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A little background Introduction to a Higher Way of Being. Updated Jan. 25th 2022.


The world is in a time of very real change

and it is all happening in front of us, right now!

This is an introduction to beginning to live again

in the world free of the unbelievable negativity and evil.


For many on this planet, they remain oblivious to the fact that some people in power have been trying to remove them from the planet. Quite possibly, these are the ones who fit into the category of doing everything that creates a world of conflicts, ego, trying to be better than others and so on that makes up what is a 'lower level civilization'. They make money, can afford a lifestyle etc but the world they inhabit and contribute to is still a 'lower level civilization'. These ones are not necessarily 'evil satanists' at all, but it is questionable that they will develop enough within themselves to have the consciousness necessary for a Higher Happier Level World.

For a large number of others, they are aware that a big change is in progress and the world is going to require that those who go onwards into that change, will discover a higher level of consciousness and create a much better world.

For some amongst these ones, the time which began with the lockdowns in March 2020, has meant finding a new country for that new beginning. For some, they were in countries other than their home countries when the dark agenda began in 2020 and they realised they could not go back to their country because of what would happen - put in the covid camps and forced one way or another, to take the killshot jab.

During the time of being in Malaysia, which is where I happened to be when the lockdowns began, I had to completely trust in True God Source, because although allowed to remain there beyond the visa time, there came a point when the country said we all had to leave. At that time there was not another option, or I did not know of one. There was no way I was going to place my life in danger and return to Australia!

In October 2021 the government allowed us to remain there until the end of December. I had done some research and there seemed to be a clear, do-able option to get to a country in Europe, but that did not turn out to be the final destination. Mexico was.

To me, it seems that this seemingly endless search for a country that is 'right' and 'home' and to be amongst people who I can call family and trust, has been linked to unravelling the twisted energies caused by the event called the planet's Fall.

This is how it appears to me. First the move to Australia, then a much better solution in Siem Reap but also not quite right, then Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia which was very close to being 'right' - yet not. Therefore, there was a next destination, and it does include people who like myself, want to find a life of freedom and decency. Possibly they also want to find somewhere where people behave kindly to each other, and do not misjudge or actively seek to see people fall and struggle!


Guidelines for Humans to be Better at Being Human.

Living in Gracious Civility, and Healthy Rejuvenation -

as you would expect from a soon to be, more aware world.


A New Beginning - and A Higher Way of Being.

This is an introduction just touching on some of the topics of the current book project that we are working on, and all topics will be expanded upon. Living in Gracious Civility, and Healthy Rejuvenation - as you would expect from a soon to be, more aware world.

We all now hope for a world that is peaceful and loving, and to achieve that, some new perspectives will be necessary.

A good starting point is to teach your children to CARE - care about others, and the feelings of others.

There is a right to your own self-expression - but not when it harms the rights of others. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the affects your own actions have on others, and the 'others' always come first!

It is often human nature to criticize others - especially on how they look.

It has been taught via Hollywood movies especially in how they represent teenagers at school, that it is okay, and preferable to be critical of others who may not look so good. This leads to bullying, and some perceived right to be unkind.

It is in everyone's interests to present to the world the best way you can - it avoids some of this bullying and mocking. There are ways to learn about this - and it is worth it because things in life will be better for you.

But it is also in everyone's interests to stop finding faults with others and commenting on it! People often think they have a right to sneer at someone (including those they don't even know!) or outright make a personal remark about another and embarrass them. No-one has any such right, and it is a good idea to make sure you teach your children this, because they are the first to do it.

Be kind, be respectful of the rights of others, be polite, LEARN to be polite, and LEARN how to behave so you do not spoil things for others, respect those who are older and those who are part of your family.


This work is about how to be a BETTER HUMAN and creating a BETTER WORLD. It is not going to be about the Christos because that has been given, in detail, on this website. We all now know about how bad 'the bad' really is, although many would not realize the innocent and interesting entry points into it. Many people will still follow those leads, after all, what's not to love about nature, healing, and expanded capabilities?

Despite that, as the planet moves into its Ascension Phase, it is time to move into a higher way of being, and being - or 'how you be'n- means everything about how you are and what you are.

