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New Book Chapters Online. NEW on July 6th 2021.

There is a tiny magnetite, Magnetic Pyramid within the 6th chakra 'inner cave'.

Many who have delved into the experience of the 'secret societies' or their related nature works, have seen this glowing inner pyramid within their 3rd eye.

It is believed it was placed there during genetic alterations at an earlier time. The microscopic nano fibres it interracts with look very similar to the ancient Greek description of the Hydra placed in the 3rd eye region.

The 'inner complex' and the reality experienced as this world, is linked into what was created when the angle of this planet was altered. This happened by a 'bend' caused in the central 'rod' of this planet along the same ley line position of the Great Pyramid of Giza - which is on the same line as with the 'Bermuda Triangle' and Sargasso Sea - a highly magnetic anomaly on this planet, and the same line as the Devil's Sea near Japan, also a magnetic anomaly.

The Bermuda Triangle and the Devil's Sea are connected to the Earth's unnatural and created 25,000+ year cycle which takes it to the portal into the 'Magnetic Realms'. The planet is aligned to Polaris the 'lodestar' the current Magnetic North which align into the Astral Realms.

We assume the 25,000+ cycle existed before the planet's Magnetic North became 'north'. However, that alteration, a shift of the pole, may very well have happened very suddenly - giving rise to the Great Flood recorded in the bible's Noah and his ark. The shift may have happened immediately and Polaris has been the fixed magnetic North Star since that time.

It is also believed that a Magnetic Energy Generator exists deep in the Earth which has been holding the planet's alignment to Polaris and therefore the Sirius connection. It was disabled at the time of the explosion in the Great Pyramid of Giza, but continued to function under the control of the bloodline families.

Polaris, the magnetic lodestar, communicates with the Magnetosphere around this planet

which projects the images and communications from the Akashic Records which are believed to be stored in the Magnetosphere which surounds this planet. It can be identified as the 'collective consciousness' or 'hive mind'.

It appears that the magnetic lodestar communicates from the 'dead realms' that are the reversed, magnetic polarity to the Magnetosphere and into a pyramid generator within the Earth, and then into the tiny pyramid in the 3rd Eye.

These become the phenomena projected into the 'clairvoyance' and other magnetite type receptors located in the 3rd Eye and encourage people into that energy stream.


Many people do have an active magnetite, magnetic pyramid cone in their 3rd Eye

and can easily connect into the Magnetosphere, the Akasha data stored there, and the communication input from Polaris which in turn responds to the star Sirius.

These ones are enticed and attracted towards, into, and eventually through the Astral Door (false portal).


Jesus Christ's mission was to show how to locate and align to the CHRIST DOOR and escape entry into the magnetic Astral Realms.

Those who are attracted to the psychic realms and experiences including star beings, helpful beings from other planets, entities, who have thmselves become biologically altered to respond to Sirius energy more directly and so on, do not necessarily need to receive the covid mRNA magnetic alteration injection.

If they did the energy practices or used the energy they are already spiritually 'magnetic'.

The Christ Door and the Way of the Christ teaches to keep away from the psychic phenomena which are not 'spiritual gifts' but relate to an active magnetic cone alien implant.

The teachings also warn to keep away from energy practices which are part of religions which took the Astral Path.


Many other people do not yet have an active magnetic pyramid cone

in their 3rd Eye. These ones are behaviour modified enough to willingly have the covid mRNA mix of experimental toxins injected directly into their bloodstream.


Now we are also learning about GRAPHENE -

discussed by Elon Musk in an interview, on how it can be injected into the bloodstream - contained in the covid vaccines. "'Graphene', an ingredient in the vaccine, can be injected into the bloodstream to reach the cortex of the brain where it forms a 'neural lace' and creates programmable cells - like an articial sheet which can mesh with the cortex, and is less than an atom thick."


Nano Particle Magnetic PCR Tests and Injections into the Bloodstream

The tiny magnetic pyramid cone within the Master Gland complex

responds to the tiny nano fibres that have been shown to be on the tips of the covid-19 PCR tests, and also shown in the Teslaphoresis video. The injection of this experimental mix of mRNA toxins into the bloodstream also respond to this.


MAGNETIC NANOMATERIALS IN THE INJECTIONS, MASKS & SWABS 40 mins. The research shown in a 'video clip' of Dr Michael Persinger from about 2011 is using film from much earlier, possibly the '80's. The little hats called Tefillin shown in this video, is positioned slightly over to the left, raising questions about its role in aligning the '3rd eye' to the 'Left Hand Path' which is the location of the 'false door'.


The Luciferian agenda is the magnetic agenda, which mean powerful forces from the magnetic realms of the reversed negative, pulling on this planet. This happens when anything from the Living God Worlds start to go into reverse and leave the Living God Worlds.


Sickness for the positive realms, would be the presence of magnetic energy somewhere in the living system.

Sickness leads to attraction towards the Magnetic Portal - the Luciferian Portal. This Portal exists within the human 3rd Eye. ("Magnetic' does not mean that using magnet therapy for blood circulation is 'bad'. It means dead or stagnant energy.)

Most People Never Leave the 'Wheel of Rebirth' but Keep Returning.

Foolish as this unquestionably is, ask yourself why.

It is the Luciferian/Sirius side which teaches that the coming change is something new and has never happened before, and because of that mind programmed belief, a great many things can appear to back that up. Doing those things binds people into the false path, and regardless of the planet's Ascending Phase, they are forced to return in rebirth. The planet is on a cycle so of course it has gone into its Ascending Phase many times before.

This work, Christic teachings and general Christian based teachings do not teach that mankind is about to 'evolve into something god-like'. They teach - in the Book of Revelation - that this is the time when the Luciferian side tries to take over this planet - and it does so by having control over the Mind.


(This work believes that in ancient times, as a developed world where the science believed it could create as God created, those who did this, found they had accidentally begun to pull themselves into the magnetic force of a 'black hole' - meaning a consiousness which did not remain aligned to the Eternal Life Source of True God :-

An Ancient World People who Destroyed Their Own DNA.

It is said by wise voices, including Shakespeare, that this world is a play. A re-enactmnent. Could it be that an ancient, developed version of this world, did indeed kill their DNA and the human race, by injecting nano particals, graphene and other toxic materials directly into the bloodstream? And the ones who made the scientific decision to do this, became part AI non-human cyborgs - with their brains linked into a computer - and also aligned themselves into the consciousness of a 'black hole'. Thereafter they began trying to regain their biology and restore their damaged bloodstream?)

The Hydra and the Third Eye Problem

The Christed Way Out of the World of Maya/Illusion and 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

The Way Out of Illusion and Creating Ascended Cords via the Christ.


The Journey to the Anu



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"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the Upper Realm people."

This planet was once a much larger planet.   It was described as 'Timeless'.

There were no seasons.

It was considered a Paradise, where the people were in perfect health and happiness, and their bodies did not die..






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