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Introduction -

The world is supposed to be focussed on the reality of a 'terrible pandemic'. But there are many who do not believe in that, and that Trump is not playing along either.

In fact, the real issue is a global agenda in which the 'pandemic' makes it possible to introduce very restrictive and Gestapo like laws and create the nanotech vaccine. However, it is reported that 40% of Americans do not want the vaccine which hopefully suggests that at least 40% know what this 'pandemic' is really about - the same as Trump knows too.

That is why the focus is on blocking the CCP plan in this war and not being diverted by a dubious 'pandemic'. However, afetr the chaos of a war, the globalist elite dark agenda is ready to takeover government regardless of what the CCP were doing.

In fact, it is believed the globalist elite dark agenda is already attacking China, and that agenda may be why the 'virus' is continuing in China. There is also the issue of a weather war instigated bythe use of technology over occupied Tibet. This is to bring down China, and there is only one source which commands and controls the kind of technology of something like HAARP and that is the web shadow dark agenda control government - the satanic cult which utimately aims to own the world and run it as an 'internet of things' system.

The current response to the CCP's hostile intentions via the western alliance is a separate response and not in the interests of the cult agenda. It could dismantle the spider web parallel government offices before the cult can gain control - which comes after the lockdowns, collapse and manipulated violence.

The virus covid-19 is not from the Wuhan labs, but from Fort Detrick and taken to Wuhan to further continue virus research. The CCP are not innocent in the virus exposure and they did immediately buy up all PPE in the world while the WHO and Fauci stalled in making available information.

This was during the time when the 'dangers' or the plan, was beginning to be implemented. The CCP has set up the web structures intertwined in foreign governments as covered in 'Hidden Hand', but the elite globalists want war with China.

Weather War

There already is a suspicious HAARP 'weather war'

taking place in China now via heating the upper atmosphere over the Tibetan Plateau. This is causing heavy rains and flooding and targeting the Three Gorges Dam which if it breaks and floods will kill over 100,000,000 good Chinese people - which is part of Agenda 21 depopulation. This too is reported to be part of the CCP-agenda plan.

There are a series of dams which are likely to go once the Three Gorges Dam goes. The construction of these dams includes what is called tofu buildings - concrete like tofu. When this happens it will wipe out huge cities where most of the manufacturing that the west relies on are. This includes pharmaceuticals which make penacilin and asprins etc upon which the west relies.

These poorly made dams redirected water from the Tibetan Plateau - which is huge and supplies water to SE Asia. It is the 3rd largest store of ice after the Arctic and Antarctica. The devastation will be massive.

There have also been several earthquakes in late July in Tibet.

The follow on from this devastation is that harvests have been lost. There will be famines, polluted water supplies and there are already plagues of locusts which will wipe out crops, all from disruptions to the weather.

It is reported that this flood is approaching flooding of 3 nuclear power stations which can cause Chernobyl type damage across China, Korea and Japan and can reach SE Asia.


Yangtze River flooding, China.

4 mins

2 mins


The floods are now hitting South Korea

Severe Floods Hit Busan, South Korea - Jul. 23, 2020

2 mins.

5 mins.


This is part of the global war that is happening now. Not Global Warming but Global Warring - of the Luciferian Agenda.


7 Earthquakes Hit Occupied Tibet and China;

College Board's CCP Ties Exposed; Deep dive into Houston's Chinese Consulate... Crossroads

23 mins.


Cascadia: The Earthquake that will Destroy Westcoast America.

Why Are So Many Moving Out of California? Is the Big One Coming?

And it includes Seattle, Washington State and Portland, Oregan - now inhabited by the 'useful idiots' - dispensible to the agenda - and abandoned by the citizens.

24 mins.


Now Moving to the Other 'Incentive' to Convince People to (unknowingly) Vote for the RESET - 'Climate Change'

The New Topic to Replace Covid - Climate Change.

Soon the 3 Gorges Dam may break in China and people who didn't know about this will become aware of a significant CLIMATE issue happening in China.

