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Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord.

Please note that it is quite easy to unintentionally use the wrong wording or write something that comes across wrongly. Nothing is intended to cause offence, and anything that may read incorrectly is looked at and removed or changed. Sometimes wording that is 'good' for the storyline may forget that actual people are involved and the wording should not be used. We apologize for the times this may happen. Obviously some things are added to 'provoke' an inner response or inner questions.
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Lost In A Lost World

It is not 'previous generations' who made the world what it is.

It is YOU.



"Incomplete information, leads to wrong conclusions"

.............................................- about events, people, intentions, love, or life itself.


Keep Talking

- Pink Floyd


Best with headphones. Stephen Hawking was a theoretical physicist at Cambridge University. He was a well known TV personality and was completely disabled. He had to speak through a computer 'voice box'.

He said the one thing that sets mankind apart from animals is the ability to talk, to communicate and so long as we 'keep talking' to each other, all problems, misunderstandings, wrong conclusions, and miscommunications can be resolved.

"This song feels like an answer to everything we're going through. No matter who you are and what you believe we need to keep communicating and understanding each other. All you have to do is make sure you keep talking." 2 years ago.

"Pink Floyd can be quite moving, emotional. Keep Talking is incredibly powerful. Mixing up Men and Women, conflict between us, White and Black voices, Stephen Hawking, Talking guitar . . . this song always brings me to tears." 2 years ago.

"I feel like this song only gets more and more powerful as the world gets more globalized and people form connections, just to form bubbles and shut themselves in with others who hold the same thoughts and opinions". 3 years ago.

"I Love Pink Floyd! Their music helped me discover myself and my hippie soul. And this song is intense. Love it!" 9 days ago.

"To those wondering what it takes to keep a relationship going. It takes 1) open communication 2) straight forward honesty 3) trust 4) faithful 5) keep talking 6) devotion 7) faith - To always keep talking". 8 months ago.

"It’s true that without communication human relationships will fall apart. It’s kind of mystical the treatment that this topic is receiving here, in this song. Someone it’s not willing to communicate his feelings and the other is demanding them, leaving us to find the answers in Stephen Hawking’s words. With very simple lyrics and with great music Pink Floyd give us the solution to the world's greatest problem… the lack of communication." 4 years ago.


Earth has been 'switched OFF' but is about to change and 'switch ON'.

Earth is a battery. It runs on an electrical circuit which basically and for the intent of this description, runs downwards for around 12,500 years, then changes and the current runs upwards for around 12,500 years.

Right now at this time, the planet is about to make that change from running downwards to upwards. It becomes 'positive'.

"Earth's core may have started to spin in the other direction." This is a recent headline, and looks like we might be nearly at the change we have been waiting for. 'Soon', that is, likely not months away. It would lead to the expected shutdown, blackouts, and the emergency broadcast.

We are still observing/monitoring incoming, Earth directed solar energy hits - coronal mass ejections, although the sun is not producing anything of note. It still appears we are waiting on a 'big one'. There is an upcoming change to the planet and it is being monitored by the almost quantum, supercomputer of the US military. The General in charge of military ops (not the computer dept.) is Eric Smith of the US Marines who recently replaced General David Berger.


The music presented is within segments of written information - to read - including

about this planet's existence as a separate 'Truman Show' taking place within another planet

called the 5th planet.


A Spiritual Quest to Find the 'True Self' and 'Home' : 3 tracks for a 'mystical journey'.........



. Listen to the words.

The video we had was taken down so this is a replacement.


In the Beginning.'It riles them that you perceive the web they weave. Keep on thinking free......'

(First track to about 2.09) .........Well.....not everyone perceives it, do they?


Candle of Life

"They hit the nail on the head. Deep inside we are indeed lonely. This is not our real home. We are eternal beings derived from the spirit realm. Love the way Justin sings "In the hands of time." His voice has profundity to it. This tune is timeless. A work of art. Resonates at a high frequency. 500 years from now people will marvel at how they were at the leading edge of the Shift of Consciousness in their offering of music." Internet comment.


So, What is Happening with the 'Dark Force'?

"The Lead-in to the Higher Self contact".

New segments are indicated in blue. This began with 'contact' from the Higher Self of someone, and later showed the presence of a 'Dark Force'. Both of these things are very significant.

With the contact from the Higher Self (True Self) there is a lovely Higher Self (as a Higher Self is) but the lower self is in the 'locked in a box' thinking process that is typical of everyone 'not awake'. That includes those in the 'new age' who also put themselves 'in a box' and could not see beyond it. It is believed that since Sept. 26th. that person's Higher Self began a process to help remove that Dark Force (with a fair to middling chance that will happen and this one will 'wake up' as new energy hits the planet).There has to be awareness (waking) or the reasons for being unaware (asleep) are never seen! Generally okay with a few rather conspicuous misconceptions. After that date in September the 'darkness' became more obvious in this person, to the extent that now anyone (aware) can easily see there is a 'Dark Force' and that it controls the person. There is no more on this story but we are following it until, or if, the person Wakes Up and the 'Dark Force' goes.

Mexico was a Spanish colony, and today Mexicans want to be Canadian, which was a British colony and still is a British Commonwealth country with King Charles as the head of state somewhere in the background. To 'the British' it is 'where's Canada'? (No-one cares).

The world situation brought us to Mexico but we are not living here. We are staying here, but for a long time.

The deaths from the jab are now noticeable but not obvious. This is because 'they' still want to get people jabbed and boostered. Until it is really obvious, people will still do that. The deaths usually are instant, some now dying while still standing up. There have also been more 'cardiac arrests' amongst NFL and superfit athletes, and recently Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie. Keeping in mind that the jabs contain nanotechnology and it seems that there is an 'instruction' sent, the people on that particular 'batch' hear a voice, they look around to see where the voice is coming from, and then they drop dead. One woman in Asia was doing her livestreamed internet cooking show, laughing and happy, then suddenly dropped dead. The junk in those jabs is also destroying male sperm, making women infertile or have miscarriages and still births.

The 'Bigger Picture'

It is not known what those in charge of the world after the 'Earth change' about to happen, are going to do. Many people are totally 'marked' negative and will go into 'the Matrix'. That does not necessarily mean 'immediately' - who knows! The reality is far more complex than anything that 'seems' to be. The time/event is called the 'Dividing of the Ways'.

Washington DC is closed down and empty and has been for several years. This is documented by a couple of youtubers who go round filming the buildings and parking lots etc and they are empty. Videos produced over the last couple of years. The 'news' is a story filling in time until the change happens.

'This is what the federal areas of DC looks like now on a Monday morning' (on Jan. 23rd 2023).


The 'American' western model for society is a failed model.

