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The Great Reset


How Much Does Silicon Valley Work for China?

9 mins. June 2nd.

Section 230 ... Coronavirus ... Dark Agenda ... Cultural Marxist, Maoist Atheisim.

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Back in 2011 I knew very little about news services like CNN, but the war on Libya disguised as the ridiculous Arab Spring, introduced me to false reporting. I was aghast because at that time I innocently thought news sources reported the reality but could clearly see that that was not the case. Thereafter I have been more informed on this, and there are many news sources one should be wary of especially with the continued misinformation and reporting incorrect cases and death data for Covid 19.

Right now, in June 2020 there is a massive push to get Trump out of the White House. The US and world have just come out of stressful lockdowns with loss of incomes and businesses, the protests are not about George Floyd, terrible as that is. The biggest fear in the US is that Trump will block the intended agenda.

The need to destroy Trump means that vindictive enemies, ex generals, and Democrats are assisting the riots and false narratives - which indirectly mean they are supporting and helping a push by the CCP to bring down the west. It means more to these traitors to harm Trump, and indeed, they may also be complicit in some of the Covid-19 agenda for people to lose their freedoms. It is they who have introduced Trace Acts and Trace Apps, while the traitors of Silicon Valley, now including Snapchat, are also aiding this.

How Much Does Silicon Valley Work for China?

9 mins. June 2nd.

Hopefully Trump's Executive Order on censorship Section 230 will block social media from censoring by changing their status from platform to publishers.

Therefore we wish to make a very special effort to bring you the news which identifies what is going on.

We are not American and not Trump fans - but have learned things you would be surprised to know and also mention that had Hillary - who is as corrupt as it gets - got in she would have been helping the agenda to remove your freedoms. Those who do not want compulsory vaccinations, and who do want their freedoms have an ally in the White House. Don't let these other ones manipulate how you think. Our very indendent Youtube links help show this is the case.


Information from earlier.

April 2020

Just a quick comment that apparently a lot of people are experiencing Fear.

So I must say that I have never once during this covid stuff ever felt or considered 'fear'. Tere is no need for fer, just action.

The world has a problem, it is clearly happening, and we have to act and address it.

This fear and panic is apparently being experienced very strongly amongst the 'new age' - based on the youtube videos I have recently watched. But what is happening is the shock of realising stuff is wrong. It is something everyone, but especially 'aware people', should have been aware of.

This is not the time to be worrying about your emotions around what is happening. It is the time to pull yourself together and focus on what matters - which is totally not you falling to pieces!

In Malaysia, I have not seen anyone worrying about people not social distancing and most take all of it as an annoying nuisance. It doesn't seem that many people have bought into it. Shops were okay apart from so many being closed. No police were out harassing. Update for late July 2020 is that Malaysia is almost as normal.

Also on these videos it is consistently stated that once you leave the body - die - you are free of what this reality is. It may well be that the experience sees the reality here as a dream, but make no mistake - because it is a very important mistake - you are still in the energy that produced this reality.

It is absolutely not that this reality is a mix of light and dark, and you simply choose light and some choose dark, or choose love or fear. That isn't how it is.

Just because this planet has polarity, it does not mean the opposite end is dark. However, the dark that this planet is now in, is not part of this planet or its Source. It isn't part of that structure, but it is trying to take it. That is the whole point.

Get to finally understand that and then yes, that is an awakening!

*This is the topic covered under the 'purple mushroom' links.


The civil unrest that is taking place specifically across the US democratic states is part of the AGENDA to bring down the kind of democracy the Constitution was intended for and replace it with CHANGE

- which means the communistic, totalitarian, no freedoms new world order that aware people say they are against. There are many sources with that understanding who are out there right now on June 5th HELPING to bring in the agenda!

News sources we have found to be misinformation include CNN, BBC World News, Channal 4 UK, ABC Australia - who has spent a lot of its time trying to focus on racism in Australia during Covid-19 - like really! - and many others which we may be able to add here. Good sources of commentary have been Sky News Australia and Fox.

