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The Great Reset - Creating Year Zero (Same as Pol Pot did.)

the already decided Solution of the Hegelian Problem - Reaction - Solution.

'pandemic'. civil unrest and a Cultural Revolution which is the Great Reset.


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*June 13th Wake Update - Steve Bannon served as White House Chief Strategist in the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump during the first seven months of Trump's term.

There is a need for a level of understanding that means you can take action to end what is now in play.

- In the spiritual sense, those who are of the dark agenda on all levels may well be on their way into the Black Hole - for it is here to claim its own. Those on the light side of the 'Path of Light and Dark' are waking up fast to the existence of the 'dark side'.

- The virus, though mild, did backfire in that it is dangerous for some people. There are many people in China who want to bring down the communist system, so they tend to smuggle out documentation and video of issues China is keeping quiet. China still has a problem and is still locking down cities. Just one of the first funeral homes trying to cope with cremations had 47,000 cremations.

- The outrage that the media should be reporting on that 10's of thousands of elderly people died because of the wrong covid data information, does not exist. No-one in the media cares about that. After unnecessary lockdowns like house arrest etc, apparently only racial issues matter.

- Those who are part of the Dark Path Agenda are now in the open and have no shame at all swearing that black is white.

You will be aware that there is a problem with social media and website censorship so we are trying to do this discreetly. But it is hoped that the information on the bigger picture of the actual intelligent Force and its hold on the planet - physically and in consciousness - will finally reach people.

This Page is a 2 minute read + links.

It leads into the spiritual topic of - The consciousness of the Black Hole energy Force which Earth is now very near and currently traversing across. This is the most dangerous time, it is important not to be passive, but it is believed the planet will not be pulled away from its connection to True Source this time.

The takeover bid by the Dark Consciousness happens every 25,000 years -

then goes into the 'new Earth' - goodnews - then later back into this dark agenda again because you are still on the 'Path of Light and Dark' aka the 'Wheel of Rebirth'. The other path is the Path of Eternal Life. That's the other path.


"Even those who were supporting the protests for political reasons have been taken by surprise that the meaning of 'black lives matter' is to defund the police.

Apparently the Democrats thought it meant getting on one knee by white people."


2 mins. The Democrat Kneel - with the woman behind Pelosi looking at her cell phone- called out for wearing African patterns in ignorance of the meaning.

11 mins

Youtube for June 13th CHAZ - a lesson for us all. 7 minutes

Picture below of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone - CHAZ, now CHOP the French Revolution inspired new name - the new independent country's self-sufficiency vege patch.

There is a strange thing happening

in some alternative news sources which are deeply concerned about how rapidly the NEW ORDER is being introduced, and yet the feature article of a day or two ago is on how to help the protests and avoid being caught by the police!

The protests are organized NOT for the topic people think they are protesting about - that is just being exploited. Possibly it is realised that people are questioning the validity of a 'dangerous pandemic' and must move on. Many people are aware that something nasty is in play, so basic common sense indicates that awareness of that doesn't rapidly get forgotten and the focus dramatically shifts to something entirely different. It is a diversion. The 'pandemic' has just seen incredibly draconian laws take place to restrict freedom and your rights and that really does matter.

But suddenly people have forgotten all about that. That same agenda does now need mass protests because the new system has to create civil unrest in order to introduce cultural cleansing - removing the culture and history, as happened in the Cultural Revolution and in Pol Pot's Cambodia for example - and break up society as it is.

Truly, if anyone is concerned about how easily the dark agenda sickos are doing this, what hope is there if they do not even know these protests are part of it?

Currently the 'useful idiots' are helping bring in the new Cultural Revolution to introduce a Marxist, atheist full control, loss of all freedoms New World Order.

These ones make up the dangerous numbers who are the easily manipulated pawns doing the bidding of the 1% who are using them for their agenda, yet that reality is right over their heads.

Brainwashing. Emotions over Logic. 6 mins.

There is an Occupy style takeover in Seattle. It is called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone - CHAZ - with its own warlord dictator Raz Simone. The same as ISIS did in Iraq/Syria. The stirring up of protests is the same strategy used for the Arab Spring.

And the organized protests are part of the agenda, because directives went out from the CCP - the Chinese Communist Party - to all communist and Marxist groups to do this. These were the same instructions as those which began the Chinese Communist Cultural Revolution.

What Is The Real Agenda Behind Defunding & Dismantling The Police? Plus Agenda 21.

