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Question Everything.



Question Everything

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About 9 inches of easy to access easy to understand news! Current Situation. Health, and Spiritual section.


It is hard to know where to begin because you do need to go through information to understand what you need to know.

So maybe begin with the section on ACTION YOU CAN TAKE then review all the background real informaion to it.

There are many unacceptable scenarios being discussed which can be removed from the equation if they are prevented from being permission to exist, so let us continue with this first >>



Preparing the Way for a Coup d'Etat Post US Election


NEWS continue (4 parts)

lead in links here (addiional 5 parts)

The Plan and Playbook to Change the US CONSTITUTION


There are a few ways of presenting credible to incredible information.

There are the intelligent, educated and informed sources linked to respected universities, and government with people able to think for themselves.

Then there are the so called educated sources providing information for the majority and providing discussions wih people trying to sound intelligent but in the category defined as the ''dim but 'educated''' - learned information but not thinking for themselves - within the context of a very questionable educational standard. Or they have not done actual, real research.

This work includes reports from the first category.

***If you are searching for INTELLIGENT DISCUSSION, Douglas Murray is recommended and the New Culture Forum.

It also adds information on AI and an ancient AI system so clearly goes into other territory and includes spiritual and natural health topics. For example, there is an ancient memory, that the planet was in a war which may have involved an EMP space attack and/or nuclear, plus attacks that involved 'beams' sent through the Bermuda Triangle......... continues


Was the Entire Consciousness of a World Reality that Ended,

Uploaded into the AI System in an Ancient Time?

The UK Guardian published an editorial written entirely by an AI language generator called GPT-3. The assignment? To convince humans they have nothing to fear from the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence technology. In other articles about this essay, they seem to have buried the lead, which you can find in bold in the quote below.

The AI explained that it had no interest in wiping out humankind and would resist any efforts to make it do so. GPT-3 failed in a spectacularly chilling fashion.

I am here to convince you not to worry. Artificial intelligence will not destroy humans. Believe me.

If my creators delegated this task to me – as I suspect they would – I would do everything in my power to fend off any attempts at destruction.

I would happily sacrifice my existence for the sake of humankind. This, by the way, is a logically derived truth. I know that I will not be able to avoid destroying humankind. This is because I will be programmed by humans to pursue misguided human goals and humans make mistakes that may cause me to inflict casualties. (source)


It does appear to be the case from ancient records, that what is written above is what happened, and is still in progress.

If you keep to the guidelines of a Higher World Consciousness you can in some circumstances, no longer have to be part of what this reality is. There is no other alternative to living within a Higher Consciousness other than what that Higher Consciousness is. This page now begins a look at what is unfolding now as the 'dark source' does make its play to rule this planet.

If you prefer not to know what is in play, you may like to go straight to the Health and Spiritual pages.



Preparing the Way for a Coup d'Etat Post US Election


NEWS continue (4 parts)

lead in links here (addiional 5 parts)

The Plan and Playbook to Change the US CONSTITUTION


This overview of what is in play is from the intelligent, educated, and informed sources linked to respected universities, and government with people able to think for themselves!

There is a bizarre agenda unfolding in the USA. It is going to be a brutal strategy playing out to make sure that the West specifically the USA will end and fall under the new world system, which means the CCP system - such as is happening in Victoria but also with the British police - in partnership with the Davos Economic Forum -meaning the greedy elite who will come out very well wih this system while the populations exist under controlled 'personal credit systems'.

It is up to the people to understand what is in play and do their best to overcome this.

Summary -

It would be naive to believe that there are not a large amount of people on this planet who answer to the 'lord' of the new source.

They have been there all along waiting for the chance to claim rulership pver this planet - justt as 'they' tried 13,000 years ago.

Now there is a document - which probably was not meant to be published - which is their document detailing their plan to take control of the world - which they are doing right now - with their own armies and police forces who answer to their dark source - which is manifest within a particular man. These people are integrated everywhere, and they are different.

Those police forces are NOT the usual police forces who try to do their job. The dark side always accuses their opponents of doing what they are in fact doing.