Most recently the issue of Climate Change has included snow in midsummer, but the flooding itself has been going on for many weeks. It is about to hit world awareness soon - and then we all have 'evidence' of CLIMATE CHANGE - the next threat to the planet.

It is caused by heating in the upper atmosphere above the 3rd largest glacial on the planet - the Tibetan Plateau. It has been reprted for some time that the reason for this is HAARP type technology - after all, they did not develop a weather altering capability for nothing. This demonstrates for everyone the 'threat' of 'climate change'.

As the covid epidemic issue begins to fade, people have nevertheless noted the 'threat' to the planet and our lives that it posed - obviously with unnecessary actions taken by governments, but the lesson is probably learned. You need a special form of government to protect you from this. Now we are being shown - or soon to be shown through the complicit media - that you also need another special form of government to protect you and this planet.

The 'Unique Opportunity' - for Governments to Ruin Everyone's Life.

That protection comes from the Chinese CCP run private Healh organizations which are in business partnership with people like Bill Gates etc and Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum whose plan was presented in a recent video.

The 'Unique Opportunity' - to Ruin Everyone's Life

The World Economic Forum presents that the world now has a 'unique opportunity' presented to change the world. Why? What happened? What opportunity is that?

They have been setting this up for decades as the problem-reaction-solution. It is a 'con' a 'confidence trick', or 'illusion'.........

The world is 'not working out fairly' - and they have deliberately made it that way - so, glorious as the 'new green deal' sounds, these greedy, old people have long planned a way for them to control the world and all the wealth - which is to be distributed 'evenly and fairly' as a basic sum to manage on - which conditions attached - while they keep control of the rest of it. These are mean, greedy old people who have trained up young people from birth to do what they want them to do.

For several decades the 'young people' have been programmed not least of which through brain entrained using cell phones and laptops. This programming and alteration of the brain has been researched by Oxford professor Susan Greenfield. There has been mass brainwashing for the pre-planned ILLUSION.

The new age community were also prepped to expect 'indigo children' - a descripion which means 'children of darknesss' - so that now these obnoxious brats think they have some kind of vision. How dare they tell us we did not choose to take care of our planet!

They are kind of on the level of Meghan Markle and the other woke thinking. Amusing as it is, and that they believe the revsisionists and other material they have been programmed with, this all makes for a very considerable threat to this planet.

Many people have been commenting on what these greedy old spoilt people in their Luxembourg and Liechtenstein mansions have been doing and what they plan to do to take control - and this is it. The RESET. Problem-Reaction-Solution.

What the New Resilient, Sustainable World Means

Their solution is to reduce the world population to sustainable levels, which will take place over a generation or so because of the sterilization via the vaccine. Yes, that is more 'sustainable'.

There are other methods in play as well of course, including eugenics and 'voluntary' euthanasia. Someone decides whatmakes up 'more desireable characteristics' - probably that decision comes from the private organization to do with Health and Climate Changetha people are set to cede their democratic freedom to, to make future unchallengeable decisions. It can't be challenged if people ceded their rights to have any part in the decision process for their lives - which is what the Democrat party have told you they are going to do.

Keep in mind that these ones do not understand what the connection to God and 'True Source' is - but neither do those who id not understand that they are on this path.

Those that remain after the various means of culling, are to have a basic income across the board which is what they mean by spreading the wealth equally. You also have to obey their rules in order to receive it.

The planet will not have any 'carbon issues' because they created that situation in the first place.

*Climate Change is the other technique to get people to hand over government to a non-elected authority.

6 mins Greta Thunberg says two years have been lost in the climate change fight due to lazy world leaders.


Weather War information will be added as available.


General WAR related.

This is how the American public will lose their freedom, and vote themselves out of their Democracy, by Voting for Voluntary Servitude.