The rug is about to be pulled from under the 'American image' illusion. We do our best to keep away from the continent of the 'Americas', at least that was the intention! Contrary to what those from this continent may think, the general term 'Americans' are not high up the 'acceptable' list. The best societies in the world are in the Arabian/Persian Gulf with the highest standards, and also Singapore. We all now have to hope that those introducing the 'new system' will have something that produces a 'good world'. Currently all the countries which became the 'western model' are 'failed'. Partly this has been because the intended model was subverted anyway. It has also been used to skim off all the wealth of the world and siphon it into the hands of corrupt individuals (who use the Ukraine for money laundering and human trafficking etc). As for the founding intention for the 'western model' (as the USA) this has never been in play. In the future, the intended foundation should be back on the table.

The music recommended to clear 'Dark Moods' and 'Dark Energies' etc is here >


At this point, everyone has lost all the property they own. It is just a question of the timing for when the 'rug is pulled from under you'. It is already done.

Despite that we still 'technically' have the properties, they are about to go, as is everything else because the next phase is a communist world with the 'social credit score' and more. 'You will own nothing and you will be happy'.

What is happening and has happened in the world is invisible to those who are locked into a way of thinking that restricts their access to information! It is the follow on to the vaxx agenda. The 'coronavirus' (which is the name for the common cold) was simply the way to get people to be vaxxed/jabbed - using the 'common cold' for people to commit 'Voluntary Euthanasia' (< new article beneath 'Take Down the CCP' music, also NEW). It was part of the contempt those doing this have for the general masses. Contempt that is perhaps deserved. War does not require firing weapons, it can be fought and won by people trusting those they should not trust, and by manipulating the economy. 5th planet further down, below '2 Planets in One'. .


..............Remain - or Become - 'Shining' and 'Beautiful' within.

Tomorrow Never Knows Good lyrics.


NEW Music includes : 'Careful with that Axe Eugene' original. Definitely recommended - very funny version. This is priceless. *Higher Self stuff is just before this.

NEW A Led Zeppelin to show the 'reverse blessing' Jimmy Page did throughout the track. He is a very sexy guitar player and great to watch, but he sold out & this shows it. . *There is a link to a doco on the Music Industry. Almost all music artists had to sign up to what those who run the music industry wanted. We are not going to trash those who did, they have to be able to work, BUT we are aware and WILL show when things like this occur. The Rolling Stones did too and you can see it in some of their earlier videos. Also we will show when there is mediocre music being represented as 'the best' for today's world when it very clearly is not as good - and we have done - go to 'Black Dog' section and hear pure junk with the example track - further down.


New :'Should the 'race of mankind' be Allowed to Continue?...............................................

Jan. 10th

The Ancient Question :

"Once Upon a Time"

Somewhere in the subconscious, there has always been a distant memory that there is a question about whether the 'race of mankind' should be allowed to continue.

The creation of mankind is covered elsewhere in this work. It is called a 'false creation'. As such, this planet exists separated and isolated from the rest to the 'True Creation' - it is its own 'Truman Show' - the Jim Carey movie where the character he plays is an unknowing participant in a 'Big Brother' style TV show where all the characters he knows in his life are actors. He is the only one who doesn't know this.

This is the story of Earth's reality and 'mankind'. Mankind is a 'negative creation' which was engineered into existence during the time the planet was 'fallen' which means fallen in the EMF - electromagnetic frequency scale - into the negative. This basically means they cannot exist in the positive and the entirity of the 'True Reality' is 'positive'. This created a very sgnificant dilemma. What to do with them?

There were questions what to do about this. A creation of 'negative beings' who can only survive in a false reality that is also negative. The 'negative' makes them the 'lower self' identity. The question was, should they be allowed to continue to exist? Of course the answer to that is no, they should be removed - and this is partly what some tried to do beginning with the Covid Agenda, with the real target to bring in the vaxx. They are a stupid, ignorant and very dangerous level of existence. They will harm others even leading to the deaths of those others, and will do so without knowing they are doing it. The one clue to why that happens is in asking, "did they act from the 'Heart' or from some logic of the mind?" Because mankind has to LEARN to find, develop, understand, and live from the HEART before it can ever move out of this 'false existence'.

But 'higher up' said they must be given a chance to 'evolve' out of being 'lower self' beings. To do that, they will have their own isolated and separated existence much like the Truman Show idea represented. From there they will live their lives, and their deaths, and they will be presented with many 'tests' along the way, to see how they respond. How that works out is monitored (or 'judged'). The intention is that this dreadful race of people called 'mankind' have to learn and evolve to live 'from the Heart' in a positive energy, in order to be as the rest of the 'True Reality' are, and IF they can do that, they will be able to go to the BEAUTY and LOVE that is the Real Reality.

People wonder how they can be monitored or how it can be that any other source would know who and what you are in the presumed privacy of your own thoughts, minds and actions.

The brains of mankind are actually connected into part of a massive computer system, two systems in fact. The brain is modelled in the same pattern as the galaxy you do see around you in the night skies - not so much the day skies. This is also why the technology for AI is possible, which is a stage of mankind's development of technology, which at the same time makes it possible to introduce the possibility of this idea.

The Voice'.


Those of us here now with this level of information are not from your world.

Such ones are from 'the future'. There is no future really. It is because this planet travels through TIME and will reach somewhere that is already there. Of course, you the reader may also be from that 'future place' too. That is still there to find out.

An interesting idea that has been put forward is that :

Mankind was Living as, and were Monkeys until something altered their Brains.

That something was suggested to be a natural food source found in the areas most associated with the beginning of 'humanity' in the area once known as Lemuria. The food source was a mushroom also called Psilocybin mushrooms. These have a particular effect on the brain and it is believed this helped develop new and more advanced neural pathways.

Most importantly, they somehow learned to TALK and this is what led them to evolve. Other sources suggest this is what was given to certain species of monkeys/apes with the explicit purpose of raising them to an acceptably intelligent worker status. Of course there are questions like did monkeys and apes eat mushrooms (apparently they did!) and why didn't other animals eating these mushrooms also develop new neural pathways?



My 'home turf' is South East Asia. I was right in the middle of a project between Australia, Singapore, Cambodia and Europe, when the Covid agenda began. So far, it has taken me on a journey from Malaysia to Doha in Qatar, to Warsaw and Krakow in Poland, on the good side of the eastern bloc countries, and then a big journey to Mexico. Before that was Bali specifically Ubud which is famous for its Monkey Sanctuary.

For around 8 years before the 'covid agenda' began, I was living in Asia. If you want to see a stunningly beautiful place then the island of BALI surely meets that description. As do some areas in northern Thailand, Lombok in Malaysia, and former French colonies Cambodia and Vietnam. I had looked at the way the 'western world' had gone, and decided I didn't like it. I wanted something more authentic, more real. I would meet others who felt this too. The word 'authentic' is how someone I met in Phnom Penh described what he had found. Authentic. Heart. Soul. More like really living. Maybe there is nothing that can describe the magic of these places, but perhaps it is like the Graham Greene novel 'The Quiet American' set in a time before the Vietnam war, or in a '50's era Cambodian Phnom Penh, which despite the excellent cafes and extravagant hotels along the Riverfront of the Mekong, still looks like and has a '50's French colonial feel to it.

