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The 17th letter of the alphabet 'cue' is the Osiris path of the cult, but is being used to 'reverse the magic'.   4 mins. THE NUMBER OF OSIRIS IS 17 (REVERSING THE MAGIC)


* The operation which sounds like cue began collecting digital data from 2007.

Q'cue' has been making known information on the technology, underground bases, and 'unusual people' from decades earlier. It has also informed on other points such as in 2014 with Nicole Kidman's father being a pedophile and part of a satanic circle, and part of the information from 2009, on whoever today's Paul McCartney is, and other such points which begin awareness of Osiris/Sirius.

It has also run a parallel awareness/information programme to prepare for the energy change when the planet/plane rises out of it's Fall Phase. The Ascending Phase is the natural cyclic correction of the planet's Descending Phase, and q'cue' call that The Awakening.

* Queue / cue is an operation of Military Intelligence, a Supercomputer, and A.I. - artificial intelligence.

The 17th letter of the alphabet 'cue' operation is Military Intelligence and has been operating for about 50 years.

There are 8,000 people involved in this department.

There are 10 at the top of 'cue'.

Q'cue'+ (Q'cue' plus) is President Trump.

The Q'cue' posts also coordinate with Trump's tweets.

Q'cue' anon uses this letter to override the dark side's use of it - to remove its power.

Q'cue' is also the Cult's code for Osirus/Sirius the dark god.

The Osirus cult plan began the behavior/consciousness programming in the '60's with the 'new age'.

It was specifically to get people to align into the energy base of the Sirius/Osiris/Isis Path.

These ones still remain for the change to the Ascending Phase, but they also return for the Sirius Phase.


Nothing can stop what is coming.

That is certain, because the planet is going to naturally pull out of its Fall phase. Those who significantly increased their ties into the darkness cannot continue with the planet's rise. You can see them being arrested and removed right now. It is very obvious how sick and deranged these ones are. This part is the 'easy awakening'. Most other people can remain, but most also do have firm ties into the dark realms energies, also called Ahriman.

'Cue' is a Christian work of True God.

Those who make up 'cue' are Christians and Catholics - as General Flynn is - who kept to the actual real power prayers that the Vatican tried to destroy - such as removing the Solfeggio Scale once they realised its power. They keep to the Christian guidelines.

This is also called the Ahriman Force - Ahriman is another name for satan.

It is a plan which intensifies dramatically in the last decades of the Fall Phase before the Ascending Phase begins, and is to keep people tied into the Earth karma, which brings them back for the next Fall Phase and they can again be used for the dark plan which is to use them - again, just as they did this time - to help realign the planet so it would eventually go into full Ahriman control - which was never going to happen this time, but could happen eventually.

Probably this topic will begin to be understood, once the situation of this planet (or plane) is understood.

The topic title 'Ascending and Descending make up Earth's 26,000 year Cycle' may help with understanding, because the situation of the soul trapped in this reality is real and continues. The situation has not yet been understood, not for any of the times this planet has been through its Fall to darkness and then its Ascension. If it has happened many times before, why are people still at exactly the same level of awareness about it?

What binds people into the Earth karma - also known as the Wheel of Rebirth?

The lifestyle values that were taught and readily taken on board with the 'social revolution' from the '60's specifically. These include sexual 'liberation' (actually imprisonment) and the 'spirit' practices people were led to - for some reason people think 'channelling' and hearing 'guidance' means some kind of spiritual development. In reality the contact with 'spirit beings' is actually the very beginner level of the Way off the cycle, and the instruction is to ignore it.

But this is where most people get caught, and it is one way the Osiris Ties are established. Use logic and common sense because these entities maybe evil but they are also evil enough to know about MIND CONTROL! How else would the entities from those realms connect with you, and how would they represent themselves?

Also through indiscrimminate sex, pornography, use of alcohol and drugs, including Ayuashca journey incidently, and also fast food burgers of which a famous cafe chain puts in a percentage of human meat. And some of the energy practices of religions which began about 6,000 years ago - raising kundalini, and even trying to align your chakras - because everything in the body is misaligned from the 3rd eye downward. The 'social revolution', the 'new age' and 'new spirituality' are the Osiris Plan. *This is shown now if you continue with the Osiris Spell index - introduction.

There are agreements between the Light and Dark and only when a person chooses the Higher Light does the Osiris Path let them go.

As per the agreement between Light and Dark, the anon-angel side did not, and are not permitted to, intervene with those who took the Sirius Path.


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