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This page continues with a look at what is happening in this world - a 'false reality'.

Thought Prisons.


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The new 'Elderly' is 45.


In the new system people will only live until 'elderly''. Death will be decided for you and will be initiated by someone in your 'region' clicking 'enter' on a computer. Your social credit score may enable you to extend your life. People will never know that life was ever any different. Or it may be that after the DNA has been changed forever, it maybe that not only is the age of all people always under 45, but your body may not be able to die and the soul not be able leave the body.

Not only have people in general been brainwashed by 'behavioural programming' and 'revised education', but there are people who are born already linked to a computer as their 'inner source'.

There are many people today, who have been taught 'revised history'. The immigration policy - which a British politician naed Enoch Powell correctly warned against - has been a deliberate policy to make that teaching possible, also to bring in actual hatred and literal enemies who have always been part of the intended 'new system'. There have been other forms of teaching 'atitude and social' changes based on spiritual new thinking but really part of the same group.

Already the new people are in 'thought prisons' and what is coming is a very one-dimensional, 'painting by numbers' reality, which the people involved think and believe, is forward thinking and an advancement.

There will only be fit young slave workers - because they will all be 'brain linked' into a computer. That is part of the new vaccine programme. But death is not the end. People reincarnate into the same reality. This is a point that this work has covered for over a decade.

The now unfolding new system is the destination of being on this path. When you die and leave the body, you are still in this energy and under this source. This is the source most people chose as their 'spiritual path.' It now owns 'most people' but also most people's souls - unless you choose True Source.

This path is not True Source. Choosing it, even clearly unaware that that is what most people are choosing or drawn towards - is giving it power.

Right now, before it establishes itself, you could start calling on True Source to get everyone out of this. It is far more powerful than the darkness and 'thought prisons', and has more than enough power to pull you out of this. continues



Taking Positiive Action

Name of the Dark Source

Playbook for the new world order


*Guidelines for how to Access 'True Source' - and escape 'thought prisons' - is part of understanding the force you are caught in, and how to begin to get out of it.

Ancient Maps Ancient StarWars.

The13,000 BC Project


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Cultural Marxism - in contemporary usage, the term Cultural Marxism refers to a 'conspiracy theory' which claims that there is an ongoing academic and intellectual effort to undermine and destroy Western culture and values. From 2020 it is clear it is not a 'conspiracy theory' but real, because it is now happening.
Fascism (fash-ism. Fascistic is not a word, but if it was it would be pron fash-istic. The term is fascist.) Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.The governments of Engelbert Dollfuss in Austria and Adolf Hitler in Germany are examples of fascism. Spain under the rule of Francisco Franco, and Portugal when António de Oliveira Salazar was the head of the government.


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