When I first arrived in Ubud, Bali (where the movie 'EAT, PRAY, LOVE' was filmed - a memorable film overall with a happy message at the end. Bali has used it for its tourism!) I had a typical Balinese style house - just like in the film - and would go to the town (or village) centre, but was wondering a little bit what all the fuss about Bali was for.

Then, after settling in a day or two, on leaving my house that morning, I decided to turn the other way - and could not believe my eyes at the breathtaking beauty of what I saw in front of me. Absolutely beautiful rice fields/terraces, a winding path up the hill, and a lovely cafe for breakfast. I had been there several days before I noticed this was there, right outside my home! The village itself is full of good conscious-eating cafes and yoga or Tai Chi style exercise places, and there is a nightlife, as a lot of ex-pats have chosen to live there. Mick Jagger is just one of the celebs to own a property right there outside that village.

I was fortunate to be in Malaysia when the 'covid agenda' began and was able to live there for the first 2 years of it, while in Bali and the other countries, the governments had told all foreigners to leave.

Not part of the webpage project but having mentioned it you can, "Watch the movie" - Eat, Pray, Love.
Not a chick flick.Not a rom-com. Bit cringe worthy in places as I remember, while looking for clips that show Ubud. Many of the homes, and the places to stay, in Ubud are part of the old temple city complex which may be 1,000 years old.

'Eat,Pray,Love' - Stars Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem. A 'finding oneself' trip to Italy, India and Bali.

Trailer shows Ubud, BALI

Ubud is well known for its Monkey Temple, Monkey Forest, and the story of the 'Monkeymen'.


1 Giant Leap - My Culture

- feat. Maxi Jazz & Robbie Williams



The Creation of Mankind, Neanderthals, and Monkey Man.

Once upon a time, long ago,

around 12,800 years ago, a comet from an exploded planet hurled through this solar system. The event was described as 'worlds in collision'. It was like a game of pool (snooker) where the first shot disperses all the balls.

A massive chunk of the exploded planet's central mass, landed on another planet. It gathered the 'prana' etheric energy of that planet around it's still active inner dynamo and the planet Earth came to be.

The planet which exploded was a tecnologically advanced planet also known as ATLANTIS (not a city, and described by Greek philosopher Plato). It was in the twin star system of Sirius. The 'twin' is a symbolism that has carried over with many symbols of 'twins' - twin spires on churches and cathedrals and twin towers etc. Being technologically advanced in no way meant consciously advanced, because it wasn't.

The 'people' from that planet came to the developing planet Earth. They were and are noted today as 'reptilian'. They were like the TV series 'V'. The planet Earth grew into a beautiful planet as it carried all the starseed DNA for the lush world that was the blown up planet. Then these 'V' 'people' needed to carry out genetic engineering in order to create a body they themselves could continue in, as well as create some people to become workers for them.

In a complex story that continues in the book, the creation of the 'workers' came about by upgrading an ape, a suitable monkey. This became the race of mankind - 'man' meaning 'with a mind/brain'. The existence of this creation is the reason the 'dark ones' - and 'dark forces'- who have been running this planet for 12,000 years wanted to remove this race with the covid and vaxx programme. However, that plan also included many others who were not their created ones.

Nevertheless, the race of mankind is a 'lower self' creation from an upgraded animal and some on this planet believed they had a right to remove them from the genepool and give them all the 'death jab'. They had to act at this time because the Earth is about to change polarity and they either had to stop that happening or have other plans (which is another topic).

However, others 'Higher up' determined that now these ones had been created, it was too late to uncreate them -

they must be given the chance to evolve to a higher status which would grant them - give them - eternal life. For this reason there are others who stepped in to stop the depopulation. Not everyone has gone along with the 'death jab' and depopulation agenda.

Even so, these ones MUST make a CHOICE of their own FREEWILL, to do what is needed to get to the Path of the Eternal Streams of Everlasting Life. Currently they are creations attached to the Path of Life and Death - Good and Evil/Sin and the 'Path of the Dead'.

The 'lower self' is the animal level. Not everyone can move beyond that status. There is a very great amount in the 'lower consciousness' that is still very low level and 'animal like'.

The Higher Self is the SOUL which is the only part of your existence which can enter and remain in the Endless River and Eternal Stream of Everlasting Life.



There have been frequencies missing from this planet - known as the LOST CHORD.

Some of this music, and harmonies, access some of those missing sound frequencies.



The 'Voluntary Euthanasia Programme' - via Mind Control

The 'deep state' want people to go out and kill themselves - which they have done in the millions, but not as many as who would have done. Those who are well and truly mind controlled say things like 'I don't want to hear any more about covid' - as if it is so overwhelming they simply cannot take hearing any information on it!

Then things like 'let's party and forget everything' or tune into their cell phones and 'switch off'. This is MIND CONTROLLED thinking and very unnatural, but is how you are intended to react. The key is in the sense that it is all 'too overwhelming' for them to think about - and that becomes successful Mind Control.

They say this nonsense because they are controlled. No-one thinking normally and for themselves says stupid things like these examples. These ones have undertaken 'Voluntary Euthanasia', that is, killed themselves. It can take 3 - 5 years before they too will just drop dead.

Other successful 'Thought Control' is 'that's negative thinking, I only think happy positive thoughts' - as said by my 'friend' Joanne 4 times jabbed and ready to drop dead, although she does not believe it. What is a belief anyway but something that has no factual basis to it but is defended as if it is real? The numbers of people in the SADS category - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome will increase over time to millions. Then they will begin to notice.


The Illusion is that You have to Deny - disown - your 'True Self',

..........Be 'Hard' and 'Realistic' and other such stuff.



Seriously. Ask yourself WHY?

(What's the point?)


The 'reality consciousness' outside of the illusion, is absolutely BEAUTIFUL inside, and is LOVE.

Question - The Moody Blues


A truly Peaceful, Happy World only exists when its Citizens are Taught, Understand, and Follow the 'Rules of Civility'.

It becomes civil - ized.


This is a topic of the new book.

It is very simple, yet not implemented. Courtesy and consideration for others creates a smooth running, civilized society. In Mexico, (where we are staying but definitely not residing, and this is why it is mentioned in this section) there is no former culture that was here which taught these things, nor basic respect and humility as is the case in Buddhist and other cultures in Asia, where there are thousands of years of a respectful and well considered culture. Instead, there are some very strange and not very smart 'shoot yourself in the foot' attitudes and responses. (I do it just to test them sometimes!) There is an underlying resentment and it is not hidden.

Yet, why? Look at the vast amount of territory that the Spanish took possession of in the Americas - so much - yet they are all 'banana republics'. Whose fault is that? The British teritories were the USA and Canada (a Commonwealth country) with a small French presence, but only the model for the USA moved ahead, and we suppose Canada, like other British colonies, it prospered. Americans used to be called 'Gringos' which we understand was not a compliment!

Looking up the meaning for 'Gringos' was interesting - were the Spanish speakers really calling foreigners the Spanish word for Greeks? Using the expression "está hablando griego" (“he is speaking Greek"). Or was it that the foreign soldiers wearing green uniforms led to ''Greens go Home' - hence gringo - but why say it in English? Mostly the Mexicans resented the 'westerners' yet many now want to be exactly that. So, there are some things you need to know.

