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The Path of Duality.

June 6th 2022.

You should be able to work out that 'the path of duality' is not the same as the Path to Eternal Life/God Source. It is clearly the path that embodies Good and Evil; Light and Dark; Life and Death etc - dualities. That path or energy stream is the one that entered this world in the 'Garden' and diverted the attention away from the Tree of Eternal Life.

It is part of the Fall. The Fall has two definitions. It is part of the 'fallen angels' and 'one third of heaven which fell', and does relate to the Luciferian belief that 'they' fell from a higher world to this world. Their definition of 'higher world' means one of scientific knowledge and genetic engineering.

Thus the legends also note that they blew up their planet - Maldek - through their technology and the remnants hurled through space to land here on what was a much faster spinning, higher frequency, non density world where the blown up chunk of their planet, rock, soil, and bones of dinosaurs, landed and gathered the 'ethers' around it to become Earth. It seeded it 'from the stars' and as has been investigated by NASA. They may indeed have space brothers elsewhere too, depending on where other chunks of their blown up planet ended up and if that became planets which also seeded life. There were 14 such chunks from 'Osiris'. That information is recorded in ancient Egyptian legends.

The other Fall is the tilt of the axis of this planet,

which makes this planet line up with the 2 stars of the binary star system that is the intruding energy stream, and Path of Duality. The two stars are a pair, one has exploded long ago and the second will do the same eventually. This planet does not line up that way in normal circumstances when it aligns 'true'.

This Fall takes the planet downwards from a point 12,000+ years ago and right into the Light and Dark energy streams of the false path - the Path of Good and Evil. Of this, some belong to the streams of light, and some belong to the streams of darkness from the 'Black Sun' - the dead one. Those who somehow sadly attuned themselves into the dead star wanted to take this planet into the nearby Black Hole called the Destroyer which is nearby at this particular point in time and can be seen in the night skies off Antarctica. Antarctica is/was one of 'their' deeply secret bases. So, if the light side had not stepped in, that is where you would have been going!

But the light side did step in.

This time now, some 12,000+ years after this planet began to lean downwards towards a lower realm, is when the planet corrects that fallen side and raises it upwards again. It Ascends. It will then become the other part of this duality, which is the light side.

Almost everyone in this world is part of that 'Cycle of Duality' -

the 'Path of Light and Dark' aka the energy stream that is the Tree of Knowledge. That is the Sirius stream which entered the 'Garden'.

The 'spiritual' information is now going to be dominated by those who are the general known view of what 'spiritual consciousness' is and those working out how it is with the coming change. Sad but true. It is because the general level of awareness is very new to what is happening. It will get better over the centuries to come.

This work issues from the level the planet is Ascending to, so it is very different because we are in the position to be able to tell you about it.

Most don't ever get to Eternal God Source but the cycle does overlap with it as if superimposed on it

- and a chance exists for those smart enough to get there. Those who come from the 'real reality' are able to get off.

There are a few options why the people remain with this world and its other realms. They belong to the false energy stream and have not yet developed a greater awareness; they can't get passed their fascination with the first portal encountered into the spiritual realms' - yet how do you think this world accessed the false energy stream in the first place!

The planet FELL - that's the few thousand years the tilt goes downwards - accessed a lower level, and voila.

Journey out from this world, OBE, astral journeying, death etc and what do you think is the first 'spirit realm' accessed?!

Think about it.

The problem is that it is assumed that the 'spirit realm' that comes first is the Eternal Energy Stream.

Most of the ones doing that are part of the Path of Light & Dark. Most of these were the creation of Genesis around 6,000 years ago.

The human bodies before that were of the transparent blue 'sky stone', and before that soul level. The Eden creation was the genetic combination of 'true humans' and apes, to create the needed work force. Not just for slave labor. but for the workforce needed in today's world.

They were needed to vote and give all power to the 'cabal' and also to then be removed from the gene pool - which these ones would do themselves because they do not think for themselves. Most of the jabs will end up sterilizing oncoming generations of those who were ignorant enough to get them. Have you heard their reasoning? "I don't want to hear anymore. I want to travel". "I had to get it because I wanted to travel". "I am a fundamentalist and will pray for protection". They are stupid, and more.

They can be reborn in better bodies and work their way out

of this mostly artificial reality, including the realms out of body and after death which are also part of the created reality. It is the genetic template of the altered, downgraded DNA that will not continue to breed.

The creation of mankind

also had those who belong to the light side of the Duality energy stream, which is not True Eternal God Source. That is why their game board is black and white squares.

This was all part of the reality that was created.

Kissenger described the masses as 'useless eaters' and the advisor to Davos just says outright 'useless people'. That is not entirely wrong. There are actually far too many people for the planet - keeping in mind that the economic system to create this particular world cannot continue and there would not have been jobs, incomes, investments and banks etc. It is not just about the amount of land. There has to be fresh, clean water, and facilities for sewage and for bathing. Most of these masses can only function via entertainment, football, sex and food (+ drugs & alcohol of course). The food aspect is why think-tanks were looking at alternatives.

What matters are the numbers of people who do think for themselves, want to follow the Light and find Eternal Source, yet continue to keep getting stuck on the Light side of the Path of Duality.

