on, or back to the earlier topic, dancing etc.

Moments From 'After Life' - Ricky Gervais | Netflix

Season 1 'After Life' Insights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaFw-DbEaZg

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4S-Abz1m35w This is (mostly) a really beautiful series. Might bring a tear to your eye.

You Are My Boy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r336JeOujog

"I'm not a fan of Ricky Gervais but he had this nailed. If you haven't watched the series then please try to. It is a real mix of humour, sadness and everything in between. Thank you for making it." 3 years ago.

Many people have been offended by Ricky Gervais, especially in Hollywood - which frequenctly misses the point of many things. .Even though he thinks he is an atheist - and it is not his role to be teaching higher conciousness, anyway - he actually is someone who is helping in the process of 'awakening'. He sounds a lot like he is 'one of ours' - like David Gilmour's (Pink Floyd) guitar playing makes him one of ours!

"Ricky Gervais is an English comedian, actor, director, and writer. Known for not being afraid of offending people with his jokes, as seen in his viral Golden Globes speech, he is without a doubt an honest and down to earth person."



The Matrix - Blue Pill or Red Pill

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j934OgiMBNQ 5 mins longer clip.

Music : The Matrix - Dream On


The 'White Rabbit' is also the name for the molecular pattern of Adrenochrome.

This is part of what is down the 'Rabbit Hole'. Dismantling this entire process is part of what is taking place now, several processing labs in the Ukraine, while we wait for the new system. But this stuff as far as I know, is pretty much completely dismantled now - taken by surprise in 2020 when the lockdowns began. Later it is to become public knowledge - which means it will be on the news and that way people believe it. But did anyone question who owned the news services?




Washington DC is closed down and empty

and has been for several years. This is documented by a couple of youtubers who go round filming the buildings and parking lots etc and they are empty. Videos produced over the last couple of years. The 'news' is a story filling in time until the change happens.

'This is what the federal areas of DC looks like now on a Monday morning' (on Jan. 23rd 2023).



The original 'Sound' page began the introduction to being in Mexico

during the 'covid agenda' and how surprising it was to find that very few people, at least where I was staying, knew what was actually taking place. I soon discovered that if people don't know what's in play, then there is no way to explain the situation that brought me here. And there is no way for them to understand the enormity of the human side involved in it.

I also encountered some strong negativity that made my first weeks here very difficult. Yet because of the overall reality of the circumstances, I had to stay anyway. Then there was a very strong contact from someone's 'Higher Self' which led to the project of the sound pages, and writing about a 'dark force'. That contact was a very positive thing. Even so, what is happening on this planet still remains 'invisible' to most, so we continue to add small bits of information about it, along with the music and more, as part of these pages.

When the "covid" lockdowns began, I was on a journey between SE Asia, where I had been living for a number of years, and Europe. I was very lucky that it worked out I was in Malaysia when the lockdowns came in, and unlike all the other countries in the region, they did not say all expats and foreigners had to leave and return to their own country. That was very lucky. Australia had begun to behave like some kind of dictatorship and prison camp, and Australians were not allowed to leave the country. As I was checking the supposed death numbers from "covid" from the official sites, I could see that Australia had almost no so called cases, and no deaths.

But there were very distressing things happening in the Aged Care Homes which left these elderly people without care, without their medicines, and without family or any human contact, .Like in the UK and some other prominent countries, there were police who were behaving in a very strange and violent way. I definitely did not want to return to Australia, especially as with the research I was doing, a great deal of real information was being made available. Such as in New York City, we were learning about large numbers of people dying once they were put on the ventilators along with the information that the hospital received a bonus of around $36,000USD or more, for every person who died while on them. Almost all of them did die.



'Sound' and intro to the BOOK on Mexico & 'Dark Forces' :
Sound Project - I Can't Get There From Here : Linkin Park
Sound 2, '5th Planet' & High Frequency :
Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' :
Alan Parsons Project :
Various Artists.
Silk Sonic and Chicago, Big Band and Linkin Park etc
Enigma & Moody Blues
News articles : Malaysia
All the linked film and TV clips, 'robots' and 'ET aliens' etc are on this page.

The 5th planet.

The recommended music to clear 'darkness' is here. Pink Floyd.


The original list of SOUND

(without the written article) plus the additional artists featured

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