Never in a million years will someone who does not know how to behave with civility and respect for others ever be accepted or considered as 'developed'. Never!

The 'secret ingredient' that raises a person to the standards of Higher Civilization is knowing how to behave in a civil manner (civilized manner).

This is the difference which makes you accepted into the world of those who are perceived as so called 'higher' up the 'social acceptability' scale, no matter what colour your skin or even your level of education. The first key is to know how to live and relate with civility. This then makes a 'first world' society, and ultimately a 'first world country'.


Pink Floyd - What Do You Want From Me



Living In Malaysia, Poland, then Mexico in the 'Covid Era'.

The Lead in to the 'Higher Self' contact.

Updated Jan. 10th.
Doha, Qatar.

Firstly, there is the reality of the world situation being the reason some of us had to come to Mexico. None of us who did this are safe until after the closedown and RESET have completed. Being aware of what has happened in the world is important, but of course, there is not that awareness.

Although the 'Covid' fake pandemic is over, the bigger Agenda that it is part of - called the UN Agenda 21-30 - is not yet over. When it began, it took most of us by surprise. I certainly had not been following the news and was absorbed in travel arrangements. My home was in SE Asia but I was travelling at the time between Europe and Australia and when everything shutdown I was in Malaysia. This was lucky because all ex-pats living in other countries in SE Asia were told to leave the country and return to their country of citizenship. Some did leave but came to Malaysia instead.

These countries are very welcoming to their tourists and investors, but this can change in an instant and become hostile and dangerous - as it did. Many of the countries in SE Asia were very close to the CCP - Chinese Communist Party - and these countries answer to Beijing. As the situation is now, some of these countries you can technically return to, yet they still have 'agenda' requirements, so those who are against that agenda still cannot return. Also some of these countries are not open for a return yet. There is a 'bigger picture' still in play. Nothing is safe to do yet until after the rest of this has completed.

For those who were vaxxed it is too late, but it seems as if everything is 'normal'. The only positive for these ones is that some doctors, who knew what was in the jab, refused to give it but pretended they did by giving either a saline solution or the normal 'flu shot. If the reality of what happened is not understood, then the seriousness and difficulty of the situation those who 'escaped the jab' are in, is not realised - and that also presents a problem. But we are in a difficult situation.

There were limited countries anyone could be in, after the 'covid agenda' began. Those who were ex-pats living in countries in South East Asia were told to return to their own country, except for those in Malaysia who were able to stay there but supposed to leave in April 2021. I did not leave because the situation with the jabs was too dangerous to go anywhere. Airlines mostly enforced the vaxx stuff at that time, and there were issues of where a flight might stop on a journey which also enforced these issues.

By August that had changed, but in April when foreigners were supposed to leave, that was the situation. This is where 'trust' came in because I had no answers until July when I fortunately made a good contact in government, concerned with Immigration. Malaysia had actually stopped the flights to Australia anyway, so I was able to report this and guess what? I think this was a miracle but when I next heard we had all been given extended time to remain in Malaysia until the end of December 2021. They had checked and realised they had stopped the flights to get out. This was a good contact I had. I never had any intention of flying to Australia of course. All issues to do with greatly inflated 'overstay fines' that were being imposed on people trying to leave Malaysia were also settled. I learned that the department was under investigation about this.

Australians in Australia found they were more of less imprisoned there for around 2 years, forbidden to travel overseas. Then the moment they could get out they did so, and went to Mexico. Even in 2023 Australia and other countries are not safe to go to. All of us in this strange position, have to survive until after the RESET and that is not necessarily easy. Some of us also have to be able to get back to our own countries and that is not possible until after the RESET. Some who were living in Bali, Indonesia, came to Mexico early on, and have now set up an interesting property development on the Caribbean side of Mexico which I plan to check out once I know what is happening with the 'RESET'.

My research in August 2021 showed that Poland was safe to go to but I had to get through the issue of my overstay in Malaysia which delayed the move to Poland until the end of December. I had been concerned that there would be issues in getting through Immigration so I chose to fly upscale and had 'First Class' plastered all over my luggage by the airline. With Qatar Airways the Business Class is actually First Class. I don't know if that choice made any difference for leaving Malaysia, but it was a comfortable trip! It turned out that when I passed through the airport in Kuala Lumpur, I sailed through without problems and with very helpdul staff. They had all been told that Malaysia had stopped the flights to Australia and that is why we Australians were stuck there.

I left there for Doha in Qatar in the Persian Gulf. The modern opulence of Doha and Qatar itself, shown in the picture above, are very similar to the Arabian country of my relatives.

Krakow Old Town Square, Poland.

Then I was on my way to Poland. The 'First Class' on my luggage did make a difference with the situation in Poland. I have to say that Poland in winter was bloody cold! There was snow and twice I slipped over, once nearly under a tram. It influenced my decision to leave. Although Poland was safe to go to (no vaxx requirements) there was difficulty staying at any western hotel ie Hilton or some such place because they were enforcing vaxx certificates. So we could get into the country but had difficulty staying anywhere. I actually found a nice little studio apartment with good heating and really lovely people managing the building. They did not speak a word of English, and I certainly don't speak Polish, but they were very, very nice and helpful.

Living in Krakow was good, and I spent a lot of time near the quaint Town Square which is an old city from hundreds of years ago, together with its own castle. It is also near where my niece's Music School is located and we used to meet up. Poland has some of the finest music schools in the world. Being there for time with my niece, who studies the violin, was part of the decision to go to Poland. She was just graduating from school at that time.

The next hurdle was finding a way to get out of Poland. When the war broke out in the country next door, the Ukraine, I ended up with the decision to go to Mexico.

I had checked before I went to Poland, the possibilities available for how to get out, and saw that Qatar Airways had flights to Mexico City. What I had not noticed was that they stopped in the USA which was enforcing everything to do with the 'death jabs', and that meant I could not do this trip. Finding an airline I could use to fly to Mexico was a problem and I thought I would not be able to leave - in which case I would continue with getting my Resident Permit, but it looked safer to leave. Eventually I found Turkish Airlines were safe to use and booked the flight. After more research on Mexico I decided Puerto Vallarta was about the best place for me to go to, to wait out the next phase of the RESET Agenda, which followed the 'Covid Agenda'. I had zero interest in Mexico, and in fact I never wanted to ever return to the American continent but now it turned out, that is where I was going. \

I have spent the last years living in either Islamic countries or cold countries, so my 'fashion wardrobe' for Mexico was a combination or Islamic fashion and boots. In PV Mexico the streets are cobblestone and it is silly to wear normal fashion shoes, and boots are not the thing for the climate. Therefore, being realistic dictates that some kind of flat sandal is the thing, or you end up with a twisted ankle.

