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The Path of Light and Dark

Life and Death, Good and Evil - Duality.



The Sirius Path is Made Up of

a Light Star, and a Dark/Dead Star - a Duality.


The energy stream or 'path' that the people of this planet are on, and that they choose, is the Sirius Path. This is because they born in Genesis, as a not official creation sparked by a different star system which was part of a binary star system. They were born onto a world that is actually part of a different energy stream, so they remain on what is called the 'Wheel of Rebirth' - the reality that is this physical planet and its spiritual realms, BUT they have the chance to choose to become part of the True Eternal Life Source.

Very obvious to see how evil the Dark part of this DUAL path is - although some people do choose it - but the Light part of this path remains the path of choice on this planet, and it includes the planet's Ascending Phase. It includes that for the reason that the planet cycles back into its Fall which means it is still on the 'Path of Light & Dark' - the energy stream chosen by the people on this planet. That is the Wheel of Rebirth. If they ultimately remain on that path then it leads not only to a Light star, but beyond that into the Dead Star. It ultimately sends the soul into dissolution.

They remain on that path UNLESS they choose the Eternal, Living, True God Source

- which is what we teach how to do.

That is the Path of the devil written in Genesis - Life and Death, Dark and Light, Good and Evil. That is how you ID it. It is both. And the people on this planet love it. The Path of Eternal Life is a Living Star, no duality. Those of the Sirius Path are here to take this planet into THEIR energy stream.

Therefore at this time in the Grand Cycle when the planet really accesses that path via the black hole, there are people who incarnate here from the True Reality, to ensure that does not happen, and of course there is help from the True Reality. The people of this planet would not make that choice! The assistance is not as an obvious, easily understood connection though, because the inner awareness of True Source still tests you. After the Earth moves into its Ascending Phase, it is still up to the people here to choose True God Source - and they must do that before the time we are in now.

It is not the Sirius Path. "Our Father, which art in Heaven, Hallowed be THY Name, THY kingdom come, THY will be done here on Earth as it is in Heaven......For THINE is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever, world without end." The path of this planet is NOT the path to Sirius.


The Sirius/Black Hole Energy Stream.

For a long time science was discussing the desire to enter the black hole. Stephen Hawkings was one of those who thought it a good idea. The thing is, where do you think the Black Hole was, that they were talking about? The nearest one to this planet perhaps?

This Black Hole has caused the current cycle of this planet, which Falls (descends) and that is where it picks up the energy stream from the hole. That is the second energy stream that entered the Garden and this reality. The second 'Tree' in the Garden. It is the Sirius Path - two stars Light & Dark, Living & Dead. The cycle, which is the Cycle of the Zodiac Ages, is a false cycle - obviously, because it exists because of the force (the 'invisible force') of the black hole. This is the reason why although Astrology can be a very precise science, the energies of the 'star signs' should not be influencing anything on this planet.

The Black Hole - Wormwood - spins and sometimes faces Earth and spits out frequencies, and sometimes less so, during the time it influences here which is for about 6,000 years. Others have also noted that 2021 was the real 'End Times' year, then some bright spark says 'but it is 2022 now'. Indeed it is, and the planet was safely navigated away from the Black Hole by the military in 2021. This is why the good side had to have control from 2016. The Trump presidency was the distraction, and all focus was always on him, and he was never out of the news. Once the planet pulls out of its Fall (which is caused by the force from the Black Hole) it adjust its fallen left side in what is called its 'Right Ascension'.

"The Sirius energy stream is the path which produces

'good fleets' (apparently Ashtar, nice angels etc) and also the satanists. It is what confuses people, but also humanity was born under Sirius - yet if they take that path then it ultimately leads to dissolution of the soul template.

Sirius is the chosen path of people born on this planet, obviously the good side mostly. However, it is still part of the DUALITY that is a binary star system - one dead and one living - so is the Path of Life and Death. This is the information that people on this planet have trouble with, also because it is the first one that communicates. It is the reason the Path to Eternal Life is offered. Most people argue blind that it is wrong to have to 'obey' ignoring the first port of entry to a 'spirit world' and 'spiritual communication' - they argue about it, they turn away in a huff, and basically blacklist any work trying to explain this (hence no income for the good side!) However, this is the only way to avoid going into that pathway."


The Great Work of the Dark Star Sirius.


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