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A little background Introduction to a Higher Way of Being.


The world is in a time of very real change

and it is all happening in front of us, right now!

This is an introduction to beginning to live again

in the world free of the unbelievable negativity and evil.



Guidelines for Humans to be Better at Being Human.

Living in Gracious Civility, and Healthy Rejuvenation -

as you would expect from a soon to be, more aware world.


A New Beginning - and A Higher Way of Being.

This is an introduction just touching on some of the topics of the current book project that we are working on, and all topics will be expanded upon. Living in Gracious Civility, and Healthy Rejuvenation - as you would expect from a soon to be, more aware world.

We all now hope for a world that is peaceful and loving, and to achieve that, some new perspectives will be necessary.

A good starting point is to teach your children to CARE - care about others, and the feelings of others.

There is a right to your own self-expression - but not when it harms the rights of others. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the affects your own actions have on others, and the 'others' always come first!

It is often human nature to criticize others - especially on how they look.

It has been taught via Hollywood movies especially in how they represent teenagers at school, that it is okay, and preferable to be critical of others who may not look so good. This leads to bullying, and some perceived right to be unkind.

It is in everyone's interests to present to the world the best way you can - it avoids some of this bullying and mocking. There are ways to learn about this - and it is worth it because things in life will be better for you.

But it is also in everyone's interests to stop finding faults with others and commenting on it! People often think they have a right to sneer at someone (including those they don't even know!) or outright make a personal remark about another and embarrass them. No-one has any such right, and it is a good idea to make sure you teach your children this, because they are the first to do it.

Be kind, be respectful of the rights of others, be polite, LEARN to be polite, and LEARN how to behave so you do not spoil things for others, respect those who are older and those who are part of your family.


This work is about how to be a BETTER HUMAN and creating a BETTER WORLD. It is not going to be about the Christos because that has been given, in detail, on this website. We all now know about how bad 'the bad' really is, although many would not realize the innocent and interesting entry points into it. Many people will still follow those leads, after all, what's not to love about nature, healing, and expanded capabilities?

Despite that, as the planet moves into its Ascension Phase, it is time to move into a higher way of being, and being - or 'how you be'n- means everything about how you are and what you are.

It is not part of the human consciousness yet - at this time - to be 'higher', and there is a lot that is 'lower'!

Not everyone on this planet now is going to be able to be on this planet as it moves through its Ascending Phase - which aligns to 'Higher'. These get another chance because this planet does move 'lower' again and all the conflicts and misunderstandings, the arrogance and unkindness begins again.

For others, there are still a few thousand years for people to become the consciousness expected of a world moving closer to its highest 'golden status'. That means it is going to take that long for people to reach a 'higher level'.

So keep this in mind : those who had reached the 'golden age' level before the last Fall, were still here to teach what that level is! Therefore, we do want to discuss a higher way of being.

This page is an introduction to the current project being worked on.

It will also cover the topics of health and fitness, rejuvenation, regeneration, looking rejuvenated and healthy, relationships, difficult family relationships and communication, and upgraded guidelines for humans to be better at being human - and we will do it all within a perspective that is far removed from the preconceived concepts.

"Those Living the 'Higher Way of Being' before the last Fall, were still here to teach what that level is."

The perceived image of 'living spiritually' - or in a higher consciousness - does not have to be over-the-top, or an 'image' at all. We do have to aim to bring our soul level self into the 'real world' though. So, some of the topics do overlap. As the introductory pages to living in a higher level of consciousness, I include my experiences because these are the things I learned from, and in fact those learned experiences, mistakes, and revelations, were the reason why the first manual, which began just before 9/11, was written.

Once upon a time, even in this reality, there was a high level status,

fully evolved, which lived within what is called 'True' - a state of balance and harmony as part of the Eternal Source. It still exists there, but this world has gone off balance - it exists several degrees out of true and has become a separate existence in itself. But those standards were once still apparent even in this reality. It is not necessarily easy or obvious - to everyone - what those higher standards must have been, and are. However, they were learned from long experience of what works. We have a world with many conflicting ideas on 'what works'.

Yet at one time, long ago, just before the event called the 'Fall' this world did have a well learned, fully operational, successful formula for how to have a Higher Consciousness, smoothly running, world civilization.

The perspective of this work considers that there is a 'Higher Realm Consciousness' and a 'Lower Realm Consciousness'. There are also other forms of consciousness in the mix - for example, the extraordinary beliefs of the Luciferians - but that this considerable mix somehow has to get along on this one planet. Obviously it doesn't work!

However, there did used to be a 'High King' (leader of a community), and a 'Low King'. The 'genteel ones' - much hated for their gentleness and civility - were the Christed Ones who somehow fell into this world when the reality split.

The 'fallen angels' also known as Luciferians were those who had broken from that higher world to pursue 'science and knowledge' and they include the 'grandfathers' in the Himalayas, behind triads, drug smuggling, and until 2020 still had control of the world's money, earlier advanced cultures, and also the mafia families. There is also the peculiarity of DNA from an exploded, fallen world which landed in this reality and this is associated with the Neanderthal genetic seeding from an upgraded ape in the 'Garden of Eden' born from the light and 'gene of Isis', and possibly other advanced civilizations from an exploded world(s) - but advanced not Higher Realm ststus.

As this planet begins its Ascension Phase, it provides a chance for a world to exist in the manners of the lost 'Golden World'. Or put another way - the Golden Age yet to be.

In this work, we are looking at a world which did once have a place for 'Higher Realm Consciousness' and it was based on learned experience from the multitude of ways that do not work, or don't really benefit people.

Sometimes the mix that became your own family and relatives,

has led to levels of consciousness that were not as developed and considerate as other members of the family and relatives may have been.

All experience shows that Higher Level consciousness people have qualities that are genteel, humble, gentle, caring, empathetic, diplomatic, polite, refined, use a wisdom which considers all aspects of a problem or conflict, and then does the best to communicate well and heal conflicts - but if that cannot be achieved, then walks away from it. You can do that with 'friends', acquaintances, and to some extent work associates, but if it is family and relatives it is not so easy to address.

A Lower Level consciousness, does not really see any of this. It is far more ego centred, can be reactive in a possibly quite spiteful way - lacks empathy and caring or consideration of all sides etc and is arrogant. It tends to think it has special rights, deserves things in life, and is 'better than' - and will let you know that even if doing that is subtle. It is a more easily offended ego, and an 'affronted ego' is extraordinarily important to this level of consciousness and they will defend that no matter how much it may hurt another, and it is also judgmental. It also considers refined behaviour 'weak'. This level for some reason, is also always amused by 'toilet humour' and bodily functions, or body parts.

There is a real problem if this difference is with your family or relatives, because you either have to endure it, or walk away from it - yet it is your relatives, or maybe even closer family. It is really hard - because there is not going to be resolution until they learn what may be profound and difficult lessons in life.

The family and relatives relationship is the most difficult and we will return to that aspect. There is still another point, and that is that the characteristics of 'lower level consciousness' are also the description of Annunaki.

Learning to be Better at being Human can at least begin with basics.


For those with a Higher Consciousness, there is an inner difference that has a strong affinity with understanding the feelings of others, has consideration for others, has a view that takes in a 'bigger picture'

and is not caught up in attachments to the emotional gratification that a 'lower realm consciousness' experiences from 'picking on others' or being 'better than others'. * (Being able to see the 'bigger picture' as in an overall view which includes the future outcomes, is very similar to a quantum computer, but is 'human at a higher level'.)

Guidelines for Humans to be Better at Being Human.

There was a world that 'lived by the long learned rules of civility'

and it still existed even in recent decades, but others decided to destroy that level.

Those who destroy or hate and resent 'civility' have a lot of work still to do on themselves, and no amount of wealth can make a person 'genteel' unless that person reaches for it, because those who were from the 'Higher World' - such as a gentle, polite Jesus - are considered, and interpreted to be fools and weak (Hillary's viewpoint) and their civility is written off as 'snobbery' - or in the Australian vernacular 'up themselves'.

Right now we on this planet are about 12,000 years away from being somewhere near the Higher Realm standards where this planet is at its closest to a 'Higher Realm Consciousness' restored golden age. So, that means lots of personal growth ahead for those who wish to be part of a Golden World of Civility!

A higher level of awareness does consider an issue from all sides, all perspectives, takes in an overall view - which may include how what happens may influence another's life - and finds a way to make it work well for everyone.

Movies will very often portray table manners as 'snobbery' - such as in the 2020 film 'Tenet' when the hero meets a 'Sir someone' for lunch at a high end restaurant/club. The film does imply the rules are 'snobbery' and does seem not to know that the Maitre d' is a different job role from the waiter, or sommelier. People often like to call that 'snobbery'. But is it?

