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Depopulation, Vaccinations

Marxist and New Order Agendas


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Trump declared that his administration is going to fight the agenda of destruction, takeover, and control by the leftist elite funded new order.

His speech at Mt. Rushmore for the July 4th Independence Day celebration, confronts the left wing Marxist elitist swamp.

Highlights - 9 mins starts at about 1.10 from Sky au. Recommended.

Full version 1 hour

The Elite Agenda - to create Chaos and Disorder AND Forced Vaccinations.

It is over the last few months that finally the hidden dark players of the Agenda, and hidden within the 'American Dream' have tepped out from the shadows. It did look to outsiders that the problem was the establishment of 'America', but now it is clear that it is elements within that structure.

From the beginning there have been those who conspired to use the intended freedoms of America to overthrow its precepts for their agenda or own personal gain. It was intended that America guaranteed equality for all, that is why slavery was abolished about 90 years after the establishment of independence. The intended new world order reset, and Marxism, require slaves, in fact that is the general viewpoint of what human beings are - according to The Theory of Materialism.

Indeed some involved in the beginning of the then new country - Freemasons - were there with an ancient agenda to eventually gain control that parallels the intentions of the new system attempting to takeover now.

Those who are funding both the civil unrest AND the 'health laws' related to the new weapons of virus and vaccinations have made their money using the opportunities of the 'land of the free' so that they could take over using the massive amounts of money they made. The Kevin Shipp former CIA shows this - 3 hours video 1,2 and 3.


The Theory of Materialism

Depopulation and Vaccination Agendas are From this......

In 1907 and published in 1910, the Carnegie Foundation determined that all human life was material based and there is no substance beyond the physical, which will eventually die and decay. This is also the view of A.I.

Powerful names who pushed this view include bankers and also the Rockerfellers - names you already know. That view - no surviving soul - was warned would emerge many thousands of years ago. What that is, is the consciousness of a black hole this planet is currently passing across. It was called the Destroyer.

It is real, and it is hard to maintain the connection with its opposite 'Eternal Life' and the soul during the time the 'black energy' increases - i.e. as Earth moves closer to crossing the path of the black hole. But when a human brain transforms into alignment with that, the reality they have is that now held by let's say, Bill Gates, George Soros, and numerous others.

So now you know a little of what you are dealing with - a force that converts life into death - a soulless existence based on science... More on that very close black hole is on the 'academie.dark' page where there is a video link on its very recent discovery, and also this -

The Global mm-VLBI Array, joined by ALMA. The inclusion of ALMA let astronomers determine that Sgr A* occupies a region of space smaller than previously thought and that a jet from this black hole might be pointing in Earth’s direction.


The viewpoint of the Theory of Materialism, became the foundation of 'modern medicine', Big Pharma, Marxist protests and Agenda 21 Depopulation.


The Theory of Materialism from the 17th century holds that the only existing thing is matter. Everything is composed of material and all phenomena - including consciousness, the soul and the spirit - are the result of material interaction. There is an energy outside of the body existence - ektoplasm - which is also a material and eventually decays too, and it is this that people wrongly took to be the soul, and after death and OBE experience. The Marxist protests of June 2020 and Agenda 21 depopulation result from the Theory of Materialism. There is only scientific materialism.

From this viewpoint, humans are animal based, run by basic urges, naturism etc and function best under communism. It is a world view that makes up the basis of reasoning why it is okay for humans to be culled and vaccinated.

The word communism was first introduced in the 18th century at the time of the French Revolution by Restif De La Bretonne a French novelist whose works provide lively, detailed accounts of the sordid aspects of French life and society in the 18th century. He envisioned a system that was governed like a brothel and his focus was that humans were run by basic urges and animal sexuality. His moralistic intentions and views on the reform of society, and his preoccupation with eroticism, and some mysticism, led to his being called “the Rousseau of the gutter.” In the 1960's and 1970's was taught by 'gurus of the gutter' as the 'new spirituality' and is widely part of the mainstream consciousness of today's world.

From after the French Revolution, this world view developed into the communistic philosophies which led to Marxisim and then the Russian Revolution. It is these same ideas which form the basis of the New World Order, and the Marxists protests happening in 2020.

All life, and Marxist, Maoist, Atheist, CCP and NWO worldviews are based on the idea that there is no existence beyond the material world.

There is no law to allow the representation you voted for, to destroy your life and businesses.

Wake Up Victoria, Australia, and Leicester in the UK. We are all people now fighting for our freedom. Where are the protests against these complicit governments? There is perhap only 12 weeks left to act or it will go too far. Where are the protests about this?


