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The who's who in the battle of Light against turning humanity into slaves -

The Alliance of Liberty is now building to call out the CCP and the Globalist Elitist Agenda, which includes Big Pharma, vaccination agendas, the Democrat agenda, and the CCP allies North Korea, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and Russia, along with Marxist protest groups like Antifa and BLM, woke thinking, climate change, the 'pandemic', Agenda 21 and 30, 'cancel culture', and identity politics.


The virus covid-19 is not from the Wuhan labs, but from Fort Detrick. The CCP has set up the web structures as covered in 'Hidden Hand', but the elite globalists want war with China. There already is a suspicious 'weather war' taking place in China now.

++ President Of Ghana Blows Lid Off 2010 Rockefeller Report 

10 mins.


This is how the American public will lose their freedom, and vote themselves out of their Democracy, by Voting for Voluntary Servitude.

'In Future, Government will Take Direction from Organizations like W.H.O. for Climate Change Issues and Future 'Health Emergencies'.' Vote for this policy and you lose your freedom and representation by a government you have voted for - because the government will answer, defer to, and take direction from non-elected organizations.

This is important as our governments have now all obeyed 'Health Laws' and 'medical experts' are now the ruling overlords - 'medical experts' whether qualified or not, like Bill Gates. This is why the globalist elite need their people in government - it was meant to be Hillary still there - because this is the Democrat policy if Biden becomes president of the USA. It is how they establish the World Government. No matter what else he says he will do, this is the change that is the next stage of the reset.

10 mins. The biggest choice election in modern American history.


UK Column live July 15th

1 hour.

Huawei, Face Masks and the moronic supporters of them when there is no evidence of any danger with Coronavirus, council paid money to care homes to take in covid-19 patients as happened in NY, while hospitals remained empty.

**Plus take note of what is happening in Germany.


Why Would Tik Tok be Spying on Americans?

15 mins.Tik Tok begins at about 2.40


UK Column Report.

1 hour. New today -

Health Passport test for antibodies BUT it is T cells not antibodies that show immunity to the virus. Testing for antibodies for the 'health passport' mostly leave the body after 59 days. How will the vaccine be forced on you even though you have a choice?

Health Aids - Zinc and Vit. D activate T-cells.


It is not antibodies that work against the virus, it is T-cells.

40% of people in the USA say they will not take the vaccine. Antibodies do not seem to last which would make the vaccine something that has to be administered each year. Studies show that it is T-Cells which beat the virus.



It is now known for certain

that the web parallel departments and organizations,

are controlled by the CCP - Chinese Communist Party -

which means people, politicians, organizations and businesses including tech and media, over the last decades, have become beholden to deals they made with the CCP. Now the CCP is demanding these ones behave the way they want, and for others, some authorities have suddenly discovered how much their countries and governments have been compromised.

In the UK this web is so established that it is too late for them to extricate out of it.  The problem in the UK is serious and the people should know about this. According to an official military site, in the UK some 50,000,000 people are to be eliminated within the next four and half years (refer to that site under the heading 'Targeted for Termination', which gives the new population numbers.)

This web of infiltration is covered in detail in the book ‘Hidden Hand’ by Clive Hamilton. There are attempts to ban this book - but it is available in Canada from July 3rd.  Try to get the book if you can. The attempts to ban this book in the UK and in the USA, are because of the reaction the public would have if they knew. 

But the public does need to know. 

It gives information and the time to act on the information. *This topic continues further down.


More than 10,000 people in Victoria, Australia, refuse covid-DNA tests.

When one person takes action it represents up to 2,000 who agree but have not yet taken action.

Once again, the number of cases means NOTHING - unless you want 'clusters' like family gatherings, weddings, nights out, events etc to be banned.

Quoting 'cases'/'infections' is a false focus- the magic trick to focus away from what is really happening - leading to a perception that the suggestion is the virus is dangerous and people are suffering based on case numbers. The media is still harping on about 'super spreaders' and feigned concern about 'cases' and the goal to eradicate 'the virus'.It may be like trying to eradicate the common cold - and that can never be done, so control via this is forever.

The danger time when protest gatherings began has passed both the incubation phase and the '3 weeks to death' phase.

There are no serious cases or deaths.

'Unacceptably high case numbers' and 'very contagious'. Really? Is the public actually as stupid as 'they' want people to be?

Are Chief Medical Officers and State Governors/Premiers actually this stupid?

Australia's total number of deaths throughout the entire period from March to current day is 104. These are overwhelmingly elderly people with other health issues.

5 mins. Dr. Buttar

Plus the Virus 'test' does not test for the virus, and the creator of the test said it should not be used to test for infectious diseases.


Support for Vaccines from Governments.

- It is noted that Trump has supported the vaccine alliance. But he is not the US President the CCP wants.