It is not part of the human consciousness yet - at this time - to be 'higher', and there is a lot that is 'lower'!

Not everyone on this planet now is going to be able to be on this planet as it moves through its Ascending Phase - which aligns to 'Higher'. These get another chance because this planet does move 'lower' again and all the conflicts and misunderstandings, the arrogance and unkindness begins again.

For others, there are still a few thousand years for people to become the consciousness expected of a world moving closer to its highest 'golden status'. That means it is going to take that long for people to reach a 'higher level'.

So keep this in mind : those who had reached the 'golden age' level before the last Fall, were still here to teach what that level is! Therefore, we do want to discuss a higher way of being.

This page is an introduction to the current project being worked on.

It will also cover the topics of health and fitness, rejuvenation, regeneration, looking rejuvenated and healthy, relationships, difficult family relationships and communication, and upgraded guidelines for humans to be better at being human - and we will do it all within a perspective that is far removed from the preconceived concepts.

"Those Living the 'Higher Way of Being' before the last Fall, were still here to teach what that level is."

The perceived image of 'living spiritually' - or in a higher consciousness - does not have to be over-the-top, or an 'image' at all. We do have to aim to bring our soul level self into the 'real world' though. So, some of the topics do overlap. As the introductory pages to living in a higher level of consciousness, I include my experiences because these are the things I learned from, and in fact those learned experiences, mistakes, and revelations, were the reason why the first manual, which began just before 9/11, was written.

Once upon a time, even in this reality, there was a high level status,

fully evolved, which lived within what is called 'True' - a state of balance and harmony as part of the Eternal Source. It still exists there, but this world has gone off balance - it exists several degrees out of true and has become a separate existence in itself. But those standards were once still apparent even in this reality. It is not necessarily easy or obvious - to everyone - what those higher standards must have been, and are. However, they were learned from long experience of what works. We have a world with many conflicting ideas on 'what works'.

Yet at one time, long ago, just before the event called the 'Fall' this world did have a well learned, fully operational, successful formula for how to have a Higher Consciousness, smoothly running, world civilization.

The perspective of this work considers that there is a 'Higher Realm Consciousness' and a 'Lower Realm Consciousness'. There are also other forms of consciousness in the mix - for example, the extraordinary beliefs of the Luciferians - but that this considerable mix somehow has to get along on this one planet. Obviously it doesn't work!

However, there did used to be a 'High King' (leader of a community), and a 'Low King'. The 'genteel ones' - much hated for their gentleness and civility - were the Christed Ones who somehow fell into this world when the reality split.

The 'fallen angels' also known as Luciferians were those who had broken from that higher world to pursue 'science and knowledge' and they include the 'grandfathers' in the Himalayas, behind triads, drug smuggling, and until 2020 still had control of the world's money, earlier advanced cultures, and also the mafia families. There is also the peculiarity of DNA from an exploded, fallen world which landed in this reality and this is associated with the Neanderthal genetic seeding from an upgraded ape in the 'Garden of Eden' born from the light and 'gene of Isis', and possibly other advanced civilizations from an exploded world(s) - but advanced not Higher Realm ststus.

As this planet begins its Ascension Phase, it provides a chance for a world to exist in the manners of the lost 'Golden World'. Or put another way - the Golden Age yet to be.

In this work, we are looking at a world which did once have a place for 'Higher Realm Consciousness' and it was based on learned experience from the multitude of ways that do not work, or don't really benefit people.

Sometimes the mix that became your own family and relatives,

has led to levels of consciousness that were not as developed and considerate as other members of the family and relatives may have been.

All experience shows that Higher Level consciousness people have qualities that are genteel, humble, gentle, caring, empathetic, diplomatic, polite, refined, use a wisdom which considers all aspects of a problem or conflict, and then does the best to communicate well and heal conflicts - but if that cannot be achieved, then walks away from it. You can do that with 'friends', acquaintances, and to some extent work associates, but if it is family and relatives it is not so easy to address.

