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Future Timelines, Sound Frequencies and Missing SOUND Frequencies. Future Earth, Future Consciousness, Lost Chord. True Spirituality : Healthy Living : Ancient and Forbidden History : Sound for Healing and to Clear 'Dark Forces' : Plus Art, Ballet and Deteriorating Standards. CURRENT UNFOLDING NEWS

Introductory Soul Course. Begins here!

Short Introduction to the Intro Course.



from the prose of Khalil Gibran, read by Liam Neeson. 2 mins. Play Video.


The consciousness of this work only comes to Earth once in 25,000 years. It is to show you the Way to the ETERNAL, LIVING SOURCE.

Also at this time, the Light and consciousness of the Path of Light and Dark - the Light side of Duality comes to this planet. How do you discover the difference?

This website covers healthy living which is according to the Way, and also related topics of interest and the current news. That is because the world is in the middle of a rare, but massive change on this planet, and we all experienced the 'act of war' that was the 'plandemic' and the lockdowns.

Our NEWS page is covering the relevant unfolding news into the new paradigm, because the planet is indeed changing on its regular journey through its Great Cycle. That is the only page covering that, but with many links. CURRENT WORLD NEWS ***NEWS page.

There are some informative and high standard film links on 'Forbidden History' by historian David Irving, and a bigger picture to the story of WW2 - both of which relate to the world we have been ruled under, with its illusions, deceptions and lies. We recommend these as part of a course for truly understanding the story of the world paradigm you have been in.

. ***Below the first section are some recommended study materials.


..................The Way to the Eternal, Living Source.............

......or, the Way to Happiness, a Happy Future World, and Overcoming 'Darkness'.

For those who are truly looking for the Eternal Living Source, also called the 'Living Waters', there will be a burning need deep within. Others may be drawn to psychic phenomena, space aliens, advanced technology etc, and if that is you, then this part of the True Work is not for you! You may find our articles of interest though because we do cover all that, and also the incredible benefits for HEALTH and REJUVENATION of a natural, plant based diet with some additional know how.

There are 'rules' which are guidelines for how to keep to the Way, because believe it or not, the current changes to the planet are not it.

Some of the work we did, was to explain why the 'rules' exist. Strangely doing that doesn't necessarily work! But it will have to be enough - whether accepted or not - that those explanations have in fact been given, and maybe we just have to provide these 'rules' and guidelines while aware that maybe the understanding of the explanations comes as you keep to the prescribed Way. 'We will look at ways to handle the thoughts, issues, and things that come up along the Way, separately.

With the horrific revelations today of rampant pedophilia and sex trafficking, human trafficking of young women, boys, organ harvesting, blood drinking etc you may want to think twice about how you dress, and especially how toddlers and young children are dressed. There was a cute little 4 or 5 year old girl dressed in leggings and a short top. I had never thought this before all the information came out, but this is ideal PEDOPHILE bait.

Always be kind and considerate to others. Also to animals. .

Do not sit in judgment of others. That doesn't mean accept it all, but turn the other cheek.

Overcome negative emotions and issues like jealousy, lust, ego agrandisement, vanity, greed, gluttonly and slothfulness etc.

Keep to a vegetarian, and reduced dairy diet where possible.

A little wine with a meal is okay, but keep away from alcohol and drugs!

Respect your meaningful relationships with those who are in your life and part of your family.

Your life goes on into old age and into times when you may need those who love you to be there for you. Make having those who truly love you important to your life. Finding the right partner is important, and the qualities of that life partner should include respect for the relationship that will take you both through to old age. The idea of taking vows before God is not 'old fashioned' - the vows state your intention to the universe, and to 'Higher Up' to support you to achieve a relationship that continues through to the end. What may seem goes on forever when you are 20, will provide less and less opportunities for you as you grow older, including even the right to earn money. Even by mid-way through your life you may suddenly realise that a lot of doors have closed to you.

If life has done that for other reasons, no need to give up - there are other Ways to keep those doors open and still create a life with people who love you as part of it.

In fact the Way taught that the best answer is to establish a strong family unit, and also to take vows to a Higher Source to express the intention to do your best and be there for each other despite changing fortunes or health issues. You take this aspect of your life and future seriously. Then do your best! Aged parents remain valued members of the family who may even move in with the family when a partner passes away. All aged and single members of the entire family are always welcome and always part of the family. If you are in a position to help members of your family and relatives, with careers, meeting others etc then you do so. None of this rejection of family members or because they are old/er. The world attitude experienced now is terrible and cruel.

Introductory Guidelines


This work speaks of the Living God Source.

That is because there is a level that is a Dead and dying "god source". It is literally called the 'Path of the Dead'. It is the religion for many people across the planet. The Living God Source is of course far more powerful, omnipotent............and the True God Source. .And yet as said, for many, fo them it is the Path of the Dead which they think leads to God. So, it is not necessarily straightforward or obvious to understand.

It is actually a path to a 'god' that is part of the underworld, and as 'god' it is part of a greater God. It is the second path that was described in Genesis as the 'Tree of Good and Evil and as everything is in reverse on that second path, what do you think 'Evil' once was?

That path is called 'Light and Dark', 'Life and Death', and also 'the Intellect' or Path of Knowledge - but the knowledge is of 'good and evil'. It was those on the Dark side of that path who tried to takeover this planet with the 'plandemic' and a 'reset'.

But there is a Light side to that path, and that is where almost everyone comes unstuck. This is why there are the 'rules' and guidelines, and also we do try our best to explain some of what that other path is because most people choose and remain on it!

We are presenting the Ways to get to the Path of the 'Living Waters', the Eternal, Living God Source.

It is up to you whether you decide to be against the 'rules' and guidelines, or choose to keep to them!


Everything in this Universe is Within You.

.........and all of it is an ILLUSION!

In ancient Indian teachings it is called Maya meaning Illusion.

The real news is how to get OUT of it.