So I arrived in Puerto Vallarta, and then, unexpectedly, there has been something I would never have considered. 'Dark Forces' a bunch of people who were totally incompatible and frighteningly 'asleep' (unaware) a very strange contact with someone's Higher Self and the presence of a 'dark force'. Certainly this may seem like an unusual thing. An aspect of it is being woven into a storyline, or may just remain as in the article on the previous page. There is nowhere for this story to go unless or until the person actually Wakes Up and the 'dark force' goes. That is the story. There is nothing more, beyond what is already here, that is going to be written here.

What a freaky and strange situation my experience in Puerto Vallarta has been! Australia is very expensive to live and of course I always had a job which paid well, but I had used this to set myself up to live permanently in South East Asia where the costs of living are low (other countries are unnecessarily pricey) and there is a lot you get in return. In Mexico, and Puerto Vallarta, it is more expensive and there is not a lot of choice for anything, that is worth the price anyway. Where I chose to stay was more in line with what this city is worth - because it is a tourism fake place and not worth spending money on or in. Where I stayed is a nice place. This is where the 'Higher Self' contact began, and also where the 'Dark Force' absolutely showed itself.

The 'darkness' can be a mood, a cynicism, can be anything of that kind. Sometimes good and sometimes 'bad energies' happened even when I was not staying at the place. I was not there from late August to late Sept.. Also not there in May or June or most of July, except towards the end, and most of this was really good energy from this LOVELY Higher Self - but this is not much of the case when I am there! All the moves to other places were forced because of 'bad energy' which was not something ever expected. Making this 'contact' known is also about the difficulties it has caused. Because that is a true yet weird reality. I mean who would ever expect anything like that! Being in Mexico was taking a chance, with about enough able to be accessed to get through the 'closedown', it also includes considering being able to get out of this country once it is safe to do so, but even this is difficult now, until after what is happening in the world completes.

In early August the Higher Self "asked" me not to leave - there isn't another way to put that. It is about holding energies.. I have not specifically done anything for that, but it is not possible to leave.The 'Higher Self' connection is for important reasons. particularly as the 'lower self' spun out shortly after this and the 'Dark Force' was really beginning to run the show. 'Dark Force' always means 'bad energies' so I did want to leave because of that, and I did, but I continued to keep that place too so that I had not really left.

There is a very curious reality taking place, where large numbers of the world population are not seeing what has happened. It is a sort of hypnosis, but also a way of thinking that automatically shuts down being able to accept a 'bigger picture'. That is very limiting and of course, creates a limited conscious reality. Much of my close family have died in recent times, and the relatives I have mentioned, have completely cut me off because I warned them about the vaxx. I have not even received a Christmas message in 3 years..Like others who are asleep, there is some kind of convoluted thinking that is attributed to anyone who warns about the vaxx!

Those people who escaped having to be jabbed are not safe yet. Not everyone had to be in the position of being forced into it, but some situations did place someone in that kind of situation. For example, on arrival back in Australia you either paid a huge fee for a government flea pit for 'quarantine' or you were taken to a camp. I might be able to get into Australia now but they are still enforcing and introducing bad things. Australia is one of the agenda's target countries. You are just not aware of how much of a chance this has been for everyone who had to do this. We have had to leave our homes and lives because of all this. As mentioned, I had set up my life and future in South East Asia. No way to get back to there at this time.

As for the presence of the energy of 'going against the Higher Self', it has been able to be reported here on 2 occasions so what that was and the reasons for it could be considered. Humans are actually Soul level beings, not the physical self. The body dies. The Soul does not die. It is a different existence.

There is nothing unusual that we actually have an existence on the Soul level, except to someone on the 'lower self' level. Humans have a 'True Self' level which is the Soul. If they knew that, they would give everything for the chance to reconnect - if they knew what it was and what it meant. If there is anything else to add in future, I'll use a different colour.

(Global Reset short segment after 'Incoming Energy Update' on previous page.)

Morphing Thru Time

"This album influenced me heavily as a child. The subtle references to space faring and the ethereal overall sound instills wonder and inquisition into a developing mind. Born the fascination in me to question everything."


There was contact from a person's Higher Self with an enormous amount of resistance on the human self level. Also shown was a 'Dark Force'.

It looks like the Higher Self was able to communicate until the DARK FORCE came in on September 26th and took over.

At that time the Higher Self does seem to have been cut off by the DARK FORCE yet it is also believed the Higher Self is in a process of removing that force, and that is a process that has to play out. This person has done everything beyond anything that can be considered normal to stop the contact with the Higher Self.

A very determined, cynical being, who wants to remain cynical. Sorry, that is NOT the True Reality - but it is here in the sicko world and caused by the very foolish behaviour. The 'reality consciousness' outside of this illusion, is absolutely BEAUTIFUL inside, and is LOVE.

This work does not know what the person's Higher Self is doing. It did communicate and we have mentioned it. This story will only be followed if the person clears the 'Dark Force'. Whatever is happening has to play out (but the 'Higher Self' contact is real.)


Earth has been 'switched OFF' but is about to change and 'switch ON'.

The effects may or may not be immediate but at some point - quite possibly soon - you have to decide if you are going to identify with your lower self or your REAL self which is the Higher Self...


The 'Higher Self' - 'Dark Force' story - if there is anything it will be added here. .


'Spiritual Activists', but also Political Activists.

Rebellions are now happening in China to remove the CCP - the Chinese Communist Party.

In fact in 2020 all the top CCP party members were being removed by Xi. Now it is playing out in current time. The following is one of the songs for that movement which was very much also about Hong Kong (where my English nephew was living, and also my Anglo-Chinese nephew Ethan.) Love Hong Kong! and I do live is Asia. This is Chinese of course. *The CCP - Chinese Communist Party - came in and took control of Hong Kong in 2020. People who wished to remain free had to leave. These are real people affected by this.

- Take Down the CCP MUSIC The overhead night shots of a city is Hong Kong.




The Way You Dream


Be careful what you catch in your 'Dream Catcher'! The Dream is the Illusion.




Although before the movie 'Eat, Pray, Love' mentioned in the 'Bali' section, I vowed I would do pretty much the same as what the lead character did, and find something better. There was definitely something very wrong with the thinking of people. Some of the programming has really messed them up. Something they think is 'normal' but it is not only abnormal it is the satanic-Luciferian view of what relationships are. It is completely destructive and intended to create broken relationships, and broken families - and we have covered how those behind this, need those broken kids for their sex trafficking, and their satanic sacrifices - all extremely real. The house shown on the set of Ellen (who replaced Oprah) is from Epstein Island and is where they sacrificed children and babies for their crazy rituals - 'death begets life' type of thing. These topics were covered on the previous page. They also need fetuses and established family planning clinics and more to encourage abortions so they can then sell the fetuses, because some of these who follow that religion - because it is a religion - eat one fetus on a daily basis if they can. Then there is the topic of Adrenochrome - the fear laced blood (adrenalized) taken from children which is the strongest drug on the planet. You do not know it yet, but you and everyone have been prepped for the satanic world view.