A Lower Level consciousness, does not really see any of this. It is far more ego centred, can be reactive in a possibly quite spiteful way - lacks empathy and caring or consideration of all sides etc and is arrogant. It tends to think it has special rights, deserves things in life, and is 'better than' - and will let you know that even if doing that is subtle. It is a more easily offended ego, and an 'affronted ego' is extraordinarily important to this level of consciousness and they will defend that no matter how much it may hurt another, and it is also judgmental. It also considers refined behaviour 'weak'. This level for some reason, is also always amused by 'toilet humour' and bodily functions, or body parts.

There is a real problem if this difference is with your family or relatives, because you either have to endure it, or walk away from it - yet it is your relatives, or maybe even closer family. It is really hard - because there is not going to be resolution until they learn what may be profound and difficult lessons in life.

The family and relatives relationship is the most difficult and we will return to that aspect. There is still another point, and that is that the characteristics of 'lower level consciousness' are also the description of Annunaki.

Learning to be Better at being Human can at least begin with basics.


For those with a Higher Consciousness, there is an inner difference that has a strong affinity with understanding the feelings of others, has consideration for others, has a view that takes in a 'bigger picture'

and is not caught up in attachments to the emotional gratification that a 'lower realm consciousness' experiences from 'picking on others' or being 'better than others'. * (Being able to see the 'bigger picture' as in an overall view which includes the future outcomes, is very similar to a quantum computer, but is 'human at a higher level'.)

Guidelines for Humans to be Better at Being Human.

There was a world that 'lived by the long learned rules of civility'

and it still existed even in recent decades, but others decided to destroy that level.

Those who destroy or hate and resent 'civility' have a lot of work still to do on themselves, and no amount of wealth can make a person 'genteel' unless that person reaches for it, because those who were from the 'Higher World' - such as a gentle, polite Jesus - are considered, and interpreted to be fools and weak (Hillary's viewpoint) and their civility is written off as 'snobbery' - or in the Australian vernacular 'up themselves'.

Right now we on this planet are about 12,000 years away from being somewhere near the Higher Realm standards where this planet is at its closest to a 'Higher Realm Consciousness' restored golden age. So, that means lots of personal growth ahead for those who wish to be part of a Golden World of Civility!

A higher level of awareness does consider an issue from all sides, all perspectives, takes in an overall view - which may include how what happens may influence another's life - and finds a way to make it work well for everyone.

Movies will very often portray table manners as 'snobbery' - such as in the 2020 film 'Tenet' when the hero meets a 'Sir someone' for lunch at a high end restaurant/club. The film does imply the rules are 'snobbery' and does seem not to know that the Maitre d' is a different job role from the waiter, or sommelier. People often like to call that 'snobbery'. But is it?

Let's use that situation and look at a version where you are sitting down to a multipie course dinner, with a number of guests. Do you think it would be a good idea to have the cutlery haphazardly positioned or in a heap somewhere, and the drinks glasses all over the place, or would some order to it all make it easier for everyone, including the waiters? Also, how you leave your cutlery while pausing during eating or when finished is a 'language' which lets the waiter know you have finished.

What is wrong with having a system in place which enables everything to flow smoothly?

That level would be called a 'golden age' and it follows the 'Guidelines for Civility'.

If you read, there is a wonderful novel that is a good read, and its hero is truly an amazing gentleman whose attitude is worth noting - 'A Gentleman in Moscow' by AmorTowles. Behaving with a higher consciousness is not the viewpoint of hippy communes, with the children 'belonging' to everyone, or everyone belonging to everyone (all of which are the Marxist, communist version of the consciousness the world is currently removing from this planet.)

What About What Your Children Learn in School?

There are a large number of films and TV programmes which show a very vivid and ugly picture of what comes from free government schools. Usually there are the 'in groups' and the outsiders, and this apparently is important. There is also complete and utter bitchiness and bullying, and this is how all such schools are presented, teaching people to be like that.

What parent would want to send their children to places like that?

Yet if you mention a private school education it is reprsented as training people to be haughty and snobs.

In reality, a private school - if it is a good one - will include teaching a child to be well behaved (at least where it matters!) and how to be respectful of others.

Of course children want to appear like everyone else to fit in, but they are at least taught how to behave well. In fact it is childish and immature for kids to behave in the way represented by Hollywood and co.