New Rosa Koire

*There is information that the UN which is behind Agenda 21, is very much controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

Funders of 'Black Lives Matter'

- Cisco, Air B & B, Dropbox, Intel, Pepsi, George Soros Open Society Foundation and more.


Those who are part of the Dark Path Agenda are now in the open and have no shame at all swearing that black is white.

That group is made up of many established news services - CNN, BBC etc, mayors, governors and politicians of certain beliefs, Hollywood and TV celebrities and musicians - some of whom were made popular and rich because they were players of the 'agenda' while those of real talent were overlooked.

In the spiritual sense, those who are of the dark agenda on all levels may well be on their way into the Black Hole - for it is here to claim its own. Those on the light side of the 'Path of Light and Dark' are waking up fast to the existence of the 'dark side'.

There will be 2 stories told about the deaths from coronavirus. One is the false numbers reported as correct data, the other is that people are still being put on ventilators which in NYC saw 88% of those on ventilators die - some didn't even have a respiratory illness, and that the numbers are incorrect.

In addition in NY, the governor ordered that patients with covid be taken to aged care homes which led to the deaths of thousands of the elderly. In India, from the actual words of reports, doctors are putting patients on the ventilators and the bodies are piling up.

For your information this work does not think this planet breaks away and becomes 'one' with the Black Hole this time round of the cycle.

This takeover bid by the Dark Consciousness happens every 25,000 years.

Once Earth finishes crossing the path of 'The Destroyer' -

the energy which makes possible A.I. and technology, and its control, is disconnected.


Censorship and Section 230

Many sources of real information have blatantly been censored by social media platforms. Some people have been unclear about Section 230. We recommend the video on Silicon Valley, but his 9 minute video is quite good at explaining how the Executive Order on Section 230 tackles the blatant 'agenda censoring'

The people behind a complete re-organization of this world are sick.

It is a satanic agenda, and its architects are into sick occult rituals, and things like the rituals at Bohemian Grove, and Jeffrey Epstein's child porn networks which blackmailed people, and is also a way that 'black hole consciousness' people absorb young energy to keep themselves from aging.

It is sick and negative - yet these ones are well on track now to introduce Stage 3 of their new global reality. We will cover its new thought, and its issuing source.

It has been a gradual reprogramming to change the human brain. It includes population reduction to a 'sustainable' half a billion to one billion people, complete control, a specific consciousness perspective and worldview that is as Karl Marx taught (though he was not the only source) and which is being taught in atheist versions of religious thought to alter the teachings of, for example, Christianity and in other ways. That acceptance is - there is no God and no Higher Power above the Rulers and Governance of the New System - the New World.

You are to be told that it is you who controls the New System - that was part of the idea touted with the Arab Spring, i.e. no leader just a mass unified consciousness. However, that version is plugged into A.I. so it certainly is 'one consciousness and one mind'. You see the you by that stage has already been genetically altered into the new version of 'you'.

The New Order is run by them -and the new you knows nothing other than what you are told.

Part of the changes to the human brain and biology are by compulsory vaccinations with additional material to genetically alter humans into a subdued. compliant population, satisfied by basic urges and dependent on the system which provides for them.

We will look at where this sickness issues from - something the ancient world called 'The Destoyer' - and its communist, atheist Marxist consciousness which has been widely taught as the new norm in recent decades, and the system of world government that it seeks to set up across this planet.


Most of the world spent nearly 3 months in lockdown for a coronavirus threat to our lives

which is by no means over. It has led to lost jobs and businesses - so why are hundreds of thousands of people out spreading the virus, in protests?

2 - 4 weeks from the beginning of the protests, the world will watch to see if a significant amount of these people become covid-19 positive, or was that last 3 months for nothing?

Black Lives protesters are 'recklessly endangering lives' 3 mins.

Or, as the virus seems to perhaps disproportionately target black people and indigenous people - believed to be on the list for Agenda 30 population reduction - maybe that may now be achieved via the protests?

One thing is for sure, Stage 2 to create civil unrest and destroy small businesses and communities has now taken place. It is mainly the black small businesses and communities which have been destroyed. The 'black lives matter' protests may have begun a massive reduction of their populations.

It is certain that by far the majority of those who attended protests - which all of a sudden became an important issue - have no awareness that there is an actual Plan in which they have just been psych-opped into thinking was about their issue.