I did not follow what the character in 'Eat, Pray Love' did, but I did end up with Bali as my second home idea for living in Asia, and before that I did spend time in India, in the Punjab at a Holy Place. In the distance I could see the Himalayas - somewhat prettier than the hills of Puerto Vallarta! The Punjab is divided into being in India, and the Punjab in Pakistan. Life at that 'holy place' was very much like in that film. We had marvellous food, and really nice en suite accommodation. Every day followed the normal practices of living in such a place - and it was very nice, a very rewarding way to live. I lived at the 'holy place' (they do not call it an ashram) for about 2 months.

After that, I took the train back to Delhi and hired a driver to take me to the Taj Mahal at Agra. I had thought about India as a country to move to, but decided against that.

From India, I decided that the place I should move to, to live would be Vietnam.

Vietnam is beautiful but it actually worked out that I moved to another country nearby instead.


Those who cannot move on into 'the future' world include the ones who are still asleep now and simply do not 'wake up'. The planet is about to 'switch ON'. The real self is not a DNA reproducing robot. It is probably the hardest for this level of 'lower self' to understand. For some reason some of what was written here has been lost. It was about how realization on this suddenly hits you.

Just because the world has always been a certain way, does not mean it continues in the same way. The planet is split between a positive and negative cycle, and is about to move out of the 'negative' it has been in for 12,000 years. This is why new systems for world had to be introduced for when the planet's electronics change, and that has been the reason for the events since 2020.

The covid lockdowns enabled the new systems to be installed, so when an area was to be changed, that is when they had lockdowns. There were also other things happening during those times to do with 'Child Trafficking' and thousands and thousands of children were rescued. As they had been kept underground, they were removed at night and taken away in the convoys of dark windowed buses that were filmed. It happened in every country of the world. This was watched from my own apartment window in Kuala Lumpur, as a large convoy of these dark window buses passed, back in April 2020. This is part of the information that is to be made known publically after the changes come in.

Losing My Religion (Same person Michael Stipe singing 'The Way You Dream'.)


There has been an MK Ultra and related operation gradually and progressively over the last 20/30/40 years to dumb down people.

Pop music has been about entraining brainwave frequencies into a particular beat and pattern that makes the brain receptive to behavioural conditioning. Slowed down in thinking and responses. Lower moral standards. This contributes to why the world actually was more creative before generations became 'brain conditioned' - ready for the final plan that began in 2020. Probably I most know the music or was paying attention to music in the 2000's.



"I was childish and unfair To you, my only friend I regret, but now it's too late . I can't show you any more The things I've learned from you

Cause life just took you away . I'm asking why I'm asking why Nobody gives an answer I'm just asking why .

But someday we'll meet again And I'll ask you . I'll ask you why Why it has to be like this I'm asking you why Please give me an answer .

Many years and stupid fights Till we accept to see How it was and it'll always be . Why it has to be like this

Why we don't realize Why we're too blind to see the one Who's always on our side.

I'm asking why I'm asking why Nobody gives an answer I'm just asking why . Just tell me why Why it has to be like this That the good ones disappear I'm asking you why . I'm asking why I'm asking why Nobody gives an answer I'm just asking why . I'm asking why."



'Dividing of the Ways' topic in the article on the previous page.


The 'Dark Force' is real. It exists. The webpage covers topics of a BOOK.

Those who cannot move onwards into the 'future' and will go into the 'Matrix'.

The timeline for this is not known, it depends when the planet switches to the 'positive' polarity. This world is 'negative'. There has to be somewhere for these ones to go. Negative cannot survive in a positive charged world and that is what happens with the electronics of this planet. The movie 'The Matrix' provides an interesting consideration probably based on fact. *See next segment 'The Ancient Question'.

Those who cannot move on include the ones who are still asleep now and simply do not 'wake up'. That does also mean those who have been brought up with and accepted the programming of the last decades which has been preparing for the satanic consciousness.

Others who cannot go on are those who have kept their soul on the 'lesser level' and not established, or already had, their soul existence in the 'future' and the '5th plane'. Those who are gravitating to the 'space brothers' and other 'advanced' races in the galaxy and astral contact etc - that is another programme in the story. Those who continued with the spiritual practices of the Path of Duality - the Light and Dark suns, or 'Good and Evil', 'Life and Death' etc. These 'realities' exist in the Matrix to keep people occupied until they can be born into a physical body again, and try again to leave the 'World of Illusion'.More on this is covered in this work.

Those of us here now with this level of information are not from your world.

Such ones are from 'the future'. There is no future really. It is because this planet travels through TIME and will reach somewhere that is already there. Of course, you the reader may also be from that 'future place' too. That is still there to find out. But it can be said with absolute confidence that a very large number here now, are not going into the 'future'.That is because 'your world' is the lower world and a sewer. All consciousness is in reverse. Just crazy.

There have to be people here who are aware of the process that is happening with this planet, and they have to be born here at the times that work for the part they play in this.


The 5th planet.

On the Sound page.

"Way out beyond Mars, but before you get to Jupiter, is a planet. You read that right. There’s a planet between Mars and Jupiter." It is in the vicinity of the "Asteroid Belt' where the travelling debris of an exploded planet came to rest. It was once considered the 'wife' of Jupiter and was known as Hera or Thera. It has an ethereal non physical status hence the name Thera for ethera-ic. It isn't Ceres or a dwarf/dead planet. There are a number of planetoids and asteroids in the Asteroid belt but they are not the 5th planet. But both Mars and Earth became worlds within that greater, ethereal planet which provided the prana aka life force for life to flourish. Mars karked it (keeled over and died). The 5th planet could be described as a kind of realm but it is a real planet attached to a Living System, not a vague 'realm'. What is a 'realm' anyway? Does it have borders?


This page is also looking at 'energy hits' to the planet, which are part of a galactic system that works like neurotransmitters in the brain. The brain itself communicates with the body, like with the nervous system, and passes on 'information' .by the same kind of system.

On March 30th 2022 the day before the Higher Self contact there was an X-class energy hit which means the 'contact' was part of that incoming information and it came from 'higher up'. This means it was significant and there is a possibility the person was triggered to 'wake up'. There is nothing unusual in this and clearly there is a Higher Self here that is very aware (as it would be). Obviously there is the 'Dark Force' in the way. I personally definitely found this a significant contact, as was the content of the 'information', and the nature of it repeated on the Sunday.

This entire experience began because of the place I went to stay when I arrived in Mexico and the presence of a 'Dark Force' was noted. The place has an odd mix of people staying sometimes a good mix, sometimes not. The darkness can be so bad at times. Other times, not at all. It is believed that energy hits will increase and the story will just have to play out.

The record of the section called the 'Agreement' is on another page (linked soon.)

Careful With That Axe Eugene  Definitely!

Original, correct version. 8 mins. A lot more 'out of it' than the recent version.

Surely better to get really 'out of it' than Justin Beiber or Coldplay!

This is the funniest version.

Epic scream and Roger Waters is hysterical, but not enough shown of the beautiful David Gilmour (lead guitar, dark blue top).. This is very funny to watch. worth it. + audience reactions.

