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ACADEMIE ........The virus is not a bio-weapon.


The Teaching for this planet has always been

that this is a false reality’


....and that Teaching is how to get out of being in this reality and get to a place that is outside of the ‘false reality’.

The introduction for the final implementation of the agenda has now been set in motion by the 'pandemic'.

It originated in Wuhan, China but there are questions about its origin. Was it an accident or was it developed in a lab? Was what was developed accidentally released, or intentionally - not necessarily by China but by whoever was behind financing the research?

It is certainly the step which has now made it possible for just about everything that has ever been predicted to come to fruition.

And perhaps it was always predicted, because the sequence of what has happened now, has aleady happened.

It has happened elsewhere in this universe, it always involves 'genetic parasites' whether that is introducing genetic parasitic codes into the planet or people, or whether it refers to parasitic people whose role it is to be parasites who wish to take over the planet.


Another Way of Viewing what is Unfolding as Life in the 'Now'.

There are many long established ancient teachings, and even the works of Shakespeare, that state this world is something that has already happened. There is no current Time.

There is no 'Now'.

It is a play, and a replay of events, and those events of long ago, led to a massive explosion.

An ancient time - somewhere on another planet- when and where people were building a world very like today's world, and they thought it was a good idea.

Not everyone thought it was a good idea, but those who did think it was pressed ahead regardless.

It is possible it involved a virus that would require a vaccination, perhaps as something that was requested to be developed by the 'parasite elite' behind the idea of establishing an AI controlled global order. Political tensions increased over this.

It then involved an explosion.

What is interesting is that as an atomic explosion, it begins in a small area, but then spreads out by an ongoing process of bringing more atoms into that same explosion. In that instant of the explosion it then sent the same 'instructions' - or play - out as a Force to attract in more and more atoms - or read that as planets. The same play plays out.

This reality is one of those atoms in the process of being pulled into the 'Force'.


The Teachings about this as a 'false reality'

began as being about not using an energy that was released - Forbidden Energy - also called 'black poison' and not taking the direction of the development of AI, computer technology, nano-technology etc and a global government and economy.

Strange as that may seem, that is what it was about, because it uses and integrates with the energy that was released by an ancient explosion. It is also a literal angle of direction which leans towards the centre of that explosion, which this work covers.

What that does is lead into a reality even further 'down the rabbit hole' and what these parasites are doing now beyond creating 'Prison Planet Earth' is that they are encouraging the direction into the 'invisible force' because they are

trying to take the planet.

This planet is a part of a much larger Living Energy System known now as the 5th Plane. This 'force' is literally attempting to suck in this particular planet. Once it goes through the 'portal' and into the void - black hole - where there is a new creation taking place - the Living Energy which Earth is, is used for building 'Parallel Earth' - and all of this is covered from the link 'Big Bang' at the purple mushroom

That is the 'new direction' and why it is taught NOT to do certain practices which we have a link to also at the purple mushroom.

You are experiencing this reality and what originally happened to create it,

in slowed down time -

which is how a Higher Force can be inserted into the already written script - and show you a Way Out of it.

Outcomes of events and agendas can also be altered and messed up for 'them' for the same reason

- which was able to happen with the invasion of Libya for example - but not the path itself.

This reality took place and ended long ago, but you do not have to remain in or with this reality.

Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam.



How people can completely STOP 'them' achieving what they are after.

There is a major key to how and why an unacceptable agenda can be completely STOPPED - but it has successfully remained invisible. 'They' have their strength for one reason, and many of you can easily change that.

All links are a 1 minute read.

Introduction info on Teachings of the LIVING TREE Life Stream.

The Location and Borders of the Astral False Reality.



How 'They' Are Changing the EMF Field of the Earth. The Hidden Problem that is the 11th Gate energy stream.

"We are not in 'fear' and we are not going to use their thought energy to manifest anything because 'thought' is their energy and it helps 'them'."


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This reality has already 'been written'

.........but is being experienced in slowed down time -

which means, there are other options that can be inserted into the story and the bad players can end up only taking themselves into their prison world.

Despite what happened in that instant of non-Time some 14 billion years ago, the choices now are for a few to get to the 'True Reality', and others CAN try to be on the side of the planet's change to its natural and normal ASCENSION which aligns towards the 'True Reality'.

Neither of those options remain trapped in the horrible AI controlled order of the agenda. It is hoped the switch to the Ascending Phase will be during the next Solar Maximum and will happen before 2029.

The tech world says the planet will shift into the new paradigm in 2029; and Agenda 21 and the full establishment of the new order is set for 2030.

It is thought that the planet will change to its ASCENDING PHASE during the next Solar Maximum. To be part of that it has been necessary to specifically prepare for that, not for a change in this reality.

This reality has already happened.

You don't have to go with the direction of this reality.


The falsely created 'astral universe' came into being when the 'Big Bang' explosion

shattered everything into tiny atoms and molecules - fractals -

that you see as this universe.


There is about 3.7 billion years left before the end of that 'Big Bang' is experienced.

You are fortunate this is being experienced in slowed down time

it means you can still do something about it before that experience of the Big Bang explosion ends!



This planet was pulled away from the True Alignment

- and into the outer rim of a false reality - often called 'going down the rabbit hole'.........

It is the future promised by that 'rabbit hole' which keeps people away from preparing themselves for the chance

to find the Door OUT of the 'False Realm'.

"ANCIENT LEGENDS tell us that an artificial world - an ASTRAL UNIVERSE was created.
Many were caught in that explosion that was called the 'Big Bang'.
Then others entered that reality afterwards, using a silver thread so they could find the way out again.
But for some of those ones the thread was lost
and broken - and then those ones could not find their Way Out either."


A story of a planet and a universe that existed before TIME began,

and a Mystery of How this ASTRAL UNIVERSE Became Your Home.

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