Let's use that situation and look at a version where you are sitting down to a multipie course dinner, with a number of guests. Do you think it would be a good idea to have the cutlery haphazardly positioned or in a heap somewhere, and the drinks glasses all over the place, or would some order to it all make it easier for everyone, including the waiters? Also, how you leave your cutlery while pausing during eating or when finished is a 'language' which lets the waiter know you have finished.

What is wrong with having a system in place which enables everything to flow smoothly?

That level would be called a 'golden age' and it follows the 'Guidelines for Civility'.

If you read, there is a wonderful novel that is a good read, and its hero is truly an amazing gentleman whose attitude is worth noting - 'A Gentleman in Moscow' by AmorTowles. Behaving with a higher consciousness is not the viewpoint of hippy communes, with the children 'belonging' to everyone, or everyone belonging to everyone (all of which are the Marxist, communist version of the consciousness the world is currently removing from this planet.)

What About What Your Children Learn in School?

There are a large number of films and TV programmes which show a very vivid and ugly picture of what comes from free government schools. Usually there are the 'in groups' and the outsiders, and this apparently is important. There is also complete and utter bitchiness and bullying, and this is how all such schools are presented, teaching people to be like that.

What parent would want to send their children to places like that?

Yet if you mention a private school education it is reprsented as training people to be haughty and snobs.

In reality, a private school - if it is a good one - will include teaching a child to be well behaved (at least where it matters!) and how to be respectful of others.

Of course children want to appear like everyone else to fit in, but they are at least taught how to behave well. In fact it is childish and immature for kids to behave in the way represented by Hollywood and co.

There are 5 rules that are basics - for everyone throughout life:


1. Courage.

2. Confidence.

3. Caring.

4. Consideration (for others).

5. Courtesy.

The last one is about politeness to others like saying 'how are you?' 'How do you do?' 'Lovely to meet you'. Saying please and thank you, remembering to thank someone for a gift no matter how small the gift, being polite with relatives or older people, and so on.

'Consideration' means being aware of the feelings of others, and 'Courage' is having enough confidence to be true to yourself, to take on challenges - which may be to overcome the urge to embarass someone else just because it makes you look cool to others who obviously are still immature.

These are natural attributes in those born from the 'higher realm' or become natural for those who have had the chance to realize these are attributes of a higher level, or have had the chance to learn these attributes regardless of less graciousness in their background. It is about consciousness.


Because this is this work, it has used the terminology high born for those with 'higher realm consciousness' and low born for thoe with 'lower realm consciousness'. Although I have included my experiences from which I learned, it is so long ago that most of the people mentioned are long gone, or very old now.


This world went against the rules of 'heaven'

specifically to create a world of different views of reality, and expressions of these differing views. In truth, it ends up with a world with many conflicts of views. It is Babylon, after all the languages were confused. We are not living in a video game, but we are all experiencing a reality that is full of wrong ideas - and it is reasonable to assume that at one time, there was a well balanced 'golden, or gold standard, world' - somewhere - which had learned how to make a world that is a nice, thoughtful place for everyone.

In the 'True Reality' - which is a real existence - it is a place that has 'got it right'. It is more difficult to make that happen in this world, because it is the product of the confusion of different ideas of what really works to create a world of harmony and peaceful happey co-existence.

We have all been taught some nonsense about what you want from the world, when often it isn't what you want at all. When you get to 70 - which is not a very long time - you probably want to still have your friends around, alive and kicking, you also ant your family to love you, to include you, and be part of your life. In this world, we are not even taught respect for the connection that is family, we are tught to leave and/or identify with other groups, and in many ways forget that people are actually part of your family (not people you can pick and choose to obviously ignore).

So when you are deciding your future, maybe you need to consider more than just constantly 'having a good time' with oodles of 'friends' who will disappear from your life anyway, and more than just which course you are going to pursue for your work career - because there may be around 20 years or more beyond your working life which you still have to consider - maybe with many of those who were part of your life no longer around.

Most would agree that getting a good education is going to make a difference to the quality of your life. You train for a good career. But you also need a few other forms of training to make that successful.

But for some, they know that their best chances in life are going to come from how they look, not how they are educated. Not every woman wants a high powered career nor are men who are sincerely looking for a life partner, necessarily looking for a good job resume.

Some people don't know that how they present themselves visually - and with hygeine and cleanliness etc - does matter, then they wonder why they lose out to someone who presents with an image or personal presentation which is more appealing to those who can open doors to better things in life - or levelling up. Some may say it shouldn't be like that. But the truth is it is like that. Also be clear that even though a woman may want to look and present at her best, most do it for themselves.

Another aspect that gives you a better advantage is knowing how to behave in the right way to fit in with what a better level expects. Someone born into a mafia family has a very different perspective on values and loyalty than someone born into a genteel family.

Just before the covid lockdowns, I had been in Europe, and went to a country because I thought I had met someone of interest to me. I don't know what I was thinking but I made this decision on what I considered 'good energy'! He came from a mid Asian country but was working in a modern western city, so I was totally amazed to discover that this guy, who was 35, knew nothing about how to behave! His views on women were insane, he would walk off ahead of me, he had been taught and unquestionably believed that women were happy once they had a baby, and he told me not to confuse marriage with love. For his culture, marriage was to produce children.

There were many crazy incorrect things he had been taught, and that he fully believed were true, that are too many to list here. He was a sweet guy with a good heart, but indoctrinated with unacceptable ways of behaving.

The obvious pathway to 'get a good education' is more known than the additional forms of education. Not all people recognize the significance of how they look, but if they have been lucky enough to gain knowledge in that subject, they definitely have an advantage over those who did not realize the importance.

Those who did not realize this may include people who think that life is against them, overlooks them, or that others are 'looking down on them' etc. It isn't that. How you look makes a difference - and someone should have told you that. Just as keeping fit and healthy matters.

How about learning how to be youthful, fit and healthy, and also very attractive and feminine? Or for a man, how to also be youthful, fit and healthy but also be good to look at and charming and respectful?

There are also those who have made it their business to be 'spiritual'. But just 'being spiritual' does not mean you are automatically a nice person, or someone automatically welcome everywhere. It can also be controversial with so many different 'beliefs' in the mix.

Until recent decades, another very important part of life was taught, covering how to behave. This is very often a reason why some people see that that others are 'looking down on them'. It is true, there are definitely people some others may indeed find offensive in some way. How much better would it be if you learned how to 'look and be instantly nice to know'!

To be honest, this does not always work because you may simply be amongst people who are feral and truly, massively hate and resent, people who behave nicely, politely, differently, or are genuinely happy. So we learn to do our best and move on from that situation as smoothly as we can!

To know how to Behave and to Respond is a skill that has been learned from experience and them passed on to others.

This knowledge was not stiff and boring! These were real skills that were taught so that a person could navigate through life in a pleasant and likeable manner. Do you know there is a formula to being one of those likeable, easy to get along with people?

The people fortunate to have this extra level of instruction were also taught that it is all based on being kind and considerate towards others.

It is not about being stiff and boring, and it absolutely is not about snobbery!

It is respecting others, respecting being in situations where others have certain standards and boundaries, and not jumping to unkind conclusions when someone, or a situation, is not exactly what you thought it may be. It is also about being true to expressing your own personality, but without being thoughtless about others.

Once the satanic agenda is removed from this planet, this is going to be a different world. It does not mean everyone becomes rich - because that in itself does not mean they live a good life. It is more about becoming enriched. Not every woman wants to have business focussed career. Some want to marry and have a family as their main interest in life. Not everyone has to be a super manager of some kind.

This is a topic this work is going to cover along with other aspects of 'healing a life'. (The spiritual side we have presented for free on the website for anyone to consider its merits.)


Health and Well Being

It seems to me that aligning into the Christ Door/Portal - which leads to the Eternal Living Life Source - may play a significant role in restoring or keeping health and youthfullness.

There are a number of interesting ancient systems available - but they don't seem to have produced the 'youthfullness' that was claimed they would. Some do allow people to live to ripe old ages, but they do not look particularly youthful (and sometimes they sound very old too). The best examples of achieving 'youthfullness' and perhaps 'rejuvenation' have been those which teach a healthy, vegetarian diet, raw juices and fasting.

This work does recognize that there are subtle energy pathways in the body - Meridian Pathways - and that basic forms of exercises within some of these systems are fine to do as exercise. We also think it is very helpful to unblock these pathways and energy nodes where and when energy has become stuck, with appropriate well known and established therapies. The ancient world did indeed have some exceptionally good knowledge of the energy body, and there is a 'Triple Heater' as an extra organ related to the intestines, there are cranial-sacral pumps, and organs of the body which do relate or store energies of fear or anger etc. But if one is taking this to a level of 'spiritual integration' with a 'higher source', then it matters which 'universal sources' are ultimately accessed.