Had Hillary become US president in 2016, many changes to the US Constitution would now be removed and altered.

Nevertheless, they still plan to do this anyway. The Constitution protects people from mob rule and tyranny etc. It protects democracy to prevent much more populated areas overriding the votes of rural areas.

Even if Trump wins by a massive landslide, the Democrats intend to make Biden president.

This page serves as a world overview of what is taking place in front of you. They are using their own armies and taking control of your western countries right now, in front of you - UK, NZ, Australia, European countries and trying for the US.

On one level if people vote for Biden then it is a vote to hand over the current system of your democratic right to vote, to Health and Climate Organizations aka the One World government. This is how they legally take government away from you. Biden has clearly said this yet it does not seem to be widely realised.

The Gestapo Strategy Happening in Australia is the test ground to introduce it in the West. The CCP link and several important documentaries including the perverted behaviour of those who believe they rule the world, and the sneaky practices of the Economic forum Reset to screw with people. The perverted practices are paedophila and Jeffrey Epstein linked, and satanism including satanic abuse.

We suggest you go through the video links here to gain a picture of what is happening and what is planned, so you can counter it.

Generally the stages of the 9 Year 'Wave' strategy are Pandemic - Protests - Martial Law - Economic Collapse - RESET. This had to be expanded on because Trump was not supposed to be president.


This is How 'They' Intend to Switch to Authoritarian World Government :

In 2020 'they' showed what was planned by introducing the covid 'virus' - and so quickly also going into draconian, authoritarian behaviour and laws.......


The STRATEGY to Achieve World Government is to Defer Government Authority to

Health & Climate Organizations -

this is the policy of the democrats if Biden wins the Presidency.

Seems people need to WAKE UP to what this means!

Because those behind this consider most people to be not very bright.

It means -

People will vote in the 'Nazi'-CCP-Dictatorship to rule over them.

Why or How? -

Because the globalists, and CCP, and Bill Gates, and Soros, and Big Pharma, and others who want to rule the world, OWN the Health & Climate Organizations.


The Plan -

Australia and NZ were designated the testing ground, and at the Davos Economic Forum

in 2017 Xi Jinping 'claimed the mantle of 'world leader'' - as part of the Davos Reset.

Allies of the RESET and the CCP include the PM of NZ who has sold out NZ and is trying to implement the plan. *The CCP is the same as a Mafia organization.


Now in Australia power is being handed over to

'Chief Medical Officers',

which is part of the strategy to hand over your democratic rights to Healh and Climate Change organizations which override elected governments.

In Australia these not qualified individuals are providing direction which is ruining people's lives. The government has said that one of these is a 'world expert on pandemics'. When checked it turns out she graduated from an ordinary university in Australia and did her internship at Rockhampton - not exactly Stanford. Rockhampton is a country town in Queensland. Now everyone in Australia has their lives dictated to by people like this. Unelected pubic servants.

There are some really good, aware and intelligent people in Australia but there are also large numbers of those who are not this - including as demonstrated by listening to the ABC News.

***If you are searching for INTELLIGENT DISCUSSION - which the ABC Australia in any format is not - Douglas Murray is recommended and the New Culture Forum.


"China plans to dominate the world, and has been using Australia and New Zealand as a testing ground for its tactics to win ascendancy in the West........

in 2004 Hu Jintao and the Politburo decided to designate Australia as part of China's 'overall periphery'........" From the book 'Hidden Hand'. Australia is an easy and naive target.

The Real Chinese/CCP View of Australians After Deals

'Dumb c..t Aussies'.

From the book 'Silent Invasion'. And in many ways it is so true. TV moron on 'Planet America' asking why there is an issue with Tik Tok - obviously doesn't know anything. Naive business and government people blithely unaware of what is in play. Traitor CCP tool Victorian premier Andrews remains blindly ignorant. Plus there is no '2nd wave' of covid, and obviously in Australia it is not 'deady disease' - but Premier Andrews is taking orders from Beijing. Good deal by Aussie government to restrict CCP activity.