"Great upload....obviously Syd wasn't the only one tripping!"

Seems that David and Roger had both recently been for haircuts at Vidal Sassoon in London. Or Michaeljohn.


When Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge decided to destroy the ancient kingdom of Cambodia, these crazies ordered most of the population to be slaughtered. They did this with the Cambodian Royal Ballet, murdered off most of the beautiful dancers, and in doing so destroyed the history of the dance - the dances tell stories of the past glories of the Khmer Empire. After the Khmer Rouge were overridden - by the way they came to power because of the Americans and the war in Vietnam - afterwards, one of the Cambodian princesses rescued and rebuilt the ballet. This princess owned a lovely property along the Siem Reap river with a theatre to present the restored ballet. This was almost opposite where I used to live (for years - nice modern apartment with 2 en suites) which was actually within the grounds of Angkor Wat the ancient temple city. This was not far from the Raffles Hotel and the Royal Palace and the most beautiful town that was part of former French Indo-China. This destruction is the same as the idea behind what the world's brainwashing for the last decades has been about, and what was about to fully come into play with 'covid'.


There have been frequencies missing from this planet - known as the LOST CHORD.

Some of this music, and harmonies, access some of those missing sound frequencies.



Or, SOUND You Watch.

Riverdance - Ireland.

Irish dance is a very unusual form of dance using only the legs, and the body is kept straight. There are very strong similarities to Spanish Flamenco for the male dancers.


Enigma Full album. Le Roi est Mort. Vive Le Roi.

Continues to next youtube.

"I've listened to Cretu's music since around 2000. How do you summarize a mixture of sounds like this? Ethereal, progressive, spooky? Who cares? It's good music."

"Enigma compose the most breathtaking sexiest music. Never yet found a track I dislike after all these years".


Led Zeppelin -

We think these are fun and good to get energy moving. But below we show the not so good side.


Immigrant Song . Led Zeppelin.

Black Dog


(Remaster) For "Travellers of Both Time and Space." Have not found a live version to use yet. I became a fan of Led Zeppelin in Dec. 2022. This was my favourite Led Zeppelin until I saw the NYC Live Show and 'Whole Lotta Love'. I have never watched them before Dec.2022.

Have not seen any others who are 'sexy guitarists' like Jimmy Page! Have looked at a lot of the bands of decades past like Kiss and perhaps all the others but Jimmy definitely wins. Both of them up front of Led Zeppelin - unbeatable!

*Almost no music artist could create a career without signing on to what those who run the 'music industry' required. This work is not going to trash or ignore excellent artists, and they do have to do what is necessay to make a career, but this work does remain aware of 'negative' influences. They are great to watch, and excellent musicians.

I am currently a big fan of Led Zeppelin since Dec. 2022. These two out front, Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy are both very sexy and uber cool. Huge fan of Jimmy's moves! The 'top' names are 'top' because they are exceptional in their styles of music, because they are good, and they are the best. The style you personally prefer, is subjective. Appreciation of art is not decided by a democratic process. Led Zeppelin are great for Hard Rock, they come up with some great riffs and are great showmen. Generally they do an improvisation plus the showman performance - which is great. But, there isn't much of a musical composition involved, just some key parts and some jamming. It is wrong to say this is the 'best' of everything else and all the work other artists did! The lyrics are not good, you cannot compare it with a melody or something like 'The Long and Winding Road', or 'Nights in White Satin', even Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect', and so on. We never put 'comparisons' between real artists involved in different genres of rock etc - that is an unfair thing to do, ranking people who are excellent at what they do, is an insult. What qualifications does anyone who is doing this 'ranking' have anyway? However, we will show you mediocre acts and you can see the difference.

Next we will show you a band that is not up ro much yet still proclaim themselves to be the greatest band ever.

This work did a feature on Sound in 2019

and in checking back, we can see that we did feature a lot of what we are using now!

We also gave the following example of bad to mediocre musicianship - which we know is considered utterly fantastic by those stuck with today's lower standard music industry - which is a deliberate thing, the pop industry is used for brain entrainment and behavioural programming.

This is a popular band of today, whose work was considered not good enough when it was taken to David Bowie. They then went and made 'deals' with the ones who could make them famous. Some of these deals for fame and fortune involve being part of the 'human trafficking' etc and acceptance of witchcraft. They have done some terrible things and since 2020 action has been taken on these crimes. So, many of those who did this are now mysteriously coming down with 'illnesses' - Chris Martin now has a 'serious lung health problem', others have 'heart issues', Justin Beiber has some kind of facial paralysis so cancelled tours, Shawn Mendez wants to take a break and so on. This is what has been happening. In 2019, this next link is something we included, and also one other video from this band where the lead guitarist was only strumming one note yet it was highlighted as some kind of great guitar work. Some have talent, some not as much as is made out to be. There have already been comments on the not as talented as made out to be Beyonce, who was very heavily involved in Human Trafficking.

First try Black Dog or this 'Rock 'n Roll' - The Foo Fighters.

"Apologies for this example. This is the band which Bowie said was not good enough. Tragically, they can put stuff like this up on the internet and within a short time will be on their way to a billion hits. Here is the 'greatest band in the world' - Coldplay's recent "musicianship" and composition.  released 5 hours ago at the time of adding this.  This band with this track is now at nearly 51 million hits - making the music today, and those who listen to it, a laughing stock, a joke and an embarrassment.  We are definitely not recommending this." Listen to it and be honest about it!

Although this is the standard of the music industry today, and since the '90's when this band took off, and people get to have favourites of the music that is presented to them, none of this band's work is much above average. Most describe them and particularly the lead singer as 'smug'.


Led Zeppelin made a 'deal with the devil' like others in the music industry.

In this video you can see Jimmy Page doing a 'satanic reverse of blessing' with the hand symbol over the audience at 1.04 and 2.14 and 3.17 and 8.23 Song is also about death and dying - which the cult loves.

Jimmy Page is a very sexy guitar player and good to watch, but this is still satanic symbols being used. Of interest the words 'shook me all night long' are in this song which later was the title of an AC/DC track 5 years later, who obviously modelled themselves a lot on Led Zeppelin.


It is supposed to be difficult to get any film of The Beatles 'Revolution' live, but this copy exists.

This is with 'Paul McCartney' who is left handed playing his guitar with the right hand - as the person who replaced Paul McCartney is right handed. The 'music industry satanic cult' always have film and photos of the real story. Heaps of photos of current pop stars with full on satanic symbolism because that is the deal they all had to make to become famous. 

This is The Beatles playing live at the Savoy Theatre. There are no live performances listed for 1968 when Revolver was released, or for 1967. They were a studio band from around late 1966. This performance is believed to be one the 'cult' required because things like 'Paul' beingright handed are used to ensure these bands do what they are told to do. So, what is the story here? The real, original Paul McCartney did die in a car accident in late 1966. The band continued with a replacement who was also a musician and looked very similar. This is something said to have also been discovered by 'Paul's' wife Heather who said she discovered that she was not married to the man she thought she had married. Also this 'Paul's' DNA did not match the DNA on record in a country they toured and he spent some time under arrest.

