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MK Ultra, and the SPELL


on the EARTH.



This 4 min. video is repeated because this is from a 'cue' insider which people now listen to, but before all that has been revealed in 2020 people did not listen to anyone saying this. The 17th letter of the alphabet 'cue' is the Osiris path of the cult, but is being used to 'reverse the magic'.   4 mins. THE NUMBER OF OSIRIS IS 17 (REVERSING THE MAGIC)



The #2 warlock for the world was George Soros. The #1 world warlock was the 'Prince of Orange'. In Britain after an attempted coup had driven out the Stuart kings, Britain's new king was William 111 and Mary of Orange.

William III, known as William of Orange, was sovereign Prince of Orange from birth, Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Guelders and Overijssel in the Dutch Republic from the 1670s and King of England, Ireland and Scotland from 1689. This line did not continue, and the monarchy went to George 1 who was the first monarch of the House of Hanover. Thus Britain had some connections with 'Orange'.

Sometime ago when I was trying to find some kind of work that would mean I did not have to be in a job I really did not want to be in, my work became various 'glam promotion' things including TV work and some quite interesting opportunities. I had just managed to extricate myself from the offshoot of a 'secret society' work which was preparing for the new age and answered to Sirius - and was how I discovered where all the new consciousness things were really coming from.

Though not connected with this, I was offered a job as a personal assistant to the personal pilot of the prince of Holland who was the queen of Holland's husband. On the surface this was a great job that did not involve much more than being efficient and looking really good, and for that I would be fully in with the highest royals of Europe and so on. Technically a great job to land at my feet. But the terms that went with this job involved things that I would never consider okay and so it was a no brainer for me to turn it down. My agent thought I was crazy - like she really could not understand that I let this go. So the end of this story is that is how I did not get caught up in the ultra wealthy, high life of the elite satanists.

Looks like my own intuition and moral compass paid off. But oh how close I came to it.....!


This is how the planet-plane descends towards the lower realms which lets the fallen entities, aliens etc gain access to this reality.

(This is also how it works if this is a plane.)



The Osiris Path is darkness and satanic. It is the Luciferian Path which worships the star Sirius as Osiris.

It is the energy stream of the dual suns and of Life and Death, Good and Evil etc.

Obviously the Dark Sun is the source of the unhinged, sick, cult; but it does also have a light side. The Path or energy stream, is still. all the same thing, the Osiris Path. As you can see in the animated diagram above, the Earth tilts downwards and accesses that level of energy. It is not just a lower consciousness, it is satanic consciousness, the reverse of the True Christos Source.

The tilt downwards is not part of the intended plan. It was caused to happen.

It made the difference between this reality being permenently in the status of Timelessness, and took the planet into a journey of Time. Time is a movement, in this case it goes downwards.

In doing that it gave access to fallen beings called Anu's who had fallen so low that they were being removed through the anus of the overall system.

The reality was that it was all over for the beings/entities of that level. They had failed.

Instead they managed to get a way to come back into a living world.

So, that is the source of the nut jobs in 'secret societies' such as found in every small town, where the 'brothers' share the journey into the degrees, which start with some sex rituals, then orgies, then pedophilia, eventually goes to cattle mutilation and then the whole disgusting deal.

They were preparing the consciousness of this planet to be aligned into the depraved, sick and debauched behaviour of the fallen, dead entities.

It turns out many people were easy to blast into some kind of 'high' which left them very ready and agreeable to go into what is in fact satanic consciousness, which in its initial phases is blasting the mind out ready to be reprogrammed, then indiscrimminate sex and also drug use. These things are not holy and righteous.

But the consciousness on this planet is rather accepting to go this way, and that was the Operation of the decades from the '60's which as you began round about the time of the Beatles who not only began mind blowing songs about drugs and death, but began the interest to in going to various 'just happened to be there' specific gurus whose names actually meant 'dark'.

ALL of this was part of an MK Ultra operation. As information is made available with the great awakening Revelations now happening, we have now all learned was a project of the elite, the cabal cult with MK Ultra and the mind programming institutes of military intelligence - MI5 - under satanists like Alisteir Crowley who was British Intelligence and it all issued from the secret societies. You probably get the picture. (MK Ultra is pronounced by the initials M - K then ultra.)

There were plenty who were into this stuff far more than a hundred years before Crowley of course, and the Nazi's - the model for the NWO - were heavily into moon phases and talismans etc, especially Rudolf Hess the Deputy Fuhrer - but from the '60's it was a specific operation to make satanic consciousness acceptable and the norm. The next stages that were about to be introduced in 2020 with the Green Reset was to normalize pedophila.

Now you have a link between MK Ultra, military intelligence, and the secret society cults

- because it was from these sources that the 'social revolution' was created and directed.

This is also something that was personally discovered on the inner journey to find True God Source. Therefore the real 'jewel in the crown' of this work was with Earthspell Override, being able to let people know this is what was going on, thus giving people up to 20 years 'window of opportunity' to override the SPELL for themselves - which meant keeping to the Christos recommendations and NOT doing all the things that Christian sources taught not to do.

Otherwise of course, the ties into the fallen energy stream remain, despite that the planet ascends out of its Fall and balances out for a while. This also answered a question about why did people remain on the 'wheel of rebirth' during the time the planet ascends back towards True Source? The ties have to be broken when still within that energy stream, during the time when the darkness has the control.

As a note, we have not found any protestant Christian sources that lead to any form of 'spiritual righteousness' - and the word righteous is used because it has to be the right hand path correcting the left had fall. All the arm waving stuff and tryuing to interpret the Bible at word level, does not have the power prayers etc which were actually still known to the demon Roman Church which systematically got rid of everything it could that actually led to True Source! Like the Solfeggio Chords for example. The Ctholic Church did have this material.

Also as another note, this again was very clear through personal experience of going to some of these things, and breakaway Adventist groups etc - because a family member got into that and made things very difficult if we didn't go along with it for a while - and this was covered in Earthspell Override too.


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