It wasn't. What is happening is nothing to do with what people think is happening. It is the rapid introduction of a horrible agenda that this page is about, not the issue of protests.


The introduction stages into the New Dark Energy Order are happening extremely easily and quickly.

People have been under considerable stress for the last 3 months, locked up in their homes and under severe restrictions on their lives. And yet, all of a sudden the most pressing concern is racialand about the police force? What about those behind the unnecessary lockdown and falsified covid data that has just affected our lives so dramatically?

Stage 2 of that strategy fully understands the psychology of triggering protests. As mentioned the directive went out in April from the CCP for all communist groups to take advantage of the coronavirus situation.


Tucker Carlson June 8th 10 mins.


The best intro to what is going on in this Crossroads video.  24 minutes

More from Crossroads programme. 21 mins.
2nd Wave May Happen After Protests; Seattle Autonomous Zone Similar to Paris Commune of 1781


White Mobs Burn and Destroy a Black Man's Business Chanting 'black lives matter'.

9 mins Were black people targeted in the name of 'black lives matter' - to destroy their businesses and livelihoods?

People only care about Indigenous deaths ‘if there’s a white perpetrator’:

Jacinta Price 11 mins.

Tucker: Black Lives Matter is now a political party

25 mins   


There are some clear steps you can take to get rid of the dark agenda - The Great Reset - from this planet if you stay correctly informed.

It is going to be a very nail biting time to see how the votes go in the US elections. As far as the implementation of the agenda for this draconian new world of altered humans, there is only one choice. The problem is how many are aware of why there is only one choice. We will again say that there is an immensely sick consciousness behind what everyone has seen taking place alongside the Covid issue.

The strategy is Stage 1 - the virus; then Stage 2 - civil unrest specifically to destroy small businesses with rioting and looting - made possible by the inaction of Democrat mayors and governors.

I listened to Alex Jones InfoWars for June 5th - someone well known for what he has researched and that he sneaked into a secret meeting of these psychos at Bohemia Grove. A man phoned in, obviously a follower of Jones, but he worriedly said 'If Trump has said he will clear out the swamp, why isn't he doing it?' How many others who care, have completely missed the huge amount that Trump has done to clear the swamp and block this agenda happening. This is a topic we will return to, but it is inconceivable that people who are concerned about this horrific agenda can miss something like that, or consider putting the actual agenda players into government. The agenda is desperate to get Trump out.

The recent protests have been Stage 2 of the agenda using the pawns on the chessboard to create the stage for the final solution.

They prove the thinking of the non-feeling people behind the premise for a new modified human in a new system, that the current human model is always disgruntled, always looking for someone else - a government - to do their thinking and organize their lives for them, are easily manipulated, and unable to live within a peaceful and useful-productive mindset. What a non-human but intelligent entity would call a design fault, and there is an answer to it to be introduced as the 'Reset'. It also may only apply to this tpe of person, but we will have to see.

The socialist, communist, Marxist, Maoist, total control system viewpoint does take complete control of a person's life, that is what it is. It is for those who always blame others for their circumstances and for what they lack.

This can be seen by the actual violence and looting, and by the Minneapolis mayor's encounter with a large group of disgruntled people, even with doing everything he could think of to be understanding and willing to help, they still had demands and he was still told with complete disrespect, to 'go home Jacob'.

The protests are Stage2 of a plan - the 'Great Reset'.

It has been a mind op with an objective - which along with destroying small businesses, is to eventually either eliminate or alter most of the people who were in those protests, and demonstrate the case to dismantle the police force - but to replace it wih something else. It is also unlikely that the far majority of those in the massive protests have any awareness that such a plan exists. If they did, they may not have obliged so easily.

That is why they are so useful to the agenda, and why we see the ludicrous Democrats under Nancy Pelosi kneeling to honour - not remember - the poor man who died at the hands of overly aggressive police, yet not a man to be honoured because he was a criminal who had been in prison and was arrested just then for trying to pass a forged bank note.

The indigenous people, and others 'proud' and 'empowered' to be in the recent protests in the western world, could now have their communities as good as wiped out by Covid-19 - for that is a goal of Agenda 30. Covid is bizarre but it does badly affect and kill some people. If that is what happens, the people did it themselves. People think it will bring some kind of 'equality' and 'change' in a different way, but it actually means something else entirely. People are definietly going to get 'change' - just not what most thought it would be.