The real difference is in aligning to the Christ Door to receive the 'elixir' from that very different Source, different from any other system, (and we show you how and why it is different.)

It is not about producing DMT for example, and this work clearly does not recommend taking any herbal drug to achieve that, but you can produce it naturally by spending time in complete darkness.

It is a bit sad to comment on those folk who were promoting some of the systems and methods to 'stay young' including being 'breatharian', perhaps back in the '90's and before, and then compare how they are now. They may be accessing extra 'nourishing' energy and charging the 'battery' and storing it, but they still look and sound old. Perhaps it is better for you to do your own research on this.

However, I did know two people who were dedicated to a very famous 'suspended animation' practice and both did remain young looking. The first was a girl who started this when aged 14 and 20 years later, at 34, she still looked, whined, and acted 14 years old. The other was a man who began this same technique when he was 19, and he was still as immature as a 19 year old but was in fact in his 50's. This was not a desirable result, but is absolutely true.

Of course, the slowing down of physical aging is of interest,

and there are ways to do this without aligning into the false energy stream (which is both good and bad, light and dark.) This will be covered in the full project.

At least good quality sleep is like 'suspended animation' and is rejuvenating.

Sleep is a great rejuvenator,

and you can create healthy rejuvenating sleep by making sure you are in complete darkness, cover your eyes, block out any noise, and this will help the brain produce the melatonin naturally. This also leads to improved serotonin for your normal daily life.

So we are starting out by recommending

you keep to a healthy vegetarian or reduced dairy diet, intermittant fasting, doing the physical exercise you enjoy the most, attending to ill health issues promptly - by the traditional healing methods you prefer - regularly Detox, keeping to the Guidelines and Protocols provided here, and getting good quality sleep. Much of the world's health issues have been caused by 'modern medicine' and big pharma. Doing the right thing to find the True Self, might be easier than you think. It is mostly when something different is being introduced that you need many different practices.



Wouldn't Life be Less Complicated to Deal with,

if everyone Knew and Understood the Basic Rules of 'Living with Civility and Consideration'?

For family and other conflicts :'Try to See an Issue from How the Other Side May be Seeing it. Then practice fairness.'

My family were in the Royal Air Force in England, and served under fire. My grandfather was shot in the heart but just missed killing him. My mum, a very young officer in the women's RAF recalled walking back to base along a country road when a low flying enemy fighter plane swooped in with machine guns firing at anyone on that road. She jumped into a ditch and they missed. There were also bombs dropped directly outside her office, but by some miracle it didn't explode. My dad, who trained as a pilot, also had harrowing stories including camping overnight somewhere in Europe then in the morning waking to hear the voices of enemy soldiers on the other side of the hedge! They, like so many others in earlier decades, were fiercely patriotic and willing to give their lives to save their country and way of life.

As it turned out, government policies and agendas from secret societies succeeded in lowering the 'way of life'. For our family and the world they came from, there was a time when people truly did live with high values, respect for others, had a youth who were far more mature than what has been the reality for the last maybe 5 decades - because none of the behaviour is in any way mature - and had higher standards in all ways. It is something that has been deliberately taken from humanity.

I was born in London and lived in country Buckinghamshire in a very genteel, well mannered pleasant world that left me totally confused by the 'real world' I encountered! But I did enjoy the travel I embarked on to experience the world, starting with living in Barcelona Spain for a year, with a job I loved. I lived in an apartment just off the Paseo de Gracia.

I also worked with some really fun people, and will always remember Paula who had lived in Barcelona for a couple of decades having met her Spanish nobleman Louis, when she first worked there, and by the time I met her she had an amazing apartment in a building also off Paseo de Gracia, which had been designed by architect Antoni Gaudí who designed many famous buildings including the Sagrada Familia. It was like a magical cave inside. I believe it must have been the Casa Mila – La Pedrera. His work is unique and truly wonderful.

From there I chose new job contracts by the countries I could go to, and sometimes that was not as much fun as living in Spain had been. I usually lived in each country for a few months and usually lived at the Hilton Hotel, or the Intercontinental, or similar, and I am very familiar with the fun night-time entertainment of 'pirates landing on the beaches' in the Antilles/Caribbean.

Because I was 'hitting a brick wall' inside myself, I changed to what was intended to be a back up career and decided to take myself to Australia as part of my inner quest. I arrived there via South Africa and a stint in Botswana as well as Zimbabwee, and travelling on, on my own to Tasmania - which seemed to me to be the most isolated place on Earth. I was completely unprepared for how different it was from London, England (or Paris, France; Rome or Campione or Milan, Italy, or New York - and you get the picture.)

I worked some months in Tasmania then returned to England, to then have our family actually emigrate to Australia.

First question : would my family have done that had circumstances with relatives not been making my dad really ill? We had a beautiful country home, and a super good business that my mum had initiated. The answer is no, we would not! Was it a better move? For the well being of the entire family the answer is yes, but the bigger reality is that it is not what we would have done, and we lost a lot because of it.

That relates to emotional health and well being - and perhaps altering the course of all of our lives.

One of the first problems we encountered after moving to Australia was a neighbour who decided to poison and kill our beautiful, much loved, young labrador,

which provides an indication of a type of mindset we encountered a lot, but had never encountered before. This was just one of a few bad attitudes which led to my eventual search for a new country to live in - which unfortunately I could not do for many decades - and I realised I wanted that choice to be European. By this time the UK had adopted a lot of Australian characteristics and I have no affinity with that country now.

It is also a ridiculous age to be beginning a life, but it is the timing when I had healed and cleared the health issues - and we have all also had the covid-19 lockdowns forced on the world.

The lockdowns caused many problems for everyone,

and the final stages of this unbelievable episode in human history are still playing out as I write.

I was caught in an Asian country when the lockdowns began in March 2020. I had a flight booked for Australia for the end of March and then planned to return to Kuala Lumpur and travel back to Europe. In the confusion of what was happening I cancelled the return trip to Australia and decided to wait for the 'two weeks lockdown' to finish. In that time Australia locked the entire country down and banned any citizen from leaving, making it effectively a prison.

I was then obliged to be in Kuala Lumpur and waited for flights back to Australia - which were all cancelled and any flights arriving there were further restricted. With very little available to do, I made the most of the time by going to the big shopping mall known as 'Times Square' and visited the shops that were allowed to be open. This situation showed how unaware people can be.

Clearly there was nothing to do during a lockdown! As a foreigner, I, like other foreigners who were there, did not have a home and family here, yet the pharmacist in one of the chemists I used to visit (it had a good supply of health foods) was surprised and mildly confused that I was in there so much - until I pointed out to him that I was basically stuck in the country and had nothing to do, then he began to understand.

Australia showed itself to be one of the problem countries in the 'depopulation agenda'. Even now they are continuing with draconian measures, yet they must know that the CDC announced that the tests used to show 'covid cases' could not differentiate between the common cold or 'flu, and the covid virus. That means the 'cases' are not 'cases'.

But firstly we will look at other physical health issues encountered.

While living in Australia, I had many experiences with bad doctors, and I am sure that such a story exists everywhere these days - and the covid-19 issue shows that too. I will return to the topic of the 'gods' who are doctors later.

This experience was with a dentist. I had previously had a very excellent dentist and much later had another excellent dentist in Crows Nest Sydney, but this guy was none of that. I was poisoned by an incompetent dentist in Canberra days before Christmas time in 1994. He lodged mercury laden amalgam into my gum - which I did not know had happened - then shortly afterwards I began to experience peculiar disruptions to what seemed to be my body's electrical system (which later turned out to be correct). This made my life very difficult in the new job I had begun in Canberra and continued into the next job I moved to in Sydney (which just about ended my working life in Australia).

I had no idea what was causing the problem. Nine years after that happened, and when I left that career, I did a 'quantum diagnosis' which registered extreme issues with my skin, yet I was not aware of anything showing, and had to let it go while I concentrated on more serious issues which were happening in my life. Then in 2017 I did another higher level 'quantum diagnosis' and despite my life as a vegetarian health nut (!) my diagnosis showed someone full of toxins as if I had been someone who smoked and ate rubbish all my life! My therapist at that stage hardly believed that I was basically a fanatic for juice fasts and so on, and I had no idea why I had this kind of diagnosis.