Alternative sources also can be infiltrated by misinformation - ActivistPost is worrying, the website is currently full of tips for protestors, which the Deep State must be thrilled to see. It does not take much intelligence to understand what is really taking place. By the way, some of the financing for the riots comes from Soros (as reported on a link) it has the full support of the Democrats obviously, and the directive for all communist, Marxist parties to take advantage of the covid situation - Antifa is Marxist leaning - comes from the CCP Chinese Communist Party. The US protests and riots will show if Covid-19 social distancing works or if Covid-19 was not what you were told it was.

The biggest danger to the agenda being implemented is not having its own people in the right positions.

Do you think they factored in that Trump would beat Hillary? It is unbelieveable that websites which are so full on to expose the agenda are supporting helping it be implemented!

We like Spiro but he does miss some important points and links to others who not getting it so are not recommended sources. One of those points is that although Trump said he would get the military to deliver the Darpa vaccine for covid, he also said " for those who want it. Not everyone is going to want it''. Trump has also said there will be not be another lockdown - vital for the vaccine issue to go ahead - is investigating the WHO, has dealt with Fauci and we imagine his Secretary of Defense Esper will be gone soon too. Spiro also links to others who not getting it so are not recommended sources. David icke was good but the website has gone.

What is happening in the US at this time June 5th 2020 is nothing to do with black lives matter. It is an already organized insurrection to bring down the government so that the democrats can get in and fulfill bringing in the agenda. It is insurrection - a violent uprising against an authority or government.

There is actual evidence presented elsewhere that this unrest has been directed to happen - in written documents - to take advantage of the covid situation, by the Chinese Communist Party, so this Defense Secretary has revealed either his ignornace of that or his complicity in something else.

Also important how a free world is being brought down.

7 mins.


Spiro also links to others who are not getting it so are not recommended sources. On the other hand you may like to check these. David Icke was good but the website has gone.

Therefore, we are making a very special effort to present more clarity to the picture.


If people do not have a clearer perspective it is going to be extremely easy to bring about the agenda that you actually don't want.  24 minutes



28 mins.

Prophecy of Hermes | The Anunnaki & Forced Forgetting of the "Sky Beings" - The character Hermes laments the forgetting of a culture, a civilization and all the advanced knowledge and human development that it held.


They Are Now Ready for Stage 3 to bring in the New World Order.

The Great Reset -

the already decided Solution of the Hegelian Problem - Reaction - Solution.

Stage 1 - the 'pandemic'. Stage 2 - the civil unrest and call for change. Stage 3 - the Great Reset. The psychopaths behind the the New World Order. 22 mins.


The WHO Knowingly Lied About China 9 mins.


Here is a video we were directed to which links a lot of bad players who are 'advising' on this and a numbers of foundations linked to drugs/vaccines. This next video provides some links between those involved in false data, Big Pharma and vaccines, and those who called for the lockdown. Amazing Polly.

24 minutes

The video link above covers the links between some western organizations and what has been an obvious - and rumbled - deception on the world. The virus issue has been a takeover attempt on a worldwide basis by a hostile power. It is a combination of the Illuminati, 1%, corrupt individuals in massive numbers in important postions, the CCP, the W.H.O., Big Pharma, technology and then the celebrity faces who were to help introduce the new system.

Are people really as stupid as this Russian example Milana Ivanova?

This woman doesn't trust Putin any more. What was he - her guardian? Are they aware that there has been a virus situation - and rightly or wrongly every country id the same thing. 3 mins.

Awareness is spreading - particularly about the dangers of compulsory vaccinations but much less so about a world domination agenda.

Other problems ahead also still exist such as the significant amount of debt people are now in. There is also a 'trend' of people 'moving away' from cash, and shopping online - both intended outcomes of this plandemic. What peple are not aware of - and where some alternataive news sources my be being infiltrated by agenda misinformation - is the interpretation of what is taking place in the world and that the call for civil unrest issues from a Communist Agenda specifically the CCP.

