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People are ANGRY -

Governments have No Permission to do What they are doing.


The PCR test which is identifying the number of meaningless 'cases' does not test for the virus - David Icke

PCR test that is producing the ‘virus cases’ triggering the new lockdowns worldwide is testing for genetic codes that every human has and NOT THE ‘VIRUS’ – David Icke talks with Dr Andrew Kaufman about the astonishing hoax transforming human society.

From David Icke's site, an Italian doctor on the meaning of Covid-19.


If you don't accept the vaccination you won't be able to work and earn a living, you won't receive government payments, Keep all your money to see it through, go somewhere safe where others want their freedom too, stock up on food, there can be no system if no-one is part of it.......

34 mins. Conscious Resistence


Pool Party in Wuhan - where the virus came from

While the people in Australia, NZ and the UK face Destruction of their lives and livelihoods through their governments -

a Big rave takes place in Wuhan - although I hate it when the 'DJ' is out of time with the music. Wuhan holds a water party yet it is possible that Wuhan is soon going to be flooded.

4 mins.


See what Joe Biden is really about with the CCP.

1 hour


Targeted for population numbers by 2025

12 mins. on military site.

The Great Reset begins in 2021 and the new population numbers forecast for 2025 - UK 15 million. US 100 million. Australia 15 million.

This is their website .


The Spiritual Awakening in the US Government   Crossroads Epoch Times


Extraordinary prophecy from the early 1980's - Trump will Lead America back to God

26 mins


Cases of Resistence

The alliance against the CCP is Socialist Distancing.

This is for not wearing a face mask in Victoria, Australia.

Defiance! 6,000 Attend 'Illegal' California Church Service

33 mins. Retired Congressman Ron Paul covers forced vaccinations and resistence.

A California mega-church has refused to buckle under the tyrannical governor's orders to limit attendance to 100 people. On Sunday, between 6-7,000 worshipers showed up and attended services. Also today: Florida sheriff says 'no masks!" A post-apocalyptic UK conference. Epidemic versus 'case-demic.' And a new MIT article suggests community immunity is preventing coronavirus spread in US.

'Once people realize that they are being led to slaughter, they will wake up, but it will be too late... because they took the vaccine. The genocidal delivery system.' - 60% of Americans say they will take the vaccine. In the very compliant UK probably many will take the vaccine.



6 mins.

THIS IS AN ACTUAL PLANNED CONSPIRACY. These are straight up facts right from the website of the people who planned this. It is right on the web in plain site! But most people don’t know it is there...Agenda 21, created in 1992, has been carried out by NGOs funded by foreign countries, and groups like the "Open Society Foundation" (George Soros) + Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. One major objective of the Agenda 21 initiative is that every local government should draw its own local Agenda 21. The official name is the UN AGENDA 2030 FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. You can check the Agenda 21 programs implemented in your city or town by searching Agenda 21 and the name of your city in Google. ..


Revealing! Forensic Pathologist Professor Klaus Püschel pulls no punches.

4 mins. in German Death not from covid - found in autopsies.

An Intelligent Introduction to Agenda 21


++ It Will Happen By DECEMBER!! Dr Rashid Buttar

6 mins....


The 5 Stages - of the energy 'wave'.

This video covers The Fourth Turning - How this crisis was predicted 30 years ago clearly based on knowledge of an ancient formula.

There are 5 stages. First there will be a pandemic, then protests, then the president was supposed to call for martial law - but he didn't ........then 2 more phases to go, all to introduce the New World Order under the rules best known as used by the Stasi, Gestapo, CCP and Mafia.

10 mins.


Candace Owens interview with Larry Elder.

Larry has a tremendous grasp of history, which makes listening to him incredibly fascinating.

This is a one hour video condensed down to 12 minutes. Recommended - Larry Elder is a terrific speaker and extremely well worth listening to.


***Important links and information now available on academie.war1.


Budesonide -

Doctor Discusses Successful Early Intervention Medicine for Coronavirus

30 mins. super cheap medicine.

"Budesonide is sold under the name brand Pulmicort Respules. This is the type that can only be used by inhalation using the nebulizer." Also Rhinocort.

It is not antibodies that work against the virus, it is T-cells.

40% of people in the USA say they will not take the vaccine. Antibodies do not seem to last which would make the vaccine something that has to be administered each year. Studies show that it is T-Cells which beat the virus.

Corona - The Simple Truth in Under 6 Minutes (NL/GER/UK subs)

5 mins. What we have been told and what over thousand of independent international scientists tell us that really happened. Data as per mid-June 2020. Loosely quoted scientists, amongst others but not limited to:

Professor John Ioannidis, Professor Dr. Knut Wittkowski, Professor Sunetra Gupta, Professor Dr. Klaus Püschel, Professor Dr. Michael Levitt, Professor Dr. Hendrick Streeck, Professor Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Dolores Cahill, Dr. Thomas Jefferson, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr. Anders Tegnell, Dr. Bodo Schiffmann, Professor Dr. Peter C. Gøtzsche, Professor Dr. Pietro Vernazza, Professor Dr. Didier Raoult and many others.

THIS IS SERIOUS! And You Thought MK-Ultra Was BAD?

10 mins.

MK Ultra was the original brainwashing experimental programme. Today it is a sophisticated system - with departments like the Behavioural Insight Team in the UK.

David Icke reports that the UK people seem to have accepted their fate. Obedient queues of people and so on, so it is looking as if the UK will fall easily. However, Australia has rebelled so have European countries and refused lockdowns and the USA is very awake - on the right - obviously the agenda is fully active on the left.

The agenda, W.H.O. spokespeople and Dr. Fauci, only promote success for late stage treatment of this coronavirus 'flu which is really too late once it has attached to the ACE receptors. Success has been very high with early intervention. The late stage promoting treatment for coronavirus recommended is Remdesivir, and of interest in view of the video above about inhaling the nanobot tech - there should be

an inhaled version of Remdesivir available soon.


A Look at Dr Fauci

+ Dr. Fauci's Admission is SCANDALOUS - Lawyer Explains 

11 mins. Canadian source for good for an understanding of how lawyers decode the characters of people under questioning. The word paucity is well known though.

Plandemic News.

'Dr Fauci has been wrong about just about everything'. He certainly followed what was required in the Rockerfeller document exposed bythe Prseident of Ghana.

10 mins.10 mins.

Dr. Fauci is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Fdn. He was involved in the development of Remdesivir, is not the nation's (USA) top infectious disease expert as quoted by CNN nor is he the accepted advisor to the White House. He has been a long time advisor to the government as a choice of career. He did change his stance on the seriousness of the virus and then gave false predictions which made it appear very serious. This was when Trump decided not to use him. It is difficult for the president to fire him but he has been kept from press conferences and Trump is using other equally qualified professional medical sources. However, his first reports on the coronavirus actually say it is not serious etc.

Nevertheless, it seems that the CCP were putting something in play. Fauci's original opinion is correct it is not serious, and that did delay stopping the spread - as intended in the Rockerfller plan. However, Trump stepped in early and DID stop the flights from China

Thereafter a set of falsified data and a pre-organized plan unfolded to make it seem very serious.

The CCP connected to W.H.O. and Gates Foundation clearly played up the virus and literature was already printed instructing doctors how to fill in death certificates as being Covid-19 whatever the cause of death was, and hospitals were paid an enormous amount if they put their patients on ventilators - a hugely controversial issue that led to 'bodies piling up' particularly in NY. Additionally the elderly in care homes were targeted.

Countries with similar out of control pandemic issues are always linked to the 'web' structure covered in Hidden Hand. It is not Brasil's president who is not handling the virus well by saying it is a 'little 'flu', Brasil is riddled with the web, other places connected to the CCP and globalist elite agenda include India - see the video Globalist Takeover of INDIA's Health System - Interview with Kapil Bajaj below - the UK, Italy - where some in the Italian parliament spoke up about the falsified numbers.


