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The Earth 780,000 Years Ago


The information on the Baphomet change which took this planet into Magnetic Reversal now provides important and significant points to consider as this planet once again begins to enter its Ascension phase.

The planet last reversed its poles 780,000 years ago, and it reversed into the energy fields we have now. It became magnetic. This is a reversed energy field that is covered in 'Our North is the South Pole' (link below.)

There have been some magnetic changes now and then, but the planet has never moved out of this energy field which is surrounded by the Magnetosphere.

The Magnetosphere does reduce and thin out when it is in the process of changing its poles, and the reduction of that shield does mean more heat gets to this planet.

However, the planet is also on a 25,000+ year cycle which in theory should go through the full pole change which should happen 4 times in every 100,000 years. This means every 25,000+ years the planet enters its Ascension Phase and the poles change over, returning the planet to True-Positive.

However, this has never happened in the 780,000 years since the current status came to be.

In fact for the next 12,500 years or so, the planet does Ascend and it does try to shift its poles back to 'True' - which means positive charge, but it never actually gets there.

So even with the Ascension side of this reality, this world is still the reality that it is - a separated reality from the '5th plane'. Getting out of this reality is what the Christ Teachings are about.

If not, then you are in this reality even though the new reality may offer its breakthrough benefits of meeting aliens from other planets, even more technology to run your life, and what some are calling 5D consciousness and so on. Actually it isn't 5D consciousness or at least that isn't 5th realm consciousness. And 5th realm consciousness is not 'collective consciousness' - which is Marxist-Communist consciousness.


The change to the Ascension side does raise some interesting points to consider.


The Magnetosphere reduces as the planet attempts to change polarity and this does allow more heat to enter this planetary system. As the polarity does not change over to Positive (this is already long established because the planet still Falls into the descending phase of the cycle around 13,000 years in the future) it means the magnetic shield does appear to remain thin and weakened during this period of time which may well lead to a heating of the planet.

It is after to the time when the actual cycle began that the ice formed, and ice caps were in different locations as the planet moved through the cycle.

The creation of the bodies that are mankind were born of the cooler conditions of the planet with the Magnetosphere at full strength - thus keeping the planet cooler - so there is a possibility that mankind in the numbers that now inhabit this planet is not something that can continue in the current form.

It could be deduced that the heat allowed by the continuing depleted Magnetosphere will see populations die off, and the planet 12,000 years in the future may see ice caps in unexpected places - perhaps like North America. Most likely surviving numbers will need to move underground in order to survive until the planet returns to the Descending Phase.

So that is something to ponder!


The '11th Gate'

In many spiritual teachings they discuss the '12 Gates'. The '12th Gate' leads to the 'Holy City'.

The '11th Gate' is the portal into the magnetic realms.

Another issue is the number of mankind who have aligned into the '11th Gate'. This is because it is assumed-believed, and taken to be the spirtual (inner world, non physical) pathway back to Eternal Life. ALWAYS.

The '11th Gate' is the portal that people align into via the 3rd Eye. It is the same as the '9th Circle' and also the alignment of the diagram below, which is a respected spiritual practice - but nevertheless, it is still the false alignment.

The '9th Circle' is the satanic path that emanates from Sirius/Osiris, of the ones who also went into full reversal (when live became, for them, 'evil') when the planet changed to its Baphomet status.

As they need this status to continue for their own ongoing existence, it does place them into the category of those who worked with the DNA and genetics to rebuild their own race, and also possibly the creation of the people of the lower realm (of the left hand path which is the meaning of 'sin') aka mankind.

Again, something to ponder!


The evil side's Plan for this Light and Dark,

Life and Death, Good and Evil repeating cycle, is always to anchor the planet permanently into the Mirror Reversed reality which angles towards the Polaris-Sirius (Osiris) alignment.

If this was successful, this planet - which is already a reversed electro-magnetic field (as in Baphomet) - would completely break away from True Source and begin an existence with limitations within the Black Hole - Osiris aka Destroyer. It is not an infinite existence, it is a finite existence.

Neither the Good side of this cycle, nor True Source, want to see that happen to this planet. This is why the Good side has removed the Evil side - which raises the question of who lived in the underground cities during the last cycle and before, and then reseeded the planet.

Even more to ponder!

However, once upon an original time - before there was Time - True souls had etheric bodies, something that could be likened to being more between water and air, called ether or spiritus. On this planet these can only exist in physical bodies (and as spiritus bodies trapped in the false spirit realm after leaving this world). So underground cities were also a safe place for the Good side.

Pure evil cannot remain on this planet while its journey goes through its attempt to restore 'True' because it does become a higher level material. Possibly more oceans evaporate and change the atmosphere as an example of possible differences?

Once the planet goes into its Descending Phase in about 12,500 years in the future, and depending on how instantly or gradually it is pulled towards the Lodestar (the Magnetic Pole Star) thereafter, the satanic forces can, and do, return to this world.


Once the planet begins its journey back to the conditions which sustain mankind as a lifeform,

those who went underground to survive will return to the surface.

It is also widely understood that there are provisions to reseed mankind and the population. Generally, this appears to be the process that has continued throughout the last 780,000 years that this world has existed as a separate and reversed existence.

Prior to that time there was a physical planet, larger and located between today's Mars and Jupiter where the Asteroid Belt is. It has been noted for a long time that there is not enough asteroid debris to show a very large planet existed there.

That physical density planet - though not the same density as Earth now is - existed for an unknown time using the EITR rainbow energies also known as the 'Forbidden Energy'. This was a breakway world which had broken from 'True Source' (positive charge) and ran the 'Blue Sapphire' (Dark Crystal) Forbidden Energy system as its power source until the accident that blew all of it up - leaving remnants.

The satanists believe that something sperm-like entered this planet and created life. A rock hurled through space from the exploded planet. Hence the worship of Osiris, and also that when that astral universe level explosion happened, everything from beginning to end happened in one moment. This reality is passing through that experience in slowed down motion. That is called TIME. It ends with Nothingness.


The fallen, reversed 'angels' from the Higher Realm, and the race of mankind,

were not the only beings here on this planet. In fact they may have fallen from somewhere else long before they accessed this planet.

There are also beings which gained access through the '11th Gate' portal once this planet aligned into that false energy stream/source which issues from the magnetic mirror reversed, opposite of positive. They are usually in human-type forms and some can breed with humans.

Witches/Warlocks : Vampires : Demons : and non human form: Elementals/Fairies/Feys/Devas.

The '11th Gate' is the portal into the magnetic realms.

There are also those from the Higher Realm. These are the Christed ones. The Christ Gate (Door) is NOT the 11th Gate or anything to do with the 3rd Eye.

They taught how to be and how to behave in the Higher Realm - and Jesus Christ taught how to get OUT of this reality and return to God's World.



This is the Plough and Polaris (the Lodestar).




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