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Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord.


Long ago, perhaps at the end of the last 25,000 year cycle - being that amount of time away from this current ending - there was a massive war on this planet using high tech weapons and equipment.

At that time, cities existed on this planet under the 'reptilian' control and these were destroyed by the 'Forces' which belonged to the Light. One such city was in the Indus Valley of what is now India, where archeologists dug down to a level many, many thousands of years in the past, which showed a city and radiation consistent with having been destroyed by a nuclear bomb.

Two other 'reptilian'; cities were Sodom and Gomorrah which were detroyed by a weapon that dropped 'fire' from Brimstone the ancient word for sulpher. If this was the case, this weaponry was only used in these two places because the experts reveal that the white sulpher balls that can still be found there, only exist in this form in this place on the entire planet.

There is an interesting and very valid video covering some of the ancient information recorded in the Bible, but it is, in our opinion, undermined, not because it is produced by 'Christians' but because these ones always want to prove two things 1. The Bible is 'true'. But why wouldn't it be? It is a record of events from an ancient time, and that should be its validity? Finding Noah's Ark shows that a massive ancient ship existed exactly as described in the Bible record, not that 'God' brought justice to a 'sinful' world. What that really was, is that a 'good side' DID bring justice in a way that removed the exact same kind of satanic evil we have on this planet now, but in the time when these nutjobs were in control before. However, many of the events covered in this video are 'recent' and it is definitely considered that the exodus from Egypt referred to the exodus of Pharaoh Akhenaten and his people which is 'recent' history around 1334 BC

In today's world, we already know that the satanists - Children of the Dark Star and Canis (Cain) - have done their stuff here before, and they were removed. There is some kind of record that part of what was destroyed in that ancient time was New York City. However, that could have been possibly lost not because of an earlier war, but because of a world flood. Plato dates that to around 12,000 years ago as does water markings on the Sphinx, from a time when the Pyramids of Giza were set in a beautiful lush Edenenic landscape. There has to be a huge difference in time between the Books of Genesis and then Exodus.

To give a sense of time, Genesis is far further back than what was happening in Akhenaten's time only around 3,500 years ago. The story of Noah's Ark, in Genesis, should refer to the anti-diluvian world or pre flood world which would line up with a world flood 12,000 years ago which is when this planet's inner axis and outer axis mismatched and caused a sudden jolt to the planet - consistent with an instant ice age in some areas and also flooding. The video below certainly appears to show that Noah's Ark was discovered and was a massive ship which looked not unlike today's cruise liners. It would be interesting to know what the carbon dating was for the wood used was. We assume it was the Great Flood.

However, an Earth upheaval such as that was, is expected again in around 12,000 years time. That date was a world that was known for its 'metal workers'. As metal workers still existed and created 'manmade metals' such as the aluminium metal which does not occur in nature, would indicate a world that still continued with technology after the satanists with their 'black poison' fueled technology were removed last time round. An advanced culture which included metal factories in the Middle East area still existed 12,000 years ago. Just as it is now, with the cabal removed, but a high technology will continue.

The actual battle with the 'dark ones' has to be at the same part of the planet's circular journey as exists now.

As said, it also appears that the planet is going to continue with technologies including those which have been deliberately hidden from us. This is the way it will be until the next axis mismatch 12,000 years away, when it will all be lost again. After that the 'Children of Darkness' can get onto the planet yet again.

The war though was 25,000 years ago. This included what appears to be the use of nuclear devices and military equipment very similar to today's tanks, helicopters and flying craft - as found shown in ancient wall carvings in Egypt etc. This time round, there is not going to be a high tech nuclear war because the good side was prepared and handled it a different way. However, since both sides have reversed engineered flying craft, those could have been used and described as 'alien/et invasion'.

There are two important markers on this planet's cycle, now, and 12,000 years in the future, then again some 12,000 more years in the future at the same point as the planet is now. The planet's 25,000+ year Great Cycle is also the Zodiac Cycle and a False Cycle. However, there may well be some time aberrations that also come into the picture but that does give an idea of Timelines. The technology will continue and be better than now, for another 12,000 years.

So was the ancient Pyramid System up and running at least 25,000 years ago and was reptilian?

The answer to that would undoubtedly be yes, and long before that time too. In fact ancient Freemason Records go back to times hundreds of thousands of years earlier, when these people came here, colonized here and were responsible for genetic engineering with the monkey colonies of Lemur monkeys in the land known as Lemuria.