The virus is part of a bio-weapon programme -

and Bill Gates did state that a bio-weapon could be coming next. The W.H.O. is 100% communist linked to the CCP. The whistleblower from the labs in China, has said the WHO did not disclose details on instruction from the CCP. The virus has been confusing because it has behaved the same as the seasonal 'flu, but the virus operates in 2 stages and that is the first stage. It is also the reason those involved in the virus as a bio-weapon could control not being infected with the virus. The whistleblowerreports that the leadership are taking Hydroxychloroquine as a preventative.

The globalist elite made a deal with the CCP many decades ago.

There is nothing unusual with the so called 'virus' in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia but this State Premier - a tool of the CCP - has declared a 'state of Disaster' -

which the world is watching.

This is a serious and vicious takeover, and once the lockdowns were implemented, that was the beginning of the end game. They were never going to ever fully come out of lockdowns again.

Britain is already under the 'government of occupation', not nesssarily meaning the elected government, but they cannot extricate from it. Boris did not 'get' covid-19,he was given it. Scotland appears not to be run by its premier but works on the 'advice' of Devi Sridar aho is associated with the Clinton Foundation and that is associated with the Gates Fdn and WHO etc.

The Trump Admin is not the 'government of occupation' but clearly experiencing issues from those who are. He has now banned Tik Tok, an important step, and allowed 45 days for businesses to move off it. It is better to ban your own kids from using it.

For the US election, there are questions why the Democrats are not campaigning and don't seem bothered to do anything, including running a man who is clearly not functioning fully - or is giving the appearance of that deliberately.

It is said that if Trump wins the entire blame for what is to happen can be placed on him. There is likely to be the civil unrest that achieves the martial law status of the 3rd Stage, which is ultimately Medical Martial Law - except that proving the virus can easily be managed should eliminate that reason.

There are still opportunities for blood coagulating viruses and bacteria from space - the attack from space aliens.

At the moment 'they' can manipulate their 'useful idiots' including the 'useful idiots' of the current protests who really do not know what they are doing. It is not clear if some of these are already microchipped (called implants decades ago) but they certainly are brainwashed and perhaps hypnotized in the cases of some crazy democrat of the senate and congress, to literally not see the violence of the protests. If Trump loses, there will still be endless issues about mail in voting and it can still lead to civil unrest enugh to declare martial law - because the democrats then have the position to declare it.

Overcoming the dark energy takeover, is not going to be easy.

Aug. 3rd. Microsoft works with the CCP - The National Pulse.


This lady was part of the team until she realised that it was not about helping people.

+ Fort Detrick Whistleblower "People Are Brainwashed by The Big Pharma" - Judy Mikovits Leave You Speechless

9 mins.


5G Technology and producing coronavirus in skin cells

from Producing 'coronavirus' by emf waves on skin cells.

"........shows that 5G millimeter waves could be absorbed by skin cells acting like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing Coronaviruses in biological cells.

DNA is built from charged electrons and atoms and has an inductor-like structure. This structure could be divided into linear, toroid and round inductors. Inductors interact with external electromagnetic waves, move and produce some extra waves within the cells. The shapes of these waves are similar to shapes ...... of their DNA source.

These waves produce some holes in liquids within the nucleus. To fill these holes, some extra...... bases are produced. These bases could join to each other and form virus-like structures such as Coronavirus.

To produce these viruses within a cell, it is necessary that the wavelength of external waves be shorter than the size of the cell. Thus 5G millimeter waves could be good candidates for applying in constructing virus-like structures such as Coronaviruses (COVID-19) within cells."


The Weapon constantly used by the Media against Trump is the Pandemic.

Therefore, this aspect is being included, and Fauci is being kept close. Now the White House will be resuming briefings so people know what is happening on that side of things and because the iffy media like CNN focus on this. Fauci still goes behind Trump's back to report his recommendations - permanent face masks, keeping a distance and so on, on CNN. Most people do not want the vaccine, but the democrat and agenda side do. So this is being covered.

10 mins.

Trump declared that his administration is going to fight the agenda of destruction, takeover, and control by the leftist elite funded new order.

His speech at Mt. Rushmore for the July 4th Independence Day celebration, confronts the left wing Marxist elitist swamp. Highlights - 9 mins starts at about 1.10 from Sky au. Recommended.
Full version 1 hour




THIS IS SERIOUS! And You Thought MK-Ultra Was BAD?

10 mins.

MK Ultra was the original brainwashing experimental programme. Today it is a sophisticated system - with departments like the Behavioural Insight Team in the UK.


A Look at Bill Gates

Body Language #2 And His Weird Smiles that the Economy is Now Not Performing Well.

12mins 47 secs. - amusing -

Also worth noting is his unusual delight when Fareed comments on the economy unravelling because of the covid response.

3 mins from Jan. 2016 Exploiting Africa Aljazeera

and from 2018 did Bill Gates Steal Windows? 13 mins.


UK in imminent danger of being taken over.

Next UK covid operation begins in the Autumn (Fall).

Portland Protests

following the same strategy shown in the book above.

The Portland protests began on May 28th and followed the same play book as other organized protests being supported by democratic mayors and/or governors. We don't know Ted Wheeler the mayor, but automatically guessed that he is a democrat, so looked it up ...and he is. So is the State Governor.

These protests are known to be Marxist directed - they have identified themselves as 'trained Marxists' - but importantly are the same strategy used for every communist, Marxist or fascist revolution and importantly are funded by globalist elite. (The elite were behind the earlier communist revolutions too, eg the Russian Revolution.) It is these protests that the agenda is representing as Trump 'being a threat to democracy'.

2 mins.

1 min. 'Portland mayor blasts Trump over federal arrests'


Plus the violence - a massacre in funeral home, 14 people shot dead while preparing for a funeral - in Chicago has shown how wrong the responses of democrat mayors and governors has been. A current news briefing shown live on July 22nd has the mayor acknowledging the violence, as the Police Chief explains that there are over 150,000 different gangs involved in the violence.

Mother Of Child Killed By Crime: “My Family And I Support Operation LeGend”

2 mins.


16 new cases of the flu/virus reported in NSW Australia -

let's Lockdown the Country.

About 200 people in self quarantine cannot be found. Once found, the serious part is that they can be fined up to $13,000. They can also refuse to pay that. But where is the data and evidence that there is a dangerous virus?

Reports are that about 100 people are in hospital and about 20 in intensive care, yet a propaganda video shows a nurse saying they are 'run off their feet' trying to deal with this very normal number of hospital patients and pleading for people to stay home and so on.

WarRoom Pandemic Episode 293 has some really good interviews explaining that the medical protocols being imposed on doctors does everything to ensure people will die. Featured Show Links. Once again, the test that is used only registers some genetic material.

President Trump goes one-on-one with Chris Wallace | Full Interview

40 mins. Trump interview on FOX News covers, no mandate for mask wearing, the issue of quoting cases of the alleged virus - common cold. Trump says 'show me the death chart'. Trump gets it.

Trump forced Biden a few week ago to confirm that he was not going to defund the police and this interview ensures people get to hear it again. This interview highlights many good points that are of importance - in support of veterans, people of faith, and to all people who are aware of the dark plan ahead, and again points out by reverse psychology, that Biden is not planning to defund the police as the BLM etc groups think he is, the protesters and related groups were just used.


10 mins. The biggest choice election in modern American history


US Republican congressional candidate Kathy Barnette says "specifically for the black community" -

US President Donald Trump has addressed every single issue brought to him by either side of the political aisle.

9 mins.

Ricky Gervais gives the ‘cancel culture cretins’ a massive serve

3 mins.

Donald Trump on Hong Kong, China's Covid 'cover-up' and Huawei

5 mins.

Prince Harry and wife have signed with an agency to give speeches for high payments - the Clintons are also signed with this agency.

This is why you are now seeing him giving speeches and appearances supporting the woke view and also Agenda 21 with the new word which gives it away being resilient and resilience. This means the CCP, Marxist and elite funded front organizations could be employing this pair to represent these interests, and it is a dangerous situation. See Resilient cities below.