There are 5 rules that are basics - for everyone throughout life:


1. Courage.

2. Confidence.

3. Caring.

4. Consideration (for others).

5. Courtesy.

The last one is about politeness to others like saying 'how are you?' 'How do you do?' 'Lovely to meet you'. Saying please and thank you, remembering to thank someone for a gift no matter how small the gift, being polite with relatives or older people, and so on.

'Consideration' means being aware of the feelings of others, and 'Courage' is having enough confidence to be true to yourself, to take on challenges - which may be to overcome the urge to embarass someone else just because it makes you look cool to others who obviously are still immature.

These are natural attributes in those born from the 'higher realm' or become natural for those who have had the chance to realize these are attributes of a higher level, or have had the chance to learn these attributes regardless of less graciousness in their background. It is about consciousness.


Because this is this work, it has used the terminology high born for those with 'higher realm consciousness' and low born for thoe with 'lower realm consciousness'. Although I have included my experiences from which I learned, it is so long ago that most of the people mentioned are long gone, or very old now.


This world went against the rules of 'heaven'

specifically to create a world of different views of reality, and expressions of these differing views. In truth, it ends up with a world with many conflicts of views. It is Babylon, after all the languages were confused. We are not living in a video game, but we are all experiencing a reality that is full of wrong ideas - and it is reasonable to assume that at one time, there was a well balanced 'golden, or gold standard, world' - somewhere - which had learned how to make a world that is a nice, thoughtful place for everyone.

In the 'True Reality' - which is a real existence - it is a place that has 'got it right'. It is more difficult to make that happen in this world, because it is the product of the confusion of different ideas of what really works to create a world of harmony and peaceful happey co-existence.

We have all been taught some nonsense about what you want from the world, when often it isn't what you want at all. When you get to 70 - which is not a very long time - you probably want to still have your friends around, alive and kicking, you also ant your family to love you, to include you, and be part of your life. In this world, we are not even taught respect for the connection that is family, we are tught to leave and/or identify with other groups, and in many ways forget that people are actually part of your family (not people you can pick and choose to obviously ignore).

So when you are deciding your future, maybe you need to consider more than just constantly 'having a good time' with oodles of 'friends' who will disappear from your life anyway, and more than just which course you are going to pursue for your work career - because there may be around 20 years or more beyond your working life which you still have to consider - maybe with many of those who were part of your life no longer around.

Most would agree that getting a good education is going to make a difference to the quality of your life. You train for a good career. But you also need a few other forms of training to make that successful.

But for some, they know that their best chances in life are going to come from how they look, not how they are educated. Not every woman wants a high powered career nor are men who are sincerely looking for a life partner, necessarily looking for a good job resume.

Some people don't know that how they present themselves visually - and with hygeine and cleanliness etc - does matter, then they wonder why they lose out to someone who presents with an image or personal presentation which is more appealing to those who can open doors to better things in life - or levelling up. Some may say it shouldn't be like that. But the truth is it is like that. Also be clear that even though a woman may want to look and present at her best, most do it for themselves.

Another aspect that gives you a better advantage is knowing how to behave in the right way to fit in with what a better level expects. Someone born into a mafia family has a very different perspective on values and loyalty than someone born into a genteel family.

Just before the covid lockdowns, I had been in Europe, and went to a country because I thought I had met someone of interest to me. I don't know what I was thinking but I made this decision on what I considered 'good energy'! He came from a mid Asian country but was working in a modern western city, so I was totally amazed to discover that this guy, who was 35, knew nothing about how to behave! His views on women were insane, he would walk off ahead of me, he had been taught and unquestionably believed that women were happy once they had a baby, and he told me not to confuse marriage with love. For his culture, marriage was to produce children.

There were many crazy incorrect things he had been taught, and that he fully believed were true, that are too many to list here. He was a sweet guy with a good heart, but indoctrinated with unacceptable ways of behaving.

The obvious pathway to 'get a good education' is more known than the additional forms of education. Not all people recognize the significance of how they look, but if they have been lucky enough to gain knowledge in that subject, they definitely have an advantage over those who did not realize the importance.

Those who did not realize this may include people who think that life is against them, overlooks them, or that others are 'looking down on them' etc. It isn't that. How you look makes a difference - and someone should have told you that. Just as keeping fit and healthy matters.