However, the form of the 'reptilians' had become an ancient form of Lemur type monkey, and Freemason Records do describe the world they created here about 200,000 years ago - Lemuria. A world with today's architecture and a civilization of educated lemur monkeys!

These people are of course, understood to be the ones who came from the blown up planet Maldek also known as Tiamet. A chunk of their blown up planet landed on a more ethereal 'upper world' planet' but that rock was physical density and they came here as physical beings. Some rock also landed on or formed Mars which did still have an atmosphere up until a point in time which may be 1 million years ago. It certainly was colonized by those from the blown up planet and it may have been a more complete chunk of the blown up planet than Earth was, because these beings waited to come to Earth. But when they did relocate here, their relocation included Cairo and the Giza Pyramids and the ancient name for Cairo was El Kahira which meant Mars. Mars became uninhabitable. But Earth was not.

The Freemason Records of the people from the Sirius Star System

do go back a phenomenally long time. Earth however, is NOT part of the Sirius Star System. Earth was an existing ethereal planet known as Thera or Ethera, where the chunk of rock from the explosion landed. There were other higher frequency souls here, and they watched as the lower level, physical density beings began to exist here and rebuild their lost world. Romantic as 'Lost World' sounds, it was lost because they blew it up, then tried to take over this planet.

Now we have a situation that would ultimately explain a 'War from God' on this planet.

Originally, and when these beings first came to this planet, there was no 25,000 year Great Cycle or Zodiac Cycle. That happened at some time later when there was a 'worlds in collision' situation. That was when more debris from the exploded planet came hurtling through this solar system, but it would seem to be either a couple of hundred thousand years after the first chunks of the exploded planet landed here or perhaps more likely was that earlier time. It means the physical planet Earth has been off its True Axis a long time, and that means the Great Cycle has existed for an equal length of time. maybe 200,000 years. This is why we cannot really accurately date the time of the 'War in the Heavens' because that extra stuff hurtling through this system could have been the event of 12,000 years ago which caused a sudden instant Ice Age. However, the date of the war seems to be more than 12,000 years ago and more consistent with this planet already being on its false 25,000 year Great Cycle.

The exploded planet was a fallen world in the reverse spiral of this galaxy which is part of the galaxy's elimination function.

The world of Maldek also known as Tiamet used the 'black poison' called the eitr from the supernovaed second star in their Sirius Twin Star System and that is the energy used for their technology.

You can absolutely bet on it that when they first did that, the Upper God World's forbade them to use that energy, yet they went ahead and did it anyway. They saw a way for themselves to become as powerful as the God Worlds and no longer have to obey etc. The answer to that was, 'no you can't'. They did not become as powerful as the Upper Universe Worlds. They took themselves into the reverse. The underworld - the 'Below' part of "As Above, So Below". However, it isn't the same as "Above". That is how they became Anunnaki. They were also known as the 'Children of Darkness'. This would equate today to those who were the 'cabal'.

Some on their planet had stayed with the Light sun Sirius A and were later known as the 'Children of Light'. These ones had not wanted to use the 'black poison'. It does not seem that Hitler and the Nazis were the 'Dark Star' ones because they wanted to remove the 'cabal' and its sick system of usury etc. The Nazis were the Chidren of Light side! The Light side is the 'right' but there is a 'far right'. Communisim and Marxist communism is the 'far left'.

None of these are the original True Humans on this planet who were originally in far more ethereal bodies as 'souls' but then created a body that was more dense made of the 'skystone' which is a clear blue water based crystalline air, and which may also be the form of the Firmament. They came here to monitor what was going on, and later became the DNA of the blue eyed fair skinned humans which was the DNA the 'Anunnaki' coveted, while at the same time, wanting to destroy them.

Not so many are original humans on this planet although this precious DNA DOES exist here - allowing a better chance for those who are 'Children of Light' to get out of the Sirius energy stream and connect into the Eternal Living Energy Stream also called the Living Waters.

Most of Ron Wyatt's archeological discoveries are without doubt interesting.

"Ron Wyatt Discoveries (2022)" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIpvIVLQ2Dk

The final one is unlikely to be entirely the story he said. Perhaps it is what this man wanted to see.

*If anything Genesis tells the story of the beginning of the fallen world with an introduction that includes aspects of the world as it was before - such as the 'metal workers' and the Flood. .




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