Georgia deploys National Guard in Atlanta; Doug Collins weighs in

There is so much lawlessness with the protests, the last tragic shooting was an 8 year old girl. The Governor has stepped in, the mayor was out with the protests without a mask and has just tested positive for covid.

7 mins.

Son Of Iranian Refugee Warns Lefties Not To Turn The West Into Iran

Refugee describes the reality of 'socialist' revolution. 11 mins.


Anywhere with a 'virus emergency' takes place - indicates deep ties to the CCP......

The record numbers of 'virus emergencies' for cases and deaths reported in Brasil, and the video exposing a faked hospital emergency for covid cases, shows there are deals and ties between businesses and politicians in Brasil with China.

All places where covid 'emergencies' have been experienced have ties to the CCP. The Brasilian President wants to break ties with the CCP but big business interests do have ties.

Hospitals in India are using the medical protocol for killing patients with the ventilators whch may indicate people high up in the hospital running have deals with the CCP. In NY orders were enforced to use the ventilators and 6 people with the virus were ordered to be sent to Aged Care Homes. Overall 10s of thousands in Aged Care died. There are, and there have to be, questions about the ties of the Democrats with the CCP.

One female doctor in NY 'commited suicide' because of it, and in Russia 3 doctors 'fell out of windows' and died.


WarRoom Pandemic Ep 279 -

The right leader Duda wins in Poland elections. UK to ban Hauwei from the 5G network, and also the Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth super carrier for the South China Seas. Go to Featured Show Links


Jeremy Elliott talks Covid/corona

5 mins


According to what Bill and Melinda Gates preferred,

people have not taken the pandemic as seriously as they 'should' do in their opinion, but have said, people will do so with the next one, which they predict will be worse, or a 'bio-weapon'. It may begin when Australia has a real outbreak of a bad flu or pneumonia, then people across the world will believe covid-19 was real. Not real to start out - but that made it possible for a contained and controlled real attack.

The CCP which has as much influence over the CCP as the Gates Fdn, and he CCP do believe they are about to take control of the world - using the help of those involved in and supporting protests.

The current alleged 'pandemic' is preparing us for the future World Government being run by 'Health Laws' and the W.H.O. - and that means those who fund the W.H.O.


War Room Pandemic Episode 274

Important content with Chinese billionaire Miles Guo and promoter of a New Federal State of China - a free China. Sometimes the speech is difficult to understand. Go to Featured Show Links

Plus the irony that the Chinese people want freedom and to bring down the exact same communist Marxist CCP system that the BLM etc with the CCP and 1% elite, want to create in the USA and free west to eventually be under the control of the NWO.


UK Column - Wednesday July 8th

The Web Government of Occupation in the UK - getting ready to take control..... The Joint Bio Security Centre now replaces SAGE for dealing wih the next covid attack. *See Featured Show Links

Ref : SAGE.Over the course of the Covid-19 ‘crisis’, scientific and other 'advice' to the UK Government has been co-ordinated by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE).


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The Great Reset Fraud

“The world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions… In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.”

Schwab’s message was amplified by Prince Charles who gushed over this golden opportunity to radically modify human behaviour in ways that decades of environmentalism have failed to accomplish when he said:“We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this [COVID-19] crisis. Its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change,”

Off Guardian News





NHS Consultant Says Staff Are Being Silenced Over COVID19

In my opinion, and that of many of my colleagues, there has been no Covid Pandemic, certainly not in the Surrey region and I have heard from other colleagues this picture is the same throughout the country. Our hospital would normally expect to see around 350,000 out patients a year. Around 95,000 patients are admitted to hospital in a normal year and we would expect to see around a similar figure, perhaps 100,000 patients pass through our A&E department.


+Siri, Alexa incorrectly triggered to record your conversations.

Findings demonstrate how common it is for dialog in TV shows and other sources to produce false triggers that cause the devices to turn on. Examples of words or word sequences that provide false triggers include Alexa: =“unacceptable,” “election,” and “a letter”

Google Home: - “OK, cool,” and “Okay, who is reading”. Siri: -“a city” and “hey jerry” Microsoft Cortana: “Montana”.


Any country reporting massive problems with 'covid-19' identifies that it has a problem with, is controlled by, or is an ally of the CCP in some way either with the occupying web government in place or with a compliant leadership.

'President of Iran claims country has 25 million COVID-19 infections'. The official number is 271,000

30 seconds


Facebook Files Patent for System That Hides Audio Clips in TV Ads to Trigger Phones to Record Background Noise


In Future Government will Take Direction from Organizations like W.H.O. for Climate Change Issues and Future 'Health Emergencies' - Biden policy.

That means 'Health Laws' will be above all else. In a 'Health Emergency' Governments Must Answer to the Directive of W.H.O. Haven't we just learned how necessary that is!

So that is how they switch from a Democracy to a totalitarian government - under a Biden administration. It means governments would answer to private organizations - just as people are accepting now. In turn, that means it puts control into the hands of the big funders of the W.H.O.

The virtue word of the agenda for the real Agenda 21 is 'resilient' for an agenda that it is remove humans from the planet and alter the chosen ones who will remain by self-replicating DNA altering technology, so former royal Harry should be careful in his perhaps paid role for his little speeches. The naive pair have signed up to give speeches which currently support the Marxist-elite agenda but undoubtedly this pair are not smart enough to know that.


The Elite Agenda - to create Chaos and Disorder AND Forced Vaccinations.

It is over the last few months that finally the hidden dark players of the Agenda, and hidden within the 'American Dream' have stepped out from the shadows. It did look to outsiders that the problem was the establishment of 'America', but now it is clear that it is elements within that structure.

From the beginning there have been those who conspired to use the intended freedoms of America to overthrow its precepts for their genda or own personal gain. It was intended that America guaranteed equality for all, that is why slavery was abolished about 90 years after the establishment of independence, in the civil war. The intended new world order reset, and Marxism, require slaves, in fact that is the general viewpoint of what human beings are - according to The Theory of Materialism.

Indeed some involved in the beginning of the then new country - Freemasons - were there with an ancient agenda to eventually gain control that parallels the intentions of the new system attempting to takeover now.

Those who are funding both the civil unrest AND the 'health laws' related to the new weapons of virus and vaccinations have made their money using the opportunities of the 'land of the free' so that they could take over by using the massive amounts of money they made. The Kevin Shipp former CIA shows this - 3 hours video 1,2 and 3.

The next point to consider may be that the founding fathers of the new America included Freemasons

such as George Washington. So it is worth noting that not everyone who signed the Declaration ofIndependence was a Freemason and the Constitution none of these documents caused any alarm or suspician to those who were not part of the Illuminati. They were basically good documents which guaranteed freedom and the rights of everyone to create their own future and remain the owner, not create something that then became owned by the State.

However the structure of the new government system - which is very similar to the British Parliament they were breaking from - that eventually did open the way for the intention to be subverted and another agenda slipped in. That is what is taking place in 2020. Nowthe plan is for everything to be owned by the World State including changes to human biology which can be patented - and owned.


The British government is now run by a private corporation called the Cabinet Office under a Mark Sedwill - now retired from September after brought to the attention by UK Column. That is now called the Sedwill-May line.

The US government has a private corporation running from the Democrat side but does not have control of the Republican side yet. It is why the democrat mayors called for the police to stand down.

Same for other countries and these private corporations control the military.

Resreachers report that it is time for the people, the police, and the military to know that they are receiving orders from an agenda about the control the government, and time to not carry out these orders. Soon those orders will be to arrest all citizens via the so called virus strategy, and this is the process of getting ready for genocide – depopulation under the UN’s Agenda 21. 


UK Column - Monday July 6th

1 hour


UK Cyber Security finally acts to ban all Huawei installations.