How about learning how to be youthful, fit and healthy, and also very attractive and feminine? Or for a man, how to also be youthful, fit and healthy but also be good to look at and charming and respectful?

There are also those who have made it their business to be 'spiritual'. But just 'being spiritual' does not mean you are automatically a nice person, or someone automatically welcome everywhere. It can also be controversial with so many different 'beliefs' in the mix.

Until recent decades, another very important part of life was taught, covering how to behave. This is very often a reason why some people see that that others are 'looking down on them'. It is true, there are definitely people some others may indeed find offensive in some way. How much better would it be if you learned how to 'look and be instantly nice to know'!

To be honest, this does not always work because you may simply be amongst people who are feral and truly, massively hate and resent, people who behave nicely, politely, differently, or are genuinely happy. So we learn to do our best and move on from that situation as smoothly as we can!

To know how to Behave and to Respond is a skill that has been learned from experience and them passed on to others.

This knowledge was not stiff and boring! These were real skills that were taught so that a person could navigate through life in a pleasant and likeable manner. Do you know there is a formula to being one of those likeable, easy to get along with people?

The people fortunate to have this extra level of instruction were also taught that it is all based on being kind and considerate towards others.

It is not about being stiff and boring, and it absolutely is not about snobbery!

It is respecting others, respecting being in situations where others have certain standards and boundaries, and not jumping to unkind conclusions when someone, or a situation, is not exactly what you thought it may be. It is also about being true to expressing your own personality, but without being thoughtless about others.

Once the satanic agenda is removed from this planet, this is going to be a different world. It does not mean everyone becomes rich - because that in itself does not mean they live a good life. It is more about becoming enriched. Not every woman wants to have business focussed career. Some want to marry and have a family as their main interest in life. Not everyone has to be a super manager of some kind.

This is a topic this work is going to cover along with other aspects of 'healing a life'. (The spiritual side we have presented for free on the website for anyone to consider its merits.)


Health and Well Being

There are a number of interesting ancient systems available - but they don't seem to have produced the 'youthfullness' that was claimed they would. Some do allow people to live to ripe old ages, but they do not look particularly youthful (and sometimes they sound very old too). The best examples of achieving 'youthfullness' and perhaps 'rejuvenation' have been those which teach a healthy, vegetarian diet, raw juices and fasting.

This work does recognize that there are subtle energy pathways in the body - Meridian Pathways - and that basic forms of exercises within some of these systems are fine to do as exercise. We also think it is very helpful to unblock these pathways and energy nodes where and when energy has become stuck, with appropriate well known and established therapies. The ancient world did indeed have some exceptionally good knowledge of the energy body, and there is a 'Triple Heater' as an extra organ related to the intestines, there are cranial-sacral pumps, and organs of the body which do relate or store energies of fear or anger etc. But if one is taking this to a level of 'spiritual integration' with a 'higher source', then it matters which 'universal sources' are ultimately accessed.

This work is starting out by recommending

you keep to a healthy vegetarian or reduced dairy diet, intermittant fasting, doing the physical exercise you enjoy the most, attending to ill health issues promptly - by the traditional healing methods you prefer - regularly Detox, keeping to the Guidelines and Protocols provided here, and getting good quality sleep. Much of the world's health issues have been caused by 'modern medicine' and big pharma. Doing the right thing to find the True Self, might be easier than you think. It is mostly when something different is being introduced that you need many different practices.



Wouldn't Life be Less Complicated to Deal with,

if everyone Knew and Understood the Basic Rules of 'Living with Civility and Consideration'?

For family and other conflicts :'Try to See an Issue from How the Other Side May be Seeing it. Then practice fairness.'

My close family were in the Royal Air Force in England, and served under fire. My grandfather was shot in the heart but just missed killing him. My mum, a very young officer in the women's RAF recalled walking back to base along a country road when a low flying enemy fighter plane swooped in with machine guns firing at anyone on that road. She jumped into a ditch and they missed. There were also bombs dropped directly outside her office, but by some miracle it didn't explode. My dad, who trained as a pilot, also had harrowing stories including camping overnight somewhere in Europe then in the morning waking to hear the voices of enemy soldiers on the other side of the hedge! They, like so many others in earlier decades, were fiercely patriotic and willing to give their lives to save their country and way of life.

