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Church Dogma?



As I grew up near our typical English village, every Sunday we used to go to our very pretty local church. This was a lovely stone church and tower built by the monks of Longueville who cam over to England with William the Conqueror in 1066.

The service was quite simple, there were some prayers, we sang some hymns, and the vicar always gave a short sermon - a discourse that carried a positive message.

After that we would all leave the church and thank the vicar who would be waiting at the door as we all left. On occasions the vicar (the reverand actually) would call round to the homes of the parisheners to see if they were okay.

It was rather lovely actually. Of course at the time, as a child and teen, I thought it was really boring! Then I did wander off into the new stuff that seemed to be presenting things that 'the church' was apparently keeping from us so that it could 'keep control of us'.

I had been Christened as a baby which was a mark for the Christos path at least symbolically.

I also did the classes for my Confirmation which was where I was taught about the Path of the Christos. This was basically about the guidelines to live by.

Historically it was clear that 2,000 year ago, the Roman Church had taken over the teachings and scriptures, books and records etc of a religion now known as Christian. Thousands of prayers and records went into the keeping of a corrupt Roman Church. Never-the-less they did keep to the general services and this was presented in Latin. The Roman Church did remove special prayers and the Solfeggio Scale when they realised the sounds had an uplifting effect.

It is also known that the actual Living Master of that work obviously did not go with the Roman Church at the Vatican. This side of things travelled eastwards but survived. The role of the Living Master is a person who is actually anchored firmly and permanently into True Source. Without that role, every single person would take themselves to the Osiris source, for very sound and important reasons which they clearly do not know. However, many from the Roman Church with access to those scripts and music scales etc did still keep to the guidelines and became good people.

But was this teaching really deliberately keeping information and practices from us so it could keep control of us?

It is hard to find any dogma in what was presented. This may not be the case with breakaway versions or the arm waving set - and mostly it isn't. There is plenty of dogma and control in those versions.

The teachings were pretty much correct - live by the 'golden rule', don't do certain practices, respect the sanctity of marriage, don't abort babies. Thankfully we have now all witnessed what those who kept to the Christos religare teachings have done - General Flynn, Q team, Donald Trump - in exposing the satanic cult, and removing it.

The important points are that those practices that were supposedly being kept from you deliberately, were in reality part of the path of Orisis! Mostly you do need the person who is in the role of what the clergy represented - if not you will go off into the satanic, Alisteir Crowley and Marxist teachings such as 'do whatever you want', 'you are god', create your reality using the mind (because you are god) use sex magick to create, and so on.


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