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"We want GOOGLE to be the third half of your brain." Sergey Brin 8th Sept. 2010

Safe Sound 



for Healthy Brain Function and a Healthy Nervous System. about how this world is accessing a lower realm sound.

And importantly, that the purpose of that lower sound is to create needs, false expectations, misperceptions about how to be popular, form a loving relationship, to value love not sex, and so on, so that people, especially those who are still maturing, will have a lifetime need to BUY things that they believe will fulfill those needs.

In addition, that that is without ever knowing that these things are a replacement for how they would have achieved those feelings if they were not being reprogrammed. It is also altering their brain circuitry before the brain has fully developed.

This change to brains, the nervous system, responses and feelings began when music was really moving into new directions say from the 1960's onwards but was directed into drug experiences and mystical claptrap - which was actually part of the same brain modification 'conspiracy'.

The purpose for this was so everything misfired and became the ultimate disatisfied world and a paradise for those supplying the new needs.

This world is the successful result of what was done for the 'big conspiracy' that so many wanted to expose, to actually succeed.

This is what these 4 pages on SOUND are looking at.

We can't appeal to everyone's choice in music, just give examples that hopefully express the difference we are talking about

- actual music and art over the extremely clever and subtle way people and their brain functiong has been altered for a purpose that has nothing to do with art and music.


The Lost Sound that was being accessed until the Digital Age arrived.

The world had the Sound and classical composers from centuries past, such as Chopin, can be played as if written in today's world, and earlier versions of today's music, can be played as classical works (go to 4th page in this sequence) but the literal pop music of todaý's 'sound' is something the digital world would struggle to produce.

Jimmy Page - Chopin, Prelude in E minor: Op 28, n. 4

This is the famous Led Zeppelin guitarist, famed for Stairway to Heaven, playing a few minutes classical.

But keep in mind that this is not just about sound and about music.

It is about how people, kids, and teens, are being programmed

to think and behave while believing it is their own choice and thinking.

The programming is to be in conflict with anything that is not instantly new and to be contemptuous of their parents and older generations - to believe that they are all powerful in this contempt and 'up yours' belief. This is because they are being trained and entrained to be real life advertisments for the products they are being programmed to buy.

It relates to their self-confidence and popularity, which are now in the hands of those who sell them what they need so they can be peer accepted.

For this reason almost all the music used here would be regarded with contempt although some remains eternally cool - like Led Zeppelin, the Stones, and a few older heavy metal bands and so on.


So it is not just about SOUND but is perhaps about WHY the SOUND was altered.


For some Latino, rock jazz fusion go to Santana Caravanserai  below.

Or for some Brasilian sound go to the 3rd page link along.


Some of this music,

most of it, has been described as 'audible heroin', so we are calling this page 'safe sound'.  It is Timeless, about the range of sound, and what that sound triggers within you - 'audible heroin' - not about when it was recorded.   With all of these tracks my eyes change - and there is a reason for that.

There are of course some truly great guitar players, many of whose names may not be well known and some that are, but this work is going to add a new selection of music- particularly David Gilmour of Pink Floyd and some tracks of Carlos Santana because there is a particular magic in these works.


David Gilmour

Run Like Hell  Gilmour Pompeii

One of these Days D Gilmour


Santana Caravanserai 

Every Step of the Way

Waves Within

Look Up and See What is Coming Down 3 mins.


Kashmir Led Zeppelin original version

Kashmir classical versian3 mins


'Today's world is the product of reducing the ability to hear sound. There is a reduction of the sound spectrum people are able to hear – but without the ability to hear the SOUND, this planet would eventually die. 

It was the increasing SOUND that was beginning to enter this planet that was heralding in this planet’s ASCENSION.  

When this planet gets back on track for its ASCENSION we could expect 21st century music and sound to emerge that begins to access the HIGHER REALMS and moves forward from what began but was hijacked.

We are looking at what was beginning to emerge in consciousness and real music as the energies for this planet's Ascension first began. Instead the world moved into digitally produced sound.


“Music doesn’t lie.  If something is to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music”.   Jimi Hendrix




These pages are about the kind of sound that was being produced/accessed when this planet first began to prepare for its Ascending Phase - Ascension.

It is partly that it was finding new heights but the more obvious development is how much the sound and quality deteriorated when the music business ceased to be based on talent and creativity, and became digital, accessed all music that had already been produced naturally, and became a real business as the primary reason for its existence.  

It does not mean that those producing the SOUND were necessarily advanced, or mean that those who enjoyed listening to it were more advanced spiritually. Obviously most weren't!

It means the musicians were the ones who were capable of producing what was beginning to be heard. 

Those who were moved by it were able to hear - and that could have gone places which were in fact lost by adding everything else -  sex-drugs-rock and roll into what made the the 'high' - and business.

It is not necessary to lump these all together, but to separate them and isolate the SOUND (or the feeling or the meaning of the lyrics etc, depending on the tracks.) The SOUND will produce the high all on its own. 

Since that time the SOUND has been lost. It did lose its way to become something that is often good entertainment today, but not the magic that was possible.


The music featured on this page remains Timeless.

We know we cannot cover all the many different tastes in music! But we will try to provide examples of what we are aiming for.

In a time when good music was recognized and appreciated, many musicians were truly gifted, excellent musicians.

Often people of a much later generation are surprised how good the musicians were, because such a skill is not necessary today.

Yet it still seems to be something in the soul of the musician which differentiates and takes some music into the SOUND that was either a gentle magic or reaching into the cosmos. Today, having any musical or singing ability is not even needed.



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