Britain's national cyber security centre has recommended Huawei be totally banned, and its technology stripped from existing parts of the network. This has angered the CCP. It be a benefit of the recent altering of the 'Cabinet Office' - which also includes the behavioural insight teams suggestions to ramp up the fear factor in the UK about the 'virus'.


Spying Apps. Possible ban on TikTok

Strange interview up first about TikTok which is known to be a massive data collection 'spying app' particularly targeting kids and 'young people'. It collects all information on a scale likened to the 'ocean' when before it was a 'cup'. 'A counter intelligence threat that the US cannot ignore'.The first interview plays that down and goes into an unrelated discussion that false information may appear on it, nothing about spying. The programme appears to be defending TikTok, which was also indirectly promoted by an alternative news source that we have noted before as suspicious.

9 mins.
A more aware interview that understands why Tik Tok should be banned. 6 mins,

Pegasus Spyware

Pegasus is spyware can be installed on devices running some versions of iOS, Apple's mobile operating system, as well on devices running Android. It was developed by the Israeli cyberarms firm, NSO Group. It is a similar function to TikTok but only needs to know your phone number to be installed.



This is Australia beginning what people will go along with. 10,000 people refused the test because they thought it was a hoax -

so now the 'Behavioural Insight' team has ramped up the virus scare...........

Common sense shows you that there is far more than a genuine virus pandemic in play. Take note that there are also other extremely serious issues taking place. Because the CCP is currently imposing its authority over sovereign nations - it is in the process of taking control of the world. Because the Marxist protests were directed to take place to take advantage of the virus scare. Because there is an agenda for depopulation being instigated - Agenda 21 - also that UK offices issued memos to ramp up the fear factor, and because of the current operation to completely destroy the western culture and introduce a RESET new system - and if this is doubted, then why did the US President just announce that the administration is going to fight this takeover by a hostile power.

This virus has been proven to be harmless to 99% of the population. What is taking place now is nonsense, except within the context of carrying out a hidden Plan.

There are a handful of positive tests out of hundreds of thousands of tests, no illness reported, but 9 Towers of flats are being treated like a crime scene. CNN Reports - 'Australia will isolate 6.6 million people in the state of Victoria from the rest of the nation at 11.59 p.m. on Tuesday, as authorities take drastic action to control a coronavirus outbreak in the city of Melbourne.'

'Big Surge' in cases claimed in Victoria, Australia - 127 in 20,000 tests a day! One 90 year old man has died, no reason given and not in these quarantined flats.

There is a very strong possibility that that the people now confined in a lockdown of 9 towers of tiny flats without access to fresh air and exercise, may now become ill because of this. It also makes it possible for Melbourne or the State to have a covid 'problem'. It also may then be possible to have a problem within the entire country which at this time has isolated itself from any travel abroad, but also restricted incoming numbers and therefore could contain a countrywide infection - which is bound to affect some people badly.

The lockdown towers have 53 'cases' reported not deaths. 'Cases' does not mean it is anything more than the same as a common cold. Perhaps this is a response to the 10,000 people who refused covid tests because they believe the virus is a scam?


United Front Work Dept - CCP Infiltration in the UK.

Covered in the book 'Hidden Hand'. New evidence of CCP Influencing British Politicians - shows they met with 5 British PM's Boris jonson, David Cameron, Tony Blair Gordon Brown and Theresa May who has been described as the Sedwill-May line with Sedwill being the man who headed so many secret departments that he was basically running the hidden government as shown in the investigations of UK Column. Also the now banned Huawei for the new G network was introduced under Sedwill.


Hidden Hand.

The authors of Hidden Hand: Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World state in an excerpt published this weekend: “In our judgement, so entrenched are the CCP’s influence networks among British elites that Britain has passed the point of no return, and any attempt to extricate itself from Beijing’s orbit would probably fail.” However, the UK is decoupling from Huawei announced in the British Parliament today. Released in Canada, everywhere else September. Recommended BOOKs.


In 2015, a major story broke exposing Hillary Clinton’s role in approving the sale of American uranium assets to the Russian state nuclear agency, Rosatom. Not only did the sale of Uranium One put 20 percent of America’s domestic uranium supply under the control of Vladimir Putin, there was also evidence that the Clintons themselves had hugely profited from the deal.

When presidential candidate Donald Trump made Uranium One the centerpiece of his “Crooked Hillary” attacks, the Clinton team feared its potential to damage Hillary’s campaign. Others in the Obama-Biden camp worried that if elected, Trump would expose their role in selling out America’s security to Putin. Their desperate need to neutralize the issue led them to launch an unprecedented investigation into the Trump campaign’s purported ties to Russia. Recommended BOOKs.


To The World: The Raping of Hong Kong 9 mins.

An horrific new security law was passed and from July 1st Beijing has taken over Hong Kong. It is a day of berayal and enormous sadness - the loss of a wonderful country Hong Kong. It is hoped the young protesters safely escaped HK - because all their data on cell phones is recorded by the CCP. All of the known protesters will be taken and slaughtered. Tik Tok is the biggest gatherer of data of all. It means that the new Stasi of HK can immediately target those who they want to eliminate.

Tik Tok launched by making fools of the nurses in western countries dancing in hospitals while the world was told we were in a virus pandemic and they were overwhelmed with patients.


US$6m 'Relaunch Hong Kong' PR Assignment Awarded To Consulum - 'The Hong Kong government has awarded its troubled $6m global PR assignment to Consulum, a firm best known for its work in the Middle East.'

Consulum Strategic Counseling includes former British parliamentrians including from Theresa May's term according to WarRoom Pandemic, now advising the CCP governor of Hong Kong Carrie Lam. This is as the people of Hong Kong desperately call for help, and as the young protestors are arrested and silenced (life imprisonmnt in mainland China and excuted- happening now in real time.)

From their website - 'Supporting global leaders, governments and their institutions, Consulum delivers sophisticated communications strategies and programmes that drive change, shape awareness and enhance outcomes.' They also 'guide opinion and enhance understanding on a national, regional and international basis'. A news report stated that 'Consulum would develop a communications strategy as well as a marketing and advertising plan “to highlight Hong Kong’s recovery and help rebuild confidence in Hong Kong as a place to invest, do business, work and live”.' This iffy office also operates in Bahrain, Dubai, and Riyadh - all targets of the policy of the Great Reset to dump oil as the world's fuel.


Independence Day - Trump's Mt Rushmore Speech calls out the enemy agenda.


More than 10,000 people in Victoria, Australia, refuse covid-DNA tests.

When one person takes action it represents up to 2,000 who agree but have not yet taken action.

Once again, the number of cases means NOTHING - unless you want 'clusters' like family gatherings, weddings, nights out, events etc to be banned.

Quoting 'cases'/'infections' is a false focus

- the magic trick to focus away from what is really happening - leading to a perception that the suggestion is the virus is dangerous and people are suffering based on case numbers. The media is still harping on about 'super spreaders' and feigned concern about 'cases' and the goal to eradicate 'the virus'.It may be like trying to eradicate the common cold - and that can never be done, so control via this is forever.

The danger time when protest gatherings began has passed both the incubation phase and the '3 weeks to death' phase.

There are no serious cases or deaths.

More than 10,000 people in Victoria, Australia, refuse covid-DNA tests.

When one person takes action it represents up to 2,000 who agree but have not yet taken action.

Once again, the number of cases means NOTHING - unless you want 'clusters' like family gatherings, weddings, nights out, events etc to be banned.

Quoting 'cases'/'infections' is a false focus- the magic trick to focus away from what is really happening - leading to a perception that the suggestion is the virus is dangerous and people are suffering based on case numbers. The media is still harping on about 'super spreaders' and feigned concern about 'cases' and the goal to eradicate 'the virus'.It may be like trying to eradicate the common cold - and that can never be done, so control via this is forever.

The danger time when protest gatherings began has passed both the incubation phase and the '3 weeks to death' phase.

There are no serious cases or deaths.

