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As people do not read information on websites, wording is kept short and sweet, but shows the points to take note of.


This planet is on the Path of Light and Dark. It still has an active connection to the Path of True Source, but the path this planet and the people on this planet are on, is the Path of Light and Dark.

Here are the 2 paths -

The PATH of LIFE and TRUE SOURCE and the



The Path of Life and True Source is something this planet will get closer to when in the Ascending Phase.

For most of the time this planet is on the Path of Life and Death, which is Light and Dark.

That means there is always the dark present but even if you are on the light side, you are still part of the False Source.

It also means it is the same false 'sea' that is experienced when one leaves the body and exits the electromagetic band that is this reality. Therefore you are still in the False Source, and this is what is experienced at death, in astral travel, and journeying etc.

No matter how 'infinite' the amount of information and the number of frequency bands within that universe of electromagnetic fields, quantum particles, and its unified field - it still refers to

the FALSE ASTRAL universe that is the control of this reality.



How hard can it be to understand something that is in your face obvious?

Straight up to True North leads to True Source.

And the deliberately caused tilt leads to the False Source energy -

which this planet has been in for the last 12,000 years - this is the destination of most spiritual paths of the last 12,000 years.

If you would prefer not to have really powerful dark beings able to be effective in your world, then you have to choose True Source, not the Path of Light and Dark which is the False Source and path this planet is caught in.

A planet does not naturally tilt over to a different source!


The 11th Gate - the almost worshipped number 11 - is not only that universe, but also an energy stream and a Force, which has a centre to that Force *a place where it began.

The entry and exit to the '12th Gate' which accesses a way out of the 'Astral Universe' has been cut off.

The Nordic sources cover Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, and extend to Scotland, Orkney, and Eire/Ireland. The people kept records of what was done to take this planet away from TRUE SOURCE and align it to a False Source.

Another source is the Records of the people who migrated northwards from the regions of Hunza and the imagined 'SHAN GRI LA' - which represented the ETHEREAL cities that once were the reality.

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Using information from the ancient Nordic Runes, you have a pointer and marker for the '12th Gate' - which this planet was purposefully moved away from.


Which is this > <You can see the Rune.

The straight line from True South to True North is the Path this planet is supposed to on.

Since the times when the planet began to move away from True Source then it is people themselves who have taken themselves into the False Source.

Much the same as letting a false story of a dangersous virus loose has led to people - with no medical knowledge whatsoever - come to ridiculous consclusions about what to do, just because they are Stae Governors, and State Premiers.

Polaris is currently the Magnetic North Pole Star - which means it is a false marker.

If you align into this then it is the Path of Light and Dark you have taken yourself into.

Most of the time people won't know where they are aligning. But there are teachings that do warn of this false alignment and they simply tell you not to do certain practices because they anchor you onto the false path.

Again it is very easy to see, the True Path is a straight 'column of Light' but you have to work very hard on correcting being on the false path in order to get back to a straight column.

Below is a diagram from a spiritual pth which clearly shows you it aligns into Polaris.


Dubbed 'spaceship Earth', this planet undertakes a 'journey' away from True Source and into the energy issuing source and alignment of the '11th Gate'. We will cover the 'gates' shortly.

It is a journey through a space that is all a created realm which should not exist.

The '11th Gate' constantly leads into, and out of, the realm that SOULS became trapped in. It is where the soul leaves the body at death, and in Astral Travel and 'spirit journeys'.

This angle is an entire realm - of 11 dimensions - which is where human souls are forever TRAPPED,

unless you do what is needed to find the WAY OUT of this physical and astral reality.

This angle is the problem.

The SOUL moves between the non-body levels of the Astral Streams

and the physical manifestation of this world reality. It never goes to the True Realms.


these lines are two separate paths.




It is also into something very specific that has been called MIND, 'INFINITE MIND' and even the 'MIND of 'GOD' - and the Mind is NOT 'GOD'.

It is the entire realm you are biologically altered into, experience through your brain, as well as your awareness beyond the brain when you leave the body, and are TRAPPED IN IT.






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