'In Future, Government will Take Direction from Organizations like W.H.O. for Climate Change Issues and Future 'Health Emergencies'.' Vote for this policy and you lose your freedom and representation by a government you have voted for - because the government will answer, defer to, and take direction from non-elected organizations.

This is important as our governments have now all obeyed 'Health Laws' and 'medical experts' are now the ruling overlords - 'medical experts' whether qualified or not, like Bill Gates. This is why the globalist elite need their people in government - it was meant to be Hillary still there - because this is the Democrat policy if Biden becomes president of the USA. It is how they establish the World Government. No matter what else he says he will do, this is the change that is the next stage of the reset.

10 mins. The biggest choice election in modern American history.


++The who's who in the battle of Light against turning humanity into slaves -

The Alliance of Liberty is now building to take down the CCP and the Globalist Elitist Agenda,

which includes Big Pharma, vaccination agendas, the Democrat agenda, and the CCP allies North Korea, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and Russia, along with Marxist protest groups like Antifa and BLM, woke thinking, climate change, the 'pandemic', Agenda 21 and 30, 'cancel culture', and identity politics.


CCP Infiltration in the UK.

Covered in the book 'Hidden Hand'. New evidence of CCP Influencing British Politicians - shows they met with 5 British PM's Boris jonson, David Cameron, Tony Blair Gordon Brown and Theresa May who has been described as the Sedwill-May line with Sedwill being the man who headed so many secret departments that he was basically running the hidden government as shown in the investigations of UK Column. Also the now banned Huawei for the new G network was introduced under Sedwill.

+ W.H.O. and the U.N. are 'influenced' by the CCP -

and these are the organizations that Democrat candidate for US President Joe Biden has said his government will in essence answer to and will override elected government. It is what many people are accepting and allowing to happen now.

It should additionally be noted that the CCP are clearly working hand in hand with the globalist agenda - note who has the influence over the W.H.O. It is expected that the CCP web shadow governments are so intertwined with the real governments as in the UK, they are ready to simply takeover the world.

+ BUT because the CCP will fall, it will then become globalist elite controlled governments.

It is reported that the CCP could begin to fall soon, and should the US dollar be withdrawn from Hong Kong it would cause the collapse that was reported long ago if the CCP went in and took Hong Kong anyway. Also possibly there is a virus issue related to the poor health and toxic environment and/or G network towers, but China is experiencing unusual weather and floods which is causing devastation.

+ Unusual Weather, Massive Floods, and A New Virus Outbreak.

Another virus outbreak has hit Beijing, and the CCP top leadership has not been seen for many weeks. The CCP is considered to be under pressure with the unusual weather conditions - HAARP style weather warfare? - and massive flooding which looks as if it may be targetting the Three Gorges Dam.


Mao said (paraphrased) and the ideas of the left new order agree, as did Lenin who talked about the 'useful idiots' -

"Use the scum of society to attack the righteous ones, those who are good and believe in God". ''We can’t beat God but we can destroy his creation."

And by destroying the creations of God, then by walking through the ruins you become God.  By destroying the creations of God, you then become God Karl Marx.

The 1918 'flu epidemic was not a 'flu' but the result of vaccinations administered after the 1st world war.



WarRoom Pandemic, Crossroads and UK Column. Featured Shows Links.

UK Column Archive Shows


RESET WEB PARALLEL Governments to Override Parliaments.

This will be happening everywhere but this serves as an example. It seems the UK government is taking over authority from Parliament as if it is a separate entity - of which the secretive 'Cabinet Office' was part along with the SAGE behavioural programming to ramp up fear and conflicts amongst UK citizens.

It is a new reset of government that is separate from and without a need to inform Parliament on matters this new government wishes to introduce. It bypasses the elected governments and debate in Parliament, even if they do debate issues, the new 'government' answers to the new Central Government for the World.

The UK Bill of Rights, like the American Constitution, forbids this. The 'government' is NOT a separate and all powerful governing source that does not need to inform Parliament which represents the people, and doing this would usurp the rights of the people. That is also why the US President has to work with the other pillars of government.

