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Newsletter for end of March 2020

Introduction to the Location of the False Reality Universe.


The explosion that was

the 'BIG BANG'

created and was the cause of the existence of this universe, including the energy called 'Forbidden Energy' which was used to create the first Artificial Intelligence - used within that universe - and all other uses of 'technology'.

Therefore, for worlds existing outside but within the rim of where that explosion took place with the likely possibility that they would be sucked into what resulted, the energy from that 'Tree' was 'Forbidden'.


The 'Big Bang' which formed this universe. took place, came into being, and ended all within an instant.

Yet here you are, living in the universe that resulted from that explosion

- and experiencing in a slowed down time sequence, something that already ended nearly 14 billion years ago.


Within that one 'Big Bang', there were entire sequences of smaller explosions.

One of these continuing explosions is how this planet EARTH began to be sucked towards an entry into the Hole or void that had been created by the 'Big Bang'.

That smaller entry void is a portal, sometimes called the 'rabbit hole', into the falsely created 'astral universe'.

That universe came into being when the 'Big Bang' explosion shattered everything into tiny atoms and molecules which became the universe you, and science, see.

Certainly, new stars, suns and systems are born in that void - but it is still part of the sequence of extra explosions that occurred with the 'Big Bang' which began and ended - ceased to exist - nearly 14 billion years ago.

It is the falsely created Astral Universe where you exist now.

Yet if you were in it - and you were - you already ceased to exist nearly 14 billion years ago too - as the universe created by the Big Bang- where you died.

The explosion that is the Big Bang has a centre and began by expanding. There are about 3.7 billion years left before the end of that 'Big Bang' explosion will be experienced.

So you have a choice - to remain in the already ended sequence that was the universe created by the Big Bang- in which you instantly died.

OR you Wake Up and get out of it.

You are fortunate this is being experienced in slowed down time

because even though the entire story has already been written - in original time -

the slowed down motion means those from outside the Big Bang explosion can step into this reality and show you how to get out.

It means, you can still do something about it before that experience of the Big Bang explosion reaches its end!


The 11th GATE - discussed later -

aligns into the epicentre of an explosion.

Those caught within that explosion are experiencing what happened in slowed down time.

The universe, like all explosions, is seen to be rapidly expanding

- it is still in the outward explosion phase.

This planet is part of either a fractal hologram of the entire Big Bang, or is just ne part that was a planet that exploded.

A topic that this work has covered in its previous manuals is -

An entire area of space can be seen to all be tilted in the same direction at the same angle, towards the centre of the 'universe' where the explosion moved outward from.

This work concludes that this is

the 'Path of Life, Death and Knowledge/Intellect' (because of the energy it produces)

while the Door OUT is into the Path of Life - the LIVING Life Streams of a Source, and Ocean, which existed before this universe came about.





Have you been given a chance to get out of the BIG BANG - or a massive explosion of a planet - before the experience of the universe ends?


* This work is an existing but forgotten System which teaches about Living Energy both for lifestyle and as a cosmology.


Please note that in a TV series by Professor Brian Cox on the 'Universe' he does cover that science considers there may be an 'ocean' of life which exists outside of this universe, and existed before the Big Bang.


Was There Something Else Before the Big Bang?

A Star Older than the Universe.


The rediscovery of an ancient but very real 'lost paradise' that this world literally moved away from.

- CONNECTING into the Energy Stream of the 12th GATE and





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