'Unacceptably high case numbers' and 'very contagious'. Really? Is the public actually as stupid as 'they' want people to be?

Are Chief Medical Officers and State Governors/Premiers actually this stupid?

Australia's total number of deaths throughout the entire period from March to current day is 104. These are overwhelmingly elderly people with other health issues.

5 mins. Dr. Buttar

Plus, the Virus PCR 'test' does not test for the virus, and the creator of the test said it should not be used to test for infectious diseases.

It Will Happen By DECEMBER!! | [Dr. Rashid Buttar]

6 mins.

Those of the agenda need to have a US President who will bring in another lockdown and is playing along.

They have so much contempt for the intelligence of the people that they are even probably running Joe Biden, who will obviously be nothing but a mouthpiece.


Kill Cities by Rothschild and Rockefeller - Deborah Tavares

39 mins

Resilient cities 

are cities that have the ability to absorb, recover and prepare for future shocks (economic, environmental, social & institutional). Resilient is the word.  Resilient citiespromote sustainable development, well-being and inclusive growth. The OECD is investigating how citiescan increase their resilience.


UK Column airs M W F at 1pm UK time.

1 hour


Ford Motors Makes Millions from Tax Payers Providing Police Cars but, is Donating Millions to the Defund the Police movement :



The strategy is to lock up citizens while a rebellion is allowed to take place.


The orders to the police and military will be to lock up citizens and stand down from the violent uprising take place. Don't do this.

The military and police need to stop allowing themselves being used to lock up innocent citizens while their lives and country are destroyed. Do what is right.


The 1st Amendment allows people to gather in peaceful assembly.

With the current protests the democrat mayors have ordered the police to stand down - the idea is to goad the government into bringing in troops so the agenda can then move into the next phase of the protest strategy.


The BLM protests are not the Resistence or Revolution

to get the false governments out.


Face Masks do NOT have to be warn according to OSHA Standards.

Below 90% oxygen is considered dangerous etc. Tell your workplace you want to call the OSHA Compliance Officer.

12 mins

Department of Labor & OSHA of Labor & OSHA

The Danger Of Facemasks - Canadian Worker Tests Dangerous Oxygen Deprivation OSHA approved test. 2 mins.


Comprehensive List Of Companies That Use Aborted Foetal Cells As Flavour

Includes Doritos, Pepsi, Quaker Oats, Kraft Foods, Campbells, Cadburys, Maggi, Ocean Spray, Liptons Tea, all coffee creamers etc.


Support for Vaccines from Governments.

- It is noted that Trump has supported the vaccine alliance. But he is not the US President the CCP wants.

It is far too late for people to be putting out ingenuous videos that show Trump has supported vaccine agendas. Ask yourself what alternative you are supporting by taking this viewpoint? Think carefully.

There are many swamp issues he goes along with until the time it matters. No-one has said he is a lightworker savior!

He's a real estate developer from Queens NY - and he did get the economy up and increased jobs as promised in 2016 including for black Americans. He has built almost all the wall, and he has taken action against the WHO and so on, and all was good until the virus scam hit.

He has said there will be no more lockdowns, and even though he has Operation Warp Speed for the vaccine - what would the CCP Dems say if he didn't do that? - he knows many people don't want to have it. Importantly, there will be conflict with the CCP before the vaccine issue becomes an issue. The agenda does not need to vaccinate everyone, the numbers will be reduced first.

Remember the GREAT RESET requires a need - dramatic collapse - to show a need for the RESET - that's why 'they' need their people in place - but new jobs figures for the US show NO RESET is NECESSARY.

See War Room episode beneath What stupid looks like, below........


Numbers of cases are going up - they say - but where are the people dying from this?


The Misconception that People Think is a BLM issue -

You have a virus pandemic scam to be aware of that is going to take you and everyone else out. Not a virus problem, but a scam. Right now you are about to lose everything and all rights you take for granted.

The only issue that is really happening in the world at this time - and that when it next strikes is going to do so suddenly and forcefully like the no notice lockdowns of 9 tower blocks of apartments in Melbourne Australia, is -

the TAKEOVER OF THE ENTIRE WORLD REALITY AS YOU KNOW IT, BY A HOSTILE POWER. Everything else - the seeming return to normality, is a diversion.

See the first video link above, This is Serious. The topic continues further down.


New Recommended Books

-''..... protests will mean nothing if the CCP achieves its goal, first to control Europe then the USA.''

Exposing How the CCP is Reshaping the World.

'Hidden Hand'comes out in Canada on July 3rd by Clive Hamilton.

Anyone keen to understand how China draws other countries into its sphere of influence should start with academic Clive Hamilton's previous book SILENT INVASION. 'This is an important book for the future of Australia. But tug on the threads of China's influence networks in Australia and its global network of influence operations starts to unravel.' –Professor John Fitzgerald, author of Big White Lie: Chinese Australians in White Australia

His new book covers the global threat that the CCP now pose, so we are adding this as an introduction to the importance of the 2nd book too, as the CCP's Trojan Horse into Europe is the secret deal made with the Vatican. *See video 'Vatican China Sellout''.

Hamilton realised something big was happening when, in 2016, it was revealed that wealthy Chinese businessmen linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had become the largest donors to both major Australian political parties. Hamilton began to investigate the Chinese government's influence in Australia. What he found shocked him.

From politics to culture, real estate to agriculture, universities to unions, and even in primary schools, he uncovered compelling evidence of the CCP's infiltration of Australia. It is no exaggeration to say the CCP and Australian democracy are on a collision course, with the CCP determined to win, while Australia looks the other way.

Thoroughly researched and powerfully argued, SILENT INVASION is a sobering examination of the mounting threats to democratic freedoms Australians have for too long taken for granted. China is important to Australia's economic prosperity; but, Hamilton asks, how much is sovereignty as a nation worth?


The Strategy of Behavioural Programming of the Young -

The changes occuring to the developing brain via the use of tech and social modelling, is a topic long commented on. Currently young people are suffering more with the lockdown-virus situation. This is an expected and intended result.

Another strategy of the CCP is to target the young – to make them in conflict with their family, to hate who they are as a culture, the obvious lack of real education, and they are targeted thru apps especially Tik Tok.  This app should be removed from everyone’s phone it is so incredibly dangerous.

It should also be noted that those of the agenda do think 'most' people are beings who accept instructions from authoritative others - including what they listen to in the mainstream media - and they do think most people are stupid. They have to think that, to be be saying and doing the things they are saying and doing, because it is taking people for complete fools.

> After about 2 months of being locked down to prevent the spread a virus, the world looked on in amazement as the people of western countries - who apparently did not understand the reason for the lockdowns - all gathered together in protests, regardless of the merit of the cause. Really, was that the most intelligent time to do that? This gave an excuse for bad players to say that lockdowns are needed again. Now that is happening.

> Also, talking about stupid - the CCP are openly using westerners to undermine and sabotage their own country. They used the Chinese Tik Tok to target the US election rally, and western people think it is funny and good. The CCP aims to wipe out the US!

Here is what stupid looks like.

1 min.

and here

"I Don't Know if Winston Churchill is Racist, I haven't Met Him''.

3.5 mins. News Guest Moron


Hysterical Twitter comment

1 min. -


Western Governments Are Knowingly Implementing the Agenda Plan.

Now everyone can see how difficult it has been to establish the 'American Dream' when the political swamp has had a dark atheist enemy of that dream hiding amongst and within its very political system.

Once that dark opposition - whose agenda and vaccination programme is now revealed - has been removed, then the original intention for the real Dream will take control.

In Australia the Morrison government and its States are all fully continuing with the virus narrative. They are also now preparing action against the CCP including building up the military. This is the plan. Like other western countries they complied with the CCP's expansion and of course they have known about the backdoors and spying.

That CCP web network is now set up and recently the CCP has been exposed as the enemy.

There will be a war which will remove the CCP and the global structure the CCP kindly set up will be taken over by the Elite Agenda and become the New World Order -

a barbaric system of slavery, compulsory ending of life at a certain age, and immediately ahead, depopulation.

