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Updated August 1st 2021.

The Earth's Energy Fields Reversed.

What the fallen ones did is quite significantly hidden, but this is an introduction.

The first issue is that it changed the spiritual path to True Home.


Christian Teachings have a right, and a duty, to recognize and point out non-Christian practices.

The second feature clearly SHOWS why Christian Teachings are against certain practices.

The first featured link looks at why the Luciferian RESET cabal, created a worldwide programme to 'vaccinate' as much of the world's population as possible with something that is making people MAGNETIC.

It is not always obvious that a spiritual path is the Osiris path. It is also not easily obvious what Osiris actually is - but it replaced True God Source.

It changed when 'Baphomet' came into being, which was when the energy EM (Electro-Magnetic) fields of this planet were reversed into the 'Upside Down World'.

The initial entry to that energy stream is usually wise and sensible. Those teaching it do not not usually know they are on the Magnetic energy stream.

One clue is that it will always mention the 'goddess'. (The term is about MAGNETIC-NEGATIVE, and POSITIVE, not about female or male.)



First 9 mins Included because people are now finding they have become magnetic after the covid jab.

Interesting that there are records/legends of people being 'Lifted Up' by a passing 'Magnetic Force'.

This was written about in terror and horror, as something that did happen in the ancient past, and this planet is currently crossing the path of a nearby 'black hole' - which is powerfully magnetic.

Could the Magnetic Jabs, and this info be the Reason for How MAGNETIC People have Become After the Jab?

Was this the 'RAPTURE' - as in rising, by magnetic attraction, too quickly from the depths of the 'ocean' (water planet) creating an experience called 'the bends' which is NITROGEN NARCOSIS - an ecstatic but deadly experience?

Is this a once in 25,000+ years mass 'Ritual Sacrifice'?

The most important and largest Human Sacrifice on the satanic calendar? Could something truly dreadful be intended to occur in the near future?

* It does not pull people into the black hole. It pulls them up to the upper atmosphere as with the recent Bezo's rocket launch.

* "Astronomers have discovered a black hole that's closer to Earth

than any found before it". It is located about 1,000 light-years away in the southern constellation Telescopium, visible just off Antarctica and near Sirius in Canis/Cain.

The black hole weighs in at some four times the mass of our Sun..... The researchers found the hidden beast while tracking binary stars using at telescope at La Silla Observatory in Chile. When they looked at the double star system HR 6819, they noticed that the inner star orbits quickly, while the outer star slowly chugs along. 1 min.

*It is believed that Earth, on its altered axis, aligns to this black hole - called the Destroyer - for about 12,000+ years. That is why there is a Force of Darkness. This 'invisible Force' appears to be the original cause of why this planet was pulled off its axis and now wobbles (tilts).

The Black Hole called 'Destroyer', is Osiris.

The alignment from Polaris to Antarctica in the Southern Hemisphere lines up directly with the Black Hole ( Osiris) - goes straight into it - and aligns with Sirius in the constellation of Cain/Canis which means Dog Star.

OSIRIS is the 'dark god' which seeks to control this planet, and the satanists are also known as the 'Children of Cain' or Children of the Dog Star.


*We also came to the practice shown below, sometime early '90's as big fans of Iron Shirt Chi Kung. This is not a comment on the practices, it is shown here to point out the ALIGNMENT that is Polaris and the Black Hole that is Osiris.

A Lama featured - a lot - on a charlie channel raised questions.

This Charlie would be the first to say he knows nothing about 'spirituality'; as a businessman the guy he is featuring probably has a deal to have so many of his videos up. For some unclear reason people have gravitated to this man's website which is frequently inaccurate.

This old guy was clearly teaching 'non Christian things'. Christian Teachings have a right to recognize and point out non-Christian practices. This clearly SHOWS why Christian Teachings are against certain teachings.

Turns out on his own website he was trained in the same system as a well known Master because this guy is teaching the Microcosmic Orbit. This is where the information on the tilt of the earth and disconnection comes in. Why?

Because the fallen earth aligns to MAGNETIC North, not True North, and MAGNETIC North is POLARIS just above the well known star group of the PLOUGH aka the Big Dipper. Here is the microcosmic orbit. (The stars shown in this practice are Polaris just above the Plough.)

This is the Plough and Polaris.

The practice is also supposed to bring rejuvenation, but it has not done that for either of these two men.

For works such as this, it is a genuine mistake.

Obviously this spiritual practice is based on a knowledge that this alignment

- to Polaris - technically 'should' be the correct alignment. They are specifically teaching a cosmic alignment which creates a circulation (orbit) of energy from a perceived god source and the physical self.

That this famous Taoist system does this, shows you that others understand the importance of the alignment.

This alignment to Magnetic North was spiritually discerned after the Fall, and if it was to the True Source, it would lead to youthfullness and ultimately 'Eternal Life'.

Unfortunately, it does not do that because this is the fallen source.

The stars shown in this practice are Polaris just above the Plough.

This is the alignment which lines up with the southern hemisphere via Antarctica, location of the constellation of Cain - Canis, the oncoming alignment with the star Sirius, and with the 'Destroyer' - Osiris, 'god' of the 'Children of Darkness'.


This alignment will not happen because the planet is Ascending OUT of it - unless the magnetic side wins the polarity battle.

The Christ-Positive side has far more power and is stronger.




Below is an interesting diagram of the planet.

The 'Right Angle to Orbit' is True North (positive). The 'Magnetic Pole' (negative) aligns to Polaris.

Interestingly this diagram also indicates this is the South Pole which is what ancient maps from thousands of years ago also curiously show (also, there had to have been an advanced civilization to be able to have maps of the entire planet.)

There is no doubt that advanced ancient systems existed which included the practice mentioned above, and had knowledge of the very real Meridian energy pathways. in the body. However, Polaris is still the false 'North Star'.



The Fall changed the Magnetic Fields and Created this World.

It also created the Magnetosphere.

There are maps which show the world after a magnetic flip which was actually some 780,000 years ago - and was the big accident that the ancient world did not expect, which caused 'Higher Beings' and 1/3rd of 'heaven' to Fall.

This indicates how many rounds of the Great Cycle of 25-26,000 years this planet has actually passed through before.

That means humans have experienced the 'end times' and Luciferian push for total control of the planet around 30 or 31 times - and are still returning to be reborn here on the 'Wheel of Rebirth'.

The planet has always Ascended out of the 'end times' Luciferian takeover attempt, and the North Pole begins to correct. What that means is the Magnetic South which we are taught to believe is the North weakens and starts to change back over to being the the North polarity which is POSITIVE.

Strangely these very ancient maps point to the North Pole as being Antarctica.

It appears to be that this is because the South Pole is actually (wrongly) our current Magnetic North! The Magnetic North is what alogns to the Plough and Polaris.

* This is what gives you the Luciferian-Osiris link and why it seeks control of this planet. The Antarctica location lines up with the star Sirius AND the black hole called the Destroyer (Osiris) that this planet aligns into at this time during many thousands of years of the Fall phase of the Grand Cycle.



* Our North is the South Pole and a Direct Line into the Black Hole!

* Ancient Tara/5th Plane/Tartaria/ Their Fall led to Khazarian Empire and more.

* NEW BOOK Chapters on Health, Toxic poisoning, Exercise & Healing systems, and a personal intro are new here.

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