In March 2018 I began a treatment with a substance banned in every country, because it appeared I had a potential cancer issue with a sore that was not behaving correctly. The treatment did in fact bring out a number of tumours which seemed to leap out of my body once treated with quite small amounts of this magic potion. I then used it on some areas of my upper body my skin became covered in strange rashes. This detox regime continued like this for about 18 months, and is still in its now considerably diminished stages in August 2021. By using this potion, apparently all sorts of toxins rise up and exit the body.

The results have been that I became considerably healthier and younger looking.

It includes a plant based diet and juice fasts which incorporate high levels of antioxidants, and plants and herbs covered in the health index below.

The story : The aspect I am adding here is that in the mid 1990's when I went to work in Canberra, Australia, I was poisoned by an incompetent dentist who placed mercury laden amalgam filling into my gum.

This crept silently into my body. It clearly made me ill yet in a peculiar way as if it was on some kind of timer linked to the electronic system of my body. The more insidious aspect was that it literally seeped into my body, forming areas of poison. I clearly was not in good health from the mid 1990's to 2015 but at that stage I did not know the reason why.

A Quantum Medical Test I did in Singapore in 2016 showed high levels of toxicity as if I had led a very careless lifestyle, eating burghers and general junk food, and being a smoker. In reality I was a dedicated vegetarian health nut basically, and did not smoke or eat junk food!

By chance I accidentally discovered how and where this poison was manifesting in my skin. I thought I had found the answer to it by using Magnesium Cream because it did bring out a level of skin poisoning I had no idea existed. I did not know I had any poisoning at all. This clearly showed that I did but instead of clearing it, it merely brought it out then once treatment was stopped, it went back into hiding.

The billion dollar pharmaceutical business has made many safe, inexpensive, effective treatments unavailable, but completely by good luck, I found a way to remove this poisoning. It was of course also in my bloodstream and lodged in many parts of the body, and just below the liver it had formed tumours which actually 'jumped' to the surface and fell out! My body was very pleased to begin to get rid of this stuff. In fact I also discovered that this mercury based amalgam poisoning had formed itself into circuits and pathways much the same as the nanoparticles do with Teslaphoresis. This was discovered because as one bad area would be treated, other related araes would show up, and these often appeared as strings of pathways.

In the knowledge of the Teslaphoresis self-forming pathways I am now including that these strange pathways which show themselves as I continue to clear through the poisoning, may in fact be from other materials that have been forced into the human body - such as from Chemtrails etc. However, these do respond and self-remove, with this detox process.

I began the process in March 2018. It is now September 2021 and I it looks like this herbal product has finally completed clearing this poison out of my system, it looks as if it is mostly, finished. For some of this process I took photographs, because it was rather unbelievable! Many times I have thought I must have cleared it all out, only to discover I actually have not got there yet.

On the positive side, after about 18 months, or maybe even 12 months, but certainly by August 2019, I could clearly see a considerable change in how I looked. Particularly my eyes had changed. It was very positive and I was very happy with the result!

Then in January 2021 I decided to attack the demon again, this time including extra detox products with powdered broccoli sprouts high in substances which cause the liver to detox from a secondary system which often remains inactive. This then began another phase of under par health and my eyes changed again, losing the vibrant clarity that had been uncovered with the first levels of this inner and outer skin detox, Thus my current marker that I have succeeded with this round will be when my facial skin again lifts and plumps out, and my eyes gain the amazing clarity I had discovered.


Healthy Living and Rejuvenation.


DETOX protocols for Heavy Metals, Flouride etc, also Anti-Aging, How to Glow, Vitality, Rejuvenation, and much more.

This section is a little background information on some of the health and family relationship issues which have probably altered the course of my own life. For some things there seems to be no answer, and then unexpectedly there is an answer.

I did not know about my axis/spine injury until it was actually discovered during a course of Tui Na massage Therapy. I was very aware of how it was dictating the terms of my life and that the problem had led to my leaving my much loved artistic career. I had considered other degree pathways, but theatre, stage direction, writing, and performing arts remained the love in my heart.

I also did not know I had been poisoned but the effects of it had been immediately obvious. That was not actually known until I did some health tests in Singapore in 2017. The problem is though that these things, while remaining unknown, really affected how I was able to work in the workplace. It is too late once the damage is done. This was caused by a shockingly incompetent dentist, but I also had many experiences with bad doctors. I am very sure others have experienced similar and wondered about it.



Living by the 'Golden Rule' -






- and then SIRIUS!


Some of the commentary topics here, may repeat the topic because we have used previous articles on this. However, they contain additional aspects.

Being poisoned with the amalgum stuff being inserted in my gum was just one of several totally unnecessary things to happen to me, yet for me, they did happen! Again, as with the spinal/atlas injury I had at birth, I did not know this had happened and did not know why something was affecting me in the way it did. I just knew I was feeling really ill with it, it was nothing obvious to anyone else, and yet it made me look like some kind of nuisance in the workplace at the times I was ill with it.

What that was, was a sort of electronic signal in my body, almost unexplainable, especially to the many doctors I went to who are incompetent, could not care less about their clients, and should never have been allowed into a career meant to help others.

In fact it did affect my Meridian Pathways. Obviously this placed my entire work future into question, and I had to find ways to correct it. Actually it was the injury to my atlas which first took me to practitioners of energy based alternative healing, which also turned out to be my introduction to the energies of Sirius.

At that stage I was innocent and trusting. I absolutely believed that the people at the Esoteric Science College, were far more developed than I was or they could not possibly be receiving these powerful energies in a work they had been chosen for. Far be it from me to question their superiority, especially when I was so routinely knocked down like someone had hit me with a fly swat, for almost anything I dared to try to do while I had my atlas injury and poisoning.

I felt that way because I had no idea that it was an injury disability and physical poisoning I was dealing with. I thought it was something about life that I was just unable to do. At that time I would never have used the descriptions of 'nutjobs' etc because I really believed that all people were decent, high level, high integrity souls inside - and that is not at all the way it is. (They used to gossip about clients and other people in general, had no diplomacy skills, and were basically very ignorant, like a bunch of housewives and men, having been chosen for 'God's work'.)

So I trusted and I perservered, but over time I noticed what jerks these silly people were. Could I look back now and find even one person who was a person to be looked up to? These people were petty and ignorant. I also noted that they used to discuss their client's personal information in public situations and laugh at them. When you didn't flatter them - or if you angered them - here was a characteristic to their level of consciousness that was like 'wild animals'. Now I know it was reptilian. It is also characteristic of woke.

Overtime, I ceased to be impressed with these people who were introducing the Sirius energies into this planet, and instructing this planet to align towards Sirius. Even so, as I wrote in Earthspell 20 year ago, I still continued despite that I began to go into the most dreadful of depressions, was crying endlessly with the energies, and felt I was 'a square peg in a round hole'.

My Higher Source had to step in, in a dream and show me to go away, and if was not a 'Higher Source' then it was extremely helpful and certainly felt different from a usual dream. It was that which finally made me walk away from it. I had continued with it because I did not know about my injury or the poisoning, and I thought it was something in myself I needed to overcome. I had absolutely no resonance or affinity with that work whatsoever. Others would not feel the horrible feelings I had because they do have some connections with that energy source - but I was determined to battle my way through it even though it was destroying me. I thought my lack of progress in aligning to Sirius, was my fault.

It was my fault actually, for plugging away at it!

The second and more serious issue I experienced was the injury to the top of my spine at birth which again was something I never knew as the cause of an experience that continued through my teens and then into my 20's. It was a very real physical disability which went without treatment or recognition, making me appear to be something I was not and upon which I was wrongly judged. That is a horrible experience and means there was a very considerable emotional level of distress caused. I also had very deep levels of Depression and it also affected my chosen career. (My later back up career was not my chosen career.)

To answer these problems meant experimenting with body therapies and it is highly recommended to always take care of your spine and body alignment. I used Network Chiropractic, also SOT-Sacral Occipital Technique, general chiropractic, tuina massage, and so on. As a note the only form of SOT I found effective was from those trained on Bribie Island Queensland which for some reason is different. When I had the atlas corrected, the Depression magically immediately disappeared completely and permanently. It is such an unusual thing that it is very possible that being in Australia was the reason that was possible.

However during the years when I had no idea why I was as affected as I was, yet was determined to find an answer, that I ended up on one of the mistaken avenues I took - the energy work which issued from Sirius. At the time it sounded magical and spiritual but my experience was nothing of the kind. It meant I made a lot of false alignments and did things I should not have done which I had to find the way to reverse out of and return to the path back to True Source.


I first came across the injection of the Sirius energies

into this planet in preparation for the 'new age', as being a work from a Freemason, which he began in the late 1970's. It was a work that began its thrust of bringing Sirius energies into this planet in the 1960's and originated from the cult based secret societies. That work activated the first crews of people whose genetics or consciousness supported the takeover by the cult cabal source of Sirius.