When America broke from the UK there was not a 'dictator' King George. He was actually certified mad, which is why the UK was eventually ruled by the Prince Regent (Jane Austen's time was Regency England.) The new American form of government used a very similar system but with an elected President instead of the monarchy.

The new RESET gives all power to the new central government. No elections or voices of the people can oust or change that new central government.

One might assume that there are many departments and organizations set up that are separate from government yet are in the positition to provide the 'advice' which a government acts on - but do not answer to the people or the representatives of the people. Governments acting on the advice of the W.H.O. is one such example. What happened when countries shut down for the virus, millions then permanently lost their jobs and businesses.

The end result is that the web of parallel governments simply step in and take over.

This is expected to be after major upheaval - which will begin to become apparent when those on payments to cover for the lockdown, discover there are no future jobs and no income. There will be a so called virus upsurge with intended lockdowns - if the people go along with itm which will happen if they don't have access to enough information.

There will also be more conflicts involving those seeking to introduce a communist regime, the young who have been brainwashed into a false view of the world - by programmes like those of the Behavioural Insight team, and there are already moves, and military budget increases, to address conflict with the CCP.

The CCP may in fact collapse, but their spy web infiltration was always the tool of the Agenda, who intend to eventually control all of it.


Anywhere with a 'virus emergency' takes place - indicates deep ties to the CCP......

The record numbers of 'virus emergencies' for cases and deaths reported in Brasil, and the video exposing a faked hospital emergency for covid cases, shows there are deals and ties between businesses and politicians in Brasil with China.

All places where covid 'emergencies' have been experienced have ties to the CCP. The Brasilian President wants to break ties with the CCP but big business interests do have ties.

Hospitals in India are using the medical protocol for killing patients with the ventilators whch may indicate people high up in the hospital running have deals with the CCP. In NY orders were enforced to use the ventilators and 6 people with the virus were ordered to be sent to Aged Care Homes. Overall 10s of thousands in Aged Care died. There are, and there have to be, questions about the ties of the Democrats with the CCP.

One female doctor in NY 'commited suicide' because of it, and in Russia 3 doctors 'fell out of windows' and died.


through Parallel Web Departments etc can now be accessed here.


Previous Daily Videos page including 'Targeted for Termination . ... .-Spider Web Info Links - facemasks health dangers, CCP, Virus Sting etc ... . Spy Infiltration . ... . News Links War . ... ..Materialism . ... . Matrix - the conversion of humans to entities within the A.I. Matrix. Featured Shows Links . ... . Spiritual Topic - How the A.I. Mind came into this Reality (and how to get out of it).

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Who are the 'Advising sources' influencing government decisions

and also making decisions for or preventing the priorities for purchase of vital medical equipment in hospitals? Listen to those leaders and mayors - like Siddiq Khan in London - when they say 'the advice is.............' or 'the science is.........'


Remember this dark agenda is not a done deal.

They are giving information to demoralize you.


Is the virus really a danger? Or is it playing along with the LOCKDOWNs that are the danger?


The strategy is to lock up citizens while a rebellion is allowed to take place.


The orders to the police and military will be to lock up citizens and stand down from the violent uprising take place. Don't do this.

The military and police need to stop allowing themselves being used to lock up innocent citizens while their lives and country are destroyed. Do what is right.


The 1st Amendment allows people to gather in peaceful assembly.

With the current protests the democrat mayors have ordered the police to stand down - the idea is to goad the government into bringing in troops so the agenda can then move into the next phase of the protest strategy.




No need to use their cute phrases:

- new normal is abnormal or a new abnormal. Call it what it is!

- Social distancing - means having to be apart or forced separation.

Support the Federal State of China to replace the CCP.

Censored by Youtube or Twitter? Go to and



Cultural Marxism - in contemporary usage, the term Cultural Marxism refers to a 'conspiracy theory' which claims that there is an ongoing academic and intellectual effort to undermine and destroy Western culture and values. From 2020 it is clear it is not a 'conspiracy theory' but real, because it is now happening.