People who are 'disgruntled' about everything will be altered, subdued and changed

so much that it is brain subduing/alteration that will 'keep people safe' in the future. There will indeed no longer be a need for a police force. This is what is considered by those involved in the 'Great Reset' as the best solution.

The already non-feeling people behind the New World Order and 'Great Reset', work alongside others with an atheist 'black hole' Marxist based consciousness to change the world, to 'tweak' current humanity into a non-human, genetically modified, satisfied by basic urges and very compliant - and therefore 'happy' - fully controlled and sustainably reduced population. The reality of the 'black hole consciousness' is a big picture using many agendas to make the ultimate goal possible.

The second stage following 'covid' is of course the collapse of the free world as called for by the people themselves. That is, the useful ones who 'always' protest but who have no idea that there is a totally different agenda in play.

That also has been considered by the 'agenda'. They asked - should these ones be part of a democracy, or are they dangerous in such numbers that can harm people who do think and have awareness of a bigger picture? Therefore, is being dependent on a communist system better for them, in a system where they have been altered to think they are making choices?

The Sick and Otherwise, Worldview of the 'Black Hole Consciousness'.

But there are large numbers of people who are aware and concerned. Does the altered human include them? And what category are the altready brain entrained people everywhere, constantly in a relationship with their cell phones?

Even so, just about everyone has been programmed into what is actually the thinking, perspective and world view reality of the atheist, Marxist, 'black hole consciousness' that is currently trying to take over and literally take the planet, as the Earth travels across its 'portal'. And we will show you what it is as we go along.


The introduction of the coronavirus was Stage 1 and it issued from the CCP in China

in partnership with some connected to the W.H.O. There is a big push by the Chinese Communist Party to bring down the west and achieve world dominance - we have featured the sources on this - and it is happening in collaboration with western organizations, Democrats who are desperate to remove Trump, and wealthy people who have their own dark agenda.

There is a specific emphasis on increasing racial issues - that is why the protests focused on black lives matter - and they do, but these people out spreading the coronavirus at protest gatherings are forgetting that all lives matter - what happens to those who fall into the .04% who may die from coronavirus? Plus Australia's ABC News has spent its time featuring and asking for stories on racial hatreds of those of Chinese origin - making an issue of identity politics. It means that a concerted effort is in play to cause civil unrest, some with a specific agenda for civil war.

Many alternative news sources are not 'getting it' and are missing extremely important points.

There is a great deal of chaos being caused. Often what is really going on is not reported and a diversionary story is what the news channels feature. Some points, despite being alarming and obviously part of the repressive agenda for a new world system - are being completely stuffed up, and key bad players being removed, by Trump, so it is important not to get these things mixed up in more chaos or confused interpretions.

You may well wonder what official news sources are reporting on!

- Do so called TV journalists actually go out and investigate what they report? Because they certainly didn't with the covid news which could so easily have led to compulsory vaccinations and authorities entering your home and taking away family members for 'health reasons'.

One journalist - Australian ABC - has just said on a TV report on protests in the US - now peaceful - that the people 'want change and to go back to their jobs'. The protests have just destroyed most of those job sources and businesses forever. The only change availsble to most of the people now is that everything is provided by the System. That is the intended outcome of Stage 2.

The current riots are organized, violent, and the riots are about what?

The world has just moved through the stress of covid-19. The riots are not about black lives!

They used that but the riots and violence were planned anyway.

So are these massive gatherings about black lives, or that many people may now get coronavirus - which is certainly something some agendas would like to see. Have these mind op protests in reality been a great success for the Compulsory Vaccine Agenda?

The plan - which you must be aware is to follow on from the covid situation -

is to create as much civil unrest as possible for the western world to 'change'. The next stage of the covid strategy is not just compulsory vaccinations and loss of civil liberties. It is to bring down the current western system and replace it with the New World Order under a UN based One World Government.

11 mins. We did 'absolutely not' have to lockdown

In the spiritual sense -

it is a dark agenda to establish the atheist authority of the Black Hole this planet is currently - and not naturally - having to traverse across. That is the dark distorted influence we all have to get passed in order to get to the side of this planet's Ascending Phase. If not, then the dark force could establishe itself as the authority.

'Change' does not mean citizens or police become better people. Police in Australia, the UK, and the US have behaved like they are mentally ill. We have videos on this. But the western world does need police. The ridiculous behaviour of police - in Australia, the UK and US - during the covid situation was a disgrace. However, the situation taking place is about removing what exists that currently does protect freedoms.

