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Different Timelines Playing Out



There are different Timelines playing out now.

Some people only see the reality shown through their TV about a virus and a need to have a vaccination. These ones are unlikely to go through to the future, and if they have had the vaccination they may experience what the cult vaccine was intended for - depopulation, Some of these who simply cannot see the other Timeline reality, may of course, wake up!

It is a pre-written script, that has already played out before, and is playing out the same script now.

This is why there are instances of deja vu (seen before) clairvoyance, in ancient times 'prophecies', and more recent times the Looking Glass technology or remote viewing etc. It includes the dimensions and unlimited universes of that reality and its pathway. It also means there is a future that is pre-written within that reality - so people can 'time travel' to the future and past, but it is a pre-written script.

As a reminder, the real reality is TIMELESS. (No travel through Time then!)

The script is also not the reality of the 'real reality' - and neither is most of the spiritual narrative that has been entrenched as real, because that was still the cult reality - which has been the source in charge for many thousands of years and it is a direct feed into the mind/brain.

It surely must be obvious by now that much of what is experienced through the mind and perceived by the brain, is part of the spell. However, others, - including those who do still believe in the MK Ultra mind controlled super spell (or cult) spiritual reality narrative - nevertheless are seeing the Q-reality unfold and an entirely different future that is not about death. It is about LIFE. Even those in the 2nd energy stream reality are seeing the ascended planet reality.

Our Timeline is from 12-13,000 years in the future, when this world reaches the 'Golden Kingdom' (because it is a 12-13,000 years journey upward) and also beyond this reality.

This work has been about preparing NOT to go into the next Fall of this planet's cycle. It was also about the 'window of opportunity' to get out of this cycle that is available before the current changeover takes place. It has to be done while you are still within the illusion/deception.

The ascending path will eventually take you towards the very real 'real reality' - but this planet is not that and does not reach that. So at times some may come from the 'real reality' into this world, but they do not ever seed life here. Their job is to help people get out of here.

Anyone coming in from the fallen energy stream though - Cain, Sirius, and maybe a host of fallen stars and planets, are about fallen light seeding into this planet from fallen stars. The cult 'Children of Cain' were seeded here

- but should not have been.

That energy stream should never have reached this planet,

and in normal circumstances it never would have. Neither would any of the energy streams which managed to get here after Earth began to Fall - they are all the fallen starseeded energy which reached a falling planet. Now there are greys and reptilians, and Dracos, and blue avians and so on. The fallen, or 2nd, energy stream is all under LUCIFER.

People attune into that energy stream because it is difficult to know the difference.

LUCIFER is a mighty and beautiful angel of LIGHT.

He is the 'light bringer'. Few can tell the difference. It never shows itself as the fullness of what it is until long after you have created energy ties into it.

He enters this planet/realm through 2nd energy stream from CAIN - Canis-Dog Star - Gene of Isis (the Dog Star).




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