First tip, is to allow GOD to guide you with this, because GOD will clear all that karma. For eveything you do always place it into the Light of the Living God, and that it is God's will.

Want proof? We probably can't write a book likely to sell millions of copies making it a best seller by telling you that. But if we tell you something you want to hear - that's what advertising is too - then we can sell millions of copies with that kind of book, course, organization etc..

So it means STOP trying to 'create your reality' because to do that you are using the type of energy of the wrong path.

Once you use that, you are in its DEBT!!!! And it is then slowly owning your soul.

The False star alignment is POLARIS. There are some works, Qi Gong, etc which name it as the path they are teaching. Most people doing this believe they are doing the right thing. As Earth moves into the Fall of its rotation, there are several 'false stars' which are the wrong alignment.

Before the lockdowns and plandemic began in 2020 there were people in a consciousness which was a kind of 'spiritually woke' - like those men who think they can call themselves a women because it is 'just a perception'.Now these people know there is 'evil', it was running the world. It is not just behind organized named reliions, but has been running a very fine, miltary grade brainwashing 'new spirituality' movement which took off in the 60's.

The point is, there are several major accepted practices you should not do, for the reasons 'all of the above'.

If you wish to argue about it, go ahead and do them!


Below, we have presented some topics as an


Each aspect is a Project in itself. Take your time!

These are part of a Teaching, not random fun articles. The correct art of teaching is not to feed you information for you to learn well enough to recite and then pass exams. The purpose is for you to THINK about things and form an understanding for yourself. Critical Thinking. Critical Analysis.

You may not agree with everything presented. That's okay. Some things may trigger emotion responses. These too, you can take note of. All those who did not believe about the jabs and the agenda also had significant emotional responses! This was actually the result of military standard brainwashing, which took off in the 1960's. You may not agree with that statement either!

Choose one project for each day. Some projects will take much more than one day, such as reading the recommended books for example. This course can take you through many months. You can read some of the books. Watch some of the films if the trailers and excerpts appeal to you. Perhaps embark on a healthy diet (we will add some stages to help pace yourself into that) not only for good health, but maybe to rejuvenate and look and be young! Or sit back and listen to music, spending time really LISTENING.

We are adding some Qawwali music, and for fun, starting with some Bhangra.

This is Punjabi, Sikh and Sufi. The Punjab area of India is Sikh, closely related to Sufi. There is the Punjab India and on the other side of the border Punjab Pakistan.

These 4 links below are good, very short. There isn't incoming information, but of course there might be, but my feeling is the HS person actually blocked it!

Qawwali is Sufi sacred music, and is healing, but I am looking for a suitable track. Bhangra music is great. I wanted a video that showed the best music but also first showed the dance. Had to go with one that showed the dance first while I look for the best Bhangra music mix. Indians and Punjabi/Pakistan never compromise or lose their own culture.

This is to show some real joy and fun, that is not depressing and miserable or a country that is just copying everyone else.

These guys are Punjabi. The turbans mean they are Sikhs. All Indians love to dance and it is usually this style or Bollywood style. I thought this video shows a nice group of young guys dancing I love to do this dance as well as Bollywood style, but some of the Bhangra music is very good too.

Watch Video 1 minute.

It is difficult to find the example of Bhangra music I am looking for, but this will do. It has the Bhangra music and dance, 2 minutes.

Now I think of it, there was a fun Indian film called 'Bride and Prejudice' a take on Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' and that was in Amritsar.

NEW Watch Video 2 minutes. I did see it when it was first released and its good, lots of music and dancing. The girl is Aishwarya Rai who was Miss World in 1994.

Watch Dance from 'Bride and Prejudice'.



***Here is the everyday border closing ceremony in this Punjabi region between India and Pakistan, a very popular tourist attraction.

Watch Video 2 minutes. 30 seconds.

This is from the Pakistan side 3 mins. Watch Video.



Music Watch Video 4 minutes 45 seconds



Qawwali Prayer Music.

HU is a chant meaning God or Higher Source or the same 'Higher Up' that communicates at times.

This means it is healing and it clears 'darkness'. This is Sufi. Play Qawwali 5 mins.

HU is the soul in mankind. The soul which is HU is True God, and it makes us true humans. Hu-man (man means the mind). Not to be underestimated!

Rumi Where All Is Music. 2 mins. Mystic poems of Rumi.

Internet comment.

"Qawwali music is known to bring listeners to a trance-like state. How does the music affect you?"

Sami Yusuf - Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum (Stepping into Light)

Play Video. 4 mins.

Internet Comment. "Having full grip over all languages with best selection of qawwali it's really very inspiring and I never want it to be an end. I really fell in love with this legendary performance, it's so spiritual and ecstatic... Amazing."


Here are some video presentations we recommend for the purpose of understanding a much 'bigger picture' to how the cabal's dark reality was mad3e possible to almost succeed. Recommended Videos Forbidden History etc


*Deeper meanings to 'the Way' are presented here through art, music, ballet, dance, films, and literature etc.

We have chosen that because you can look around now and see how crazy the idea of a 'spiritual path' has become, or even the meaning of the word 'spiritual'.

This work does not want to cover these types of things! Obviously, God is not a super advanced space community, it is not AI, God is not a quantum computer. 'Spirituality' refers to high level standards of being human, not that anyone hears voices, communicates with 'other realms', or can walk on water which would be some kind of skill to defy physics, not a spiritual quality.

This work can provide an explanation to consider about the issue of being 'trapped' in 'the cave' and looking at the wrong screen yet believing it is reality. Ancient Greek legends tell us of Theseus who entered the 'labyrinth' and the only way to find the Way out of it was by keeping the 'silver thread' - 'silver cord' that had been given to him. That is, Theseus entered into the 'labyrinth' - which resembles the brain - but knew that those who had entered that reality before, had not been able to find the Way Out again.

