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Updated July 24th 2021


The records and additional knowledge of this work were from the 'John the Baptist' group whose role was to prepare the way for Jesus, which went eastwards after the Diaspora. It was never part of the Roman Church, yet was used as its foundational teachings. The Diaspora saw many groups flee from Ancient Palestine in the decades after the crucifixion.

This lineage (which is this teaching) has taken people through the 'Christ Door' over the past 2,000 years, on the Way out of the World of Maya/Illusion/Plato's shadow screen etc.

This lineage which went east then south to safety, literally uses several Books that are in the New Testament. They also had books on Health, Healing, and a Healthy Diet. Clearly the information we add on the physical alteration of the alignment of this planet are not available in usual sources. It does however, line up with how 'Lucifer and his angels' fell, so gives an interesting story that provides a context - which you do not need to 'believe'.

But we do refer you to review what this work has taught about falling away from the central axis, and that the pattern exists in the planet and in the brain - and that this relates to the entrance and exit point for the soul when it is born into this world and when it exits this world.

It is surprisingly difficult to make clear what is in actuality being described, perhaps because it has been missed throughout all time.

Jesus does appear in other Religions and is recognized as a significant 'messenger' and Master.

However, being a Master, spiritual teacher, 'messenger', or miracle worker, was not His mission.

Things like 'giving sight to the blind' may be a big deal to the person having the eyesight restored, but otherwise mean nothing! Jesus did more than that.

He returned something that had remained unseen for thousands of years.

Being a good, gentle person who gave a few good lectures about 'God's message', achieved some healing successes, and did a few miracles, is not good enough to qualify as anything particularly special. It just isn't.

If it was, there would not be all the questions and doubts, and wondering about it.

Jesus taught something that is the most important information in existence

in this reality, and that related to escaping from the 'Tomb' and returning to True God Source. Having this knowledge was and always is, the biggest threat to the 'false light' and evil cabal.

Spiritually the inner journey continues passed the first encounter with an 'other world' spirit realm of light, and continues onwards back into another void of darkness and through a 'wilderness'.

That is why eventually you need the inner 'Way Show-er' - which can only be the Christos because the Christ is the Christ Door. As we have done this, and encountered but moved passed the false 'other world', the information on that is not a 'belief'.

The First Guideline of what was taught is to Live by the Golden Rule.

In reality, if every child was taught from the beginning how to behave with consideration and what is called 'good manners' there would not be the bad behaviour which one way or another does offend others. People do what they do because it is the example that has preceded them.

There is also a level of intelligent awareness that accompanies this, and not every person has 'inner development', but it can be mostly overcome by early education in good manners and considerate behaviour.

The Prayer of True God.

This work, as already mentioned, originated from the community which included John the Baptist who prepared the way for the Christ, communities known as Therapeutae and Assaya meaning therapists and healers. Their scrolls did find their way into the collections of a large sect known as Essene who were, it turned out, not the same community.

The Assaya-Healer-Therapists went eastwards, at the time of the Diaspora a few decades after Christ's crucifixion, east, then south. They were not formed by the books used to create the Roman Catholic Church, neither were the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches (Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox etc). But they did have many of the same Books which were used to form the Bible's New Testament.

Althouth there is additional information available from the lineage of this source, this work generally keeps to the KNOWN and recognised guidelines of the traditional Christian systems.

It does not add extra things for which the authenticity cannot be verified. The reason for that is that any fake or Luciferian source can claim to be returning 'lost information' and 'practices' or inner experiences claimed to have 'once been part of what the Christ taught' - and that is exactly what is happening!


Guidelines :

are to live by the 'Golden Rule'.


Protocols :

Keep to these for 2 years to establish basic clarity.

* Keep to a vegetarian or vegan friendly diet.

*No eggs.

*No drugs - meaning recreational or unnecessary prescription drugs. Given the current awareness of the toxic industry of big pharma, that is a consideration, as is taking the covid-19 so called vaccine and having it injected into your bloodstream.

*No alcohol as a recreational past-time (though red wine has been considered acceptable with a meal and for valuable resveratrol even though the amounts are not significant.)

*Do NOT DISCUSS your inner/spiritual experiences.

*Moral integrity. In reality your relationship with your partner is a holy status. Finding the right person is important for the ongoing of the generations - while trapped in the fall and in bodies which die.

If your past generations (ancestors) have also established the strong cords away from the lower portal and into True Source it is easier for you now in this time, to achieve soul-freedom from the Lower Universe at this time now when the planet will ascend again.

Usually a person accepted into the Higher Universe was connected by a 'Way Show-er' - who then provides an extra key to this.

At this time just keeping to these guidelines is adequate preparation providing you are NOT doing practices taught by other religions and beliefs.

It takes several lifetimes (after beginning) - if you chose the Way OUT of this reality and realm.

The Christ Door, and the Christian religion, are a DIFFERENT path.


There is a Portal into an 'other world' realm of light and spirit, that is first encountered - and must be ignored.

The inner journey continues passed the first opening, and continues through another dark void and 'wilderness'. That is why eventually you need the 'Way Show-er' - and that means someone from the lineage who actually KNOWS this.

The Christ Door is the portal into the God Realm called the 5th plane and True Eternal God Source.


The Christ Teaching warns to keep away from everything that binds you into forming energy cords into the wrong portal.

Protocol : These connections become binding and difficult to extricate from because they are magnetic - including channelling, energy healing, various energy activating practices even through exercises, practices of ancient religions etc. Try to keep clear of people channelling so called biblical figures, or other entities etc.