These protests whether intended to be peaceful by most, are still part of a planned strategy to include violence and looting as a step in the unfolding hostile takeover strategy that began with covid-19. The last thing people should be doing right now - while covid is still contagious for example - is protest. Why do this now?

'Change' means a call for the totalitarian, hierarchical full control of everyone's lives under a new one world government from the UN.

Correction - a new, Chinese dominated One World Government financed by Gates, Soros, Amazon etc and the puppet masters behind them.

Therefore, we wish to make a very special effort to bring you the news which identifies what is going on.

We are making this the focus, even though there are other issues alongside this. Issues like brain dead celebrities who are postng bail to release funded rioters brought in to fuel the violence of the riots. Clueless celebrities raised $175 million for the corrupt, Chinese influenced W.H.O. and were/are the front calling for 'not getting back to normal'.

The directive went out from the CCP in April to take advantage of the covid situation. The George Floyd murder is shocking, but is not what the unrest is about.

A lot of it is a democrat initiative to get Trump out of the White House - because the agenda needs its own people in there

- people like Obama, Hillary and as a figurehead, Biden. If the virus begins to spread again, it is the democrat mayors and governors who refused to put health concerns first, and also those who weighed in on it because of their own desire to get back into government as more important than public safety. We will add a new Youtube link mostly daily, then move it to another news page, but keep adding sources which provide important pespectives in this first section of this page.

The US protests and riots will show if Covid-19 social distancing works or if Covid-19 was not what you were told it was.

Democrat governors have allowed these protests and not controlled the actual looting, which saw piles of bricks and rocks myseriously left on streets for rioters to use. The federal government has said that Governors can be sued for not enforcing Covid-19 safety rules that we have all had to obey- except for protestors. This video also covers Hong Kong, and George Soros connection to Facebook. 25 mins.

How a free world is being brought down.

7 mins.

A couple of issues we will mention are that the current riots should have been stopped immediately but liberal-progressive Mayors and Governors follow an ineffective 30+ year old policy of 'venting' - allowing crowds to vent anger and prevent the police from acting - but without considering that paid groups have been brought in to be violent and to loot. To address this is not a step towards a police state.

Is there an agenda for a police state? Yes of course, and for complete control with forced vaccinations - but the current unrest situation is a step to remove those who could block that agenda from happening.

Those whose intention is to destroy America and the free world to replace it with a communist, full control world order, have revealed who they are by these shockingly violent, organized riots.

They are so desperate to get back in control so they can complete their agenda that they have allowed this. But people want a country where their mayors and State Governors PROTECT their rights and keep them SAFE.

8 minutes


Trump in the White House is a fatal blow to the agenda being successfully introduced.

Those behind compulsory vaccinations, new currencies and a new agenda are desperate to get Trump out.

There is a weekly bible study meeting at the White House with 11 of the 16 cabinet members part of a dedicated 'spiritual awakening' and 'thirst for biblical knowledge' with Capitol Ministries.

Another thing that was missed is that Trump did say he would use the military to deliver a vaccine but he is also completely aware that people don't want the vaccine and said 'for those who want it. Not everyone wants it'. He is looking into the W.H.O. and who funds it, is the reason Fauci changed his view on continuing the lockdown, and he did discard the faked data modelling. He has also said there will not be another lockdown. They aren't going to be able to pull that one unless Biden gets in.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo etc have prevented alternative information on the virus being made known - like the protocol of using ventilators which killed 88% of covid patients in NY, and is probably the reason for the current deaths in Mumbai, India where it is sickening to read that the patients are being put on ventilators and the bodies are piling up. Why doesn't one of these doctors question the protocol being used? One Senator was still quoting the deaths in Italy as high when in fact the high number of deaths there are now known NOT to have been covid deaths.

Organized riots in the US are to bring in the new order.

Chinese Communist Party control of the UN 8 mins

The WHO Knowingly Lied About China 9 mins.


There is a great deal of stuff involved in all of this.


The topic of this page continues on - Reset.Stage 2 >> - with important and recommended extra links added.


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What is Communism . ... . What is the Dark Agenda


The CCP section can now be accessed separately on the CCP page.

The CCP Chinese Communist Party Agenda for World Domination.

CCP page.


CCP Strategy 50 mins. documentary. - recommended

Recommended. The first documentary movie on CCP virus, Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus 54 minutes

Premiered April 8, 2020


Countries which did not lockdown and opted to build Herd Immunity.