If you have seen our diagrams you will clearly see that only happens when this planet lines up with a 2nd energy stream - which is the False Door - from the new Pole star Polaris which is the identity of Lord Maitreya (who the 'cue' source said surrendered and left the planet last year. It was a woman, probably a royal person.) Polaris is not a fixed North Star.'

(The False Door in the 'Cave'/3rd Eye leads to the Magnetic Reversed Realms. It is a wrong turn slotted in within the 3rd Eye region, which you would never know about if you did not know that the planet was out of alignment with its own True Source.)

If you do your own research you will easily discover that the cult source is Sirius/Isis/Maitreya and so on. That is the same as doing your research on the cabal's agenda and about taking the vaccine. Once you know you either Wake Up or you do nothing.

It is amazing the number of people even now, when so much information is available, who consider they are starseeds from Sirius and clearly have not done any research to find out what that is. They certainly are not here to help humanity find True Source; and it is also programming that they do not realize is communicating through them - because it has become god -source for them (as also happens when people do the practices warned not to do).

These ones have not researched what Sirius is - although since it is god for them, they probably would dismiss the possibility of what it really is. As we said, the injection of Sirius energy and passing it on to activate others began with a specific work from the secret societies.

The injection of the Sirius energies (the power one step higher than the son of Osiris, Maitreya, is Osiris/Sirius) began in the 60's with the Beatles - not by their music but by their 'spiritual journey'. The separate work to bring thousands of ordinary people into their 'Sirius function' - those who were taken into the Sirius energies -- began in the 70's to begin a flurry of works and healing energies and of course, 'starseeding' - and so on from the 1980's to about the early 2000's.

I learned a very great deal about what it was - and it took me a lot of time and some horrible experiences to understand and realise what it was. I know how difficult it is to see the difference. Sirius and its other name(s) Osiris or Isis, or goddess, are the source of darkness and evil on this planet covered in the beautiful angelic light of a substantial bringer of Light to this planet which still happens to be fallen light, which is the magnetic feminine side - because you know that God Source is the Father and is positive.

Its darker twin is a black sun - which David Icke travelled to in the astral body and reported the love he felt from it. Even darkness can still radiate some of the love that probably was its existence before it began to die.

There are only two energy streams which present as 'paths' on this planet connecting to spiritual realms. One is the 'Anu'.

People now taking the kill shot from which they are expected to no longer be able to reproduce, and will die by 2025, would not have been able to live on the planet once it moves back up in its ascending phase. It has also be considered that the creation of the matrix was originally to give people without a planet, a place to exist until they can be reborn on a planet. That reality came under the control of the 'Anu's', the fallen ones, Annunaki, Luciferians, Osiris, believers in their 'new reality', the same as who control the physical planet during the Descending Phase.

Keep in mind that people/higher beings, come to this world with its particular cycle, because they have turned from 'True Source'. They wanted and chose to experience other possibilities. In reality there is no other formula which produces 'Eternal Life' and 'Eternal Life' is the definition of True Source.

However, as can be seen with what has been named 'cultural Marxism' - which leads to everything that was the intended 'new world' of the cabal, human-machine amalgamation and so on - the Marxist view, which is ancient, believes that the person can become 'god' and doing so by destroying God. For this reason this world does provide the opportunity to experience these ideas and allows people to go as far as they want to go with it. Basically this world with its cycle, exists as part of the elimination of waste matter from the body of True Source. It is the colon, leading to the anus - the path taken by Hillary for example.

Also, the journey to the 'anus' is not always as obvious as with Hillary or really dark entities. It includes all sorts of shades of light and dark.

A person in the preliminary stages of the journey to the 'anus' can stay being reborn onto this planet throughout the Ascension part of the cycle because it never actually returns to True Source - it goes into the Fall again, as it will in about 13,000 years into the future.

These ones may then become those who consider themselves 'higher' born - like the 'bloodlines' - then begin to go further into what is ultimately the 'anus'.

Some people see what this world is about and instead of going that far, choose to be taken back into the holy, Living body of True Source, hence the opportunity that became available when Jesus Christ brought that knowledge into this world.

*This work recommends Broccoli sprout powder or capsules for detox.

Broccoli contains glucoraphanin and sulforaphane that both support the TWO major detox pathways inside the live.

Phase 1 detox converts toxic chemicals into a less harmful chemical.

Phase 2 detox makes the toxins water soluable so they can be excreted from the body. Broccoli activates Phase 2 detox.

*There are many new innovations now in natural health and for rejuvenation which we will be adding.

Zeolites for removing metalic toxins are recommended.

Healthy Living, Regeneration, Gentility, Upper Worlds. Health Index



Chapter 1. Robert Maxwell


After the revelations that took off in 2019/2020, most people are familiar with the name 'Epstein', also in conjunction with Prince Andrew. Another big name associated with these extremely sick people was/is Epstein's girlfriend Ghislaine, who organized the girls and children who were taken to Epstein's island.


Looking back on my own life, it turned out my family - including me - knew Ghislaine's father.

This is how. I had finished my tap dance performance on stage as part of a stage show presented by my dance school. It was an interesting looking 'skip tap' which was a tap dance while skipping with a rope - the idea being not to trip up or break the flow of the actual skipping. Thankfully that went successfully.

Shortly afterwards I received, via my mum and dad who had been in the audience proudly watching their 10 year old's efforts, a message from the media magnate and member of Parliament Robert Maxwell who was gushing his praise for how good that tap dance was! (Actually it wasn't!)

Robert Maxwell was the father of Ghislaine Maxwell, now famous as the girlfriend of notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein of 'Epstein Island' and the 'Lolita Express'.

I was not a candidate for that venture! The scene is set because my family was a prominent family of standing in our area who were part of creating businesses and jobs in the decades after WW2 so it was in Robert Maxwell's interests to be complimentary. We used to receive Christmas cards from him too.

My parents were often out at evening dress, ball gown events including invitations from the Duke and Duchess of Bedford for 'Midsummer Balls' at the Woburn Abbey estate and so on. That was very exciting but I am not sure if they attended. But as a family, we did have high level contacts and mixed in high circles - many of whom now appear on the flight list for Epstein Island!

Robert Maxwell owned Pergamon Press. He  was a British media proprietor and Member of Parliament who had a net worth of -$1 billion at the time of his death, when his body was found near the Canary Islands in 1991, with some questionable accounts about falling off his yacht. Robert Maxwell was born in Slatinske Doly, Czechoslovakia in June 1923 and passed away in November 1991. Pergamon Press was an Oxford-based publishing house, founded by Paul Rosbaud and Robert Maxwell, that published scientific and medical books and journals. After his death, huge discrepancies in his companies' finances were revealed, including his fraudulent misappropriation of the Mirror Group pension fund.

And he was the father of Ghislaine Maxwell!


Chapter 2. European Royalty


I had an article up here which detailed how close I came to being part of the inner set within a European royal family, but when I checked I found that I had somehow deleted it.

If you have seen the video on some very shadey things going on at European chateaus, then you will be aware that some of the royal families of Europe are the top members of this 'religious' cult of psychopathic murderers who believe that as the lineage of the 'Children of Cain' they are to abuse and sacrifice children and young boys and girls as part of a sport and divine right not limited to their official rituals.

Some of their top people include Lord Maitreya as embodied in one of these nutjobs - who is said to have surrendered and was a female. Another head of the Warlocks is the 'Prince of Orange' which is a title of the royal family of the Netherlands.

In fact the British Isles had William of Orange as its king, followed by Queen Anne after the Stuart reign which had followed the Tudors (you all know of the head chopping fat king Henry Tudor who was Henry 8th.) In 1689 Prince William of Orange became King of England.

The current British royal family members were from the German line via Queen Victoria who came to the throne after the death of the relative who was George 1Vth who had ruled as the Prince Regent - Regency times are the times of Jane Austen. He was Prince Regent because of his father King George111's madness. George 111 was the king during the American War of Independence. Victoria's birth line was the Saxe-Coburgs. Prince Charles is the descendent of King Vlad the Impaler otherwise written of as Dracula, and had pedophile murderer and 'Top of the Pops' DJ Jimmy Saville as his best mate.

Therefore all royals present some 'Epstein Island' tendencies which make Jack the Ripper seem quite tame. The Prince of Orange was also one of these.

So, some years before I got myself stuck in a dead energy, zombieland work trap in Sydney Australia, I was working for various model agencies while trying to work out what I could do for my future. I ended up with a number of interesting contracts, then one day my agent sent me for an interview to be the Personal Assistant to the personal pilot of a European prince who was husband to the ruling queen and his name is mentioned in this video!

