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The Spiritual Narrative of an Illusion.



This existence is a pre-written script, that has already played out before, and is playing out the same script now.

This is why there are instances of deja vu (seen before) clairvoyance, and the Looking Glass technology etc including the dimensions and unlimited universes of that reality and its pathway. It also means there is a future that is pre-written within that reality - so people can 'time travel' to the future and past, but it is a pre-written script.

It is also not the reality of the 'real reality' - and neither is the spiritual narrative that has been entrenched as real, because that was still the cult reality.

Others - including those who do still believe in the MK Ultra (or cult) spiritual reality narrative - nevertheless are seeing the Q-reality unfold and an entirely different future that is not about death. It is about LIFE.

Do people really understand what the real reality is? The soul body is from the real reality, but encased in this reality which is experienced through the brain.

As clearly stated, because it is part of the teachings of the CHRISTOS Teachings of 'Righteousness', there is a deliberate misalignment at the 3rd Eye, the soul does not take the path back to its true Source of origin.

It goes into the Osirian realms. Those realms are the dimensions, the multi universes, and all the beliefs taught by 'Marxist spirituality' which is Osirian and that is satanic. In that reality you can Time Travel - because there is Time. The fallen false reality is the Realm of Kal(i) which means Time.

Time exists because the planet wanders off on a journey and the entire journey is a false reality.

The real reality is TIMELESS!

The journey of the planet - its cycle - is because of damage to the planet which means it cannot anchor its North Pole and remain stable.

The resultant misalignment , is part of the Fall to the left, and the adjustment, which is the same as what the planet is now doing, raises back up to the right - righteousness.

It is because people did connect into the left side that the situation far ahead in the future - despite being on the right path with the planet now - it, and they, are all still bound to the other energy and have to go through the Fall again. The problem is at the 3rd Eye.

The pathway from the body chakras to the dark 6th chakra at the 3rd Eye, never connects to the Higher Realm of True Source. It is broken at that point. That is why the instructions are not to do certain practices for raising energy.

Also the very beginners level of accessing that 3rd Eye is the realm where you will start to receive voices and communications and perhaps see things. The instructions are to ignore all of this so you can make the corrections - which are not at all easy to do.

It is the LOWEST level of spiritual development but it will tell you it is the highest.

Thereafter people go off onto what is the False Path which is automatic at death and OBE's anyway. Ultimately, if you follow that, it leads into the Luciferian Path and its source. The realm you go to at death still lets you get back into an incarnation here on Earth.

What happens if you leave the body permanently - die - and take the right path?

Firstly you can't until you make the adjustment, and that is a reason why the believed 'spiritual narrative' is still a false narrative of a false reality and its 'spiritual realms'.

But if you did leave the body correctly you would leave this entire reality - like Theseus finding the way out of the Labyrinth. The body which leaves is the real body which returns to the God Worlds and lets say it is a design but not of many separated atoms existing like other separated planet with space aliens. It is just a real place and it is all that is. God is all there is.

God is all there is.

The bit experienced through this reality and out of body, is something that broke away and began to separate into a multitude of separate planets - atoms - dimensions etc. It was created and run by an AI computer and everything that is seem and experienced within that is an imagined reality.

You don't know otherwise because when you die or experience OBE's you are still trapped by the fault at the 3rd Eye. You never go anywhere except within the false reality, the illusion.


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