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EARTH - Real, and False.


Just for interest. Earth is not upright, but if it was upright and aligned correctly to its Source, and ifTrue North was over Alaska (as it once was) the Earth would change angle and the massive island continent that is Greenland would be further down in the Atlantic.


Climate Change.

Obviously this work supports a plant based diet, and clearly humans should take care of this planet - but the ones now 'taking control' of the planet via this issue, are the ones who were doing all the bad stuff!

The planet is changing its position because the fallen 'left' side now corrects with its 'right ascension'. As an example, that means that over time, Alaska moves to its correct location as True North (which will also be Magnetic North at that time) and the massive island continent of Greenland will then move further south - move because of the planet's adjustment, not because land is moving. It will become a very habitable island in the future, but other places on Earth will not remain habitable. Some EU countries and the UK appear to be more south.

Also, Siberia will be more south.

Siberia is where mammoths munching buttercups on a sunny tropical day, were snap frozen 12,000 years ago

- - and how did that lead to a Portal into the False Spiritual Realm instead of the True Portal back to Eternal Life?

The landmass of Antarctica will be in a different position too, and like Greenland, will no doubt be very habitable. The planet's natural Ascension - correction of its fall - ensures that the 'good side' wins. 'Climate Change' is the planet's Ascension Phase.

*Greenland is an important island - and it was inhabited before the Fall 12,000 years ago and before that - and connected to Norse (Scandinavian) legends - of an advanced civilization and the loss of the True Kingdom - and from our records.


Do You Want Ascension and a Return to Light?

If you do want the Ascension then the planet and its climate are going to change. You can get a globe of the world and align Alaska to True North and see for yourself how the planet's position changes. Alaska should go 'up', and Greenland and Siberia go more south. This is the planet's Ascension correction. Currently the poles align into the darkness.

The planet has been lining up with the nearby Black Hole which is the 'portal' the satanists and 'dark forces' have been trying to open up. The goal has been to take most of the population through that hole and into the 'Metaverse' - and is what 'brain programming' projects like MK Ultra have been for. It would have been 'the Rapture'. The Metaverse is the appearance of ongoing reality, but is a digital reality (ideal for an altered, and patented, DNA where people have projected their consciousness and cannot get out again.) Entry into the Metaverse involves the current alignment of the poles. However, the planet will move passed this vulnerable point.

Once the poles return to almost True alignment,

- in the oncoming millennia - the polar regions will probably be aligned to Light - which may be warmer and there may well be no ice there.


Current Earth is the Lower World, but now Changes to its Upper World Almost Ascended Original Status.

As, when, and after the planet changes to its Ascending Phase - which is when it begins to establish its correct alignment to True Source (and the True Christ Door) - those who were born as the Cain creation of Genesis and the satanic elite (different lines) - cannot live on this planet because it will be different. If people have not established their soul body identity then they cannot resonate with a planet that is identifying with its soul body. It doesn't fully get there; it falls again, but those who establish their soul ID can leave this false but parallel to True, reality. The current Lower World wants to keep the world as is because they cannot exist in the Upper World. In reality, they should never have been able to access this planet or produce a new mankind here.

Many people, plants and animals do not belong or exist on this planet as it gets closer to aligning to True Source. The correction will also move away from the currently easily accessible Door/Portal/Passage into the 'Metaverse' of the reversed energy. It is the false 'other world' entry. The race known as mankind is not the original human race. It is a mixed breeding between the Cain mankind (which may have been the Neanderthal) and the Higher human genetics. People in today's world have to chose whether they are the Higher or the lower DNA. The mixed breeding is the disaster recognized by the True humans AND those who later became the satanic elite mostly because they began inbreeding and among other things, developed a genetic blood illness passed on thru the generations called Porphyria aka the 'vampire disease'.

Queen Victoria's eldest son the Duke of Clarence was a crazed nutjob who had to be locked up and also was thought to be the original Jack the Ripper. The satanic elite - once true humans or fallen angels - did the inbreeding and also spiritually went through the first Door/Portal/Passage that is online during the Cain alignment. The Ascending Planet corrects that alignment back to True Source but only FEW will make it out of here.



There are people, animals, & plants that do not belong on a Higher Realm planet (such as this is, except during its fall)

but they have been able to incarnate here during the 12,000 years of the planet's fall into lower energies - because their energy is from the false path/portal/gate/door. Many of those from this lower genetics have been bred prolifically and that may explain why the world is seeing democrat/communist governors and mayors etc being voted into office. It might also explain why the satanists are removing them once their usefulness is over, and they are the ones who are clueless about the jab. They are not satanists, but do not have a predominance of the higher genetics. People have to choose to develop 'higher qualities' - but that is over the heads of most of them.


As the planet moves into its Ascending Phase - it changes position,

therefore altering climates in various regions - and we all want this Ascending Phase! It is moving into a new summer for some, and a new winter for other regions. Over time during the cycle lands do rise and fall. For example, it is possible that once long ago, when this planet was in its more correct position, Greenland may have been an important island continent (look how big it is!) and the Antarctic landmass was probably not under ice - but the ice build up was elsewhere. The 'Climate Change' agenda is not about 'saving the planet', it is about not presenting all the facts, to support stopping the Ascension, or at least being able to overcome it and let the 'reverse of God's normal reality' maintain control and provide a very abnormal, new world reality.


Antarctica and 'Sky Ice'.

12 mins. and SKY BLUE STONES - PIECES OF THE FIRMAMENT? (Some diferences to the info above.)

10 mins. *This may relate to the 'false reality' that is part of the 'stuff that dreams are made on' that is also part of the digital reality this version of the planet-reality is (which exists at an angle to the True Reality.) In the newly discovered landscape - made by accessing the energy of the reverse field - the physical bodies we have today were first made from 'stone' - sky stone. That information is recorded in Greek mythology.

This reality appears to be real because we have senses to experience it, including the experience of mass which is the Higgs Boson. "The Higgs boson is the fundamental particle associated with the Higgs field, a field that gives mass to other fundamental particles....."


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Antarctica and Greenland (and the race of angels)
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