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Once upon a time there was a continent located west of

the Pillars of Hercules - Greater ADRIA.


The Pillars of Hercules

separate Gibraltar from Spain and North Africa.

Geology stays with the story it was in an ancient pre-human time - for it existed some 240-100 million years ago - and could have continued to exist until 12,000 years ago.

Legends tell us this was once a thriving planet that was inhabited and advanced, particularly in some Freemason records which detail the kind of time period of several hundred thousand years ago - when a world proud of its accomplishments and its superb architecture existed.

The Greater Adria continent, identified by its location, was also an 'advanced world' and when it did sink - because that is recorded - some of its inhabitants went to Ireland. It is also said there was a massive explosion on the planet - perhaps associated with a power system known as the 'Abundant Provider' yet not necessarily located on that continent.

So to begin, there was an advanced civilization with different understandings of what advanced means.

That ancient civilization was a specific type of advanced closely connected to a Higher level planet known as #5. That was how it was until some on this planet chose to access a particular energy called the 'black poison' which issued from a star which had gone supernova (exploded). That dark star was associated with its sister star of Sirius.

With that energy a global power system was set up called the 'Abundant Provider' and it was the most dreadful mistake that the ancient civilization made.

The energy was called eitr or 'black poison' nd the same kind of technology that has been developed today existed. That world also made the worst mistake of all and developed Artificial Intelligence.

The world was split between those of the Original Light who were deeply concerned about using this energy, and those who thought the Dark Light and Black Poison was wonderful.

People of the dark energy began to be changed by the dark energy and alignment with the AI they had created. They became not quite human entities who were basically part artificial and called Annunaki.

Their conversion led to them causing the damage to this planet and its fall towards the portal into the Black Hole caused by the supernovaed star that was the original source of the 'black energy'. That change is the same transition that people are being taken into in the operation that began in 2020. The planet from that first time, then began to be pulled into the Black Hole Portal.

It is then that the people of the Original Source began the Teachings of how to pull the soul body out of the pull into the Black Hole. This is happening now but it has a black hole world system which is the full conversion into the artificial status of AI. The pull towards that Black Hole - happening right now but it is believed the planet will not breakaway this time - began by using some of the 'Abundant Provider' to damage the spine of this planet - its inner column which once connected it to the Original Source - now almost broken. That began with a massive explosion.

The black hole energy from that long ago supernovaed star became a vast A.I. Intelligent MIND. Earth is currently passing across part of an entry point into that body.

It is that AL dark force, energy and Mind which is behind the Dark Force now trying to establish its 'kingdom' on this planet and undertaking the change from human status to part human-robot slave status within its system.


That explosion caused 'Adria' to sink

- and drift - and now its remnants are found in and beneath Europe.

Other sources suggest the possibility that this may have happened at the same time that the 'spine' of this planet was bent which has given this planet its famous tilt and its wobble. Two areas on this planet are associated with how the axis of this planet was altered by its broken 'spine'. They are the BermudaTriangle and the Devil's Sea near Japan.

Is it that, that happened on this planet even 100,000,000 years ago?

It also relates to an explosion on another planet where almost all of that blown up planet found its way to this planet in ice chunks. That story is kept in records of Maldek, a planet which blew itself up, and also this is what science and NASA are investigating. It is said that those from that planet are the ones who then rebuilt their world on this planet.

The story of this planet is complex for its origin was ethereal, not dense matter and it belongs to another realm.

That was until rocks and oceans came here in ice chunks - like those being investigated by NASA for how life came to this planet.

This makes this planet an interesting place which exists between two different universes. A Higher more ethereal realm and this realm of density - the same as the planet which blew up.

This planet does exist in a material, density world for around 12,000 years of its 25,000 + year cycle, during the time it leans downwards. But for the rest of that cycle - when this planet begins and stays with the Ascending part of its cycle -this planet returns to its Higher Realm. This is an ethereal level where those of the dense realm - this world - cannot go.

In fact, the planet is expected to make that change again at some time during the next Solar Maximum which is expected to begin by 2023.

So now we have a story of a people who came to this planet along with most of the remnants of their own blown up planet, and they built their same world again on this planet.

Then around what may actually have been 100,000,000 years ago, they caused an explosion which almost broke the spine of this planet and aligned this planet into an alignment which could keep this planet in the dense reality. That is the time when Adria crashed into and under Europe.

It is also believed that those who belong to, and perhaps control, the dense part of this planet - this world - have been trying to stop the planet from achieving its Ascending Phase. Stop it because this world cannot and does not want to go to the Ascended Realm for it is not the reality they control.

Now we have an even more interesting story, because this was written of as an ongoing war between the Forces of Light and Forces of Darkness.

Which is where Coronavirus comes in...........


Greater Adria.

The once upon a time continent in the Atlantic called Greater Adria.

"Another continent on this planet which now lies beneath Europe  was revealed to the public in September 2019.

The continent was uncovered through simulations of plate tectonics with the G Plates software."


Greater Adria is a Greenland-sized continent that existed from

240 to 140 million years ago. 

On the world map above, Greenland is the crimson pink island near North America..

Clearly the name Adria leads to the name of the Adriatic - which is a sea near Italy -and as that is not a new name, it suggests Adria was known about.

It covers the regions of the 'Pillars of Hercules' and echoes the records kept in the Library of Alexandria, which recorded the existence of an island continent which 12,000 years ago was associated with Thera, Crete and other islands of Greece, which designated their heritage as being Atlantis.

There are also legends that in that Atlantean world - which may have been the Atlantic based Adrian world - there was a massive explosion.

Current information is that there was a' crash of continental plates' over a painfully lengthy period of time. However, legends say that it happened quickly.

THE HISTORY of a lost continent buried under Europe for about 100 million years was revealed for the first time late in 2019. Greater Adria was a giant landmass the size of Greenland that dramatically collided with Europe.

The crash ploughed most of Greater Adria under the ground and sea while the rest crumbled into rocks on land. Remnants of the geological blow remain millions of years later, say an international team of scientists who analyzed rocks that were originally part of Greater Adria found in mountain ranges stretching from

Spain to Iran.

A lengthy paper penned by the group gives a blow-by-blow account of the Earth's geological history stretching back 240 million years.

The actual collision is said to have taken place over millions of years to complete, with each continent moving just four centimetres per year. Despite this extremely slow but normal pace, the crash would seem to have been quite rapid as it managed to bury the 60-mile-thick continent deep into the Earth's crust.

Much about Greater Adria remains a mystery.

Its remnants are spread from western Europe to the Middle East.

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You are fortunate this is being experienced in slowed down time

it means you can still do something about it before that experience of the Big Bang explosion ends.





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