Extinction Revolution.

12 mins. on military site.

Previous Daily Videos and news.

Comprehensive List Of Companies That Use Aborted Fetal Cells As Flavour

Includes Doritos, Pepsi, Quaker Oats, Kraft Foods, Campbells, Cadburys, Maggi, Ocean Spray, Liptons Tea, all coffee creamers etc


Is Italy's and the Vatican's connection to the CCP the reason the virus was allegedly so bad in Italy (proven otherwise and covered in the Italian Parliament) and also in Iran? Italy was full of faked covid data. Plus the countries who had an agenda interest like the UK and the USA - in some States. Many hospitals were empty, and a recent video in Brasil also revealed an empty and perhaps even fake hospital (which had been used in a promoted video to show how bad Brasil's covid was.)

Reference on covid numbers - Italian Politician on Real Death Numbers for Italy 4 mins.

Mass DNA COLLECTION - its not virus testing.

Many countries are collecting DNA samples on a massive scale - Thermo Fisher. Except the US where Trump has said to wind tht back. Is the covid issue used to collect a DNA register as some have suggested? Therefore is covid really in Beijing or does the DNA collection just move from city to city?

12 mins. Hong Kong’s New Nightmare | DNA Testing. Organ Harvesting Tik Tok. China Uncensored.

The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) is about ‘finding practical solutions to the use of identity-based hate to polarise societies and undermine democracy’. Imran Ahmed - Chief Executive Officer.

Behavioural Insights Team in partnership with Cabinet Office to influence people's behaviour and make them more fearful without them knowing.

SAGE. Coercion: the practice of forcing another party to act in an involuntary manner by use of threats or force. Over the course of the Covid-19 ‘crisis’, scientific advice to the UK Government has been co-ordinated by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). SAGE is co-chaired by Sir Patrick Vallance (the Government Chief Science Advisor) and Professor Chris Whitty (the Chief Medical Officer). We have already seen how SAGE has used external advisors to help direct the medical and social response. But the UK government also claims that “many issues around the coronavirus response relate to behaviour”.

Federal State of China to replace the CCP. Miles Gua.

Iffy sources of alternative information -

Corbett Report does throw in information that supports the agenda, and has promoted Tik Tok by indirect reference. Tik Tok is the major tool of the CCP/agenda, maybe the only tool necessary for data control and gathering on levels never dreamed possible and immensely dangerous. Yet Corbett has just indirectly promoted it as the go to platform.

Also Activist Post, because there is no point in trying to fight the agenda yet publish articles that help it,

plus some ingenuous souces that miss the bigger picture and by that can assist the agenda.

Ingenous iffy sources -The Conscious Resistence.


Recommended -

Live talk show the War Room - Pandemic. Intelligent content.

- 2 separate 1 hour shows. Live 6 days a week at 10 am Washington DC time. Recommended.

Conservative Clergy of Color

Intelligent, educated people of colour don't support the vandalism and Marxist goals of BLM. Their voice is censored - because those wealthy 1% who are financing BLM for their agenda, do not want you to hear the reality.

Here is an intelligent website Conservative Clergy of Color and Bishop Aubrey Shines.

What The Left Won't Tell You About The Plight Of Black People And The Myth Of Systemic Racism

12 mins. National Pulse. Off Guardian - alternative to Twitter.

Citizen Free Press

Federal State of China to replace the CCP. Miles Gua.

Recommended BOOKs

I’m NEVER Going Shopping Again – The “New Abnormal” Shopping Centre | Carl Vernon

9 mins June 14th

Only the UK seems to have arrows on the floors and other over the top new rules.


* Don't accept shopping centres like this!

* Never queue to get in a shop unless it is only a few people. Let the shop go without your business.

* Don't shop online at Amazon, and try to limit online shopping for items you would normally go to a shop for- that is what you are being organized to do.



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