As it turned out, government policies and agendas from secret societies succeeded in lowering the 'way of life'. For our family and the world they came from, there was a time when people truly did live with high values, respect for others, had a youth who were far more mature than what has been the reality for the last maybe 5 decades - because none of the behaviour is in any way mature - and had higher standards in all ways. It is something that has been deliberately taken from humanity.

I was born in London and lived in country Buckinghamshire in a very genteel, well mannered pleasant world that left me totally confused by the 'real world' I encountered! But I did enjoy the travel I embarked on to experience the world, starting with living in Barcelona Spain for a year, with a job I loved. I lived in an apartment just off the Paseo de Gracia.

I also worked with some really fun people, and will always remember Paula who had lived in Barcelona for a couple of decades having met her Spanish nobleman Louis, when she first worked there, and by the time I met her she had an amazing apartment in a building also off Paseo de Gracia, which had been designed by architect Antoni Gaudí who designed many famous buildings including the Sagrada Familia. It was like a magical cave inside. I believe it must have been the Casa Mila – La Pedrera. His work is unique and truly wonderful.

From there I chose new job contracts by the countries I could go to, and sometimes that was not as much fun as living in Spain had been. I usually lived in each country for a few months and usually lived at the Hilton Hotel, or the Intercontinental, or similar, and I am very familiar with the fun night-time entertainment of 'pirates landing on the beaches' in the Antilles/Caribbean.

Because I was 'hitting a brick wall' inside myself, I changed to what was intended to be a back up career and decided to take myself to Australia as part of my inner quest. There had been quite a few Aussies working in London, mainly females, and they were all rather stunning, so it seemed that Australia was a 'London kind of place'. It actually isn't, but that was discovered later.

I arrived there via South Africa and a stint in Botswana as well as Zimbabwee, and travelling on, on my own to Tasmania - which seemed to me to be the most isolated place on Earth. I was completely unprepared for how different it was from London, England (or Paris, France; Rome or Campione or Milan, Italy, or New York - and you get the picture.)

I worked some months in Tasmania then returned to England. We were experiencing a great deal of problems with relatives, and it did seem an attractive idea to chuck everything in a go to Australia - thus our family did actually emigrate to Australia.

First question : would my family have done that had circumstances with relatives not been making my dad really ill? We had a beautiful country home, and a super good business that my mum had initiated. The answer is no, we would not! Was it a better move? For the well being of the entire family the answer is yes, but the bigger reality is that it is not what we would have done, and we lost a lot because of it.

That relates to emotional health and well being - and perhaps altering the course of all of our lives.

One of the first problems we encountered after moving to Australia was a neighbour who decided to poison and kill our beautiful, much loved, young labrador,

which provides an indication of a type of mindset we encountered a lot, but had never encountered before. This was just one of a few bad attitudes which led to my eventual search for another new country to live in - which unfortunately I could not do for many decades - and I realised I wanted that choice to be European. By this time the UK had adopted a lot of Australian characteristics and I have no affinity with that country now. In fact the new country was not going to be European, because the covid agenda brought many other factors into the picture. It became difficult to travel, but it was important to find a country offering a good lifestyle (and good weather) but with many thousands of western lifestyle people who had also chosen freedom.

It is also a ridiculous age to be beginning a life, but it is the timing when I had healed and cleared the health issues - and we have all also had the covid-19 lockdowns forced on the world.

The lockdowns caused many problems for everyone,

and the final stages of this unbelievable episode in human history are still playing out as I write.

I was caught in an Asian country when the lockdowns began in March 2020. I had a flight booked for Australia for the end of March and then planned to return to Kuala Lumpur and travel back to Europe. In the confusion of what was happening I cancelled the return trip to Australia and decided to wait for the 'two weeks lockdown' to finish. In that time Australia locked the entire country down and banned any citizen from leaving, making it effectively a prison.

I was then obliged to be in Kuala Lumpur and waited for flights back to Australia - which were all cancelled and any flights arriving there were further restricted. With very little available to do, I made the most of the time by going to the big shopping mall known as 'Times Square' and visited the shops that were allowed to be open. This situation showed how unaware people can be.