That is not to say western Illuminati are not the same consciousness because they are, and Rockefeller supports the idea of a government under the CCP system. So be careful what you read.

This page is covering existing links. The new page covers new links, including Amazing Polly who has done amazing research in linking the people and the names who belong to a maze of organizations related to the virus scam.

How the CCP could control the world via the virus

7 mins.

Thank you.

April-May 2020

There is a big push by the Chinese Communist Party to bring down the west and achieve world dominance,

therefore we are making this the focus, even though there are other issues alongside this. Ihe directive went out from the CCP in April to take advantage of the covid situation. We will add a new Youtube link on the new page then move the list to this page.



On May 11th Earth crossed what is called the heliospheric current sheet – which  is a vast wavy structure in interplanetary space separating regions of opposite magnetic polarity. 

It happens every 27 days.

But it may be getting closer to the awaited trigger point for the planet's natural cyclic Ascending Phase is approaching. All such instructions issue via the sun - once the sun starts its activity again.

It has been completely blank for most of this year and before, very little activity - which is why this has been the ideal time for the dark agenda to get this covid stuff, 5G and all the new restrictions into place.

One of the intentions of this situation is to ensure people go online

for connecting with others, for shopping, work and in other words to start living your life online and getting your information online. It has been noted in the Wake Updates that even your internet searches can bring up results that are specific for you - because they have your data.


Circuit Panel In Brand New 5G Tower Is Labeled 'COV-19' -

June 2020

The recent protests - Stage 2 of the Problem - Reaction - Solution which began with covid-19, to bring in the New World Order - have further destroyed small businesses and livelihoods.

9 mins Were black people targeted in the name of 'black lives matter' - to destroy their businesses and livelihoods?


Let's look at the opinions of Real Doctors and why has Youtube censored them?

The approach to covid - and to avoid economic tragedy - is to naturally build Herd Immunity.

Probably the most influential video is the one put out by two doctors from Bakersfield, California, which was taken down by Youtube.

One of those doctors is Dr. Dan Erikson, and further down this links page is a follow up interview with these two doctors from Bakersfield.

Dr Erikson 9 minutes -

9.5 minutes

The collateral damage to the economy from lockdowns is causing severe problems.

31 mins.

Why are Google & YouTube so Afraid of Dr. Dan Erickson | Sebastian Gorka Radio

YouTube Now Censoring Doctors Who Question Govt? Dave Rubin Responds | MEDIA | Rubin Report

5 mins

Most of the World is now Set Up for Total Economic Collapse with a 2nd wave of 'covid'.

So let's Look at Bill Gates

Body Language #2 And His Weird Smiles that the Economy is Now Not Performing Well.

12mins 47 secs. - amusing -

Also worth noting is his unusual delight when Fareed comments on the economy unravelling because of the covid response.

and 3 mins from Jan. 2016 Exploiting Africa Aljazeera

and from 2018 did Bill Gates Steal Windows? 13 mins.

And people have not been allowed to build up immunity.

People need to understand - Covid is not a serious threat to more than about .01% of the population

and being contagious is also not a threat, the common cold which is a coronavirus, is also extremely contagious.

If people fail to understand that a lockdown is the wrong strategy and building natural Herd Immunity is the correct process, then it will face economic destruction should another lockdown approach be taken with a 2nd wave.

Mysterious Illness Affecting Children causing inflammation of the blood vessels,and the heart.

Governor Cuomo announces a New Mysterious Illness Targeting Children in NY

May 11th - He says the new illness may be linked to 'coronavirus'. It presents as inflammation of the blood vessels and sometimes of the heart - similar symptoms as would be expected with 5G radiation which rolled out in New York in Sept. 2019.

EMF exposure can affect structure and function of cardiovascular system and may facilitate myocardial infarction by nuclear changing of cardiomyocytes............. negative effect on the heart and blood vessels by causing a histopathological changes and disturbances in the functions of the organs of the cardiovascular system. Exposure to EMFs induced pain or pressure in the chest area, heart palpitations and/or an irregular heartbeat.