The Way in leads to 'the cave', the same as Plato's Cave. The reality at the centre does relate to Taurus the zodiac sign of the Bull, which Earth aligned with as 'North' 6,000 years ago. That is also when the story of life begins. It can 'begin' as many times as the 25,000+ year cycle - 'Wheel of Rebirth' - completes its cycle. This time now is such a completion or 'End Time' of that storyline. Did you find the Way Out?

The key to the Way Out was following the 'Silver Cord', which was completely twisted and tangled, but that 'silver cord' represents 'the rules' and guidelines. Of course the labyrinth shown here is just a picture of a labyrinth, to get the idea. Very few ever find the Way Out. Even if you understand the analogy given here, "comprehension" is not anywhere near enough. You still have to be a good person, a person of high standards, who recognises what and why those standards are 'high'. Of course there are many riches and pleasures offered in the script to keep you in the play. That is the course most successful mega star celebrities and wealthy people took!

We have used this song by 'Queen' with a link further down 'The Show Must Go On' which has the words "does anyone really know what we are living for?"

In the song Mercury asks two things, the above, and 'does anyone really know what we are looking for?" The answer to that is 'yes'. But Freddie Mercury missed it, and that is why he didn't find it.

Like everyone who went into the music and film industries, they were provided with every 'forbidden pleasure' imaginable as easily available, plentiful and the consciousness that they could do whatever they liked. Thing is, these industries were run by the 'cabal' and this stuff is part of their religion which they wanted to takeover the world. Their religion. This is so ridiculously easy to do when a person is young, under 25. They encouraged straight people to try gay relationships, especially male because that can trigger another hotspot erogenous zone that travels a pathway up the spine, not just to cause those 'panda eyes' - that you see with raped babies and children - but also, it is believed, activates the 'reptilian brain' for some.

Most people now know about the deal celebrities made to become famous, and get the work that would make them rich. The original stage work was not an industry run by satanists, but once the 'modern world' came about, almost everything that stepped in was indeed run by 'satanists'. The entire plan is to break up the family unit, and the bond that once existed between families, relatives and communities. Finding the 'right person' to marry - taking those vows is a great way to state your intention to God. Again, finding the right partner is not some 'instant chemistry' thing, but looking for reliable and ways of behaviour. After all, if the person is available to sleep with anyone, that does not look promising for creating a lasting and happy marriage. And of course, if you fall in love that is usually the best way. It isn't 'chemistry'. To fall in love is something more than that. All the 'rules' and guidelines given by this work matter, and this is just one of them. The behaviour that has been taught by the 'wrong team' does not bring freedom, it is a trap designd to spoil your life. You might be okay if you have earned millions with a record or film deal, you might get away with it, but there are many, many sad endings amongst those who took that route.

We know there is some fascinating stuff out there, and they all feel like you are actually doing something to activate your 'spirituality'. Things like sacred geometry, and exercises which actuvate 'energies' or parts of the brain, or brings about a brain hemispheric balance - which is something you absolutely don't want because of the imbalance that is this world, this reality to towards the 'false path' - that wrong screen' in Plato's cave. balance. In reality, the most important factor is the standard and quality of human that you are.

The one major thing the 'reverse religion' of that second path produces is less and less empathy and compassion, whereas higher level true humans, above all else have the ability for empathy and compassion. The more you can be in that consciousness, the more you will FEEL for others and therefore understand them.. If you feel what they must feel when there is unkindness of misjudgment, you will not be able to behave in that negative, even murderous way yourself.

Activating the wrong channels in the body, even if this is done with 'sexual healing techniques' deactivates the Feeling attributes and replaces that with non-empathetic even robotic non feeling. which is ultimately the identity of the wrong path even though the experiences can be ecstasy! There can easily be ecstasy but it has NOTHING to do with LOVE!

Connecting to DEEPER FEELING.

With this work, we are beginning by activating FEELING as a recognition of GOD.

The aim is to capture and present some ways to FEEL on a level which recognises and can experience some of the deeper meaning of the Way through art, music, ballet, dance, films, and literature etc.

These artistic forms of expression have lost their status and gone from what was once a way to express God and meaning, to trivial sensational mind numbing nothing. Of course actors in Hollywood can be replaced by AI if films are like the Marvel films - because they have no meaning. Good actors, actresses and directors, were able to capture FEELINGS and meaning.


1. This is why some of the books we recommend you to read are the work of James Herriot, a vet in rural Yorkshire, England in the pre-war 1930's. 'All Creatures Great and Small' and 'All Things Bright and Beautiful'. Why? Well do so and see how you FEEL.

If reading is not your thing, you might like to watch the original TV series.. All Creatures Great and Small' There are links to trailers but you can follow these up.

2. We also recommend the music of Pink Floyd for healing and helping clear 'dark forces'. Pink Floyd.

3. Also Sir Matthew Bourne's version of the ballet 'Sleeping Beauty'. Good v Evil', and a look at Mikail Baryshnikov.


NEW. God Source is about the quality of human person you are and about FEELING but on a higher level of reality.

So here is a new link featuring ART to express FEELING. We are using the 2001 film 'Moulin Rouge'. Read More.



5. Here are some things to think about, from Ricky Gervais!


Moments From 'After Life' - Ricky Gervais | Netflix

Season 1 'After Life' Insights This is (mostly) a really beautiful series. Might bring a tear to your eye.

You Are My Boy.

"I'm not a fan of Ricky Gervais but he had this nailed. If you haven't watched the series then please try to. It is a real mix of humour, sadness and everything in between. Thank you for making it." 3 years ago.

Many people have been offended by Ricky Gervais, especially in Hollywood - which frequenctly misses the point of many things. .Even though he thinks he is an atheist - and it is not his role to be teaching higher conciousness, anyway - he actually is someone who is helping in the process of 'awakening'. He sounds a lot like he is 'one of ours' - like David Gilmour's (Pink Floyd) guitar playing makes him one of ours!

"Ricky Gervais is an English comedian, actor, director, and writer. Known for not being afraid of offending people with his jokes, as seen in his viral Golden Globes speech, he is without a doubt an honest and down to earth person."



