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The Cosmic Surge from Galactic Central.



This planet - or plane - has many mysteries,

but in its existing status is part of (caught in) a system which includes other suns, a triune sun system which is also part of the Canis (part of Osiris) cosmology. Triune - 3 - is the power number of the magic and the astral realms.

It is understood and accepted that this reality (described as this world) has now passed a certain marker point, and is now where it pulls out from its Fall phase and changes to its Ascending phase, which involved all sorts of planet and cosmic alignments but you will note, they all appeared and took form before the planet actually began to move upwards. If that change did not happen, this planet (or plane) would be entering the realms of the triune sun system and so on.

The 'shift' is not relying on human consciousness which was preparing for a Cosmic Surge/Pulse

issuing from the Galctic Centre - via the Black Hole. It is expected to reach Earth in 2024 and would have triggered a world end scenario.

It is symbolised by the elongated tongue to catch its prey.

It is common in reptilian creatures.

That Cosmic Surge-Pulse issues like a large, elongated tongue - from the Black Hole

and catches its 'prey' which is this planet. It is then reeled inwards to the outer rims of the Black Hole - like a meal for the 'dark god'.

That 'god' is Kali, whose name is a reference to the realms of Time.

If the Ascending Consciousness Awakening relied on human consciousness, a huge number were waiting for that cosmic surge/pulse to change the planet and introduce the 'new age'.

It is also what most of Hollywood and the music industry were preparing people for.

This force/surge/pulse is what the satanists were waiting for and preparing for, and changing human DNA for.

Had it hit, then Depopulation was part of the preparation for that happening.

Instead, this planet began its ASCENDING PHASE which has not only made it possible to throw out the satanists and other dark entities, but means the Cosmic Surge will miss reaching the Earth as this planet changes location upwards!



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