The reality is that humans have to build herd immunity. It is stopping the flights which imported the virus that made the difference, not the lockdowns. Coronavirus probably will last for 2 years then disappear. It is also important that there are many non-covid factors which are leading to actual deaths including wrong medical protocols, and environmental toxicity. Most countries are using the ventilators.

Actual numbers of cases are deemed insignificaant.

For June 5th.

Belarus - cases 46,868. Deaths - 259.

Sweden - cases 41,883. Deaths - 4562.

Thailand - cases - 3102. Deaths - 58.


News Links page Red Mushroom ... Solar Activity ... CCP page ... Creating the New 'Year Zero' Reset a new news page...

World NEWS Page. ... . Reset Stage 2 ...


The Approaching 'PORTAL'.

Part of the Current Situation is Taking Place in the '4th Dimension' Psych Mind Level.

The Approaching 'PORTAL'.

Newly discovered black hole can be seen with the naked eye

This new black hole is near the constellation of Telescopium coming into view in the night skies of the Southern Hemisphere - magnetic polarity - the opposite of the current North Pole alignment with Polaris. The energy for satanic cults comes from a black hole - the planet is within its outer rim.

The location of the new black hole is so close that it can be seen with the naked eye. It is bordered by Sagittarius and Corona Australis to the north.

We assume this is the only Black Hole that is this close and coming into alignment within the near future timeframe so is probably the problem that the ancient world tried so hard to want today's world about - it is the source at the end of the path.

When a planet is in the correct alignment a stream of energy issues from the centre of the Black Hole as shown on the video and reaches the planet's South Pole where it then activates as a kundalini force through the planet and the people, and then gradually reels it in.

It is not known if the planet will go this time.

We think not, but there is still a lot of this Black Hole that the Earth still has to cross. If it does completely breakaway then the planet and people will go with it into the Black Hole.

If you ask if anything can be done, then no, of course not, it is far too late. Those who chose to connect to the anchor that still holds to True Source already did what they had to do, long before now. The rest simply took no notice.

So can anything help you not go into the Black Hole? No.


The reality of this world is it is a fallen consciousness but it thinks it is enlightened. That makes it an almost unresolveable problem.

It is a consciousness that is easily corrupted, and has naive views which is thinks are enlightened. One of those is the non-understanding what 'thinking positively' means that consciousness will alter an outcome - you keep the fallen consciousness but nothing negative will happen because of that consciousness. Consciousness would alter the outcome and prevent the actualplanet from being pulled into the Black Hole if people chose True Source. But they do not understand what the problem is.

Its morals exclude the presence of God/True Source and build resonance with the Black Hole. The truth is that it is the consciousness of the majority of the people on this planet which is drawing the planet into the Black Hole. That consciousness is not always obvious, but it is blind.

This reality is the creation from the forces of the 'Destroyer'. It does have a perspective which misses the consciousness of the Higher Realm yet can be hard to see why. Yet it is well to remember that this planet is on its way into the reality of the Black Hole - that is the entire point of what is happening.

The reality is that there is nothing that can be done with or for this planet. The consciousness is what it is - and what it is may come as a surprise.

The Forces of the 'Destroyer'

and atheistic communistic Marxist thinking as the 'new world consciousness' - these are useful videos.

The Forgotten Nature of Socialism: Metaphysics and Ontology  22 mins.  

and Metaphysical Rebellion and the Nature of Karl Marx 22 mins.


The section under the 'purple mushroom' provides a picture of the structure that is this planet and consciousness which leads to the atheist, Anti-Christ, communist, Marxist, Maoist consciousness on this planet.

The links above provide the most well known sources of the atheist, Anti-Christ, communist, Marxist, Maoist, and God Killer gurus. Usually, although people have heard of Karl Marx, Maoism, National Socialism (Nazi) etc they are not aware of what that interpretation of reality and life actually is.


Continue to Healthy Resistance page here.


Long ago this planet became caught in the Force of a Black Hole. While it is easy to get out of this personally, and then for the planet, the people of this planet don't understand the situation they are in.

But they also accept the consciousness of the situation they are in.

Nor does the intelligence which runs this reality allow the situation to be told -before the reality of the Black Hole reveals itself - so that people will act or not act based on their own awareness - and inevitably remain as they are.

There has been a Force attempting to take this planet since even before the times which saw two large continents purposefully sunk. It takes this planet away from the LIVING Universe and into a different energy stream but a stream that is almost equal to a living form of A.I.