The Government is Now a Threat to Us.

Like the Bolt Report I also thought the Australian PM had 'Got It'.

'For the first time in my life I am frightened of my government'.

Sky News. 4.5 mins.

Has coronavirus shown us the limits of democracy, as life in the West mimics China?

These past six weeks we have experienced a little of what life is like in China: monitored, suspicious of each other, the long arm of government reaching into our lives.

We would not want Chinese Communist Party style authoritarianism to replicate itself in our society.

From an article on ABC News online. May 13th.

Governments 'massively overreacted' to COVID-19 crisis

6 mins

Italian Parliament 2nd politician Speaks the Truth.

6 mins. in Italian with sub-titles.

Current agenda links below:

Tucker Carlson video taken down by Youtube but available here

The full number of increasing links is now on a new page- red mushroom.

Doctors Speaks Out on False Data on Deaths from Covid-19

The Smartphone Addiction. 5 mins

Good Data. 50 mins

4 mins Sen. Dr Scott Jensen

Killing Off Most of the Elderly

ER Doctors Reveal Disturbing COVID Truths Media Won’t Tell You | LevinTV - 3 minutes

2 minutes - Neil Ferguson - whose data model led to Lockdowns - Breaks Lockdown

Data Says End the Lockdown Dr Erikson.

12 mins.

11 mins - Concerns Over Horrific Situation in Aged Care Facilities. Tucker Carlson FOX.

MEDICAL SPECIALIST in GERMANY speaks out. Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is the first understand the current crisis about the coronavirus.

10 mins.

New Edward Snowden interview

23 mins

When videos are taken down from Youtube and Vimeo you can go to

An Intelligent Introduction to Agenda 21

DARPA is working on how to shrink mini robots into a size smaller than a human fingertip, hoping they could save lives during recovery efforts by detecting signs of life underneath the rubble of collapsed buildings. The agency is also developing drones that can navigate on their own.

The 2010 document on the plan for a pandemic and what can be introduced because of it.

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

The final goal is to take the PLANET - the literal PLANET - into a new direction, new authority and a New Order.


Life Under the Chinese Model of Government, One A.I. Leadership

Whole countries have put themselves under house arrest and ruined their livelihoods.

Hopefully this situation has caused people to wake up and roused them from the usual


Look at how the police have been behaving.

Australian Police going FULL FASCIST - another shocking video of jackbooted state stormtroopers separating a father from his child. Watch this 2 minute video link on Twitter

VIDEO 58)- POLICE Officer Greg Anderson SACKED because of his Viral Video-A POLICE OFFICERS MESSAGE!

An American police officer has lost his job for uploading a video begging his peers to STOP enforcing tyrannical laws.

Tucker: Elites don't want you to question their coronavirus policies

6 mins Tucker Carlson FOX

Sheriff refusing to enforce lockdown: 'This is not the country I grew up in'

3 mins

Downing Street announces that COVID Death Certs are being falsified 2 mins


With every new respiratory virus the W.H.O. always has the same dire warnings and alarmist announcements. Always.

Swedish Medical Expert - Epidemiologist. 9 minutes.

At the moment our governments seem to be hurrying along rather than stepping back. Unfortunately we have non-leaders in government - certainly in Australia but also apparent with many State Governors in the USA - remember this is for a virus that is shown to be no more dangerous than the seasonal 'flu - and they have acted without checking. The future of humanity is in their irresponsible hands. Why are these people still in government?

Most of us are not only under house arrest but being gradually let out - most people are still under country arrest and cannot leave the country!

Governments are now trying to cover their mistake - but it was a mistake and increasigly more people know it.

Problems with State Governors in Michigan, Maine, and the oe who went out to get her hair done during lockdown. Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland, and half the State Premiers in Australia - all drunk on their new power.

US Surgeon General Dumping WHO/Gates Data Model

This video explains that the Surgeon General in the US by direction from Trump, has now dumped the data modelling of Fauci/Bill Gates/WHO and is now working with the real data. This information - the document is shown - has not been made very public, so much of the same narrative is still being repeated through the media which can be interesting given the real numbers.

