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The 'Grim Reaper' at the "Coronation"'


This 'Grim Reaper' character appeared in the background of the 'coronation', explained as being a verger. This would NEVER happen. Besides, this is not the uniform of Westminster Abbey vergers.

People did not see the coronation of King Charles. What they saw was a carriage going to the Abbey and a carriage leaving the Abbey. The rest was technically inside and out of sight, but most likely was filmed elsewhere.

This ceremony is the work of those now in control, trying to Wake Up the mind controlled masses. They are probably in hysterics about the made up scripts and that people are not questioning it. There would NEVER be a 'verger' crossing like this, nor would there be 'soldiers' marching about in the nave. The royal Grim Reaper. Above is a stage set. This picture below is the real Westminster Abbey.

And look at that floor.....Next picture is a Verger's robe for Westminster Abbey. Can have colours but no hood.



You would NEVER see a Grenadier Guard - one of the royal guards dressed in red with the busby hats - walking about outside the palace even without the hat.

The one that happened to pass in an unrelated video that I saw being filmed on finance outside Buckingham Palace .can only have been an actor who went out still in costume.

They are called crisis actors. The ones you see on TV news stories and think they are real news stories. They have to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements and are used in films of eg an attack in Syria where a number of people 'die' or masses of refugees heading for the US border etc all that kind of thing.





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