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Royal Satanists.


I had an article up here which detailed how close I came to being part of the inner set within a European royal family, but when I checked I found that I had somehow deleted it.

If you have seen the video featured below, then you will be aware that some of the royal families of Europe are the top members of this 'religious' cult of psychopathic murderers who believe that as the lineage of the 'Children of Cain' they are to abuse and sacrifice children and young boys and girls as part of a sport and divine right not limited to their official rituals.

Some of their top people include Lord Maitreya as embodied in one of these nutjobs - who is said to have surrendered and was a female. Another head of the Warlocks is the 'Prince of Orange' which is a title of the royal family of the Netherlands.

In fact the British Isles had William of Orange as its king, followed by Queen Anne after the Stuart reign which had followed the Tudors (you all know of the head chopping fat king Henry Tudor who was Henry 8th.) In 1689 Prince William of Orange became King of England.

The current British royal family members were from the German line via Queen Victoria who came to the throne after the death of the relative who was George 1Vth who had ruled as the Prince Regent - Regency times are the times of Jane Austen. He was Prince Regent because of his father King George111's madness. George 111 was the king during the American War of Independence. Victoria's birth line was the Saxe-Coburgs. Prince Charles is the descendent of King Vlad the Impaler otherwise written of as Dracula, and had pedophile murderer and 'Top of the Pops' DJ Jimmy Saville as his best mate.

Therefore all royals present some 'Epstein Island' tendencies which make Jack the Ripper seem quite tame. The Prince of Orange was also one of these.

So, some years before I got myself stuck in a dead energy, zombieland work trap in Sydney Australia, I was working for various model agencies while trying to work out what I could do for my future. I ended up with a number of interesting contracts, then one day my agent sent me for an interview to be the Personal Assistant to the personal pilot of a European prince who was husband to the ruling queen and his name is mentioned in this video!

It was a great opportunity that required not much more than being there and looking very good. Well paid, and clearly a doorway - a stepping stone - to unlimited possibilities - so it was not a job that many girls in today's world would turn down.

Nor would I have done, had the next part of the job description been that I would need to be 'very friendly' with the pilot. I was absolutely devastated because there was no way I was going to do that!

It was extremely disappointing but of course I did turn it down. The man who was interviewing for this 'position' was surprised. My agent who had sent me was also completely confused and bewildered that I had turned it down. It does not say much for the moral character of a world that automatically thought that to be a good path to a good future. Both these people thought I was weird for walking away.

Had I been offered somewhat more acceptable terms of employment I would have taken that job - and in doing so found myself in with some of the cult's highest ranking witches and warlocks and satanic, psychopathic nutjobs.




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