Stories like a Russian staff room in a hospital where several females are ill. It is not known why they are ill but it is implied that it is coronavirus; and a line of many ambulances waiting to deliver one patient - the queue blamed on being unable to get into the hospital. (From CNN). The change in data modelling means that the real numbers are now being used. This 'virus' problem is hoped will gradually fade away and businesses should start re-opening.

Link has been corrected 4 mins -

Vaccine producers in the US have complete carte blanche to produce anything with no possibility of liability.

It is something called the Prep Act or a name like that. To find out more go to

At an earlier time before this year, this work surmised that the main players in the 'false world order' are China, India and Zioinsts, and also highlighted practices which align people into the 'false source' - which we expect to show itself as the 'approaching portal'. It has been speculated that two countries would most likely benefit from making drugs for this covid-19 creation. Those countries would be India and China.

Remdesivir is Fauci's drug for this virus and a current news item for May 14th from BBC World News is this - "A US pharmaceutical firm has signed agreements with drug makers in South Asia to expand supply of the drug remdesivir for treating Covid-19.

The agreement between Gilead and five generic pharmaceutical companies in India and Pakistan will help make the medicine for 127 countries."

"People Are Brainwashed by The Big Pharma" - Judy Mikovits Leave You Speechless

9 mins.


Tucker Carlson video taken down by Youtube but available here

The lockdown has 'given permission' for people to become tyrants - Governors of Maine, Michigan, Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland, you name it.

Defying Lockdown in California - Governor's Telling People How to Live.

Tucker lost liberties.

Australia's government has introduced a bill to parliament that would greatly expand the powers of security and intelligence agencies.

Elements include:

  • Detaining minors as young as 14 for questioning

  • Allowing wider surveillance

  • Granting the use of tracking devices through "internal authorisation" rather than a warrant

  • Making it easier to get a warrant

Opposition politicians and rights activists have already raised concerns over the timing of the bill's introduction - suggesting the government is trying to pass it amid the distraction of the coronavirus pandemic.

"To use the pandemic as cover for the increased scope of the surveillance state is dangerous and cynical," said Greens senator Nick McKim.


Dr Shiva Ayyadurai - Corona virus truth exposed on covid 19. It does not matter what types of business this man is involved with. This gives important information on the medical protocols being used in the hospitals where there are the most deaths. All his comments are useful, beyond that, forget about him - unless he says something useful. Looks like he wants the contract to produce a vaccine!


Commentary is rough and vulgar on this video link (sorry) but this is important to see, especially as the ABC 'The Drum' programme featured a 'dancing nurses video' and thought it was appropriate and good.

Governments are easing the insane responses to dealing with a virus, which included reports of an 'illegal dinner party' and some teenage girls fined $1,000 for dancing. If a prehistoric caveman decided to quarantine in his cave in similar circumstances, there would not have been a humanity.


Italian Politician on Real Death Numbers for Italy 4 mins.


MEDICAL SPECIALIST in GERMANY speaks out. Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg is the first understand the current crisis about the coronavirus.

10 mins.


Hillary could replace Biden, or Obama could!

Since March 2020 the world has seen how quickly a situation escalates to where our freedoms are gone

and several tyrannical agendas can come into play. Opportunistic business parasites connected to Big Pharma, power grabs, and tyrannical behaviour from State Governors and State Premiers.

Not only did we lose our freedoms and witness shocking behaviour from police etc, but somebody made a decision that prevented getting correct information to those carrying out what they thought was the recommendation via 'the science'.

The lockdowns which have devastated so many people's lives were from the Ferguson/Imperial College data modeling which threw upwildly exagerated numbers.This modelling has been examined and is now known to be misinformation and 'fake information'.

The correct data modelling now being used is from Stanford University - which Youtube took down as misinformation - from Stanford University! - is accurate and shows that this coronavirus is only a threat to .01% not much different from the seasonal 'flu.

A threat level to only .01% also means that lockdowns are not necessary.

