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The Vegetarian and Vegan Diet is Not a New Thing

only recently introduced by the 'cabal'. The cabal also promotes insects for the diet and that is not vegetarian!

But just because they are producing lab-grown 'meat' does not mean everything has gone crazy and we should all be eating the opposite. The plant based diet is recommended in ancient scripts, and it is also recommended with the spiritual path - the one that helps you align into the True exit point from the body. The 'True exit point' is the one which gets you out of being caught on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' which in turn is the false energy stream (path) even though the good side of that energy stream appears to be what was meant by True Path. Unfortunately for those who think that - and vast numbers of people have forever thought that - it is not the same thing. So right now, it might be surmised that this stuff is still the 'dark side' ensuring it keeps people on that path (energy stream).

You know, this work did say there were some really bad people on this planet doing evil things, and a lot of people became very angry with us for saying it. In fact some decided to detach from this work. Yet lo and behold, in 2020 the world discovered there were evil people! Mostly it was the ones who said 'only think positive thoughts'; who closed down when it was mentioned, and they are the ones who enabled and allowed the satanic rituals and sacrifices, and the child trafficking to continue. (Because they would not acknowledge that it existed.)

So it is good to think about what 'positive thoughts' actually means. Because it clearly does not mean that. (And it is a bit low IQ to think it would mean that.) Those who were in that denial of reality will NEVER make it to the True Reality this time round. Things have not just turned around to mean that they did actually mean what happened. It means they were WRONG and missed t! Their chance to 'escape the Wheel' was before that part of this reality was revealed.

Another thing that is identifying those hooked up to the false path, via 'channelling' even with ET's etc, is a need to make the issue of child trafficking shown in the film 'Sound of Freedom' seem like a scam.

And another misguidance at this time is the appearance to go against the Plant Based Diet. I am really and truly sorry so many don't 'get' something that is right under your nose to see.

It is none of the complex geometries or special meditations, and definitely not activating kundalini because that OBVIOUSLY goes to the false energy stream! If you have not worked out why then it begs the question why not. You had to have made your choices long before now.

For sure, most will go with the planet's switch to 'positive' but that is not an 'ascension' in the way people interpret it. The planet is simply coming out of its Fall. many will go with the positive change, but its opposite has already caught you and will bring you back for the next time the planet falls. The positive is to be aware of that now.




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