Clearly there was nothing to do during a lockdown! As a foreigner, I, like other foreigners who were there, did not have a home and family here, yet the pharmacist in one of the chemists I used to visit (a very nice person, and the pharmacy had a good supply of health foods) was surprised and mildly confused that I was in there so much - until I pointed out to him that I was basically stuck in the country and had nothing to do, then he began to understand - yet not really!

Australia showed itself to be one of the problem countries in the 'depopulation agenda'. Even now they are continuing with draconian measures, yet they must know that the CDC announced that the tests used to show 'covid cases' could not differentiate between the common cold or 'flu, and the covid virus. That means the 'cases' are not 'cases'.

But firstly we will look at other physical health issues encountered.

While living in Australia, I had many experiences with bad doctors, and I am sure that such a story exists everywhere these days - and the covid-19 issue shows that too. I will return to the topic of the 'gods' who are doctors later.

This experience was with a dentist. I had previously had a very excellent dentist and much later had another excellent dentist in Crows Nest Sydney, but this guy was none of that. I was poisoned by an incompetent dentist in Canberra days before Christmas time in 1994. He lodged mercury laden amalgam into my gum - which I did not know had happened - then shortly afterwards I began to experience peculiar disruptions to what seemed to be my body's electrical system (which later turned out to be correct). This made my life very difficult in the new job I had begun in Canberra and continued into the next job I moved to in Sydney (which just about ended my working life in Australia).

I had no idea what was causing the problem. Nine years after that happened, and when I left that career, I did a 'quantum diagnosis' which registered extreme issues with my skin, yet I was not aware of anything showing, and had to let it go while I concentrated on more serious issues which were happening in my life. Then in 2017 I did another higher level 'quantum diagnosis' and despite my life as a vegetarian health nut (!) my diagnosis showed someone full of toxins as if I had been someone who smoked and ate rubbish all my life! My therapist at that stage hardly believed that I was basically a fanatic for juice fasts and so on, and I had no idea why I had this kind of diagnosis.

In March 2018 I began a treatment with a substance banned in every country, because it appeared I had a potential cancer issue with a sore that was not behaving correctly. The treatment did in fact bring out a number of tumours which seemed to leap out of my body once treated with quite small amounts of this magic potion. I then used it on some areas of my upper body my skin became covered in strange rashes. This detox regime continued like this for about 18 months, and is still in its now considerably diminished stages in January 2022. By using this potion, apparently all sorts of toxins rise up and exit the body.

The results have been that I became considerably healthier and younger looking.

It includes a plant based diet and juice fasts which incorporate high levels of antioxidants, and plants and herbs covered in the health index below.

The story : The aspect I am adding here is that in the mid 1990's when I went to work in Canberra, Australia, I was poisoned by an incompetent dentist who placed mercury laden amalgam filling into my gum.

This crept silently into my body. It clearly made me ill yet in a peculiar way as if it was on some kind of timer linked to the electronic system of my body. The more insidious aspect was that it literally seeped into my body, forming areas of poison. I clearly was not in good health from the mid 1990's to 2015 but at that stage I did not know the reason why.

A Quantum Medical Test I did in Singapore in 2016 showed high levels of toxicity as if I had led a very careless lifestyle, eating burghers and general junk food, and being a smoker. In reality I was a dedicated vegetarian health nut basically, and did not smoke or eat junk food!

By chance I accidentally discovered how and where this poison was manifesting in my skin. I thought I had found the answer to it by using Magnesium Cream because it did bring out a level of skin poisoning I had no idea existed. I did not know I had any poisoning at all. This clearly showed that I did but instead of clearing it, it merely brought it out then once treatment was stopped, it went back into hiding.

The billion dollar pharmaceutical business has made many safe, inexpensive, effective treatments unavailable, but completely by good luck, I found a way to remove this poisoning. It was of course also in my bloodstream and lodged in many parts of the body, and just below the liver it had formed tumours which actually 'jumped' to the surface and fell out! My body was very pleased to begin to get rid of this stuff. In fact I also discovered that this mercury based amalgam poisoning had formed itself into circuits and pathways much the same as the nanoparticles do with Teslaphoresis. This was discovered because as one bad area would be treated, other related araes would show up, and these often appeared as strings of pathways.

