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The New RESET World under the






This time, the planet - on its false cycle - is going to change to is Ascending Phase which is the 'good' side of the duality path it is on.

At a future time it won't do that because the Force will have too much strength at that time, and the path will be the extermination agenda that has been exposed now, leading to the Maha Pralaya - the Grand Dissolution.

Probably that means that the off planet source where this scripted story was first programmed, will then be pulled into he dissolution - which is why there is a warning to get out of it - but that is nothing to do with the transition to the Ascension Phase.

Great as that may be - and it does seem that Trump has trumped the Green New Deal Reset - the next phase you go in a clean and fair new world. It is really about who will control the future.

But the Ascension Phase is still nothing to do with the Living Energy Stream. The difference is in understanding the Wheel of Rebirth which goes through what looks like 13,000 years of an Eden Paradise until its next Fall.

Most people do not know that the inner axis of this planet revolves in one direction while the outer axis revolves in the opposite direction. Then as the planet reaches its highest True Source alignment, the inner axis and outer axis of the planet begin to synchronize and it is that which send the planet into a significant jolt, leading to a worldwide flood, and the next Fall - of the same cycle. This is what is causing the planet to be pulled towards the 'black hole-invisible force' and all the weirdness known as evil which corrupts this planet.

At that point, all the tech is terminated and it takes the ensuing 13,000 years to set it all up again. Therefore, there is still a Maya issue about reality and withhe nex Fall, the preceding world was seen as a 'Golden Age'. So no matter who gains control over the quanum systems, it is still under 'Watchers' who control what is still a 'world of illusion'.

What appears to be happening now is the usual change over to the Ascending Phase

under the second of the Twin Stars which make up the 'Wheel of Rebirth' and the ongoing entrapment on the false path.

You are still on the same false path but it is changing, and it is all still caught on the Wheel of Rebirth.

In truth this is a horrible path, its 'light' is still unpleasant, and we do not get involved with it. This work has always been about getting out of the false reality and back to the True Source - which is not any transformation of the false path! It is a different path.

So, there is a great deal of interest in the coming quantum financial system and the change it, and a high tech world, is going to bring as the transition into something new and different. The forgiveness of all debt etc is a given because there will no longer be an economy as such.

In the coming new world, people will be provided for by an unseen source. They will receive a basic income, have services available and a home, clothing, and it is all provided by what will become an invisible god - which long ago was once called the Watchers because it is the same story repeating.

But of course, it is not a True (or real) God doing the Watching.

People will think it is though, because it provides everything, and they will be content. They will be given their spiritual experiences too.

They have a relationship with this god, and are guided by it because it communicates into their brain directly. They will constantly be watched over by this unseen god - although sometimes these 'gods' walk amongst the world of men.

So you can see what a disgusting illusion this reality really is...........................

It is the 'god' of the promised new coming age, and one that has been foretold and prepared for by the various secret societies and cults, and the various religions that this work has clearly shown you belong to the false path - which means the wrong path that this planet was caught in or 'captured'.

In ancient texts, it is explained, and it is called, the 'lesser light' and also the 'lesser love' but those who took that path on a spiritual level do think it is Love. They also believe the reality is real.



The Children of CAIN.

Academie Therapeutae -


Streams of the LIVING Source of Energy .

The Tree' which accesses the Living Waters.


It is hard to know where to begin but it will begin wih the US elecion where there is the intention not to have a Presiden again - it is not part of the RESET world.

The author of the strange stories of 'Barron Trump' in the late 19th century, also wrote The Last President.


The real concern, is a spiritual issue.

The new age of this reality is part of this reality.

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This reality is the Path of Life and Death. Light and Dark. Life and Reversal of Life.

It is the path you are on - and the one people keep hammering way at as being to the true light.

But it isn't.

The path you, and this planet, are part of, is a path that is going entirely in the wrong direction and further away from True Source and embedding you further into the dark energy

..........just as happened to those who now still manage to be reincarnated here as the perverted freaks of a dark cult who once thought they were on the path you think you are on.

They will probably be pulled further into that dark source this time and you will be back in their role next time round..........

'Path' means an 'energy stream'. The Path of Eternal Light and Life is a different path. NOT the same one as Light and Dark.

The path of True Source is only Living Light.

In the Garden of Eden two different paths (trees) are introduced.


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