This work will be adding a lot more on how to remain youthful, fit, healthy and looking YOUNG on a natural plant diet.


Plant Food and Natural Health

Intro to Herbs & Plants


There are a great many excellent sources of health and rejuvenation methods available on the internet. But this work is specifically about accessing a different Life Stream called the Living Waters.

We know there are well known breatharians and oriental practises for this, but we have not found any of these which link to the specifics of the Energy Stream this work teaches. Some of these known names have been popular and well known since about the '80's so you can look at them now and see for yourself how they look and sound today - because the voice can sound old too.

This work has gone into detail about the difference between the two energy streams which feed into the reality, but as said, for whatever reason, it is not as easy as we thought to make this difference understood.

Regardless of that, this is our EXTRA difference whether it is understood or not!

Rejuvenation : Breatharianism : Regeneration


Why Die?

First up, this planet is caught on the 'Wheel of Rebirth'. The spiritual journey is to get off this planet, but you have to do that as your SOUL-SPIRIT, to get to the True Eternal Source, then beyond that you live in systems that are 'Eternal Life'. However, this planet is not that. You can't get out of the 'false realm' by leaving in a spaceship or going to another planet!

The longer the body lives in a healthy, youthful state here, the more time you have to do what is necessary to escape the problem that is this planet.

In the approaching FUTURE WORLD on the positive side of the 'battery' there are very real opportunities to live a much longer life, and to remain healthy, and young.

If You Didn't Die.

Looking Younger with Fillers etc?






Everything in the Universe is Within You.

.........and all of it is an ILLUSION!

There is quite a lot of news info out there that this reality is not 'real' and is some kind of simulation.

If that is the case - and we think it is - then it has to be experienced and interpreted through your head.

You perhaps also might want to think carefully about what is happening in this reality, and even more carefully about how to get out of it!

And that really is the thing. There are a lot of possible paths and adventures happening within this reality right now. Contact from other star systems for example. There are innumerable teachings on spirituality. Most are going to go off onto those paths. But the reality is that everyone is stuck in the realm of this reality - universe and all.

The real news is how to get OUT of it.


The 'Dome' that Humans are Imprisoned in is your Head.

This reality takes place within your head. Even ancient writings tell you this is the 'tomb'. It is also the description that Plato gave of the 'Cave' where you are trapped. This is why you cannot easily get out.


The consciousness that is this work, only comes to this planet once in 25,000 years.

It only began to enter here in recent decades and is the HIGHEST level Source on the planet.

It is not AI and the reality is not a quantum computer.

But here we all are, in a reality which science tells us is not real, but something that is translated into reality by the brain.

That seems like quite a good place to begin. A little further down we have a short intro to what this reality is and why it came about, more than how it came about. The 'how' relates a little more to the consciousness that returns every 25,000 years.


Firstly, it is important to understand how to get to the True Eternal Living Source.

The Spiritual Way to True Eternal Source

is not really connected to the information and 'lost history' - that is just for interest. It is important to keep these two things separated.

However, if the problems with the physical issues of this planet were understood, it becomes a lot easier to understand what you are doing and why.

Please begin with the 'Guidelines'.


Also, this work has always believed, rightly or in error, that the story behind the existence of this reality could be a significant help in understanding why you need to do what you need to do. The actual physics of what happened to this planet.

The work began in 2001 and to be honest, it turned out that some people did not understand the reality after all!

Nevertheless, it does make it easier to understand once you 'get' the picture.

Then you need to understand the character requirements and personal standards for making it 'Higher Up'.

So, that is what this work kept to, by showing the 'bigger picture'.

This work also covers Health and Well being through the Plant Based Diet.





SOUND to help clear 'Darkness'

'One of These Days'

"Pink Floyd, one of the most Third Eye openers !!!" (***Use Extra Bass.) In the improvised section with just the bass, do you, like us, think it seems to sound like it's saying 'Happy People'? That bassline kicks ass!" "Pink Floyd, the 8th wonder of the world!" 3 months ago.


"Tapping into a higher level of reality." The music to help clear Darkness and Uplift is Pink Floyd Project Higher Frequency sound : Other music is also added.


Sound Project - You owe it to yourself to have BETTER music!

"Music Sucks Now" 30 seconds.

Even though the satanic run 'music industry' messed with music, it does not mean that people did not produce good music even if they had to use some of these idiot's symbolism. Now we listen to the music but turn that b/s back on the nutjobs.

Pink Floyd - Marooned

The Grammy Award winning Marooned. Play Track.


When you hear and really listen to Pink Floyd, you can clearly see you are accessing a higher level of SOUND. This and the next 3 tracks added, clearly show a very noticeable difference. That is also like the difference when you access your own Higher Self.


As many have noted, music is not very good these days. This work features good music. Understood that we all have different tastes, and we have not yet added classical or opera. Higher SOUND frequencies have been blocked from this planet, some of this music accesses those missing freqencies.

FEATURED TRACK : Nothing Else Matters This is beautful.

Internet Comment :

"Gives you goosebumps because of the 432 hz they use, the Buddhists use 432 to heal the heart".

Internet Comment 2 weeks ago.

This is metal band Metallica doing something very unusual and gentle.

*They are nice guys in interviews, and James is the writer of this song which is sensitive and has depth. They are nice..They look like bikers but are actually nice. They are described as "level headed family men". These are the most famous tracks of Metallica. Intro is a little like a Chopin Prelude.

And a jab death. There are many of these tragedies happening.

Was this man also jabbed? These sudden unexplained deaths are now called SADS - Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and this category has increased by 162% across the world since 2021.

Internet comment. "My wife died in my arms three weeks ago at the age of 28. It was a sudden medical event out of the blue and despite my desperate attempts, I couldn't save her. Needless to say, it destroyed me. For the first three days I was completely inconsolable. After a week I started to function again and I turned the radio on for the first time since she died.