In the knowledge of the Teslaphoresis self-forming pathways I am now including that these strange pathways which show themselves as I continue to clear through the poisoning, may in fact be from other materials that have been forced into the human body - such as from Chemtrails etc. However, these do respond and self-remove, with this detox process.

I began the process in March 2018. It is now January 2022 and it looks like this herbal product has finally completed clearing this poison out of my system, it looks as if it is mostly, finished. For some of this process I took photographs, because it was rather unbelievable! Many times I have thought I must have cleared it all out, only to discover I actually have not got there yet.

On the positive side, after about 18 months, or maybe even 12 months, but certainly by August 2019, I could clearly see a considerable change in how I looked. Particularly my eyes had changed. It was very positive and I was very happy with the result!

Then in January 2021 I decided to attack the demon again, this time including extra detox products with powdered broccoli sprouts high in substances which cause the liver to detox from a secondary system which often remains inactive. This then began another phase of under par health and my eyes changed again, losing the vibrant clarity that had been uncovered with the first levels of this inner and outer skin detox. This correction is my current marker.


Healthy Living and Rejuvenation.


DETOX protocols for Heavy Metals, Flouride etc, also Anti-Aging, How to Glow, Vitality, Rejuvenation, and much more.

This section is a little background information on some of the health and family relationship issues which have probably altered the course of my own life. For some things there seems to be no answer, and then unexpectedly there is an answer.

I did not know about my axis/spine injury until it was actually discovered during a course of Tui Na massage Therapy. I was very aware of how it was dictating the terms of my life and that the problem had led to my leaving my much loved artistic career. I had considered other degree pathways, but theatre, stage direction, writing, and performing arts remained the love in my heart.

I also did not know I had been poisoned but the effects of it had been immediately obvious. That was not actually known until I did some health tests in Singapore in 2017. The problem is though that these things, while remaining unknown, really affected how I was able to work in the workplace. It is too late once the damage is done. This was caused by a shockingly incompetent dentist, but I also had many experiences with bad doctors. I am very sure others have experienced similar and wondered about it.



Living by the 'Golden Rule' -

Link added elsewhere.






Firstly, Create a World of Peace, Love and Harmony.

First throw out all the behaviour programming that has dominated for the last 8 or so decades, or especially since the MK Ultra created 1960's. Here is a quick run through - to create a new society on Earth!

We have to start somewhere, but really it starts with a secure family and how a child is raised.

Let's begin with the importance of after finishing school, that the aim becomes to find the right partner for life who embodies as many positive inner qualities as necessary for happy future life. Loyalty, caring, responsibility, commitment etc. Forget the Luciferian programming to make the family irrelevant, and to go out and 'do your own thing' and other deliberately false ideas for 'having fun' - because this has caused endless unhappiness, and these ones are the ones who have made what this world is today - ready and ripe to be taken down by the cabal and darkness.

So, you find the right person and that is how you create the family for the children you have - not as accidents from parties etc, but wanted and cared for throughout their growing up. The family lives by the golden rule, is loving and supportive, responsible. The kids grow up and remain loyal and loving to their own brothers and sisters, and cousins and aunts and uncles so it is in fact quite an extensive community of people who remain loyal to each other as family.

It is a network which of course then extends to other family communities because the kids grow up, and again are well taught to understand the importance of setting out to find a really reliable, good quality, loving partner for life. They take vows to do that. That brings other family communities into the family. That then extends to connect the entire country in some way, and then the world - family.

Of course if you have a bunch of family connections who hate your family

or believe they are better, or different or something else, and it all becomes some kind of 'I am better than you' or any other form of conflict, then you have a recipe to create the kind of world that we are now about to let go of.



Academie :


The world is in a very real change

and this has been an introduction to beginning to live again

in the world free of the unbelievable negativity and evil.

Living in Gracious Civility, and Healthy Rejuvenation

- as you would expect from a soon to be, more aware world.



Health, Rejuvenation, Longevity.


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