It was a great opportunity that required not much more than being there and looking very good. Well paid, and clearly a doorway - a stepping stone - to unlimited possibilities - so it was not a job that many girls in today's world would turn down.

Nor would I have done, had the next part of the job description been that I would need to be 'very friendly' with the pilot. I was absolutely devastated because there was no way I was going to do that!

It was extremely disappointing but of course I did turn it down. The man who was interviewing for this 'position' was surprised. My agent who had sent me was also completely confused and bewildered that I had turned it down. It does not say much for the moral character of a world that automatically thought that to be a good path to a good future. Both these people thought I was weird for walking away.

Had I been offered somewhat more acceptable terms of employment I would have taken that job - and in doing so found myself in with some of the cult's highest ranking witches and warlocks and satanic, psychopathic nutjobs.


Chapter 3.

I can easily remember what would have been a wonderful life but for the injuries and the health and harmony issues. I loved London, I had a very cool, brand new sports car, I would go to spend weekends when I could, at what was called the Henlow Grange Beauty Farm/Spa, I loved fashion, style and 'beauty', my hair done at Vidal Sassoon or Michaeljohn, attended model training and make up courses etc in Bond Street - which provided a job offer to go to a sister model agency in New York - and my friends and I would go to London's cool, elegant night clubs and so on. Everything would have been very okay for me except for some reason, then unknown to me, everything was not okay.

The journey through the negative energies has been a horrible path, with circumstances you would probably not believe possible! In recent years I had not one family member remaining who was not in some kind of indifferent, opposite of 'living by the golden rule'. And my two very dearest friends had both died far too young (one was only 37.) But I will start with how I came to be in the wrong country, and was poisoned etc (etc being a lot of 'etc'!)

My original and real career was in theatre and TV, in art for the sake of art. But after a contract firstly in the Bahamas, then in the Dutch West Indies and South America, I realised I would have to stop and sort this health related stuff out.

The career I went into firstly in London for about 18 months was fine but supposed to only be temporary. Within the first weeks of being there I was offered a job on Cunard's QE2, and I was off to New York. That ocean liner has now been replaced by the Queen Mary 2. The job was fun while I was in London, and I enjoyed that. I used that career to travel to South Africa and on to Tasmania but I never intended to remain in that particular line of work.

It had aspects that were creative and fun, but attracted none of the interesting people you find in the theatre world - when it was still the real deal. If I had been thinking clearer I would have realized that it was not fun because some of the weird people I met were the same mindset as those who poisoned our labrador, and it was not worldly and with as much happening as in London! I returned to the UK after a few months working in Tasmania, I think I had been there about 8 months, but I wasn't thinking clearly, and I still was not getting any better.

I had a very special family lineage from my mother, to her mother, to her father. These were extremely good, honourable people from a very genteel, Christ centred lineage, and my mum had two very sweet natured, intelligent sisters, and a very handsome brother named William.

On my father's side, my dad was bullied by his one older brother, and my grandparents were two strangers who who I just knew as being 'my grandparents'. I have no idea what went on in that family, certainly my great grandfather was a poet and appeared to be a good enough man. However it was very clear to me even as a child under 10 years old, that my grandfather - a dour, hard, critical and sour, never smiling Scotsman who was always quick to point out a mistake - was verbally abusive to his wife. He was alway treating her like a stupid fool, mocking her, and so did the rest of the family - which was the bully uncle, and 2 or maybe just 1 of the 3 sisters who also spoke to her in the same way, and my older cousin did too. I only had two cousins as relatives from this side of the family, both female. At 10 years old, I considered that speaking to my grandmother - who I did not have any particular bond with - in this way was not right.

My dad almost managed to breakaway from this. He had many entrepreneurial ideas and was dynamic and go ahead. Both he and his brother had joined the RAF. My dad trained as a pilot - but crashed the plane which was not so good! In his defence pilots were dying faster than they could be trained up. After that he did some kind of intelligence work. The uncle was a gunner, which is a brave assignment, and all of these people were brave and patriotic, as with another uncle who was in the Royal Navy on a ship which was sunk.

The 'gunner' uncle, my dad's brother, liked to tell people he was a navigator (which required calculation skills) but my mum who was also in the women's RAF saw that he had 'Gunner' on his uniform (or however they showed these things). He was not particularly intelligent, but my father was. Unfortunately he brought his brother into his business idea as a partner. This was a terrible mistake, full of arguments and eventually they decided to end this business. This did not please all the other relatives from dad's family who had been employed. Fortunately my mother had started an excellent business and that replaced the disaster of having involved the bully brother.

When I returned home from my trip to Tasmania dad was very ill as he was still under emotional abuse from this nightmare of a brother. Unfortunately, my grandparents had recently died, and the brother had been given sole Power of Attorney over the will. He changed grandfather's will to completely eliminate our family from the will - which would have meant dad, but as our family was rarely considered as really being 'the family' may not have included the two grandchildren being my brother and me anyway.

The brother having no family etc changed the will to only include the 3 daughters, a truly spiteful and maliciously thought through act intended to hurt my father. He said this and gloated that he had done it.

He himself had a step son-in-law who had advised him on how to invest his money. Of the 3 daughters, one did need the inheritance and did benefit from this arrangement, but one daughter had died leaving her daughter (the younger one of my two cousins) who was marrying a wealthy man a few months later so the inheritance was fun money. The other one had a daughter who was the life partner of an extremely wealthy prince, and none of them needed for anything. They knew he had changed the will, he bragged about it, and no-one said a word.

We did not know at the time that changing the will in this way was not legal and could have been challenged, and dad was ill after having being successfully bullied yet again. Seeing dad was ill, I suggested we all move to Australia. It had seemed a quite good country, and why not?

So we did! Within a short space of time we sold up everything, surprised everyone, and emigrated. Dad's health improved enormously, and we were all very happy with the change. It was an adventure. We remained in contact with everyone of course. But in reality, we no longer had the important connection of a network of family relatives.

It was because of this move, and because I was still not able to return to my beautiful career but was instead searching for answers to what turned out to be an injury which had squashed my head in and off the axis, that I ended up at the Esoteric College rubbish and started aligning to Sirius.

The experience was hell for me, and I was so not resonant with it, yet persisted because I had no idea what to do. I believed that if these people had been given this power and this role, then it must be from God - but I wondered why they were such scrappy people! Surely people of this low calibre could not be doing God's work?

The experience is one of the wake up calls for me. Eventually a higher level had to step in and direct me to go to the back up career and I went off to Darwin. This turned out to be the best ever, like I had been released from something that was slowly killing me. That was the only time I ever enjoyed being in the back up career.

Sadly I left and went back to find another version of the same Sirius work! That was even worse than the first one, and a reminder of how stupid any of us can be! I managed to break from that by going back to the same back up career, this time on the Gold Coast in Queensland, which was not a good experience and probably the last time I should ever have done that. The good side was that in Brisbane I found an excellent Tui Na therapist who discovered that my spine was completely out at the axis/atlas and sent me to a highly skilled chiropractor who did correct it. This may never have happened had I still been living in England. Thereafter, the mysterious weight and depression lifted instantly, and was gone forever. I just needed far more time than how it panned out, to heal it all.

There were many nerve pathways and so on that needed to be healed, but circumstances saw me making a horrible decision to go to Canberra for 2 years then Sydney for the worst crucifixion of me, as a human being, imagineable, until the time when I left forever.

What had happened was that when in Canberra I had been poisoned within the first weeks of being there - probably a sign I should not be there anyway. I was poisoned by the dentist and thereafter had terrible, crazy experiences where my head was spinning out, I would be deaf in both ears, or was simply in some kind of weird consciousness - yet had to be in at work. It was unimaginably difficult, but there was nothing I could say about it to anyone at work.

Being in Sydney was even more difficult. The poison had spread - which I did not know about because I did not know at that stage what had happened. The people I worked with knew nothing, nor did they ask me if I was okay (because I obviously was not.) This became another hell experience until I was released from it.

Eventually I found I was literally alone in Australia with no remaining family there. Usually earlier in life, there are always people around who are part of your life. There is school, college, the workplace, many acquaintances and friends, and the family and relatives. Yet a few things can go wrong, and suddenly none of this exists anymore.

I was also dealing with the most crippling injury that occured in 2004 to the same damaged area of the left side of my head. I only had remaining family in England 2 cousins and one elderly aunt (the other side of the family we had never had much contact with) - I had no plans to go there, nor could I - but that is where the family was. So I tried to make it known that I was in a serious condition, I tried to hint at it.

