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As people do not read information on websites, wording is kept short and sweet, but shows the points to take note of.


This planet is on the Path of Light and Dark. It still has an active connection to the Path of True Source, but the path this planet and the people on this planet are on, is the Path of Light and Dark.

It exists in a sea of frequencies, but it is not the 'Ocean'.

The Path you and the planet are on, exists because this planet has been pulled away from True Source. The Path is a repeating circle. It exists within an altered 'sea', and the source of that sea is this -

The Approaching 'PORTAL'.

Newly discovered black hole can be seen with the naked eye


The Sea Of Frequencies

that this reality is just One Band within.


Using various sources, generally, the existence where real life continues - the True 'Ocean'- is a far faster and higher frequency than what this world and universe are.

Faster than light. This existence is experienced in slowed down, stretched out time.

After this page we will take a quick look at the 12 Gates which became, for this reality, 11 Gates - with the 11th Gate as the entrance into the 'False Universe'.

It is also where the soul body automatically now exits the body.

We look at that 11th Gate entrance point into what you call reality and this universe.

It is a particular band of electomagnetic frequencies which exists as just one wavelength within a number of such bands, within a 'sea' of frequencies

- but this reality is specific to the 11th Gate

which we look at on a page in this sequence.

The 'sea of frequencies' in which the band for this reality exists, has an unknown number of wavebands but they all make up the one 'sea of frequencies' which is also called and designated to be an 'ocean'.

However, although those experiencing this reality and universe are part of the 'oneness' that makes up the total of the number of bands of such frequencies and are part of this particular 'sea of frequencies' - it is not the 'ocean'. It is really a lake of frequencies.

It is a 'sea' or 'lake' which has isolated itself from the actual Ocean, thus -

NOT all of us, are part of that particular 'oneness'.

That is why it is a problem, becaue awakening into that 'sea' or 'lake' is not the OCEAN that this False Universe ISOLATED itself from.

It isolated itself from the Ocean and became the realm called MIND.

So, even though many have taken that 11th Gate path into this 'sea' throughout time, it is still the 'sea which separated from the True Ocean. '

The reality that this world experience is plugged into is the source behind the agenda.

People in this reality have unknowingly chosen to be in the unfolding story.

But this world does not yet have to be fully plugged this particular reality.

It can be unplugged and reinstated to the True Reality Ocean in which the Sea of Frequencies that make up the realm of MIND, were once part of a much larger OCEAN of frequencies.




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