This (Nothing Else Matters) is the song that started playing right from the very beginning. It was like hearing it for the very first time. I don't know what my future will be like, but what I do know is that until the day I die I'll always remember her when I hear this song. Thank you all so much for your kindness. I've received messages of hope and encouragement from every corner of the globe and it staggers me to know that so many people care. I truly mean it when I say that these kind thoughts of yours are keeping me going from one day to the next." 3 months ago.

Given the number of people who went ahead and were jabbed, sometimes multiple times, the tragedy above is going to repeat often. People are going to be losing loved ones 'unexpectedly' but they too have been jabbed. How do we help these people when this really hits home?

People (in general) have been completely unaware of the reality. Almost everyone is jabbed and now guaranteed to die many years before they would have done. They don't know this yet. The jab was to ensure that humans start slowly dying off, with less births and more miscarriages. Then 10 years from now it will be "oh look what is happening. no doubt due to 'climate change'." *The jab was the real thing because those involved had to commit the crime in order to be prosecuted. **We are keeping note of jab related deaths. But everything was done to get the information out so people would know not to do it.

More SOUND further down.



We can cover a great many topics of interest.

A planet which blew up and the DNA, water, and some of the physical planet hurled through space and landed here, seeding this planet. But also the 'dark god' Osirus' always using his 'children' to take this planet back into the 'realm of the dead'. Then there is Antarctica before it was covered by ice. An original planet Earth from before the 'starseed' arrived, with an original human people who were fair skinned, blue eyed and far more advanced than the starseed which arrived here. Ancient technology kept in records from before 12,000 years ago. But most of all is the issue of being trapped in this reality along with its 'spiritual realms'. The current insane Osirian agenda to enslave humanity, and so much more.

Also there is lots around at the moment about a 'lost empire' of Tartaria. We know from Freemason Records that at least 100,000 years ago they did have an empire like Tartaria on this planet but it was the 'cabal'. Two articles in the index below can help with this. ID of the Children of Light and Tartaria. Plus :

Is this what Earth Really Looks Like?

Was this map's centre showing the 1/3rd of the original planet which fell into the Underworld? As well as being the chunk of rock which landed on this larger planet (Thera) from the exploded planet?

This was a map of ATLANTIS the continent which sank.

The inner circle is Earth as you know it, as a map laid out flat.

The second circle is the Astral Zodiac and the Astral World.

The third outer cirlce is unknown terrain. Is it part of a larger planet that the inner circles shown here were part of?

The age of the Earth, as it exists in this reality is 5999 years, which makes it's existence as an inhabited planet begin at the zodiac age of Taurus. This ties in with ancient Greek records which indicates the first people were "made of stone" (that means the skystone a clear blue gel that even now, somewhere, is part of what makes up the 'sky'. Then after this came Adam. That was 6,000 years ago. According to Plato Atlantis 'fell' into the Underworld around 11,000 years ago.


The Astral - 4th - Universe, and the destroyed National Socialist verson of NESARA. Continue.

One of the 'dark side's' lies has been quite a lot of ommited information on the actual planet, like its reduced heat shield right now as it changes polarity, possibly its shape, and about it's regular decending and ascending phases - all of which the 'cabal' was going to exploit for you to believe in its 'new world'.

In the opinion of this work the rest of the interpretations of what the coming change is, are completely separate from the topics we are covering. They belong to the level that relates to that changeover - which has happened as many times before as this planet has gone through its complete cycle. (Just as the 'Dark Cabal' have brought in the usury-banking system before. It was known and warned of in the Bible!)

Earth's Ascension has happened many times before. Everyone is still here, and everyone went through the 'Dark Cabal' before.

That tells you something very important. This planet has risen out of its fall phase before - many times.

Once you understand that, then it will revolutionize your understanding of 'spirituality' and "Earth's Ascended Future" - which is a better version of this same planet being in its Fall phase. Ascended or Fallen - you are still very much spiritually in trouble.


It is too easy to think everything is too easy, that everything is done for you automatically when the planet lifts out of the Descending Phase into the Ascending part - which means the fallen 'left side' of the planet lifts back upward to almost where it should be. It is damage to the axis which causes that.

It is not a negative statement though. It means there are so many alternative and interesting things that present to you and distract you.

This work also covers REJUVENATION : BREATHARIANISM : and maybe will help you be one of the people who will find the Way off the 'wrong path'.

I hope that comment will be enigmatic rather than confronting!


Why does it matter?

It is about understanding the meaning of 'path' and a source at the end of that path.

Earth is not supposed to be at the angle it has been at for the last thousands of years, and which has taken it (pulled it) into the negative, magnetic reverse of the 'Upper Worlds'.

(That axis alignment can mean the inner axis, so for those who gravtitate towards the Flat Earth Theory it still applies. and also does so with the 'simulated reality. More on the these topics are also covered here,.)

The Force that is doing that is the 'brown star' that the White Hat military operation knows about and has briefly spoken about. That source described Earth as part of a 'twin star system'.

Earth is not supposed to be anything to do with that 'brown star' or any second star, or anything that is pulling it off its correct path.

At the current time, Earth's rotation corrects itself and pulls away from the 'brown star'. It aligns with its other sun, the one you see in the sky.

So for many thousands of years the Earth will be responding to the Force of the correct 'path'. Responding, but is damaged and never quite makes it.

Now 3 points to take note of :

1. On the fallen alignment, this planet will be pulled into a 'black hole'. Eventually. Seems like life and light, but the 'Dark Star' side is the stronger.

2. You have to align your soul existence to the correct 'path' for Earth, and that way, get to the Eternal, Living Source/Everlasting Life.

3. There is almost no spiritual way on this planet teaching anything but the current path. Sorry, but there is it.

There are other space beings on that path too. Good, bad, evil, whatever. It is still the wrong path, and part of the programme.

There are SIMPLE ways to get onto the True Path.

