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TIME and the 'Year 1' beginning.

+ The HIGH LEVEL WORLD which preceded Time.


This work began by exploring the existence of the 'Essenes'.

which provided very helpful texts - from 2,000 years ago - on a clean, fresh Plant Based Diet etc which we began to follow in the '80's. Their original name was Therapeutae. It means Therapists - which is the same as Healers.

They also had historic records.

'Year 1' was around 12,000 years ago

- based on the sudden tilt which saw tropical places instantly frozen. Plato's records date that as being 11,000 years ago - the time the planet fell, like a tree that had been felled. That is, it remained suspended for a while, then fell.

Therefore, the recording of Time began straight after the Fall, around 12,000 years ago. There was a Year 1 from that specific time.

The markers were by tracking the changing North Stars. 2,000 years ago when calculated with the mass of the planet on its rotating axis etc, showed that the planet was 2,000 years away from beginning its RA - Right Ascension - which would return the alignment with the 'Christ Passage' - the passageway out of this reality that people were searching for and got wrong, except those who, ironically, kept to the science, and understood that the passage would not be accessible until early in the timeframe now known as 2021. The other spiritual reality people had been accessing was the Astral Reality - and it was wrong.

Earth's Ascension is the (almost) correction of its fall.

The Greek philosopher Plato wrote of the instant flooding of Atlantis around 11,000 years ago. In Siberia in the Arctic region of Russia, mammoths munching buttercups on a sunny tropical day, were snap frozen also dated around that time.

So, How did that lead to a Portal into the False Spiritual Realm instead of the True Portal back to Eternal Life?

Clearly the Earth's Ascension Phase is going to be good - going to be great. It is a little like a superimposed image which still overlays the fallen reality. It is good, but as the Cycle continues, it returns to the Fall phase again.

If you have the inner strength to accept the truth, then you have a chance to exit the False Realms and return to True Source.

Since the time when the woolly mammoths were snap frozen by a sudden shift in the Earth, and an island continent in the Atlantic was engulfed by water around 12,000 years ago - the planet has been aligned to a False Astral Portal. The True one was immediately lost. For this reason the first essential piece of the Lost Knowledge is to avoid the False Portal!

The False Portal is how all the 'dark' evil forces get into this planet - because they certainly don't enter from the True God Realms - they would have to be located there to be able to do so.

But unfortunately, millennia ago, no-one realized that and all accessed the only 'Spiritual Portal' that was there. Importantly, the place accessed is also the data base of everything and everyone that has existed - continuing onwards like an ongoing movie, as if real.

Since then, people would not let that go. So, a high being from the True Reality did come to this world to explain that. He was called the Christos.

Obviously, as the planet corrects from its Fall it is going to align more with the True Portal. The problem that has been encountered for every round of the Ascending-Descending Grand Cycle since probably nearly 800,000 years ago - is that people have established energy ties into the False Portal.

Before the Fall this planet was a HIGH LEVEL WORLD

- and a high level human race genetics probably more associated with the Abel lineage which was usurped by the Cain lineage, which in turn was a version of mankind born from and under the lesser level this world accessed after it fell. Those who are very much that genetic/consciousness level are the ones complacently lining up for the jab. (An easily controlled people who are now no longer particularly needed.)

This work follows the premise that some of the original lineage continued with the False Portal alignment which had free and full access to this planet after its Fall (while the True Portal was lost/hidden). This is why these ones eventually became satanists. The Lower level Cain lineage were simply an inferiour race (deliberately engineered/altered DNA) even though intelligent. Unfortunately after that, people were not all the same level - and everything has been done to reduce the original high level. Saying everyone is the same one level of consciousness is a way to override the higher level. The two lineages were different genetics. Everyone has damaged DNA but each person has to CHOOSE the higher level.

Not all of the original True lineage took the path into the False Portal which is the appearance of the 'Spiritual Realm' they were looking for, for the way back.

Humans are actually an etheric/spirit level being which inhabits the physical body

created at the time of Genesis. The first body created was earlier and was the clear blue air-gel form of substance. That was the first physical body created and it did not die. (As with the current body, the spiritual body inhabited also that first human form.)

Obviously the spiritual body does not die. But the Cain created physical body does. The etheric/spirit body then goes to a 'spiritual level' to wait for another physical body to be born into.

The etheric/spiritual body (soul) can only get out of this False Reality by finding the way out of the physical body/brain into which it incarnates, because that existence always leads to the Astral Realm which is the False Portal. It does not lead to the True Eternal God Source. That is the problem of being in this reality.

If the False Portal (Door) was the path to True Source there would not be a problem!!

The False Portal and appearance of a spiritual heaven - it is basically a magnetic data base of what was recorded - was then mistakenly thought by some, to be the way back to True Source that they were looking for. Lesser levels of awareness interpret that reincarnation is the proof of 'Eternal Life' which then 'must' mean the soul goes to heaven and True Source at death (or with astral travel and shamanic or ayahuaschca journeys etc). But again, there would not be a problem if that was how it was! It would all be very easy. And that is exactly what it was thought to be 6,000 years ago.

Spiritual practices began which took them into what is in fact the entry to the Lower Realm energy existence. First the practitioners garner and use the energy, which does in fact have some interesting characteristics. Using that energy created energy ties to its source - and those who did that became users of that source aka sorcerors.

This is where the 'Dark Portal' was then encountered and some began to go through that - the same as the current rituals to 'take people through the portal' which is the symbolism for a real journey of consciousness initiated at pop concerts and also fanatical sports matches where emeotional energy is high.

*Reference Greek legends such as the story of Theseus and the Labyrinth. This of course actually led to the monster that is the nearby black hole that is nearby only at this point in the planet's cycle. At this point, if someone really goes through that portal, eventually the soul is consumed and does die - it is extinguished.

You have to be in a physical body to make the correction that will lead to Soul Freedom.



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