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How to Behave with Grace and Dignity.

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Have you lived as if everything you think you are, is actually who and what you are?




This page is not about how to learn to behave as a Higher World behaves. Maybe we will add a page on that later.

It asks if you have lived as if everything you think you are is actually who and what you are. Because in actuality - whether intended or not - this life is a test of what you really are.

It is about the person you are when you are not acting the person you want to be seen to be. The person you think cannot be detected by others - but actually can be. It only seems that you can get away with acting how you want to be seen to be, but at the end, you find that you are held accountable.

This is a world which, because you think there is nothing more to answer to, tests your character, your calibre, your substance, how much of a thoughtless or rude witch you really are when you think no-one - or for you, no-one who actually matters - is looking, and so on. You can live as you like for some 75-100 years believing all of this is real.

After that, when you step out of the body, you are assessed - in a world where people live for far, far longer than 75-100 years.

That is why you keep coming back here and don't actually make it to the 'place where you never grow old or die'.

In fact there is a great deal about this world that is not as it should be, and ugly aging does go hand in hand with that other atrocious attributes of this world in how people behave.

I am not saying that 2019 was any kind of surprise to me - but it has really shown up the degrading behaviour that generally does make up this world!

So, we are going to look at what makes a HIGHER LEVEL REJUVENATED and REGENERATED BETTER world - and you might even call that 'Upper Class' because there was once an attempt that this approach would be the way even this world could lift its game.

The first attribute that this absolutely required, is respect for FAMILY which means relatives too.

People no longer behave as if they are in fact even related!

It is a strange characteristic of the current world which also sees it as a good idea to disrespect people

especially if they are unhappy, stressed, experience difficulties, or are ill,

and how dreadful it would be for you to lower yourself to actually care.

Far better to make sure your own life is great and has the 'right' people in it!

And that disrespect is particularly important once people become elderly, then one must immediately get this nuisance factor hidden from anyone's view, by getting them out of the way and into care.

If people did respect and help each other as people of the same blood and genetics should do then maybe one could also manage it for others too, or even for everyone.

...........And what a higher level world that would be!

But if one can't even muster some personal dignity to behave well towards your own family, how are you going to do it for 'everyone'?

Yet it is the same as helping yourself, it is a win-win all round.

And that is how families used to be.

But families exist in lesser level societies, so what makes this different?

therefore the second point that this world needs, is for each person to become a developed, higher level person - and clearly that means with the ability to feel, empathize with others, and have compassion - so that a person is fully aware of how to be their 'best self' and also has the ability to recognize their own connection to their FAMILY.

There is actually a karmic thing that influences genetics, so you could come back attracted into the genetics that you are part of, and it turns out, you have not prepared a good future life for yourself!


Of course, to be someone who has a greater understanding and is a bit further up the development ladder, requires INNER DEVELOPMENT.

This is something that is just not happening in this world.

If you cannot LOVE and be aware of your own FAMILY, then not only does the family not flourish, but how can a society of people who do not even care for their own families flourish? Everyone is out there for him/herself and yet the reality is we are all connected.

Genetics carry the information for the Future 'YOU' which will appear down the 'generations'.

In addition, if everyone cared for their own families and relatives, then communities would be more caring too. As it is, more selfish systems begin to make up a community, then a city, then a country. All of these then have less developed people as the ones in charge.

This should be avoided!

Actually, no system will work for everyone.

Not until 'everyone' has reached a higher level of consciousness,

And if the 'everyone' is not yet developed in inner consciousness, then it should be those who ARE, who are the leaders and guides for this world.

Something to put on the wish list though.........



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