But it is extremely difficult to clear all the ties that have bound you into the 'wrong path'. The karmic debt you have.

That is why everyone is still here, despite many Ascensions before - perhaps in a reality that is an ILLUSION.


The origin of the 'Freemasons' was in Egypt, during that phase of history.

We are looking into more about the people kicked out of Egypt then Palestine who went to the Americas 3,500 years ago and then 2,000 years ago. Earlier researchers in the info marathon of 2020 was someone called Charlie Freak who presented a great deal of information which identified these ones as an ancient Kazarian nation from near today's Russia and identified these as the 'cabal'. More.

"Tartaria" Read More.NEW : ID of the Children of Light NEW


The picture is such that the planet in its 25,000+ cycle, called the Great Cycle and Zodiac Cycle of Ages etc, rotates ina way which through that period of time causes it to descend in the 'Descending Phase' into the negative polarity of this galaxy. The 'reverse of Life' aka - Death.

People, planets, suns, and this galaxy operate like a battery with a positive end and a negative end. The planet descends into the negative for several thousands of years.

Then, such as at this point in time, it Ascends back to the positive - where it is supposed to be - and that is called the Ascension, actually the RA, the Right Ascension.

There is another important factor that gets overlooked.

This planet is caught between two different energy streams or pathways. They are also called 'Trees'.

One pathway, energy stream or 'tree' belongs to the energy path of a twin star system called Sirius, which is attached to the 'Death' side of the galaxy. It is sometimes called the 'Death Star' as one of the two stars has already died.

The other pathway, energy stream or 'tree' is the one you are trying to get to.

When this planet Ascends back into the positive, it does not alter that it is still aligned into and towards the Sirius Stream.

That is the problem.

*There is a wonderful change taking place at this time, on the 'Path of Good and Evil'. There will be a new financial system, and we are told, also free energy (Nikola Tesla's system) and incredible Healing with Quantum Energies, and more.

These are good changes, but it is still not the 'Path of Eternal Life'.


More to be added.

"Tartaria" Read More.NEW
This Planet's 'Firmament'. NEW
The Blown Up Planet. NEW
ID of the Children of Light NEW
The Anunnaki who Came to Earth. :
The Astral Universe of 5 Universes :
The 'Black Poison' Energy which Makes Technology : NEW
Advanced Flying Craft and Technology from Earth's Ancient Past NEW
Nazis and Advanced Technology
This planet is being pulled off its axis into the 2nd energy stream which is a duality.
(New story). The spiritual goal is to get off this damaged planet and get to the safety of the original energy stream. You cannot do this by going to another planet. The escape route is in your head, and you can only do it while alive and in the body. New Wake Up article.
Antarctica. :
Soul Project - Capture of the Soul. :
The Original Humans 'True' Human DNA :
The Planet which was Blown Up, and the Recording that Is Perceived as Reality Happening Now! :
Anunnaki Identying Themselves at this time.
Galaxy's Toilet/Elimination System.
A brief look at some of my own experience with the 'Dark Forces' :


So, you are not Mind Controlled?

Have you ever had a tattoo? Or have you ever done that hand symbol with the little finger and index finger pointed like horns, and thought it was cool?



NEW How to be a Truly Free Soul.

The world consciousness is going to change. NEW



Introductory Guidelines


The Vegetarian and Vegan Diet is Not a New Thing

only recently introduced by the 'cabal'. The cabal also promotes insects for the diet and that is not vegetarian! But just because they are producing lab-grown 'meat' does not mean everything has gone crazy and we should all be eating the opposite. They themselves do eat meat, including human meat.

The plant based diet is recommended in ancient scripts, and it is also recommended with the spiritual path - the one that helps you align into the True exit point from the body. The 'True exit point' is the one which gets you out of being caught on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' which in turn is the false energy stream (path) even though the good side of that energy stream appears to be what was meant by True Path. Unfortunately for those who think that - and vast numbers of people have forever thought that - it is not the same thing. So right now, it might be surmised that this stuff is still the 'dark side' ensuring it keeps people on that path (energy stream). Read More.


NEW. This planet is being pulled off its axis into the 2nd energy stream which is a duality.

(New story). The spiritual goal is to get off this damaged planet and get to the safet-y of the original energy stream. You cannot do this by going to another planet. The escape route is in your head, and you can only do it while alive and in the body. New Wake Up article.

NEW Wake Up. Military build up.

Wake Update The 'good' side of the fallen and false path.

Wake Up. Spiritual orgs requiring the jab.

(artistic) 'Good v Evil'. Matthew Bourne's 'Sleeping Beauty'; and Baryshnikov.

***By using pictures or quotes from spiritual sources, this work is not endorsing these works, just using useful or inspiring aspects of it.

More people should be able to get through to the 'positive' side of the planet's cycle than we originally thought, because the switch is still on the lower path, so the energy is not as intense as if it had gone to the True Path.

The planet never goes to the True Path, it goes close to it, during the Upward phase of its cycle.

This world, this planet, this universe, are always part of the Illusion.



"Love, is what holds everything together." And it does. Even the dying star, the dark star, still has some 'love'.

So imagine how much a star of Light has, and then imagine even more, how much an Eternally Living Star has!



Just found this :

"Hitler knew the power of music....... and made sure that music in Germany was keyed at 432hz."

The link to Advanced Nazi Technology in the 'chapters' section does question what was really going on in WW2. This undoubtedly was a positive frequency.

"432 Hz, otherwise known as Verdi’s A. It is widely considered a superior tuning that is also said to have a positive influence on the mind and body due to its relationship with our planet. It was not as some internet sources state, the standard tuning prior to 1940."

"The 528Hz frequency has been given the name, "Miracle Frequency", "Healing Frequency", "Creative Frequency" and others reflecting its amazing qualities. This from the Solfeggio Scale - sounds that were removed by the Catholic Church. John Lennon tuned his guitar to this frequency."

(These frequencies are not what this Sound Project work is referring to, but that is a topic we will get to later).