It is far too late for people to be putting out ingenuous videos that show Trump has supported vaccine agendas. Ask yourself what alternative you are supporting by taking this viewpoint? Think carefully.

There are many swamp issues he goes along with until the time it matters. No-one has said he is a lightworker savior!

He's a real estate developer from Queens NY - and he did get the economy up and increased jobs as promised in 2016 including for black Americans. He has built almost all the wall, and he has taken action against the WHO and so on, and all was good until the virus scam hit.

He has said there will be no more lockdowns, and even though he has Operation Warp Speed for the vaccine - what would the CCP Dems say if he didn't do that? - he knows many people don't want to have it. Importantly, there will be conflict with the CCP before the vaccine issue becomes an issue. The agenda does not need to vaccinate everyone, the numbers will be reduced first.

Remember the GREAT RESET requires a need - dramatic collapse - to show a need for the RESET - that's why 'they' need their people in place - but new jobs figures for the US show NO RESET is NECESSARY.

See War Room episode beneath What stupid looks like, below........

The Strategy of Behavioural Programming of the Young -

Another strategy of the CCP is to target the young – to make them in conflict with their family, to hate who they are as a culture, the obvious lack of real education, and they are targeted thru apps especially Tik Tok.  This app should be removed from everyone’s phone it is so incredibly dangerous.

It should also be noted that those of the agenda do think 'most' people are beings who accept instructions from authoritative others - including what they listen to in the mainstream media - and they do think most people are stupid. They have to think that, to be be saying and doing the things they are saying and doing, because it is taking people for complete fools.

> After about 2 months of being locked down to prevent the spread a virus, the world looked on in amazement as the people of western countries - who apparently did not understand the reason for the enormous sacrifice people made with the lockdowns - all gathered together in protests, regardless of the merit of the cause. Really, was that the most intelligent time to do that? This gave an excuse for bad players to say that lockdowns are needed again.

> Also, talking about stupid - the CCP are openly using westerners to undermine and sabotage their own country. They used the Chinese Tik Tok to target the US election rally, and western people think it is funny and good. The CCP aims to wipe out the US!

Here is what stupid looks like.

1 min.


No RESET necessary!

Not if the jobs come back and there are no lockdowns.........

War Room Pandemic Episode 261 - July 2nd.

1 hour Tik Tok begins at about 2.40

This source thinks the virus is real and deadly and part of an attack by the CCP. Most agree it is an attack but the deadliness was faked.


There is no doubt that certain countries have far more targeted 'covid rules' than other countries. The most obvious are the UK and Australia where there is definitely something else going on. What is happening in those countries is not what is happening in many other countries.


Hysterical Twitter comment

1 min. -


One more comment on the RESET.

This will be happening everywhere but this serves as an example. It seems the UK government is taking over authority from Parliament as if it is a separate entity - of which the secretive 'Cabinet Office' was part along with the SAGE behavioural programming to ramp up fear and conflicts amongst UK citizens.

It is a new reset of government that is separate from and without a need to inform Parliament on matters this new government wishes to introduce. It bypasses the elected governments and debate in Parliament, even if they do debate issues, the new 'government' answers to the new Central Government for the World.

The UK Bill of Rights, like the American Constitution, forbids this. The 'government' is NOT a separate and all powerful governing source that does not need to inform Parliament which represents the people, and doing this would usurp the rights of the people. That is also why the US President has to work with the other pillars of government.

When America broke from the UK there was not a 'dictator' King George. He was actually certified mad, which is why the UK was eventually ruled by the Prince Regent (Jane Austen's time was Regency England.) The new American form of government used a very similar system but with an elected President instead of the monarchy.

The new RESET gives all power to the new central government. No elections or voices of the people can oust or change that new central government.

One might assume that there are many departments and organizations set up that are separate from government yet are in the positition to provide the 'advice' which a government acts on - but do not answer to the people or the representatives of the people. Governments acting on the advice of the W.H.O. is one such example. What happened when countries shut down for the virus, millions then permanently lost their jobs and businesses.

The end result is that the web of parallel governments simply step in and take over.

This is expected to be after major upheaval - which will begin to become apparent when those on payments to cover for the lockdown, discover there are no future jobs and no income. There will be a so called virus upsurge with intended lockdowns - if the people go along with itm which will happen if they don't have access to enough information.

There will also be more conflicts involving those seeking to introduce a communist regime, the young who have been brainwashed into a false view of the world - by programmes like those of the Behavioural Insight team, and there are already moves, and military budget increases, to address conflict with the CCP.

The CCP may in fact collapse, but their spy web infiltration was always the tool of the Agenda, who intend to eventually control all of it.


Anywhere with a 'virus emergency' indicates deep ties to the CCP......