So, why was Youtube taking down the information from Stanford University as misinformation? As well as the opinions of Immunologist, Virologists, Epidemiologists also as misinformation?

It is a treasonous dark web and the CCP seems to be the source which determines what is 'misinformation'.

The CCP is also behind so many stories about 'racism' towards not Chinese but the Chinese Communist System. With Canadian postal workers all upset that the CCP are being criticized- what seriously?! - and the Australian ABC online news wasting its time asking for stories about 'racism' during the virus issue. These are CCP propaganda strategies at work. New updates on how non lockdown countries and herd immunity etc is on a new link given at the top.

There are staggering levels of corruption in play, and an agenda is to make you move your life online for shopping etc. Don't do it! Why be so easily manipulated?

Another point is that the test kits actually test for some genetic material not the virus, so even if more 'covid clusters' appear, it doesn't really matter. As yet TV news and State leaders do not seem to know that either. On the positive side, Trump does know it.


Shopping has never been banned

- just that shops have been closed. The lockdown is voluntary and if people chose not to do it then that is lawful.

NY Governor Cuomo has said lockdown is voluntary and if people decided to go out there is nothing they can do about it.

Things should probably quieten down now into a false sense of normality - however the Australian PM said that lifting restrictions was dependent on enough people downloading the app.

At the moment our governments seem to be hurrying along rather than stepping back. Unfortunately we have people who follow not lead, in government - certainly in Australia but also apparent with many State Governors in the USA - remember this is for a virus that is shown to be no more dangerous than the seasonal 'flu - and they have acted without checking. The future of humanity is in their irresponsible hands.

Chief medical advisors who know nothing about viruses! Who appointed this man and were they ware that their are different branches of medicine? Why are these people still in government?

Most of us are not only under house arrest but being gradually let out - most people are still under country arrest and cannot leave the country!


Perspectives on the Pandemic | The Bakersfield Doctors |

Dr Erikson 57 minutes

Tucker Carlson video taken down by Youtube but available here

The Medical Staff are Killing the Patients in NYC - 2nd NY Nurse Speaks Out.

Fear of not following the protocol given for covid, plus nearly $40,000 paid to the hospital for every patient put on a ventilator.

Start this video at about 4.35 to about 12.52 when NYC nurse speaks

*Several nurses had videos being taken down by Youtube - why, they are the nurses dealing with the actual patients? - but these videos still exist on other videos which recorded the ones taken down. Also some doctors have spoken out loudly about this in NY and many have been transferred elsewhere because of doing so.

Symptoms given as 'may be connected to covid' may equally be from EMF radiations from the new 5G that many people are concerned about as the levels exceed the safe level by at least 5 times.



Such as - Phone app surveillance and 'experts' saying it is for the 'greater good'. There is no situation that warrants greater surveillance. It has not yet even been established that Covid-19 is anything at all.

The knock on effect from the oil dive.

Businesses, buildings and homes to be owned by the AI-Computer System itself.

*Links related to completely ending the agenda are under the purple mushroom.

Tucker Carlson - Good Comments.

10 mins Tucker Carlson FOX.


FREE Download 'Behold a Pale Horse' Bill Cooper pdf

This is a classic source of information, and its author was eliminated. He was assigned to beyond top secret projects in the Navy because - he believed - he had indicted by mistake, that he belonged to certain secret societies. This is revisiting the information revealed by someone who lost his life to get this information known. The plan is still the same. There are several variations of moves they can make.

Bill Cooper, former United States Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member, reveals information that remains hidden from the public eye. This information has been kept in Top Secret government files since the 1940s.

Bill is a lucid, rational, and powerful speaker whose intent is to inform and to empower his audience. Standing room only is normal. His presentation and information transcend partisan affiliations as he clearly addresses issues in a way that has a striking impact on listeners of all backgrounds and interests.

 "I believe.......that a grand game of chess is being played on a level that we can barely imagine, and we are the pawns. Pawns are valuable only under certain circumstances and are frequently sacrificed to gain an advantage.