MORE MUSIC : Nirvana. About a Girl.

This style of music below, was written when people really did want to get in touch with nature and a more honest way of life. They capture something 'real' that the current diverted world has lost.

Eagles : I Can't Tell You Why

This is a lovely song, after a lot of talking first. .


There is definite access to another realm for those who are creative;

you do indeed tap into a higher level of reality.

But then it is also the same for those who appreciate it, because they too 'see' and experience the reality of what it is. Just think about it. It brings a Higher Realm into this world, into this level. SOUND, an actual level of vibration or frequency. It a feeling level - yet something that not everyone has the ability to access. However, to be truly human that is one of the levels of ability we do have. That is why the current pop industry has tried to destroy it.

Some real jamming music for the appreciation of real musos. Music to make you FEEEEL

And yes, this is definitely something you can get stoned to and fly. The brain is so tuned out and dulled down now, can people actually listen and get 'stoned' on the music??? I'm just using these words as a way to explain what anyone should be experiencing with real, actual music. To me this is fantastic stuff. (Can't hear it properly just through the computer, needs good speakers or headphones.)

Jimmy Page solo No Quarter 5 mins. This is for real music enthusiasts. The sort of thing you'd hear if you went to a real jazz club or in Bourbon Street, New Orleans where real musos just jam together. "When music reaches such a height that one cannot distinguish between art and the Tao in motion, it transcends all genres, time periods, and cultures. This music........ could be any of the decades up until now. Very special stuff." Internet 2 years ago. "Most people don’t understand what makes Page truly great is his relentless push of the boundaries of music. His music is all about discovery, adventure, taking risk and the moment of enlightenment that comes from that journey." Internet comment 2 years ago.

Jimmy Page solo live at MSG. HD 5 mins. This is for Jimmy's solo, begins around .30 seconds.

"When bands weren't afraid to jam out for 30 minutes and people actually enjoyed music." "There never was and never will be another band like Led Zeppelin. It's amazing how JPJ and Bonham get along and don't miss a beat while Jimmy is playing on another planet ... and there will never be another guitarist like Jimmy: talented, charismatic, creative, so handsome, devilishly sexy and seductive..."

Led Zeppelin - No Quarter (Original Solo live from Madison Square Garden 1973) [REMASTERED]

13 mins. EXCELLENT.


You will not find how to get to the 'Path of Eternal Life' easily available anywhere.


Another name for the Luciferian religion is 'Sirius'.

- Do you want to know about the planet which blew up? "It was a planet which devolved. The technology didn't devolve, the standard of the people did." The energy or physics which makes the technology possible and 'advanced' is from the 'black hole'. Thats how it gets to blow up a planet.

The eenrgy was called the 'Black Poison' the Eitr. Once, long ago, on a different planet, the people discovered the Eitr, and that it could create technology - AI, computers, smart phones, digital realities etc. Endless possibilities, including for flying craft and whatever else. But the energy came from the Black Hole. That was the catch. That planet eventually blew itself up - because of the technology. The remnants of that planet were hurled through space as broken chunks of rock the size of planets and covered in ice. That is how, one such chunk of rock ened up here. Another chunk became Mars.

The issue though is the use of the Eitr. That was the mistake. The result of that mistake is that even now Earth is aligned towards that 'Black Hole'

It pulls out of it at this time in its 25.000+ cycle but it does not leave this alignment. It merely goes to the positive side for half its journey. This is the catch that you have to becaome aware of.

In this reality of the 'Black Hole' there are inifnite possibilities and infirnite realites. So it is going to be tough for you!

It t is a rock and a hard place. Tech advances and people go backwards. As it is today.


Death does not mean death of the body, because a person is born again into another lifetime.

They go to the place the majority of people go to when they die, or out of body experiences, or astral travel or shamanic journeying. It does 'prove' at least to the person experiencing it that there is no death. This is misleading. It is the spiritual levels of the Astral that are experienced. These are the realms accessed because of the fall. They are also the reverse spin, slowly turning all the energy channels also into a reverse spin. .

If there is separation and a complete break from the soul, then that person's existence is gone forever.

That refers to the cords which attach from the soul to the person here, and is also what happens when the planet falls and goes into reverse. The planet is currently rotating in reverse for example. Those cords start twisting in reverse too. Eventually they twist too much and begin to break. The false path takes a person further into the reverse, and there are many religions and practices that relate to that. Most of them - because that is the problem which happens. Very, very few are aware that this is what happened.

Obviously it is meaningless to say this to those who are in the process of doing this, because they do not understand, or they wouldn't do it. But there have been millions who have gone like this. This is just spelling it out and telling it like it is.


Again, the 'Dome' that Humans are Imprisoned in is the Skull - the Head.

This reality takes place within your head. Ancient writings tell you this is the 'tomb'. It is also the description that Plato gave of the 'Cave' where you are trapped. This is why you cannot easily get out.

< Do this and you will remain on the 'Wheel of Rebirth' - and never find 'True Enlightenment'.



NOW is the time when you will seal your future return to the world when it falls again. So pay attention!



A new book/course is expected soon. Here is a brief intro to topics and chapters. It is specifically how to avoid the trap which takes place right now and will keep you stuck in this lower realm.


The mission to get you off a damaged planet.

The World in Reverse - Backwards.

The ZEN of Sheep

Ancient Legends of a Planet that was blown up by the 'Misuse of Technology' Remembered as 'Atlantis'.

The existence of the city/island 'Atlantis' was first recorded in Greek philosopher Plato's Timaeus and Critias. Stories of a planet connected to Sirius and an early Egyptian civilization as well as 'Egyptian Magic' etc exists in Egyptian Records including artefacts found by Howard Carter who discovered the intact tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in November 1922. Most information on the exploded planet Maldek comes from Mesopotamian Records.
65 million years ago ended the dinosaurs but also their remains arrived here on Earth in a massive multi-pronged 'comet' which hit this planet, bringing much of the debris of that ancient planet to here around 12,000 years ago. The 'war in heaven'. Science believes that life on Earth was 'star seeded' here via this incoming space debris (not a comet but the remnants of the exploded planet). Earth appears to be the central part of that much larger planet and it still carries a damaged axis. The 'Death Star' is Sirius B. Mankind on Earth began again around 6,000 years ago. Mankind on Maldek existed - in some form - long before that.

