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Medical Advice from Doctors and Specialists

on Early or Preventative Treatment

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Doctor's opinions not researchers and Big Pharma profits.

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The Issue of Hydroxychloroquine and the Plan -

The Fourth Turning : The 5 Stages for the RESET.

As the virus is the weapon used to collapse the economy - stage 5 of the Fourth Turning to introduce the reset - keep in mind that it is local governments who have supported and allowed the protests which have made the virus spread. These idiots - all democrats or lftists - have even joined in and should be held accountable for the results of continuing the virus. The 5 stages show that protests are part of the plan.

The stages for destroying the current world as reported in the late 1990's are Pandemic - Protests - Martial Law (Trump did not do that) - Economic Collapse - Reset.

The policy of the democrats is to make government answer to Health Laws and Climate Change issues - which means nswer to the organizations which are accepted as 'world authorities'. Once that power has been handed over ONLY THEN can vaccinations be forced and other Stasi like (Gestapo like) order be enforced.

In the USA pre election, the Democrats and the controlled media are representing that Trump is not handling the 'pandemic' which is actually a weapon in a worldwide coup d'etat involving medical protocols which have led to deaths, falsified death certificates and cases, and preventing pharmacists from dispensing doctor prescribed medicines.

It happens that Trump recognized the empirical research and stocked up on Hydroxychloroquine early and has now brought pharma manufacturing back to the US plus lower prices.

A whistleblower from the China labs is now able to implicate the WHO which is Gates funded.

Doctors and Specialists across the world - including from Stanford, Yale and Oxford Universities -

have presented alternative views to those handling the 'virus' and pandemic - ie WHO, Gates Fdn and related Soros Fdns and Rockerfeller organizations etc - which are somehow self appointed world body authority on 'Health'.


The Covid-19 virus exists as 2 different illnesses -

what you need to do.

The virus does exist. If it is treated it within the first 5 days it is like the common cold, in most cases. If you wait longer it can latch onto the lung cells in some vulnerable people and that can ravage the lungs.  Therefore, Hydroxychloroquine and other proven steroid medicines simply need to be prescribed in those first days. 

Pharmacists are being forbidden to dispense these prescriptions.

In addition, instructions were given to doctors to in essence falsify death certificates, and the procedure protocols were to put people on ventilators - which killed some 80% of all people put on them.  People were made to wait more than 5 days for test results ensuring that they could not be treated within that first 5 day window. Thousands of people have died through this. Many doctors spoke out on this, some of these later 'fell out of windows' or 'committed suicide'.


Hydroxychloroquine + an antibiotic like Azithromycin

War Room - FDA internal doc. Favors Money Making Drugs


Beating the Virus :

In the first 5 days of symptoms doctors have said take steroid medicines as prescribed by your doctor.

"Budesonide is sold under the name brand Pulmicort Respules. This is the type that can only be used by inhalation using the nebulizer." Also Rhinocort - available over the counter. The antibiotic Azithromycin is included. And Hydroxychloroquine has been peer review trialed at the Henry Ford Hospital has been shown to be safe and reduces mortality by 50%.

It is also effective as a preventative measure as is taking Zinc Gluconate and Vitamin D.

A forum of many doctors and specialists was held currently and agreed with these findings. The video of this vital information - posted by Don Trump Jnr - was immeditely taken down by Twitter. The voice of the right, the Republicans and of those against forced vaccinations etc, is behind a tech firewall, the same as in China with no information getting through blocked and misrepresented by mainsteam media. The covid virus is a weapon for an agenda. If the virus is easily managed, then there is no need for a vaccine.

Circumstances could have seen a shortage of vital medicines including a non availability of Hydroxychloroquine. However, a deal has just been been announced on July 28th US time, to manufacture generic medicines in the USA and it is expected that it will include Hydroxychloroquine. In addition, the leadership of the CCP in the country where the virus began, take Hydroxychloroquine as a preventative.

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