From late 2007 and for a number of years, my life was in real danger - and it really was. I have been in the most frightening circumstances. I hinted at this to my aunt, because I had absolutely no-one in Australia, and no family I could talk with or turn to. My two real friends had both died and even my aquaintances had proven a problem by then. What happened was I received a letter back from the younger of the 2 cousins telling me to shut up and stop writing to my aunt!

I believe a Higher Source stepped in with a set of circumstances that seemed to have been well planned. I was finally in a circumstance that enabled me to get out of Australia - which was clearly not the right country for me to be in. Things were not good, but this gave some hope. I went to Singapore, Vietnam, then settled on Cambodia in Siem Reap, which was very pretty, far different from what I had thought, and really provided an environment where I could work on my health.

I still had to find the right country to eventually move to. I decided this should be a return to Europe - I did two trips there in 2019 and really liked it. I also had to find the right types of people. It was clear the 'right people' was never going to be any of my remaining family. I was already excluded even from an easily emailed Christmas greeting!

I have only one niece and a nephew with a 6 year old son, who had been living in Hong Kong until the CCP took over, and I lost contact with him. Hong Kong not going to be the right country for me to move to anyway.

I did really like eastern Europe, Krakow Poland where I went in 2019 to meet my ex-sister-in-law and my niece who I had not seen since she was 3 years old. The niece was now a 15 year old Polish teenager with a goal to be a size 16 and look and be like Billie Eilish. Also with a sense of absolute entitlement, and seems to have inherited some of the traits anyone would have hoped had been bred out by now. (Silent scream!!)

Billie Eilish doing the satanic tongue thing!

The other less close family which was another cousin, cut off their email Christmas greeting to me after I had sent them 'newsletter' information on the vaccine, the blood clots, the nanochipping etc, to help them choose not to be vaccinated. Isn't it strange how people behave?

I was in the process of a move to eastern Europe, as a tourist not as part of the family there, when the Covid-19 took off in 2020.


Chapter 4


I can certainly look back on the issues I faced and see how others could have misinterpreted what I was going through during times when things were not good. For one thing, if you are ill it is very common not to have enough energy, and it is absolutely necessary to have energy! After being poisoned in Canberra I had a very difficult time throughout the entire time I worked worked there and in Sydney. However, that was just one thing, and it was bad, but there were other issues I was struggling with.

My father had suddenly and unexpecdly died leaving my mum in a country house that was literally 'countrified' with many things not completed - such as having the electricity brought to the area so we did not rely on solar and a generator. That was an expense of several tens of thousands of dollars which motivated my decision to go back to a work environment I had long ceased to enjoy, but I could not leave my widowed mum in an unfinished house several miles from the nearest town.

Our neighbours and council rules had blocked everything we had hoped to do with this place, the neighbours blocking it because it would have meant cutting down a few mangey gum trees in an area full of them - except for their own cleared farm. There were family conflicts amongst our immediate family, with my brother married to a witch of a person who had been making all of our lives a nightmare (which we foolishly politely tolerated). And I was experiencing a major issue at work with people jumping to wrong conclusions at a time when that house had been caught in a bushfire, leaving my mum seriously ill. The people at the workplace behaved shockingly at a time when I had no strength left to deal with any of it, and they never once asked me if I was okay.

For those who were my aunts and uncles and cousins I can also see how they may have viewed me with my unknown injury disabilty. But also there was a great deal of bad feeling because there were many conflicts between these relatives and my father, and then towards all of us.

This world it is not a world of high level consciousness. People can seethe away with resentments and a 'get even' mentality (which the people from the Sirius group did and which provided a learning experience for me) OR people can choose to try to understand a situation and what is happening for the other person/people. It is not always easy to do that, and that is the least frequently used consciousness.

When growing up and because my father had made a decision to employ his sister's husbands in his business idea, and make his awful brother a business partner, we seemed to see a lot of this side of the family. For dad, he bitterly regretted both these decisions and I believe they resented him. However, to me, these relatives and my two female cousins seemed quite close and for an unremembered reason, my mum did look after the older girl cousin, who stayed with us a lot, so she became something like a sister during that time.

These two girls were both very focussed and sensible about how they planned for their futures.

The older cousin had a detailed well thought out plan, that saw her in the glamorous she had intended, by the age of 20 or 21, and having a charming personality - as all the girls in that family did - she was promoted, and engaged to a prince by about the age of 22.

The other cousin was absolutely worshipped by her parents. She had long blond hair and I think she looked something like Jennifer Aniston. Her total focus was not to have a career, but to find the right man to be her husband, and was married by age 20. She did choose to have a job, even though her husband was wealthy, but what she really wanted in life was to marry and have children, which she did, and she had two children.

They absolutely planned their lives well, and went about achieving what they hoped for. They did much as I would have done had I not been really set back with the mysterious, unknown axis injury. For me, I had to stop in my tracks and look for answers, and in doing so, I had the experience of a lot of badly behaved people, and walked right into a lot of what is wrong - or very different - in this world!

'Stopping in my tracks' saw me begin the travel to Australia. All I knew was that Australia was the other side of the world but I somehow thought it would be the same as London or Europe. It wasn't at all. It was incredibly undeveloped. The girls I worked with were very attractive, slim, fashionable, and often stunning - but they were very rough and apparently in Australia girls had to become 'one of the boys'. In the workplace, even when I was working in Sydney in the 2000's, I was amazed how these girls would turn up for work, with scrappy hair, a thrown together look, and everyone in the place was 'sloppy' in how they did their work.

It really has not changed. The men do not know how to respect women, but the girls do not know how to respect themselves either. For those who do, they can be well presented but with these ones it is almost obsessively 'perfect' and they lack the naturalness of allure and charm of a French girl as an example, or have the grace of Melania Trump, yet these are characteristics of savvy European women.

The planning, and the charm, go a long way in this world, and knowing how to do this is a valuable asset.

However, it does not excuse a reality where this is an act! There are many people who can appear to be the nicest people in the world, unspoilt, natural, and charming - like the actor and now identified pedophile and worse, Tom Hanks - yet in the film 'You've Got Mail', who would believe that? What about family members who appear friendly and amenable to others and to you in public, but are not very nice to you in private? Do you walk away, or keep in contact knowing what they (wrongly) think of you?

There are also issues of how people and teens, have been programmed in recent decades. There are some bad attitudes being taught, such as looking down on someone because they are 'over 25' or because they are their parents. There is also the issue of ignoring or using family or doing other bad things.

In some countries they really have no understanding of what manners are, at all! This is especially noticeable in eastern Europe - although I also met very nice people there. I met a girl from Estonia, Maris, who was a nice looking girl but had no concept of good manners, to the extent that she was extremely rude without even an attempt at diplomacy. If someone like this decides to be extremely rude to you, it is a difficult and very upsetting experience. You obviously do not want to respond in the same way, yet someone like this does not understand that that they cannot legitimately behave like that. No-one has any right to do that - yet some people think they do. Some do not know the basics of saying please and thank you - even when given a gift, or saying 'excuse me' when they leave the table.


Chapter 5


There is a spiritual side to dealing with difficult, or vindictive people. The world has seen how brainless those in positions of authority have behaved during the covid-19 agenda.

Also in ordinary life, there are people who do not really think for themselves, or believe they have some right to interfere in your life, or make wrong judgments and then seek to destroy, or bully, or turn against, those they have picked on.

This section looks at some of the spiritual levels of development that lead to problems, in this world.

'The Way' teaches forgiveness and to walk away from bad characters - which is a whole lot more hard to do when it applies to most of your own family!

There are three types of humanity associated with this planet which is itself a small fallen part of what was once the 5th planet, or also known as the 5th plane.

There are the True Source humans known as the 'gentle folk' - the gentle men and the gentle women. These ones are gentle, genteel, kind and connected to the True Source which is an additional quality for compassion and Love. They are trusting and endlessly forgiving because it is hard to understand how anyone could be other than truly good, high integrity people. That is why they are a soft touch, and appear to be easily manipulated by all others who embody the the consciousnes of the fallen.

The other types of humanity are those who were from the True Source but went against that Law and eventually Fell. They then attached to a Lower Energy and became 'children of darkness' - which is Luciferian and involves magic, the craft etc.

A third version of mankind was created as an 'illegitimate creation' which took place during the Fall alignment to Isis - which means they were partly constructed of the Lower Energy.

This wording may mean that their DNA arrived here from another planet which had had a civilization, which according to records, blew up their planet, and the DNA travelled here in chunks of iced rock hurled out into space in the explosion. Life began to flourish again on this world so their DNA got a second chance. They can evolve and choose to become as the 'gentle folk' if given the chance for those ones to be their role models.