The record numbers of 'virus emergencies' for cases and deaths reported in Brasil, and the video exposing a faked hospital emergency for covid cases, shows there are deals and ties between businesses and politicians in Brasil with China.

All places where covid 'emergencies' have been experienced have ties to the CCP. The Brasilian President wants to break ties with the CCP but big business interests do have ties.

Hospitals in India are using the medical protocol for killing patients with the ventilators whch may indicate people high up in the hospital running have deals with the CCP. In NY orders were enforced to use the ventilators and 6 people with the virus were ordered to be sent to Aged Care Homes. Overall 10s of thousands in Aged Care died. There are, and there have to be, questions about the ties of the Democrats with the CCP.

One female doctor in NY 'commited suicide' because of it, and in Russia 3 doctors 'fell out of windows' and died.

Do people think the 'Great Reset' is a good thing?

Epoch Times reports that US customs have seized weapons and pins to make homemade weapons, sent from China.

The protests are intended to escalate, and so are virus issues. Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren questioning Dr Fauci quotes the known to be falsified numbers of deaths from the actual virus - and does so with a straight face - and Fauci responds that more serious virus dangers loom ahead. Yet again, the W.H.O. has strong ties and loyalties to the CCP and to the Gates Fdn.

The agenda is aided by censorship by the immense support of social media and Silicon Valley - shown in another video to have close ties with the CCP.

The W.H.O., Gates Fdn, Clinton Fdn and others want to force not properly tested vaccines on the world's population. In addition it turns out these sources are the 'Advisors' governments listen to for 'advice' they act on. Listen to those leaders when they say 'the advice is.............' or 'the science is.........'

Not properly tested Virus Vaccines and civil conflicts are the strategy of the hostile force that seeks to take over control of the world.

The number of cases of covid-19 are as significant as getting the common cold. Cases mean nothing, only serious responses and death matter. But if the number of cases is going up, where are the deaths? According to the graphs shown by UK Column for graphs across the world, the massive spike in deaths only happened during the lockdown.

The book 'Hidden Hand' by Clive Hamilton

- see recommended books - shows that the CCP's UK replacement government has gone too far to stop.

It would seem that the control of the Democrats in the US has also gone too far to stop, and the EU, Canada and Australia are continuing with the virus/lockdown narrative which is a CCP and New World Order strategy - even though it has been exposed as a scam.


It is important that people can recognize the difference between agendas that are in play. White Slaves.

The Western world fought long and hard against oppression to win freedom Now mostly uneducated kids with university degrees for job training, are trying to send us back to the past - which they don't know about because they are not educated in their heritage.

That includes when our grandfathers and even great-grandfathers died in trenches in WW1 - and one of my ancestors was shot in the chest just missing the heart by a hair's breadth - and then their children fought and died in WW2 against the National Socialists - Nazis - and now igorant, badly educated spoilt brats are trying to introduce what the free world fought to prevent.

In recent years the German Chancellor said that the illegal immigrants are wanted in Europe because they do the jobs nobody else will do - cleaning toilets, and generally being slaves, and millions of people take themselves there to do that.

Slavery exists today with kidnapping white girls from eastern Europe, and also white men for live organ harvesting. Slavery has existed for thousands of years and most of the slaves were whites, Christians, or based on some religion and so on. The Romans used to send unarmed Christians into the arenas to fight lions for sport. True history that apparently is not being taught.

37 mins


Data - and the recent protests - prove that Covid-19 is not a threat or dangerous - so another swine based virus has been released...........

Viruses from China could now go on ad infinitum.

For Covid-19 the data backed by medical professionals and the science, show that this virus is only a threat to about 0.2% of the population mainly the elderly with additional health issues, those affected by toxic environments which may also include G network radiations - which has a circuit called COV-19 - and also those with health issues like Diabetes. Additionlly this 'flu has been active and around at least since November 2019 including in Italy, and nothing happened until the lockdowns in March 2020 when everyone started panicking.

All vaccines for this virus, in China and the west, have skipped important testing protocols in order to release a vaccine and probably future vaccines for all these new virus - and are testing them on humans.

The CCP Scam - People have NOT been falling over dead in the streets, and only those who went into hospitals and went on ventilators died. People with the flu/virus who went to a doctor who provided some medication were symptom free within about 5 hours.

The Virus-Agenda Scam - Reasons for the Lockdowns were to build up hospital supplies etc and hospitals are now prepared. What should be questioned is why are politicians, PM's and State Governors etc acting the way they are, dramatizing the situation and saying other complete nonsense?


Mass DNA COLLECTION - its not virus testing.

Many countries are collecting DNA samples on a massive scale. Numbers of cases mean nothing.

Attempts to End 'Travel' and living in country areas.