REM 'Losing My Religion' the wings in the video are 'Lucifer'.

Allan Parsons Project did a track called 'Lucifer'.



The 5th planet.

On the Previous page. 'Sound'.


The Situation with the Jab.


18 seconds. Some of the deaths happen as in this video where the person turns in circles. It looks as if they are hearing a voice in their heads first and looking to see where it is coming from.


30 seconds


Your elected leaders would never lie to you would they? 2 mins.


PEDOGATE 2020 PT.3 - Symbolism & Pizzagate 2.0

42 mins.



9 mins.




Today's Music Industry and what it is run by - for link to video.

Here is Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin giving a satanic blessing/curse over the audience at 1.04. Again at 2.14, 3.17 and 8.23. He is using the plectrum, but it is still a very clear and specific action taking place here.


Those of us here now with this level of information are not from your world!

In the Beginning.'It riles them that you perceive the web they weave. Keep on thinking free......'

(First track to about 2.09) .....

"Way out beyond Mars, but before you get to Jupiter, is a planet. You read that right. There’s a planet between Mars and Jupiter." (News item from NASA.)

This 'hidden' planet was included and named in ancient writings, considered to be very large and those ancient texts say its location is between Mars and Jupiter, NASA has sent probes into the Asteroid Belt (which is between Mars and Jupiter). It is full of space debris as well as asteroids and planetoids like Ceres with a diameter of 590 miles - making it very small indeed to be considered a planet! These probes began because NASA was looking for an exploded planet thought to be the origin of the 'starseed' which brought life to Earth, but the debris there did not support that as the location. More on this 'missing' 5th planet further down.


'Gypsy' - Moody Blues Watch the video! Alternate version of this song.

What Is 'this Reality'?

This planet, because of its unique damage, accesses two very different energy realms or universes.

A higher universe and a lower universe.

The planet cycles downwards and is negative, then switches upwards and into positive. The electronics of the planet change to positive and is what we are currently waiting on.*We do not think that means entering the Upper Universe though or there would be a lot of instant 'crispy critters'.

People from the Upper Universe can exist in the lower level, but people from the lower level cannot exist or even enter the Upper Universe. This planet has both types of people. These two separate universes magnetically repel each other. There is a kind of 'magnetic repulsion zone' between the two levels which is part of the Void.

The books on 'creation' for this level say this world came into existence from the Void.

Well, this planet did kind of appear here from nowhere, as it did fall through that Void and into a different energy universe. For some people here, this universe is not their home universe. The knowledge of the 'creation' from the Upper Universe perspective is very different. That Void is a 'Wilderness' where this planet was 'located' or positioned while it split away and gradually fell downwards - into the lower realms where a lot of people from that lower realm began to exist here. Guess that would be your 'Genesis'.


March 6th

The initial years of this work explained the damage done to the axis and central rod of this planet which made it tilt over

'to the left' and forced it to enter a Lower Universe. This is where it accessed the energy stream of the other exit point from this planet, which allowed the 'dark forces' to enter. The job of the 'dark forces' is to take this planet into a 'black hole' and end its existence. That just is what it is.

But the energy is a duality, so it also has a good side that is 'light' yet it is still the same lower universe. This cycle of energy and this planet, which falls downwards then cycles upwards again, is called the 'Wheel of Rebirth' - it is simply the cycle of this planet. The spiritual goal however, is to get off this planet and its damaged cycle. The existence of this cycle is not good.

The mistake that people meant to go to the Higher Universe make, is identifying the good, upward cycle of this planet - which is the 'Wheel of Rebirth' (or Wheel of Shiva) that everyone here is trapped on - as being the Way to the True Reality. It isn't because it never makes that final connection that would take it there. It returns to the cycle. That is why it is called the 'Wheel of Rebirth'. So you still have to look for something else to get you Home Free.

So having very briefly mentioned that, it is noted that 12,500 years ago

(although time can vary) but basically 12,500 years ago, the major act of those who belong to the 'dark forces' was to force this planet to fall right into the Lower Universe where it would be a 'sitting duck' for the 'forces of darkness' to then begin the 'extinction agenda'. They succeeded in doing that. The planet does tilt because of its broken axis which makes it dip downwards, as it cycles through a 25,000 year rotation. The cycle, and therefore TIME, exist because of that tilt. Without that, this world would be TIMELESS, as it is in all the Upper Universe.

If you doubt that 'people of darkness' exist, first you don't yet know how strong the religion of Luciferianism has been on this planet. Secondly, they are written about in the 'Dead Sea Scrolls' which were found hidden in caves in the Middle East and date back thousands of years. They are called the 'Children of Darkness', There are also 'Children of Light'. So there you go.


March 6th

The 5th Planet

It has been covered elsewhere in the 'Sound Section' that this planet Earth is really a chunk of another planet that was blown up, or exploded, long ago in the Lower Realm. The Lower Realm is the Astral Realm of stars you see in the night sky.

That ancient planet was called Maldek, and was in the twin star system of Sirius. A a huge chunk of this planet, probably from the centre, hurled through space and managed to cross into the Upper Universe where it landed on a very large 'ethereal body' existing there known as the '5th planet'. Its name was also Thera, proounced Taira, and also known as Hera.

That chunk of planet remnant, then existed within the body of a larger planet. The much larger planet being ethereal, or much finer, faster, less dense energy - or 'spiritus', and called the 5th realm. It certainly can overlap into the lower realm too.

As the 'rock' 'belonged' to the force which destroyed the original planet, that force came after it, wishing to claim it back. It is, and was then, still physica density, and by bending the axis, that planet remnant fell into the Lower Realm, yet now it had connections to the '5th planet'. The chunk of rock carried the DNA seeding which came to life again. The 'starseed'. The souls who were then later born on the planet in 'Genesis' were the souls from the original planet.

Earth then was the 'home' of people from the other planet, some from the side of light, and some from the side of dark, and also now, with some of the Higher Souls from the 'ethereal planet' which exists in the Higher Universe.

The chunk of rock from the exploded planet, now known as this planet, was in fact the original planet except now much smaller.

It also carried with it, its magnetic field and it is believed this is where the reality of this world is projected from. It is still playing out the story of the original planet. When the energies move out of the darkness, it is the same technology that is being brought back. The technology from that exploded planet. The technology includes the 'Medbeds' and cars that take off vertically as was in that ancient, futuristic world.

And also the reason you need to get off this planet.

Sound Project - Malaysia : I Can't Get There From Here : Linkin Park
'Sound' and intro to Mexico & 'Dark Forces' :
Sound 2, '5th Planet' & High Frequency : 'Sound'.
Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' :
Alan Parsons Project :
Various Artists


Music-sound to remove 'dark forces'.

The recommended music to clear 'darkness' is here. Pink Floyd.


Sound to Clear 'Darkness' Part 1 : The Situation with the Jab. : Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness'


The original list of SOUND

(without the written article) plus the additional artists featured

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