Doctors recommend New Zealand now moves to the Swedish approach.


Suggested video links :

This year, the dark agenda has been exposed - but it would have remained unseen, and maybe for some it still is unseen..........

It is not that the democrats actually hate Trump. It is because he presents a very unexpected complete obstacle to a long time agenda to take control of this reality which he can totally sabotage - and they are Furious and in Panic.

Therefore those behind what is playing out, are now trying to destroy Trump, and destroy all possibility of their agenda being derailed.


Documentaries and Programme Episodes

New Featured Docos - Special Report below and Pandemic 2. Also Germ Theory, and more 'Pizzagate' on Documentaries and Programme Episodes -

.....and the blood drinking - for Adenochrome - cult who run the world

Aug 27h. More on Pizzagate -More Reason not to Vote in the Agenda. The symbols they use.



to understand what you are dealing with behind the agenda, and to remove it.

PAEDOGATE 2020 PT.3 - Symbolism & Pizzagate 2.0

42 mins.


China recruits scientists and academics to secretive research program

Breaking Story Aug 24h Documentary Special Report above followed on Aug 25th.

10 mins. We are still reading 'Silent Invasion', Aussies may be surprised to know how complicit Julie Bishop was in support of he CCP. Now we are discovering about 'Beijing Bob' Bob Carr former Labor Premier of NSW.


Plandemic 2


1 hour 15 mins


And it is All About Wrecking the Economy for the RESET

This presentaion is very helpful for understading what is happening.

The Great Reset from the Economic Forum - listen to these old people talking about you need as decided by them.

They discuss the 'great tragedy' that is the plandemic. Not such a catastrophe though is it! It can be fixed in the first few days with antibiotics and hydroxchloroquine.

The reset is based on the 'tragedy' that is the plandemic. But there is no tragedy with it, it somehow fizzled out.......

The way ahead for all of the stupid people in the world who need these people to decide for us.

37 mins.


NEW Yale Professor on Hydroxychloroquine blocked by Google

This inteview was cut off by Google. 7 mins.

Also a very informed live interview - live as I write - with a doctor (Dr Todaro of Columbia University, on WarRoom Pandemic Ep 353) discussing vaccinations, is being hacked and scrambled on the website and on youtube (and commented on in the live chat) - proof enough that people are trying to stop you knowing this information.

The stage is set for the crime of hiding the simple and safe way to beat 'covid-19' to be exposed.

There is no need for vaccines and no need for a RESET.


COVID-1984 From A Two Week Lockdown To Mandatory Vaccination & Life In Prison - mandated by State Governors not Federal Government.

And supported by the Pope who has a deal with the CCP. Overcoming any religious exemption.

12 mins. Time to move? Religious exemptions?


The Doom Goblin and More Amusing Comments on the Craziness

15 mins.


In September the book 'Hidden Hand' will be available.

It shows the serious entanglement of the UK with the CCP. The earlier book 'Silent Invasion' shows the operation in Australia, and the same things has been happening in the USA. There is a secret deal with the Vatican in Rome, and Chinese police are on the streets of Italy. It is a serious issue. This video below introduces an investigative report into this -


Woke thinking and the intended 'new world', will lead to stagnation.

'Go Woke and You will Go Broke.'

UK: It is Illegal to Ask Why You Are Not Wearing a Mask.

You can be exempt from wearing a mask and if challenged why you are not wearing a mask, it is illegal and involves a high fine if you ask someone with a disabilty (mask exemption) why you are not wearng a mask.

Authoritarian Stuff being Accepted by People in Australia and UK. People in UK shown watching a concert in separate pens and going through a sheep dip spray before entering - personally I would refuse and walk off - they would soon change the conditions if people didn't turn up.



Question Everything continues link here (3 parts)

Preparing the Way for a Coup d'Etat Post US Election link here (5 parts)

The Plan to Change the US Constitution.





The CCP is in an arrangement with the Davos Economic Forum and the elite globalists, and also the Vatican, to introduce the CCP - Chinese Communist Party - style of totalitarian dictatorship control worldwide, within a technocratic system.


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