The real situation that governments have helped establish, will begin to be felt in October 2020. At that time government payments to make things easier will end, and there are no jobs. No income, no jobs, food suppy disrupted. It is also the move into 'flu and common cold season, so covid laws and lockups will return.

The Morrison government is carrying out this plan. The Trudeau family in Canada is one of the elite families, the Democrats in the US and some corrupted Republicans are beholden to the CCP - was Mitt Romney ordered to take part in the protests? - and the UK even has ex ministers and ex PMs helping the PR and behavioural programming to make the new Hong Kong appealing.


Is the virus really a danger? Or is it playing along with the LOCKDOWNs that are the danger?

Italian Politician on Real Death Numbers for Italy

Video - 4 mins. and

'Red Contagion'

by Dr. Franceso Galietti. Currently only available in Italian. Italy is the CCP's Trojan Horse in Europe. If there was war between the USA and China the people of Italy would be on the side of China. Italy has become China's Trojan Horse in the west.


FACEBOOK OVERSIGHT’S BOARD – A NEW BODY THAT CAN OVERRULE FOUNDER MARK ZUCKERBERG – Responsible For Reviewing Censorship – Is 95% Anti-Trump AND Three Quarters Are Non-U.S. Citizens


Trump Strategy Worked - let 'the Left make a fool of itself'

3 mins CHOP had to regroup to an area round the old precinct. Now there has been a second murder of a second teenage boy. 5 mins.

Current protests have failed

to trigger a 'Dictator Response' from Trump - after all, that was exactly the strategy used by the previous government to begin the war in Libya. *Protests continue and the aim is to trigger civil war, even via angered citizens having their homes and lives attacked.


Questions about was the Floyd killing real?

'Shoving the guy into the squad car then pulling someone out the other side. That's puzzling'. 'Also wasn’t George in the Passenger side of his vehicle with the door open? When did he go to the drivers side where the police officer pulled him out? Also George had hair before he fell. Guess they had time to shave him before he hit the ground'. 'SO...George's body double was in the back of the car... they put George in one side, bring out the body double on the other side? the one on the ground did NOT look like all. was hoping for more of a definite answer from IPOT, but wow... lots of researching, lots of info. Mr. Mack is amazing. we all need to team up and support this dude. wonder if it is all HIM or if he has help. ya gotta think... ya have all the research'.
1 hr 30 mins doco


Is it time for the Trump Administration to take enforced action against the terrorist protests? However, Trump Strategy woked and the CCP directed protests of 'trained Marxists' have failed......

GOP Reps demand action against individuals defacing monuments

Members of the House Freedom Caucus will call on Attorney General William Barr to take full and immediate advantage of all actions available to him—including investigations, arrests, and prosecution—to thwart those vandalizing and defacing churches, national monuments, public property, and looting small businesses.

26 mins.

"Stop this coup. We do not consent to Marxism in this country. It is antithetical to the Bill of Rights and our Constitution."



- Global Reset into Lock Down for All

1 hour  50 mins The Health Patriot Act and more.


Australians are Detained in Their Country & Cannot Travel Overseas Without Permission

this will continue into the next year so can be assumed will not change because of the predicted 2nd Lockdown. But whyPeople coming in may bring the ‘virus’, but why are people prevented from leaving? The Military/ADF has Been Brought in to Oversee Quarantine.

Incidents of sickness are expected to increase within months simply because of oxygen deprivation through wearing face masks, and also the over use of chemicals for hand sanitizing and body spraying which will place a huge burden on the liver/detoxing.

Australia's population is scheduled to be reduced to 15,000,000. It is assumed this will take place through the lockdown situation itself, being reliant on pharma medicines, with those who have the covid vaccine, actual virus/flu for the vulnerable, and possibly conflicts.

In Australia where they are 'struggling with about 13 new cases' the miitary has been brought in to manage people in quarantine - like a handful of people foolish enough to fly back there - but it sets a precedent. Now we know, the military is going to be used for all people in this virus situation.

Australia "The Prime Minister has been in regular discussions.... about the possible further deployment of Commonwealth resources, including the ADF - AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE.... The total deaths in Australia are 103 and 20 new cases reporte. Or does it mean for DNA collection?

China may or may not have a real virus threat in Beijing but is ramping up virus fear, and it looks like plans for the next 'flu attack will require the use of the military and require another lockdown - which Trump, who is not playing along, has said will NOT happen.


Hillary Clinton is ‘plotting a comeback’ to usurp ‘senile Joe Biden’

There will be switch though we think. Since it will be so last minute it could be Hillary. Or perhaps Susan Rice?

2 mins ...."I'm an 81 year old American and remember the grown ups discussing the agreement between the party's to insure each party served 8 years..."


PLEASE Care About the People of Hong Kong, they Need Your Support -

To The World: The Raping of Hong Kong 9 mins.


"They are tearing down history for the same reason as the imposition of social distancing and masks –

they are humiliating you and your society so they can break your spirit, and make you subservient to their will."


BRAINWASHING and BEHAVIOURAL MANIPULATION uses EMOTIONS to control people. Anger from those who didn't find a way to make use of the freedoms available to them. And, 'Hate Trump' - being played emotional for those who can be manipulated - and hysterically funny as that can be seen to be - but the real issue is how much he can block introducing the New Order.

Crossroads, Brainwashing. Emotions over Logic. 6 mins.


Bill Gates Agenda Cartoon

4 mins.

Marxism, and CCP Communism being used by Technocracy - the Great Destroyer

The Coup d’état Taking Place Now in the USA and UK

24 mins

CNN made up of Activists not Journalists June 21st 11 mins.


Videos for June 22nd

How Vaccines CAN inject DNA Altering Matter into the Body.

47 mins.

War Room Pandemic Ep 242 - The CCP's Information War Against the World

59 mins.

Videos for June 21st

Targeted for population numbers by 2025

12 mins. on military site.

The Great Reset begins in 2021 and the new population numbers forecast for 2025 - UK 15 million. US 100 million. Australia 15 million as part of re-establishing the sustainable new Earth aka Agenda 21.

This is their website .

The NSA - Goal Is 'Total Population Control'

William Binney worked for the National Security Agency as a code-breaker for more than 30 years. At a recent conference, he said their ultimate goal is total population control.

15 mins

50 Million Americans May Die From COVID-19 Vaccine - Dr. Judy A. Mikovits

2 mins


Already 'They' Are Starting to Ramp Up Virus Outbreak and '2nd Wave' Fears.

At the moment, the economic reality of this strategy will begin to register after September which currently is the time when the sweetener payments stop. Watching our governments, and state governments in action shows they have to be in on it, or recieiving their instructions.

The economic reality has not registered amongst most. Shortly we will all see not just lockdowns, but being unable to leave your country and the military are enforcing the rules. The virus reality has not been noted either - only a tiny few die from this virus.

So called photos from space for China's ally Iran showing mass graves does not prove Iran suffered. The CCP's allies include Iran, Italy where it is known the numbers were faked, and the CCP has huge influence (ownership) in Brasil where there have also been photos from space of graves - which can be faked. A film of a faked covid hospital in Brasil was recently out on the internet.

India is killing its patients in hospitals by using the ventilator protocols - and their doctors don't question this as a cause of death. In NY Governor Cuomo sent covid positive patients to aged care homes causing tens of thousands to die - on instruction from his controller? It is absolutely understood that elderly people were deliberately targeted to remove them and to bulk up the numbers.


More on the Moronic Idiots of the 'Protests'.

Tucker Carlson 4 minutes


Phasing out CHOP - Mayor needs to start doing her job.

7 mins.


The Way of the Magician's Illusion - How To make You Call for the New World.


The Extinction Revolution

- as shown in UK government department documents, has been planned by the Cabinet Office using experts, and launched. This is the same dept. which wrote about the British public not being afraid enough of the virus, and more fear needed to be generated.