Right now you are about to lose everything and all rights you take for granted.

The only issue that is really happening in the world at this time is


There is NO issue of right and left views, on racial issues or anything being brought to the attention to make a 'change'. None of these things are the issue ahead of you.

They are a diversion.

Your governments are right now fighting an end of everything war, that has gone completely over the heads of those who believe they are 'protesting' or dealing with a 'deadly virus'.

In a very short time you will have NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER - that is the agenda

you need to give your energy and attention to. Not wasting time and energy focusing on a diversion. What matters is that you are aware that your rights in the Constitution or other Bill of Rights are about to be taken from you.

The right to protest, the right to live your life, have a job, and to find happiness, are all about to be taken from you.

The real agenda you need to pay attention to, is what and who is going to FIGHT for those RIGHTS to remain.

If you focus on the planned diversion then you may vote in people who are working to END ALL YOUR CURRENT RIGHTS.

If that goes the wrong way - and it is now the last chance to act on this for the rest of all time - then you will not be able to protest, have weapons, there will be no right or left view because it will all be gone. You will have NO freedom whatsover.

And by the way, we are not American so normally it is nothing to us how Americans vote. But this time how the American people vote will either help the agenda destroy all RIGHTS for all of us in this world, or will FIGHT the agenda.

Unbelievably there are alternative online news sources which don't know this is what is taking place!

Wake Up!!



This is Australia testing what people will go along with. 10,000 people refused the test because they thought it was a hoax -

so now the 'Behavioural Insight' team has ramped up the virus scare...........

Common sense shows you that there is far more than a genuine virus pandemic. There are also other extremely serious issues taking place. Because the CCP is currently imposing its authority over sovereign nations - it is in the process of taking control of the world. Because the Marxist protests were directed to take place to take advantage of the virus scare. Because there is an agenda for depopulation being instigated - Agenda 21 - also that UK offices issued memos to ramp up the fear factor, and because of the current operation to completely destroy the western culture and introduce a RESET new system - and if this is doubted, then why did the US President just announce that the administration is going to fight this takeover by a hostile power.

This virus has been proven to be harmless to 99% of the population. What is taking place now is nonsense, except within the context of carrying out a hidden Plan.

There are a handful of positive tests out of hundreds of thousands of tests, no illness reported, but 9 Towers of flats are being treated like a crime scene. CNN Reports - 'Australia will isolate 6.6 million people in the state of Victoria from the rest of the nation at 11.59 p.m. on Tuesday, as authorities take drastic action to control a coronavirus outbreak in the city of Melbourne.'

'Big Surge' in cases claimed in Victoria, Australia - 127 in 20,000 tests a day! One 90 year old man has died, no reason given and not in these quarantined flats.

There is a very strong possibility that that the people now confined in a lockdown of 9 towers of tiny flats without access to fresh air and exercise, may now become ill because of this. It also makes it possible for Melbourne or the State to have a covid 'problem'. It also may then be possible to have a problem within the entire country which at this time has isolated itself from any travel abroad, but also restricted incoming numbers and therefore could contain a countrywide infection - which is bound to affect some people badly.

The lockdown towers have 53 'cases' reported not deaths. 'Cases' does not mean it is anything more than the same as a common cold. Perhaps this is a response to the 10,000 people who refused covid tests because they believe the virus is a scam?

Australia now has its citizens under 'island detention' - not allowed to travel abroad -

and has recently restricted numbers of passengers on incoming flights. For future reference, this isolation, like the island status, isolates any 'virus outbreak' not as a protection from it, but it can contain controlled outbreaks.


It is important that people can recognize the difference between agendas that are in play. White Slaves.

The Western world fought long and hard against oppression to win freedom Now mostly uneducated kids with university degrees for job training, are trying to send us back to the past - which they don't know about because they are not educated in their heritage.

That includes when our grandfathers and even great-grandfathers died in trenches in WW1 - and one of my ancestors was shot in the chest just missing the heart by a hair's breadth - and then their children fought and died in WW2 against the National Socialists - Nazis - and now igorant, badly educated spoilt brats are trying to introduce what the free world fought to prevent.

In recent years the German Chancellor said that the illegal immigrants are wanted in Europe because they do the jobs nobody else will do - cleaning toilets, and generally being slaves, and millions of people take themselves there to do that.

Slavery exists today with kidnapping white girls from eastern Europe, and also white men for live organ harvesting. Slavery has existed for thousands of years and most of the slaves were whites, Christians, or based on some religion and so on. The Romans used to send unarmed Christians into the arenas to fight lions for sport. True history that apparently is not being taught.

37 mins


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