The planet destroyed in that explosion may refer to a planet associated with the star Osiris, partner of Sirius, which went supernova millions of years ago. It may also be where the 'fallen angels' - Luciferians - had gone to when they rebelled against True Source and decided to pursue 'knowledge and science'. Religions on this planet now, honouring the Sirius/Osiris alignment probably originated from those ended worlds. This planet is actually part of the Christic Realms.

The Fallen ones who embraced the Dark Energy, know this, and do not want these ones to evolve out of this level. They tend to ensure the role models for this vulnerable creation, are the fallen characteristics of the Lower Realm. They make low status people wealthy, famous and 'influencers'.

They also intend - or intended - to remove and replace all those who are of the Upper Realm - the 'gentle folk'.

The fallen ones hate the gentle folk, despising their gentility and kindness. They consider their compassion and forgiveness to be weakness.

They feed off, and gain energy and power by seeing others fail or fall, or experience difficulty and hardship, illness and so on. It gives them a boost in feeling superior and fits in with their belief that goodness and gentility are weakness.

Those who are genteel and 'gentle folk' have had to learn this, and become rational and deeply aware of this,

because the fallen level will exploit us, manipulate and then laugh about it because they 'won', they fooled us successfully and easily. We were fooled because the 'gentle folk' - who live by the 'Golden Rule and God's Law' would not dream anyone could be as bad as the lower level actually is. That is why it has to be learned. To the fallen consciousness, those who fell for their deceptions and play acting 'are weak'. Not so of course, but that is the reasoning of the Lower Consciousness.

This is why the dark agenda Luciferian plan was to remove and replace all of the genteel ones, and place the fallen illegitimate seeding in their positions. The genteel ones could not be allowed to be the role models for the Higher World Consciousness. The fallen themselves are the ones who took control from the 'gente folk' then pretended to have their values. It was the 'gentle folk' who created the advanced Golden Kingdom, the fallen Luciferians just copied and used science to replace the Law.

It is surprising how well these ones can pretend (fake) being lovely people with depth and sensitivity.

In real life too there are females who manipulated their way to catch a wealthy husband who can easily pretend to be 'really natural, unspoilt, incredibly charming, caring people' but in reality turn out to be hard, calculating, and proud of how well they can deceive people, making them smarter and better than those who do not do this. All of this is a leaning towards a satanic vibe in this kind of attitude?


Chapter 7


Family, Relationships, Communication

- and the Mistake of Bringing Relatives into a Business Venture.

The reality is that in this competitive and self obsessed world, people with a disability or something of that kind, but which is not known exists, or when someone is going through very real trauma etc, they are treated shockingly. People experiencing significant levels of stress and trauma are very often the first ones to be judged extremely harshly by others who do not recognize how debilitating and hard stress is to deal with.

Stress and trauma can make the person experiencing these behave in a number of ways which may leave them hated for the rest of their lives, their reputations or careers ruined and so on. For STRESS!

Wouldn't it be so much better if we all, as humanity, had an understanding of Stress and Trauma? The point made here, is the kinds of responses that people go into on auto-pilot - when it is actually about something people don't know the reason for.

As mentioned, this is so long ago that the people mentioned are long gone, or very old now, but I also cannot present the back story to my experiences without covering this, because most of it changed the direction of all our lives.

This is how our side experienced these things, and again there is the question, would we have emigrated to another country and given up a really excellent business if things had been different? No, we would not have done, and things would be very different from what happened, but also maybe I would not have found any answers to the axis/head injury I had, and that was the most crucial healing in my life.

My father, as a young man, was a go ahead type of guy. He had ambition and ideas, but did not handle conflicts well, and he made those family conflicts continue by not breaking away.

It is a huge mistake to try to create a business and to do so with family - because being a boss requires that you do what is best for the business model to succeed, without worrying about upsetting people because they are family members. For family members, they may feel it is the family member they are dealing with, not the boss, so it is a recipe for conflicts. I can now look back and see that my father's siblings resented him.

He had ideas which he made happen but with making the mistake of bringing in his sister's husbands into his new business, to work with him, and making his very troublesome, very real bully of a brother, his business partner. It is strange how it is that when someone is bullied and deeply hurt by someone, they somehow need that person around, and need to prove themselves, (gain their approval or acceptance?) He regretted these decisions for several reasons. He was extremely frustrated by not having the staff and managers he actually wanted, and was under enormous stress being the person who was really behind the business.

Secondly, he had made a brother-in law the manager of the machines within the factory, and nice as this man was, he was not doing his job adequately. He was not really trained and experienced in this particular job. It was holding back what the factory should be producing, thus bad for the business. He could not just fire him, although I think in the end he did, and that caused more problems. Business and family is not a good idea. For dad, he had to make this business work so that everyone earned their salaries. For his siblings and in-laws, their perspective was something else entirely.

Yet when this man's daughter, my younger cousin, was given a job during her school holidays, working for my mother's extremely good business looking after animals, there was no sense of doing anything wrong when our other cousin (the daughter of the other sister's husband) decided to take her on holiday to Dubai without giving any notification that she was going to just leave. For some reason, in their eyes, it was okay to do this.

In addition, to illustrate the point, the uncle, aunt and younger cousin would look after our country home when we went away on holidays (before mum's business began). I think anyone would agree, that there are boundaries which people should inherently know to respect when they are in the private areas of someone else's home. We would store everything that was private and confidential safely in a way that was clearly 'not to touch' - then would return and find that the area had been completely pulled down with no attempt to hide it, and someone had gone through all that had been locked away.

From our perspective, this was annoying, and an interference.

Obviously we did not spend our time seething with festering anger about this! But this, along with a lot of the other things, did constitute crossing the boundaries of what is acceptable.

To the relatives, it probably meant nothing.

So right here in these paragraphs, are the many ingredients for a conflict - which led to a break in family connection which turned out to last a lifetime. We no longer had the important connection of a network of family relatives.

Issues with family-relatives have been another big factor in my life, and it is very hard to 'walk away' when it is family members who are the problem. There were also issues with people who had been less schooled in 'good manners' than I had.

So this is a brief look at Health, Youthful Rejuvenation, but also Relationship issues.

There are people in the world - including relatives - who really believe they can behave in a way that people actually do not have a 'right' to behave.

Since they think they do have such a right, they are surprised when someone does not agree with what they think is their 'right'. It then becomes the person who knows they don't have the right who gets dumped!

It is usually that they have been brought up with an incorrect perception of themselves or who or what they are. This may also include those doctors amongst us who think they are all knowing gods! It is also a matter of prejudicial judgment on others.

Yet this is the behaviour of people who do not have a good level of empathy, consideration, or kindness - the connection that the 'higher' born ones do have - the extra something that those of the Living Light have.

The behaviour problem often involves being overly familiar with someone. It is definitely inconsiderate. In an ideal world, if all people are taught to behave with consideration towards all people, this would be a much happier world. Not understanding this leads to judgmental behaviour, gossiping, bullying and slander.

In a world which functions better, the family relationship is very important.


Create a World of Peace, Love and Harmony.

First throw out all the behaviour programming that has dominated for the last 8 or so decades, or especially since the MK Ultra created 1960's. Here is a quick run through - to create a new society on Earth!

We have to start somewhere, but really it starts with a secure family and how a child is raised.

Let's begin with the importance of after finishing school, that the aim becomes to find the right partner for life who embodies as many positive inner qualities as necessary for happy future life. Loyalty, caring, responsibility, commitment etc. Forget the Luciferian programming to make the family irrelevant, and to go out and 'do your own thing' and other deliberately false ideas for 'having fun' - because this has caused endless unhappiness, and these ones are the ones who have made what this world is today - ready and ripe to be taken down by the cabal and darkness.

So, you find the right person and that is how you create the family for the children you have - not as accidents from parties etc, but wanted and cared for throughout their growing up. The family lives by the golden rule, is loving and supportive, responsible. The kids grow up and remain loyal and loving to their own brothers and sisters, and cousins and aunts and uncles so it is in fact quite an extensive community of people who remain loyal to each other as family.

It is a network which of course then extends to other family communities because the kids grow up, and again are well taught to understand the importance of setting out to find a really reliable, good quality, loving partner for life. They take vows to do that. That brings other family communities into the family. That then extends to connect the entire country in some way, and then the world - family.





Academie :


The world is in a very real change

and this has been an introduction to beginning to live again

in the world free of the unbelievable negativity and evil.

Living in Gracious Civility, and Healthy Rejuvenation

- as you would expect from a soon to be, more aware world.

How about learning how to be youthful, fit and healthy, and also very attractive and feminine?

Or for a man, how to also be youthful, dashing, fit and healthy, good to look at and charming and respectful?



Health, Rejuvenation, Longevity.

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