Are people nervous about air travel, or shopping and going out? No. Yet media and governments are again saying we are about to be engulfed in a virus catastrophe - like Australiá's 70 new cases of no symptom 'flu, a situation so 'terrible' States need the militry to help them. How stupid and compliant are people prepared to be?

It includes a way to remove people from the countryside and herd them into SMART cities. The United Nation’s Environment Programme - UNEP’s - Factsheet for Zoonotic Diseases.

“COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease, meaning that it jumps between animals and people, and is therefore closely connected to lands they inhabit. Human and economic activity is eroding wild spaces, forests and other important ecosystems, bringing us closer to “reservoir hosts”-animals and plants that can harbour diseases.”

“COVID-19 underscores the relationship between human health and nature and reveals a fundamental problem, humans have unlimited needs, but the planet has limited capacity to satisfy them. Often, land degradation is caused by unsustainable human consumption and needs.''


The Virus Pandemic Lies

False Reporting: They Lie, and Lie and Lie Some More

17 mins.  CDC, which gives the enhanced numbers, means Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

4 mins. Tucker Carlson

"If cases of 'upper respiratory' sickness are increasing in your area. Check the frequencies of the cell phone towers. They are turning up the GHz frequencies to create a 'second wave'.''

Parallel Web Government Structures - like the W.H.O and U.N. etc

Dominic Cummings UK PM's (good at the moment)advisor is looking into the existence of the 'Cabinet Office' with questions about the power of Mark Sedwill who is no longer so powerful - as uncovered by UK Column it seems.

The False Government that is the intended New World Order, sets up parallel webs of departments and non elected government-like structures that become the go to 'advisory' sources which eventually outrank and usurp the government itself.

This is what the W.H.O. is and the U.N. and governments accepted 'advice' from the W.H.O. about the 'flu type virus the world is strangely in panic about.' That was ceding authority to a non elected authority -and one that was not qualified to suggest an action with an economic impact.

It appears that the 'Cabinet Office' is one such web structure too. Another ls the 'advisory sources' for the Scottish parliament which the leader accepts and repeats, are foundations such as the Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who liaise with Sturgeon's most trusted - but iffy - advisor Devi Sridhar who is linked to Chelsea Clinton.


Strategy by the psychopaths seeking to reset humanity right now are trying hard to set off conflicts everywhere they can. The protests are one example. The reason for the Immigration Policy of western countries over the last decades has been for the specific purpose of what is being encouraged to take place now. But western countries are not full of ignorant race hating monsters.

How Normal, Decent People are being Targeted.

BLM - Black Lives Matter - is Funded By.......

8 mins.

Google, Facebook, Nike, Twitter, Home Depot, Kelloggs, Netflix, Pepsico and more.

PROJECT VERITAS - organized censorship.

exposes Facebook etc censorship by so called moderators deliberately targeting Republicans.

17 mins.


'.......the 'workers' did not rise up so the Marxists had to find others who would do it for them'..... so they cultivated the children and taught them altered history and almost no other knowedge but how to do a job.

Far left ideology is 'based on a lie'

Cultural Marxism - UK auhor Douglas Murray. 9 mins. intelligent interview.

Why are uni graduates so ignorant and uneducated? 12 mins. Sky


Anyone keen to understand how China draws other countries into its sphere of influence should start with academic Clive Hamilton's previous book SILENT INVASION.

'This is an important book for the future of Australia. But tug on the threads of China's influence networks in Australia and its global network of influence operations starts to unravel.' –Professor John Fitzgerald, author of Big White Lie: Chinese Australians in White Australia. July 2nd 15 mins. China Uncensored.


Yet the Morrison Government is fully complicit in the Agenda Plan and is still pushing the virus narrative and directives.


There is no 'new normal' only the ABNORMAL you are being trained to accept.

Life is not returning to normality, it is only temporary. More issues will hit after September followed by more created virus issues.

Press gallery journalists filmed by a woman who claimed to be from a Chinese state news organisation.

2 mins. The woman then thought it was okay to go to those filming her while she was secretly filming, and put her hand over their camera.


A radical Maoist group called Black Lives Matter has seized control of the public conscience by defining anybody who is not white as a member of an exploited class and white male society as the – albeit unwitting – exploiting class. In consequence if you are white, especially a man, and oppose BLM then you are in danger of being denounced as a ‘racist’ a catch all term like ‘witch’ in the Middle Ages, which these days has very serious consequences.

BLM’s aims may seem fanciful and utopian, and often tried before with disastrous results, Soviet Russia, Mao China, Venezuela Cuba and so forth, but will they succeed ? In so far as people will start to feel more and more frightened of talking to each other openly for fear of being denounced, BLM will succeed, thus converting a racially tolerant, open harmonious society into a closed and frightened one.  The Salisbury Review


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