Almost everyone now, is a dutiful follower of a religion.

But they don't know that, because they have been successfully programmed.

The world has not progressed and 'moved forward' into its 'future'. It was diverted onto a different and lower path - by design.

For generations the average masses have been prepped to think and behave the way those who 'control' that religion WANT them to behave.

The religion has offices attached to the United Nations. It was originally registered and written about by its actual name, then changed to the Lucis Trust.

We are not going to put any images of that religion up here.

This has been MIND CONTROL.

*The aim has been to guide people to behave as monkeys would, and prove the point (to those behind this) that they are inferiour and not civilized. In fact people will eventually defecate in public to prove they are 'free'. That is Mind Control and 'Behavioural Programming'. Those behind this have enormous contempt for mankind.

Those behind this believe you are animals, and set out to show that that is how you will behave.

In fact the test to identify those people who can be guided to behave like animals, may be a 'test' from the Higher Realm.


Also, frequencies have been blocked and reduced particularly during the last decades, so the frequencies being looked for to WAKE UP were mostly brought into the planet before recent times. That is the music we look for. People made 'devil deals' in Frank Sinatra's time, and before, but not all artists had to follow that route. They became successful despite the music industry machine. We hope to include music and it has to be about actual music, and specifically not the altered sound frequencies of recent years.

The music added here, specifically Pink Floyd, IS to take you to the cosmos.






Pink Floyd - Marooned

The Grammy Award winning Marooned. Play Track.


When you hear and really listen to Pink Floyd, you can clearly see you are accessing a higher level of SOUND. This and the next 3 tracks added, clearly show a very noticeable difference. That is also like the difference when you access your own Higher Self.


Health :

“Current levels by laboratory analysis shows 3% RNA and 0.3% DNA in Chlorella which would make Chlorella one of the highest known food substances in nucleic acids. Used regularly Chlorella would assist in the repair of damaged genetic material in human cells, protecting our health and slowing down the aging process….When our RNA and DNA are in good repair and able to function most efficiently, our bodies get rid of toxins and avoid disease. Cells are able to repair themselves, and the energy level and vitality of the whole body is raised….Chlorella has 5 times the RNA and DNA of canned sardines.” – Dr Bernard Jensen, D.O., Ph.D.

It is now interesting to look at foods which can repair RNA and DNA like Spirulina, and certain Salt from ancient pure areas.

Herbs & Plant Healing


Pink Floyd is the recommended High Frequency. It is recommended to choose what you like from Pink Floyd and listen to that perhaps daily.

'Sound'. Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness'


The Path of Duality currently becoming the GOOD side, is still not the Path of Eternal Life. Not the same thing!




This page is under construction.


Gipsy Kings : Charlie Puth : Nirvana & Soundgarden Grunge Rock : Metallica : Chicago Big Band Sound. : Linkin Park Alternative Rock : Enigma : Silk Sonic : Moody Blues : Sade : Led Zeppelin : Led Zeppelin Jazz Jam : Santana : 1 Giant Leap & African : Iron Maiden : Music Industry: Really LOUD Rock : The Beatles & MK Ultra/music industry : Eagles & America : Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' : More Pink Floyd + albums : New Music Page and Links Begins here
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On this site, there is high frequency music, dance, movies etc all of which can raise the spirits and energy. We are not using negative music or films etc.

There is far worse now in pop videos and movies which are the normalized rendition of abnormal behaviour. Nice music tracks , as an example, like 'Take You Dancing' by Jason Derulo yet full of absolute shxxxt sexualising everything, and even these idiotic lyrics have to be about the bedroom not dancing. Then there are the truck driver dancers they use, and flicking their backsides to look as much like monkeys as possible. It is stuff like this - ruining a nice pop song - that is doing and has done the real damage. And the 'nice girl next door' Kylie Minogue on stage and turning to bend over and present her bottom to the audience. They also do this in the 'Take You Dancing' video, it probably began when Rhianna first did this. This stuff is damaging, extremely negative and abnormal. It is the same as Sam Smith dressing as satan.

Bands like Led Zeppelin were not like this and you may be surprised to know that the lead singer Robert Plant at the band's height in 1973 was actually happiy married with a 4 year old daughter who was the light of his life. Nothing like the image. Sure they did some stuff, and Jimmy Page has always been fascinated by the 'occult'. and my guess is that few, including him, ever really know what the 'occult' delved into actually is - because you don't know until you are well into checking it out. But they did include what was required of their 'deal'.

But there are other bands who definitely carried a literal message for bad.

Even the Beatles did a lot of harm clearing the way for chemical drug taking and some utterly stupid behaviour. . As you already know, that is what most of them made deals with the devil to do, because that is how they were able to work and gain fame, including many without all that much talent. So long as they promoted some of the Luciferian ideas they were promoted. Others were involved in actual child trafficking etc. There are far more so called artists now who are real messengers of the 'dark forces' because others gradually introduced the acceptance of this stuff.

The world has lost high level expression of the arts, so we will be including more than music. The planet needs to get back on track! The page specific for 'Clearing Darkness' is Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness'. Don't be surprised if we use unexpected tracks. These are fun, energy tracks. We do explain some of the 'negatives' because sometimes that is in the audience etc.


We use items that inspire, are high energy, raise frequencies, are informative, are about 'dreams', are fun, or are beautiful.

Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' Higher Frequency sound :
' Part 1 : The Situation with the Jab. : Pink Floyd Project to Clear 'Darkness' : Guidelines : Health Intro : Herbs & Plant Healing




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