Anyone who has studied military strategy is familiar with the concept of sacrifice. Those who have seriously studied history have probably discovered the real reason we go to war on a regularly scheduled basis.

Before reading this book I advise you to play at least two complete games of chess. You must learn the rules THEY play by. You must realize objectively that some pieces are more valuable than others and that the king is the most valuable of all.

You cannot learn reality if you get caught up in the fantasy that "if s not fair." You must come to know that the ultimate outcome of the game is the only thing that counts. You were lied to when you were told that "it does not matter whether you win or lose, ifs how you play the game." Winning in the world of the elite is everything. Indeed, it is the only thing. The power elite intend to win.

My research has shown, at this point, that the future laid out for us may be just about impossible to change.

I do not agree with the means by which the powerful few have chosen for us to reach the end. I do not agree that the end is where we should end at all. But unless we can wake the people  from  their  sleep,  nothing  short  of  civil  war  will  stop  the  planned outcome. I base that statement not on defeatism but on the apathy of the majority of the ....people. Twenty-five years ago I would have believed otherwise — but twenty-five years ago I was also sound asleep.

We have been taught lies.

Reality is not at all what we perceive it to be.

.........To remain apathetic is assured enslavement. To learn the truth and then act upon it is the only means of survival at this moment. To shrug off the information contained in this book and to disregard its warning will result in the complete destruction of the USA.

You will never get a second warning or a second chance.

Like it or not, this is it, stark reality. You can no longer turn your head, ignore it, pretend if s not true,say "it can't happen to me," run, or hide. The wolf is at the  door." August 1990.

Some of the first chapter of this book can now be read on the

Recommended BOOKs page. It is recommended to read.


Undoubtedly, Western Intelligence agencies are looking into who initiated this attack

on the world that has so damaged the Economy, and caused massive loss of jobs.

Is in just the western world economy that has been hit worst? Plus there are concerns about the close relationship between China and the World Health Organization which has such an interest in vaccines, and gave money to the Wuhan lab in China.

If there is to be a vaccine, then it will be manufactured in China or India or both, because the US does not even make its own asprins. China produces them.

German Research says Covid-19 May Not Be So Bad. 7 mins.


Data Shows that Lockdown Measures No Longer Needed.

It should again be noted that the World Health Org ALWAYS issue dire warnings about viruses. It will do so in the future too. While it is correct to have taken a safe approach in the initial stages, the data shows it was not necessary. So these warnings must be put into the correct context, and now it is urgently needed that the world resumes normality.

Clearly the numbers show that the feared number of deaths has not occurred. The action, though seemingly right at first, must now be corrected. Doctors have said that a situation such as people are now experiencing must never happen again and suggested -

New measures need to be introduced that ensure economic shutdown can never happen again.

Millions of people are under what is actually law enforced house arrest, many countries are under country arrest, and millions of people have had their livelihoods taken from them.

WHO has admitted that the large number of cases ratio to actual deaths - even those designated Covid which were not - still shows a very minimal problem for the community.

German Research says Covid-19 May Not Be So Bad. 7 mins.

Dr Fauci of WHO, top advisor to the US President - and who is likely to be retiring soon -

owns the patent on coronavirus, the actual virus. According to Dr Buttar London Real video.

This virus is a combination of coronavirus made up of some SARS and some MERS and the wild strain SHC014-CoV although some question that. Either way, it is no worse than the seasonal 'flu.


Lebanon is about to crash and has been 'hit hard by Covid-19'.

Here are the numbers which have 'crashed' Lebanon's economy - Cases -721. Deaths - 24. Hit hard by Covid-19?

Jordan, which hosts millions of refugees and has a fragile economy, has only recorded nine coronavirus deaths.

They did not have the world's 'strictest lockdowns', it is impossible to enforce that in refugee camps. It is the data from places like this that show coronavirus is not dangerous.

Mainstream News report says 'outbreaks in nearby Turkey and Iran are out of control.'

Turkey with a population of 84,339,067 people. Deaths as of May 7th are 3641.