Please read these short into pages, and click on each NEXT for the sequence.

All links are a 1 minute read.

First up, for perspective, here is a short Introduction info on Teachings of the LIVING TREE Life Stream.

All updated.

sequence of short '1 minute reads' begins with the

Astral Sea of Frequencies

that is this universe. Then please read each NEXT link for maybe 2 NEXTs, but be sure to read this one -


How the People of this Planet Don't Understand What Happened

and Eventually Will Happen to this Planet - Academie

The story of Greater Adria on this page.


The section under the 'purple mushroom' provides a picture

of the structure that is this planet and consciousness which leads to the atheist, Anti-Christ, communist, Marxist, Maoist consciousness on this planet because it issues from 'The Destoyer' which actually oversees this reality. People would not know that they are thus influenced, but it is easy to see that it is the dominant consciousness.

The links above provide the source of the atheist, Anti-Christ, communist, Marxist, Maoist and God Killer gurus mainly of the 60's and 70's who had a powerful influence on perception and although they themselves were not necessarily reading and teaching Marx or the doctrines of Mao Tse Tung etc, the thought and interpretation issue from the same source, which is also easy to see.

Usually, although people have heard of Karl Marx, Maoism, National Socialism (Nazi) etc they are not aware of what that interpretation of reality and life actually is. Yet you will see it is the dominant view of the world and is the new age consciousness.


FREE Download 'Behold a Pale Horse'

Bill Cooper pdf

"I believe.......that a grand game of chess is being played on a level that we can barely imagine, and we are the pawns. Pawns are valuable only under certain circumstances and are frequently sacrificed to gain an advantage.

Anyone who has studied military strategy is familiar with the concept of sacrifice."


Some of the first chapter of this book can now be read on the

Recommended BOOKs page. It is recommended to read. BOOKs>


The full number of links are on a new page - red mushroom.


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Mike Smith10 hours ago said -

"For all the idiots wishing doom and gloom. This virus dies when it comes in contact with hand soap. Just remember that the big scary killer that’s shut down a country dies with just hand soap."


The 'Future World' is NOT the Future.

As we cover a few details of the past 12,000+ years - which is a repeating 12,000 years with always the same story - there are a few points to mention.

Our dating for 'Ancient Greece' is several millennia before the clearly obvious advanced status of the Minoan period of 5,000 years ago which itelf is 4,500 years earlier than the time officially taught as the so called peak of 'Ancient Greece'.

The time officially taught as 'Ancient Greece', was a time when many plays were written, philosophy and Socratic Dialogue were popular, and scholars like Plato, Pythagoras and so on, worked with the ancient books already in their libraries like the Library of Alexandria in Egypt.

Plato refers back a further 9,000 years before his own time, to events kept in those records.



.......... CONNECTING into the Energy Stream of LIFE

The Hunza Region

- sometimes considered to be the fictional Shan gri La, it nevertheless referred to a REAL PLACE which gradually became invisible.

It is also where the People with Fair Skin and Blue/Green Eyes were driven from in the North India/Pakistan Region in an Ancient War 12,000 years ago who went to Europe. The people from an ancient 'Shan gri la' and the topic of Health benefits and Longevity.

and the People were driven North in an Ancient War 12,000 years ago -

in a war that is very similar to the one that is shaping up now in 2020.

CCP and allies Pakistan, Iran, the Vatican etc on one side and India and most western countries. Ancient archeology shows radioactivity inthe regions of Pakistan and India consistent with nuclear explosions the last time the planet pssed across the Balck Hole Portal called The Destroyer.




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"Animals were not afraid of, nor the food for, the 5th realm people."

This planet was once a much larger planet.   It was described as 'Timeless'.

There were no seasons.

It was considered a Paradise, where the people were in perfect health and happiness, and their bodies did not die







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While it is certainly possible for this work to provide workshops etc solely on the 'raw plant juices' and 'plant based diet', it is more important to be aware that there is a difference between a Living Path and a Dead one, or artificial one.

To protect the survival of the information, the ancient scripts used the metaphor of the Living Plant Food Diet for Healing as a code to preserve the teachings on the Living Life Stream System this planet belongs to.  It also ensured a lineage survived which can connect people into the Living System, in a world where over 95%-99% are part of the other energy stream.  It is impossible to connect into the Living System without the assistance of and from the Living Source.  If there is a  'false reality' then there must be a real reality.......... 


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