You can photo the featured pages which detail how to ramp up fear about the virus, and the psy op plan for the Extinction Revolution - the current BLM protests. UK Column. 

UK source of useful information, maybe airs live 3 times a week. 1 hour. After 31 mins leads to actual documents from the UK Cabinet Office on the Extinction Revolution topic. This is the June 15th show.


Comprehensive List Of Companies That Use Aborted Foetal Cells As Flavour

Includes Doritos, Pepsi, Quaker Oats, Kraft Foods, Campbells, Cadburys, Maggi, Ocean Spray, Liptons Tea, all coffee creamers etc


China Interfered In US Elections, Yet Contradicted Bolton’s Claims; Beijing Enters “Wartime State”

17 mins.


CNN made up of Activists not Journalists. June 21st 11 mins.


WAKE UPDATE NEWSLETTER & Solar Activity sign up for Updates


GM Biologically Altered Human-Entity Genderless Slaves.

The new transformed human of the RESET world under A.I. is not seen as biologically human or two genders. They are genderless living entities that will be biologically altered via the nanobot tech. As you know, this stuff replicates itself in the body and alters the DNA permanently.  It is also patented, so once you are living in a GM altered body, like GM seeds, you can be patented and owned.

The GM transformation is believed to have been trialed in an unknown number of cases, over possibly several decades through vaccinations. This has not only caused autism which is well documented, but also caused gender changes/confusion.

This tech is so miniscule that it can be inhaled. Yet it is believed it has been trialed through drug users inhaling this nanobot stuff with the cocaine and the various synthetic new drugs and party drugs of the type that could be inhaled. Drug use has not been promoted so heavily without a reason. Therefore we may already have some of the genetically altered and controlled people amongst us now – maybe involved in protests etc. 

Again, this dark force plan has been attempted before - nearly 26,000 years ago when the Earth last came into contact with the now newly (re)discovered nearby black hole, which the ancient world called the Destroyer.

As happened on all previous times this has been attempted, the majority of humans did not understand that they were aligned into and accepting the 'path of light and dark' which includes what is unfolding now.

The dark is a black hole. 1 min.

The Teachings which also clearly made the point that the creation of humanity was specifically as male and female, issue from a different Source, the same Source which produces the living light particles this work has discussed which are also known as prana and chi.



You have the Extinction Revolution and the new population numbers for 2025.

This agenda can be seriously blocked simply by voting for a non agenda President in the US in November.

Does this even have to be said?! Unbelievably, it is apparent that there are those who don't understand this. VOTING FOR TRUMP WILL BE A MAJOR BLOCK TO THE AGENDA.

You can fight for your health rights NOT to wear face masks or be forced to to keep your job. Department of Labor & OSHA . ... . Department of Labor & OSHA


No need to use their cute phrases:

- new normal is abnormal or new abnormal.

- Social distancing - having to be apart or forced separation.

Support the Federal State of China to replace the CCP.

The UK government is not being run by official government, but by cabal Cabinet Office.


"They are tearing down history for the same reason as the imposition of social distancing and masks –

they are humiliating you and your society so they can break your spirit, and make you subservient to their will."

Not just removing statues but now all church stained glass windows and depictions of Christ. It is the policy of the Marxist, Khmer Rouge style, CCP atheism to destroy all spirituality, they just use the 'easy to manipulate' to do it for them. Also using kids to sabotage the Tulsa rally.


Marxism, and CCP Communism being used by Technocracy - the Great Destroyer

The Coup d'Etat Taking Place Now in the USA and UK

24 mins

CNN made up of Activists not Journalists June 21st 11 mins.


News -

- EXC: BLM Founder Is Soros Institute ‘Expert’,

Called For ‘Opposing Capitalism’ While Colleague Admitted ‘We Are Trained Marxists’

- China Global Television Network, a registered foreign agent in the U.S. and integral outlet in the Chinese state-owned media landscape, employs several former CNN correspondents and anchors.

National Pulse



Low Oxygen Saturation Levels and 5G -

and 'nitrogen narcosis'.

Although the coronavirus is mild, it is not so mild when it binds with the protein receptors in the lungs of the elderly or those with illness. This virus also in the circumstancess of pople who are highly toxic from living in a region that is highly polluted, can bind with the blood and rapidly metabolize the oxygen levels.

This reduces the oxygen in the blood to abnormally low levels.

The towers for the new 5G network are also registering extremely high levels of radiation of at least 5 times or more over the safe limit. These health issues are still in play.

*The spiritual answer is to unplug from being plugged into the False Source (links under the purple mushroom.)

There are two points to keep in mind now that you have seen how easily the net can be closed around you. Keeping in mind the descriptions of what is happening to some people who go to the hospital with symptoms similar to what is expected with the emission from 5G - and also what is written in Revelation - this is what we covered under 'Definitions' as an experience known as


5G towers installed on Mt. Everest

According to new reports, yaks lugged eight tonnes of equipment up Mount Everest to install the world’s highest 5G antenna at an altitude of 6,500 meters (~21,325 feet). The mobile carriers responsible for the 5G installation are China Mobile Hong Kong and Huawei.


News -

Remember what Trump said "They're not coming for me they're coming for you."

Information War.

Cultural Marxism - in contemporary usage, the term Cultural Marxism refers to a 'conspiracy theory' which claims that there is an ongoing academic and intellectual effort to undermine and destroy Western culture and values. From 2020 it is clear it is not a 'conspiracy theory' but real, because it is now happening.

The Coup d'Etat taking place now.

- these are not simply 'protests'. They are Marxist and CCP Soros sponsored unrest to bring in a NWO Technocracy. The unaware protestors have not 'got it' yet. Many are the same level of 'education' as the moron who said she 'hadn't met Winston Churchill'.

Over 100 shot in Chicago Parents Day weekend 14 dead incl 5 children, one 3 years old. This is the future the leftist protests want for all USA. Protestors trying to set up an autonomous zone in Washington DC. One shooting death so far of a 19 yo in CHOP.

Behavioural Insights Team in partnership with Cabinet Office to influence people's behaviour and make them more fearful without them knowing. Meanwhile, the UK government is being controlled from a cabal Cabinet Office. Also in Scotland where 1st Minister gets her 'advice' from Devi Sridhar who apparently rules covid procedures in Scotland, linked to Chelea Clinton and the Gates Fdn - see UK Column June 22nd. This means the UK government is in fact being controlled from the tax exempt foundations, Clinton Fdn and Gates Fdn and related links.


Coercion: the practice of forcing another party to act in an involuntary manner by use of threats or force. Over the course of the Covid-19 ‘crisis’, scientific advice to the UK Government has been co-ordinated by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE). SAGE is co-chaired by Sir Patrick Vallance (the Government Chief Science Advisor) and Professor Chris Whitty (the Chief Medical Officer). We have already seen how SAGE has used external advisors to help direct the medical and social response. But the UK government also claims that “many issues around the coronavirus response relate to behaviour”.

Federal State of China - the alternative to the CCP. Widely publicized by ex Chinese citizen Miles Guo fighting for freedom from th CCP yet not shown on mainstream media and censored by big tech - who are all being paid by the CCP. Morally those fighting for freedom from the CCP deserve support but instead media are making money to follow the CCP narrative. This is Information War.

Italy, Rome and the Pope and Vatican's links to the CCP.

The CCP has significant business activity in Northern Italy which is in the heart of Europe. The Pope, who is anti the US, has made a secret deal with the CCP - an atheist, corrupt dictatorship. CCP control of the Catholic religion is the biggest threat to the CCP in China is the people's religion.

If there was war between the USA and China the people of Italy would be on the side of China. Italy has become China's Trojan Horse in the west. The main China ally is Turkey but also Iran and Pakistan, Cube and Venezuela. However, this alliance now includes the Pope and the Vatican. Recommended book - Red Contagion by Dr. Franceso Galietti.