This is the second 'tree' in the 'Garden' which came to what was once a Higher Realm world. This is what almost everyone out there is still doing - just as it has been in this 'game' for however many cycles have gone before. You just can't work it out and get it right.




The ascending planet is great and a new future does await. But why is it that humans cannot grasp the bigger picture?

Even though the 'dark side' has to go now, they also know they will get you back again the next time round.

The 'Future Earth' is Not a New Version of this World. Future Earth Already Exists.

When this planet falls it moves off alignment - way off alignment - into a zone that becomes 'parallel Earth'. It is not the real area of the original creation, it is off side. It exists where a world should not exist, but it does. So this false place does rather belong to those who have ruled over it. Those ones wanted to take the planet into the black hole - that is why they needed the generally dumbed down mankind.

Their version of this world is as if the planet ascended from where it is currently aligned - which would mean ascending off alignment and means it would access the black hole (same as activating kundalini does, because it is off alignment. So simple yet always missed! Heaps of people are in real trouble because of that. But you will usually also find they are self-righteous about it, dismissing what anyone else may say in the same way fundamentalists do.)

However, this reality is still connected to the True Reality, and as the fallen side rises again in its Ascension, 'parallel Earth' kind of blends back with the original, which is a completely different authority.

Yet this world is still the physical Earth and the 'True Reality' is not this physicality.

The 'future Earth' is not the future cycle of 'parallel Earth' (this world). It actually leaves 'parallel Earth' to almost return to a real reality that is already there. A future that already exists - you are NOT actually going to create a new Earth. No-one in the real reality would accept that! It will be greatly influenced by the True Reality.

The real reality already exists and fallen Earth will kind of blend in with that - and learn to accept the higher authority - until it Falls again. It is th people who think and believe they are working with the LIGHT who will help that happen, but are in fact run from the ongoing attempt to line up with their long gone dead star.

This world is still connected to the other energy stream which entered here. That is the point of getting off the 'wheel of rebirth'. Most humans never get it.


The 'Wheel of Rebirth' is the Cycle of the Ages.

This cycle, which you know as the Ages of the Zodiac, falls and because of this, accesses the wrong energy stream (pathway) which is duality and the cause of the immense problem that faces the people of Earth. It does access a Doorway-Portal into a lower spiritual realm. This is where the 'Fundamentalist Christians' get their 'awakening', and you all know there are quite a number of such works especially in the USA. This is a significant problem, not just how they are taught that everyone else - even good Christians - are somehow wrong, and only their particular work is right.

But it is not just these groups, it is everywhere. Almost every person accessing this Portal and lower realm believes they have connected to God Source.

Mexico has been an experience of multitudes in complete unawareness of the current agenda in play - for the lords of that lower realm to take this planet. We have just had the misfortune to be with a fundamentalist Christian and the level of denial is mind blowing. This one, and probably others, are taught that they can get the jab but their prayer to God will protect them. Would that be the case if they moved in front of a firing squad?

The lady appeared to possibly have had a nervous breakdown, and definitely was in fear - they are in real fear of the 'devil' - so like the new agers, did not want to hear anything that was factual but apparently fearful to know about ie 'negative'. For the fundamentalists the killshot agenda is also considered 'negative' so that consciousness level has complete control over them by that thought process alone. Part of that fear is the reality of the jab agenda etc. So they get vaxed! The work she was involved with offers a month Bible study group in Colorado which she wants to go to. By the time she has done it she will have missed the event that the Bible was about! The course costs $20,000 USD. She has just sold her condo so can pay for that. Isn't it sad.

The people on this planet are stuck on the 'Wheel of Rebirth'

and it is an immense, massive problem for how to get them out of it. You can see the problem in the sad story above. This physical world does remain on the 'wheel' (cycle) even though it now raises its fallen aspect back to the higher realms and will become a much higher, ascended world in the future. Unfortunately it is still on the cycle and it falls again. Its existence is finite. How does the Higher Realm get the people here out of this?

It has been very difficult to get the issue of the False Realm that is accessed first, out in time for those stuck in this cycle to know how to overcome it. We can only provide a website because this work has only been financed from a small income. For this reason we have not been able to produce youtube and other videos - which is what people want in today's consciousness - which is lazy and surprisingly uneducated. When we had our original books for sale people did say that it was about raking in money. The next problem encountered is that people in today's consciousness cannot be bothered to read. We have continued without an income in order to get the information out at all. * We are trying to work on a new book or indeed, being able to produce the youtube content! **Recent Wake Update 2022. The Great Work

This diagram shows the mistake. The 5th Dimension is not the Causal Plane. It is the Soul Realm.

The Causal Plane - like the 'Between Lives' and 'Pre-Birth' realms - are the FALSE ENERGY STREAM and its 'Afterlife Realms' (which return here into rebirth this world.


For those okay with loud rock music (cosmic rock) while you wait for the literal, physical planet to 'wake up', we absolutely recommend this. This spiritual work does not wind down and tune out, it wakes up and tunes in. Sound is an important part of the 'lost spirituality' and these are high energy. Those into music will get it, those not, may miss it, and for anyone who is sadly getting deaf, there is always the problem that sound may seem blurred and just noise (sorry.) &




Ancient Nuclear War 26,000 years ago.


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