The 'wrong' portal refers to the entry point to a 'spirit world' that is the first 'other world' spirit realm accessed from the physical body at death, as pyschic experiences and as 'astral travel'. It is a very real 'other realm' but this is the false portal.

*Keep to this part of the Protocols for 2 years.

Christ based Teachings strongly warn not to activate Kundalini.

Protocol : Of course, the average mind will say 'why not?' It seems so obvious to do. Obvious to anyone.

Because the pathway up from the base of the spine is DIRECT to the false portal and into the false energy source. It is the DIRECT pathway. The first Portal/Door encountered is the False Path into a very real 'other world' realm. It is the Astral Realm of the Lower Universe which is the false energy stream.

The Christ Door to True Eternal God Source is not the direct pathway.

It begins at the 3rd Eye Chakra, because the entire first 6 chakras including the 6th - the 3rd Eye - are aligned to the false reality. The 6th chakra is a dark indigo/black colour.

The Christ Path/Way does not turn towards the light that is seen there. It then goes through darkness and the 'wilderness' before reaching the True entry to the Higher Rooms - God Realms.

To break free of entrapment in the experience and repeating reincarnation into this reality and its realms, takes 5 lifetimes even for people who lived generally decent lives and knew nothing about dark cults.

Protocol : A person must live out, their full allotted life span, regardless of physical or emotional suffering. You do not know what the soul needs to accomplish in clearing karma, and the clearing of karma or 'debt' is the opportunity you have in a lifetime.

Therefore, it is wrong (against the Living Law) to take any human life, including your own, or an unborn baby's life, or with medical help to end your own life. All of it is part of a soul's programme for clearing karmic debt, on the way to soul freedom.


Of Interest : Things to consider from 'Breakaway Christian Churches', especially given what is known today : -

It is taught in one breakaway Christian church not to have blood transfusions.

In another, not to have 'big pharma' medicine.

Be mindful that some breakaway Christian teachings say that what may be experienced on an inner or feeling level at the beginning of this journey to soul freedom, cannot be trusted. These things are not part of the correction process to the Way Out of the 'cave' ('tomb'.) They happen at in the beginning stages of this process - the lowest level - which involves nothing from below the 3rd eye. Keep to the guidelines.

It cannot be helped that everyone is automatically facing the wrong portal - but you can make a difference if you understand that that is what happened.



Physical - physical attractions ie Lust, alcohol, drugs, 'highs', also gossip, judgemental.

Emotional - attractions : Ego, Vanity, Power, Jealousy, 'Better than'.

4th level - MIND - Abuse of Knowledge. Mind Control. Visions, Communications. Deceptions through the Mind.

4th level also includes - Astral - the Astral Universe which controls from the MIND downwards. This is an opening into a spirit realm, with light. It is not the Higher Realm you are looking for.


Following the way of 'how to be'

can add issues and dismissal of everything else if 'extras' are added, so we use the known teachings from the Christian origins, the KNOWN rules and guidelines.

We do not identify with any arm waving, bible bashing groups or those 'speaking in tongues'.

The practices that the Christos Teachings say to avoid - and which remain an issue in western and orthodox Christian churches even without the information on why - relate to accessing the wrong 'exit' point into a very real 'other world' spiritual reality, with people - which is the 'astral realms'.

For the past decades the most important of the guidelines is to NOT do practices, and energy activating practices, from other systems and religions which this work has explained and shown the reasons for in great detail. (For example, basic yoga or Tai Chi etc is okay, but not advanced exercises) AND to completely ignore the 'spirit world' communications which are the first and lowest level of the path OUT of Maya/Illusion.


There are any number of breakaway churches

who use the original St.James Bible but broke away from the Church of England, which itself broke away from the Roman Catholic Church. Some of these can be very literal in their interpretations, and recent versions of the Bible are highly altered. None know about the Christ Door, or the Astral Door.

Some of these breakaway groups can be very dismissive and rude about how others interpret scriptures, and some of them are in fact using channelled material. The legitimacy of these breakaway groups can also be questioned and challenged (especially as many of their founders were channelling spirits! - a very big not okay!)

This work did not 'break away' from the Catholic Church. It was never part of that and it also preceded the founding of that. This was one of the original groups from the times before and after the crucifixion, and the group John the Baptist - whose role was to prepare the way for Jesus Christ - belonged to. Several groups from the John the Baptist group went east, one of them had the next appointed successor who could carry on what Jesus had inwardly instructed. (That is, connecting and taking on the disciple's karmic debt (energy cords/binding ties into the lower realms so all such ties will gradually be eliminated over several life times).

Again, it is mentioned that it involves books from the New Testament, and books on Health, Healing, and a Healthy Diet plus knowledge of how to access the 'Christ Door' (Jesus says in the Gospels 'I am the Light, the Way, and the Door') and that it takes 5 lifetimes to work out of the energy of the Lower Realms. The Christ is literally a passage into the God Source Worlds of Eternally Living Light.


The all important missing piece of knowledge.

Christ Teaching


Return to the Introduction to the Living Source



'Living by the Golden Rule' : If you are living your life in keeping with the 'golden rule' would you be having sex rituals or initiations, or living your life chasing indiscrimminate sex as a lifestyle choice and how does such a mindset line up with those who pursue a higher more refined understanding of Love, integrity, respect, dignity, personal honour and so on? Living by the 'Golden Rule' - Guidelines


"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the 5th realm people."

The 5th REALM is not '5D'.

This planet was once a much larger planet.   It was described as 'Timeless'.

There were no seasons.

It was considered a Paradise, where the people were in perfect health and happiness, and their bodies did not die..


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