"I now see that in this place (Rome) the (Catholic) Church is being so cleverly undermined, that there hardly remain a hundred or so priests who have not been deceived. They all work for destruction, even the clergy. A great devastation is now near at hand.” Oct.1st. 1821 Anne Catherine Emmerich Prophecy on The Two Popes. (Emeritus Pope Benedict left Rome for Germany in mid June.)

Ref. on covid - Italian Politician on Real Death Numbers for Italy 4 mins.


is Italy's and the Vatican's connection to the CCP the reason the virus was allegedly so bad in Italy (proven otherwise and covered in the Italian Parliament) and also in Iran? Did they experience the virus badly after all? Italy was full of faked covid data. Plus the countries who had an agenda interest like the UK and the USA - in some States. Many hospitals were empty, and a recent video in Brasil also revealed an empty and perhaps even fake hospital (which had been used in a promoted video to show how bad Brasil's covid was.)


China is still in the 1st Wave of the virus but now has 'Wuhan 2' in Beijing, so did something backfire about it? Or is it something else? Will the massive protests cause a spike in covid cases, but more importantly actual deaths from covid? It does mean that they are collecting DNA samples on a massive scale - Thermo Fisher. Is the covid issue used to collect a DNA register as some have suggested? Therefore is covid really in Beijing or does the DNA collection just move from city to city?

12 mins.

The CCP, allegedly, has recently attacked Australia's electricity grid and military etc to highlight its vulnerability - 'look what we can do to you'. Many Australian businesses accept money from the CCP - a reason why the ABC Australia News has been asking for racist stories from Chinese throughout the lockdown and now still going during the protests? Paid by China? The CCP has a contract for the Port of Darwin and a foolish Premier of Victoria negotiated a Belt and Road deal without approval from the Federal Government and Foreign Affairs. Sydney/Hong Kong (CNN Business)The Australian government is grappling with massive cyber attacks from what Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described as a "malicious" and "sophisticated" state-based actor.Morrison revealed the existence of the attacks during a press conference on Friday, adding that a "state-based cyber actor" is "targeting Australian organizations across a range of sectors, including all levels of government, industry, political organizations, education, health, essential service providers and operators of other critical infrastructure."

"Chinese company Da Jiang Innovations, the world’s largest maker of drones, has donated drones to 43 law enforcement agencies operating in 22 U.S. states to enforce social distancing rules.  In 2017, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned in a memo that DJI was 'selectively targeting government and privately owned entities within these sectors to expand its ability to collect and exploit sensitive U.S. data'.”


*Although Trump is pulling out of 'never ending' wars like Syria and Iraq, the China issue and as yet non combat war with the CCP is fully on. Currently this is economic warfare and the alliance of liberty.

*Agents of the Agenda have infiltrated everywhere as it is no longer in the shadows now. They have infiltrated councils, and higher levels of government, the media, celebrities, tech run social media, and of course influenced spiritual thought, which is Marxist too but from the earlier time of the French Revolution.

The word communism was coined by a man known as the ‘Rousseau of the gutter’. It has always had a 'spiritual face' too, and in recent times it was ‘gurus of the gutter’ who were teaching the exact same ideas, and the same sexuality.  Although these cult members had to go underground and change names, they still exist and one of their biggest areas was in Oregan and Washington State, which inevitably identifies the majority of the 'peaceful, festive' face of the Seattle occupation in CHAZ/CHOP.

Seattle - location of the Marxist CHOP - is home to a large tech industry, with Microsoft and Amazon headquartered in its metropolitan area.


News -

Remember what Trump said "They're not coming for me they're coming for you."

BLM - Black Lives Matter Ltd -

in the UK is an incorporated company number 12653061 incorporated on June 8th 2020 seems to be a new London branch.

Appointed Director David Wilks-Carmichael Senior Vice President of Universal Private Equity Ltd. BLM has received $100's of millions of funding and donations. UPE Ltd is a partner in Universal Private Capital. This invests fund for making wealth. The funds they have available to invest, are part of the $100's of millions given to the BLM business/political movement.

Their website says, "... is one of The UK’s leading Niche Financial Services Firms. We are based in the City of London and operate throughout the whole of the UK and Internationally. We provide a comprehensive range of professional financial services for Commercial Firms and High Net Worth Individuals. Our services range from straight forward investments to the provision of Commercial Finance, all the way through to assisting you with the logistics of acquiring a Private Jet or Yacht. As part of the Universal Group you can be secure in the knowledge that you are dealing with a successful firm with a long running tradition of dealing with all aspects of Wealth Planning."


Some Alternative News Sources are Supporting the Agenda.

You would have to be massively unaware not to know that there is only one choice for President if you don't want another lockdown, and don't want Agenda Players back in Government. Like it or like him or not, the only other choice in the US elections is for those who are part of the Agenda.

In Alternative News Sources - the way this is done is by saying thatTrump is 'just one of the swamp players too'. This is not the case. If you get to informed sources which tell you all the things he has done and that he tries to do that get blocked you will be able to see this too. Probably no-one in history has ever been so blatantly and obviously under attack, and those doing it do not even care that they are seen to be doing it. However, watch out for the alternative news sources who do that.

It is plain common sense that if you are genuinely concerned about the terrible agenda that is now unfolding and takes off in 2021, including vaccinations, then it is extremely stupid not to emphasize the importance of Trump remaining President.  Even if he was Mickey Mouse it is a better choice than putting the agenda agents back in - so long as he is not run by the agenda.   This may be the only misinformation they give, but this is bad, and they are huge influencers. This was noted in the Corbett Report.


Recommended - Live talk show the War Room - Pandemic. Intelligent content. - 2 separate 1 hour shows. Live 6 days a week. Recommended.



Behavioural Insights Team in partnership with Cabinet Office to influence people's behaviour and make them more fearful without them knowing.

Situation on the India - China border and China's deep concern about India's closer relationship to the US.

Within the context that this current Reset is a repeating story every time the Earth is near the black hole, there are concerns about India and China both being nuclear powers. Last time round there was nuclear activity in this Himalayan region and also the Indus.

China, the CCP has infiltrated everywhere, and also provides drones for surveillance of US cities. It also has high levels of control of the WHO and UN.

4 mins. 54 US scientists paid by China.


Recommended -


Live talk show the War Room - Pandemic. Intelligent content.

- 2 separate 1 hour shows. Live 6 days a week at 10 am Washington DC time. Recommended.

Conservative Clergy of Color

Intelligent, educated people of colour don't support the vandalism and Marxist goals of BLM. Their voice is censored - because those wealthy 1% who are financing BLM for their agenda, do not want you to hear the reality.

Here is an intelligent website Conservative Clergy of Color and Bishop Aubrey Shines.

What The Left Won't Tell You About The Plight Of Black People And The Myth Of Systemic Racism

12 mins. National Pulse. - alternative to Twitter. There is a better one than this and it will be added when we check the name which is -

Citizen Free Press

Federal State of China to replace the CCP. Miles Gua.

Recommended BOOKs

Live talk show the War Room - Pandemic. Intelligent content. - 2 separate 1 hour shows. Live 6 days a week at 10 am Washington DC time. Recommended.

Not every intelligent, educated person of colour supports the vandalism and Marxist goals of BLM.

Their voice is censored - because those wealthy 1% who are financing BLM for their agenda, do not want you to hear the reality. Here is an intelligent website Conservative Clergy of Color and Bishop Aubrey Shines.

What The Left Won't Tell You About The Plight Of Black People And The Myth Of Systemic Racism

12 mins.

Federal State of China to replace the CCP. Miles Gua. National Pulse - alternative to Twitter.

Citizen Free Press

Power of Google. Tucker Carlson 8 mins.

I’m NEVER Going Shopping Again – The “New Abnormal” Shopping Centre | Carl Vernon

9 mins June 14th


* Don't accept shopping centres like this!

* Never queue to get in a shop unless it is only one or two people. Let the shop go without your business.

* Don't shop online at Amazon - that is what you are being organized to do.


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