Iran with a population of 83,992,949 people. Deaths are 6486. Not exceptional for the population.

However, the UK with a population of 67,886,011 people and with the strict lockdown - Deaths are 30,615.

A little more 'out of control' perhaps.

'Country Overrun with Bodies in Ecuador' - headline news from CNN

Deaths in Ecuador are 1,654


If Hillary Had Been President the Virus Stuff Up Would Go the Distance.

Trump has reduced the funding for WHO, is aware of what's been going on, is hardly loved by the establishment 'swamp', and is expected to win the election by a landsllde.

But be aware that Hillary could be up for being President if Biden makes her his Vice President and then he steps down - like because of the assault scandal or something.

Sky TV. 1 min 30 seconds.

The Art of Money Creation - Message. Don't Take Out a Loan.

Banks are offering lower interest loans to 'help people get their businesses running again'. The art of money creation was actually exposed by the Bank of England itself in its own periodical. In its Quarterly Review of Spring 2014, it said “In the modern economy, most money takes the form of bank deposits.

But how those bank deposits are created is often misunderstood: the principal way is through commercial banks making loans. Whenever a bank makes a loan, it simultaneously creates a matching deposit in the borrower’s bank account, thereby creating new money.

3 Russian Doctors Have 'Fallen Out' of Windows. A Female Doctor in New York 'Commited Suicide'

- While the bored Dancing Hospital Staff continue to be 'performing cattle' making fools of themselves -

and helping to introduce a new Chinese app TikTok which somehow knew to use this situation for its launch.

UK Government internal document :

2.  Perceived Threat.   A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened; it could be that they are reassured by the low death rate in their demographic group(8), although levels of concern may be rising (9).  Having a good understanding of the risk has been found to be positively associated with adoption of COVID-19 social distancing measures in Hong Kong (10).  The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.  To be effective this must also empower people by making it clear the actions they can take to reduce the threat. (11).

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Mike Smith10 hours ago said -

"For all the idiots wishing doom and gloom. This virus dies when it comes in contact with hand soap. Just remember that the big scary killer that’s shut down a country dies with just hand soap."


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There Will Be a Next Phase

This image is actually an artist's idea of what the coronavirus may look like, as the actual virus has not been isolated.

In addition the photo of the female who is supposed to have provided this image was googled and found not to be a real person. The Covid-19 is a coronavirus made up of some SARS and some MERS and the wild strain SHC014-CoV.

There is a patent issued in November 2019 on the virus and the right to produce an antidote to the patented virus.

This information was briefly made available and it is anticipated that those who followed that up will be providing useful material that will release the world from this ridiculous response that has ruined - and taken - the lives of untold numbers of people.

Symptoms : quote from 2003 : “After 2 to 7 days, SARS patients may develop a dry, nonproductive cough that might be accompanied by or progress to a condition in which the oxygen levels in the blood are low (hypoxia).” These are also the symptoms of 'Covid-19' but with SARS there was no necessity for a response which includes lockdowns and the quarantine of healthy people.

State Premiers in Australia like State Governors in the USA are not specialist doctors and are not qualified to make these kinds of decisions. It requires advice and 'second opinions' from many independent medical doctors specialising in viruses - not just one organization and none should be connected to business interests and Big Pharma.

But there is also 5G

and a second surge in illness because of 5G, can now legitimately also be called a second Cov-19 outbreak. Be ready for that sneaky misrepresentation and ask which Cov-19 it is!

You may be aware of a mysterious illness affecting children which is causing inflammation of the blood vessels and the heart and is also what would be expected with what people are concerned about with the EMF radiations from 5G. Already the raiation from these towers is at least 5 times over the recommended safe level.

It is believed that there is strong possibility that when 5G really kicks in, there will be a surge in more 'mystery illness'.

This will be described, as it is now, as 'linked to covid-19' and it is this which will trigger the next lockdowns which will of course led to the collapse of the economy. So again, be ready for that sneaky misrepresentation and ask which Cov-19 it is.





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