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The LIFE ENERGY through the human spine is related to the energy channels and/or chakras.

However, in this reality, the HIGHEST 'GATE' has been cut off, leaving the 3rd Eye as the new 'Master Control Centre'.

The entrance and exit point that truly belongs at the top of the

'Column of Light'

- which runs straight along the spine -

has been bypassed, or 'usurped' by the entrance/exit point at the

3rd Eye,

which realigns all the chakras in the body and the Force at the base of the spine, into the pathway that the 3rd Eye leads into -

remember that the warnings throughout all time - though ignored -

are that the 3rd Eye was compromised.

This makes the once straight 'Column of Light' wind snake-like around the spine.

When it unravels along that snake-like path, it of course aligns into the 3rd Eye and a different path and source.

NOW, in this reality, the life force winds around the spine. Before the alteration of this planet, it did not wind around the spine.

If you activated into that altered path and source, then you belong to the same source which is behind Coronavirus and the new Global Order.

People wonder how it can be that they do all that is taught by certain spiritual paths or that the 'elite' always control this reality and you are still reincarnating into this world.

That is why.


At the time this planet reaches its change back into the Upward Phase - probably within the next few years - it is already too late for people to just jump across with it.

Thus they keep returning into this world, under the intelligence or Mind which runs this world and they scratch their heads wondering why?

Even those people who are wonderfully aware of the agendas and the 'deceit of the elite' still do their 'spiritual awakening' along the new pathway because even they did not know that the spiritual teachings which abound are the biggest trap of all.

Didn't they do those Ayuashca journeys out of body, and all those practices to raise the energy up to the crown and so on?

What happened, when surely all those ancient teachings and spiritual practices which resurfaced now, came from a 'lost golden age'. Didn't they?

.....what happened is that you were also taught NOT to do any of that while this planet is in its descending phase as it is dangerous to do it -

because it is during that time that it is CUT OFF from the Original Source, and instead it accesses a False Energy, and the path into a parallel reality you then think or believe is the real Earth.

From that location it is even more difficult - or more likely impossible - to get out of the 'false universe' before it reaches its end.

That is why it was taught......


It takes several life times to unravel the twisted energies, so if you did not do that this time, or if you followed the many spiritual practices which exist onto the altered pathway, then you can prepare to do it for the next 'new Earth'.

Please note it obviously has nothing to do with the chakras in the body.

The correction has to be made from the 3rd Eye upwards.

The many people who have actually activated into this alignment have helped build the cords which pull this planet into the source which is trying to take the planet.

True Source is not a dark light, and not feminine because that is the magnetic-negative end of the spectrum and the problem this world is in. It is also the source of the 'dark elite'.



We aim to provide a meditation practice to help with unplugging from the False Source and plugging into the True Source.

The agenda looks set to eliminate people before this planet begins its Ascending Phase.

It is hoped that you understand the difference between the False Source and the True Source.

First step to help de-activate their power is to stop doing the practices as clearly shown. Also stop doing things to do with the '11' gateway.


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